Best Online Project Management Resources: A List of 100 Useful Tools

Search for “project management” online you’ll get 4,550,000,000 results! The Internet is a massive repository of information and knowledge on anything, project management included. We dug deep and searched far and wide (so you don’t have to) and came up with a list of online project management tools, courses, tutorials, training, guides and more to help you in your PM journey.

We will not claim this to be the greatest list for best online project management resources you can find on the Internet, but we’ve picked out some of the leading, popular, and most helpful sites that you can visit to advance your project management skills and learning as well as introduce you to the latest project management tools, trends, and techniques. We’ve also included sites where you can be with individuals, groups or communities that share your passion and experiences on the diverse and encompassing discipline of project management. Without further ado, let’s go dive right in.

List of 100 Project Management Resources

Our list of best online project management resources is divided into following categories:

  1. Schools & Courses
  2. Certification & Training
  3. Guides & eBooks
  4. Checklists & Toolkits
  5. Platforms & Software
  6. Blogs & Forums
  7. Podcasts & Video Channels

Schools & Courses

Among the most important steps in your PM action plan is getting the right education. There are many schools that offer courses, certificate programs, and degrees on project management which can be taken remotely or online. There are also open universities and colleges that provide quick online courses aligned with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK). Here are our selections.

1. Ashford UniversityOnline BA in Project Management

Ashford University was established in Clinton, Iowa in 1918. Its online Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Project Management is designed to teach students the highly-technical aspects of project management to prepare them for a project manager career. Topics covered in coursework required for the degree include project control, quality assurance, business policy, cost management, risk analysis, team development, and leadership, among others.

2Bellevue UniversityOnline BS in Project Management

Bellevue University was founded by the Bellevue, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce in 1966. Its Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management prepares you to manage and lead project teams across a spectrum of business environments. Coursework blends business and leadership principles with the strategies and skills it takes as a project management professional.

3. Capella UniversityOnline MBA in Project Management

The University’s online MBA in Project Management degree program equips you with leadership and team-development skills, and helps you master project procurement, solicitation, planning, management, and control. This specialization is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management (GAC).

4. George Washington University – Masters of Science in Project Management

The GW School of business has been a pioneer of distance learning since 1998 and its MSPM program is a state-of-the-art curriculum that goes beyond the PMBOK and exposes you to international methodologies, decision sciences and advanced project management applications.

5. Boston University – Masters of Science in Project Management

Back in 2014, US News & World Report ranked BU as having the 8th best online business program. Its PMI accredited MSPM prepares graduates to manage complex projects, facilitate communication between the project team and clients, and balance competing demands among scope, time, cost, and quality.

6. Stevens Institute of TechnologyMaster in Enterprise Project Management

The school is based in New Jersey but the Masters course is entirely online and the curriculum concentrates on business, technical and leadership skills to ensure that graduates can direct complex, enterprise-level initiatives on time and on budget.

7. Penn State World CampusMaster of Project Management

Penn State is a PMI-Registered Education Provider and its online MPM is a 30-credit degree program which you can complete in as little as two years, providing you a thorough understanding of all aspects of project-management theory and practice.

8. American Management Association

Aside from being a leading business management association and resource, AMA has self-guided online project management courses and study programs offered as alternative to university courses, and cover areas outlined in the PMBOK.

9. MIT OpenCourseWare

One of the best schools in the world is also one of the best online course providers. MIT’s Sloan School of Business has made available for free under the OpenCourseWare over 60 archived courses (50 graduate-level, 10 undergraduate-level) that cover a wide range of topics and specializations in project management.

10. Open2Study

Open2Study offers free online project management classes taught through leading Australian universities. Courses are handled by professionals with real-world experiences and cover a variety of topics to help you become a skilled and successful project leader.

Certification & Training

To further equip you, beef up your credentials, and open more opportunities down the line in your project management career, you need to have the proper certification, competencies, skills training, and/or specialization. There are numerous certification and training providers out there that you can choose from. Determine which ones suit you best.

11. Learning Tree

Learning Tree International offers online trainings as well as specialist and expert certification in project management. These certification courses help acquire additional knowledge and develop your skills in handling various PM tasks.

12. Essentials of Project Management Series – PMI

This online, self-paced course provided by PMI imparts fundamentals of managing projects, with focus on preparing you for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential exam.

13. Fundamentals of Successful Project Management

The training course by SkillPath is intended for those who direct or manage projects and will equip them with the useful tools, knowledge, insights and skills to make them outstanding project managers.

14. Project Management Training

Offered by Global Knowledge with PMP certified instructors, the self-paced courses cover Agile, Project Portfolio Management, preventing project failure, and managing high-risk projects. There is also a comprehensive course as prep for CAPM exam.

15. Project Management Fundamentals

The six-week course from ed2go is led by an experienced PM professional who will help you master the essentials of project management. You will learn the concepts needed to plan, implement, control and close any type of project.

16. Passionate Project Manager

PPM is a PMI-registered education provider that has a wide selection of learning modules for on-site trainings, classes, earning PDUs, and live online prep courses for a host of certification and professional PM exams.

17. RMC Project Management

RMC is a learning solutions provider that hosts live, instructor-led remote classes on project management. Online classes utilize live chat, virtual white boards, and file sharing to connect instructors and student in a collaborative environment.

18. Udemy Project Management Training 

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning with over 55,000 courses taught by experts. It offers on-demand courses on project planning and integration as well as a Project Management master class and prep for PMP/CAPM exam.


The site is managed by PM Professional Jennifer Bridges and extends self-paced Category A Project Development Unit (PDU) courses that can be purchased, delivered to your location, and completed at your own convenience.

20. Prodevia Learning

Prodevia’s courses are geared towards experienced project managers for their advanced professional development. You get to have a personal instructor and unlimited amount of time to complete coursework. They also provide certification program for Professional Project Executive (PPE).

Guides and eBooks

Guides, tutorials and ebooks on project management provide you with continuous learning and development. These resources are readily available online, downloadable, and some are even free. Here’s a sampling of the best that’s out there.

21. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge issued by PMI

The PMBOK Guide 5th edition covers everything that pertains to general project management and is the product of collaboration and knowledge of working project managers. It is an essential resource for project managers and serves as study guide for those taking the PMP and CAPM project management certification. Although generally a dry read, it happens to be the material which the ISO adapted for its project management standards.

22. Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Gregory Horine

The author is a PMP and IT PM professional with over two decades of experience which he shares with new PMs who haven’t handled projects yet but need immediate pointers. It is meant as a fast and easy guide to master every project management task, from budgeting and scheduling, to project execution and managing teams, up to closing projects, and learning from experience.

23. Principles of Project Management by Paul Newton and Helen Bristoll

This book aims to familiarize managers with project management roles, terms and processes. It is part of a series of PM books written by the same authors. Other books include Managing a Project Team, Managing the Project Scope, Managing the Project Schedule, Managing the Project Budget, and more.

24. Introduction to Agile Methods by Sondra Ashmore Ph.D.

Agile is an approach to software development that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once. This book introduces you to the most important agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP, FDD, Lean, Crystal, etc.) used in project management, showing you how to set processes, and how varying roles should collaborate.

25. Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister

The book takes a look at the social side of software development, with the authors expounding that major problems are sociological rather than technical in nature and backing up their claim with statistics, research, and anecdotes. It tackles workspace theory, corporate entropy, group chemistry, work environment, and many more.

26. Creativity Inc by Amy Wallace & Edwin Catmull

Ed Catmull is a computer scientist and currently heads Pixar, the animation studio which he co-founded in 1974. The book takes readers through his career and shares how he managed creative teams, delivered projects, and worked with the likes of Steve Jobs and George Lucas. It contains real-world examples of management and how to nurture an innovative culture.

27. The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer by Jeffrey K. Liker

The Toyota Way revolutionized the manufacturing industry and this book is the full story of the management principles that made Toyota what it is now – a global company and world-class car maker. Even if you are not into production, you’ll learn a lot of concepts used in project management that were pioneered by Toyota such as Kanban, JIT, 4P, 5S, quality management, visual control, continuous improvement, and many others.

28. The Essential Drucker by Peter F. Drucker

Peter Drucker is the father of modern management and this classic is a compilation of his most important writings for the past 60 years that studied and analyzed how management principles and practices affect the performance of individuals, organizations and society. It will stay a relevant and invaluable read for decades to come.

29. The Complete Guide to Managing Digital Projects by Aleksandar Olic

This free book contains all the essential things you need to know to successfully finish digital projects (which are different from traditional ones), get paid, and make your clients happy. You will learn how to how to work with clients, how to plan and monitor progress using agile methods, and how to get your team going.

30. Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done…Nothing More by Juana Clark Craig

Craig draws on over two and half decades of project management experience working for Fortune 500 companies. This book is targeted for beginners, those who have to manage one project at a time, and those who did not plan to be PM from the start (also called accidental project managers). It features easy-to-use, step-by-step, plain English guide to project management to help readers hit the ground running.

31. 97 Things Every Software Project Manager Should Know by O’Reilly Media

This is available as a webcast and free pdf download and is a compilation of 97 short and practical tips from some of the world’s most experienced software and product development managers. The book includes realistic secrets often taken for granted in global approaches, as well as principles in getting the job done.

32. Why Projects Fail by Uladzislau Shauchenka

We applaud successful projects but there are also lessons to be learned from those that are not. Why Projects Fail offers an informative and entertaining read to increase your understanding of what went wrong with projects that did not make it. You’ll learn from best practices, suggestions for avoiding common pitfalls, case studies and analysis of failed projects from all industries, and words of wisdom from PM and business gurus.

Checklists & Toolkits

Checklists and toolkits are project management resources which can be found online with some available for free. A PM checklist is important before you start a project or once you take over an existing project. It’s your blueprint to guide you on the project’s objectives and requirements, making sure that everything you need is in place. Toolkits make your work easier and usually consist of customized forms and document templates that you’ll use for various stages and aspects of the project (planning, estimating, scheduling, monitoring, analyzing, etc). 

33. Project Management Docs

A collection of free PM templates organized according to PMBOK process group and developed by PMP certified project managers.

34. Templates

Before you go searching anywhere else, PMI itself suggests you visit where you can access over 1,000 templates plus checklists, project plans and presentations.

35. Project Management Templates

Provided by for free, these detailed templates include charts, forms, and tables that cover every stage of the project lifecycle.

36. UC Santa Cruz Project Toolkit

These customized PM templates include documents, flowcharts and spreadsheets, and are organized according to project lifecycle from start to completion.

37. Project Connections PM Templates

Real-world downloadable project templates such as forms, checklists, worksheets as well as  guidelines with tips on how, why, and when to use them.

38. PM Templates from A Girl’s Guide to PM

Resources from A Girl’s Guide to PM including free checklist and templates for PM processes such as status report, action log, communications calendar, and more.

39. Project Management Checklists for Dummies

A compilation of simplified to-do lists, hands-on checklists and helpful guidance for managing every phase of a project from start to finish.

40. Templates

The site makes available over two dozen templates for project management and business management which are helpful to those looking for useful tools and methods.

41. Project Management – Templates, Checklists & Tips

A compilation of PM templates, checklists, and practical tips to help project managers plan, implement and manage projects professionally.

42. Construction Project Management Templates & Toolkit

A comprehensive set of pre-built Excel templates specifically intended for construction projects which by nature are difficult to manage. It makes it easy to create timelines, track progress, manage documentation, and organize details.

Platforms & Software

These are some of the most important tools of the trade which you as project manager should be familiar with. You do not have to master all of these apps, since some of them are already complete project management solutions. One study revealed that 95% of project managers use one or two software in their work. Suffice to say that these solutions will save you time and effort, and help you greatly in your tasks. For a more detailed list of products you can check out our project management software category.

43. Wrike

Wrike is a leading cloud-based project management and collaboration software that provides visibility into team projects, simplifies planning, and streamlines workflows.

44. Monday

Formerly known as daPulse, it is a collaboration and communication app to get your team members working efficiently in sync from a single platform.

45. Freshservice

This IT Service Desk platform includes a complete project management toolkit to enable greater collaboration and align your IT to your business goals.

46. FunctionFox

The project management and time-tracking software helps you accurately track all your projects from concept to completion, reduce admin time, and increase productivity.

47. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects enables you to plan your project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time.

48. Genius Project

A flexible SaaS or on-premise option, Genius Project is an enterprise project management software with reporting and real-time collaboration features.

49. Azendoo

The project management and collaboration platform groups all your teamwork in one place, enabling you to plan, share and get organized together.

50. ClipClip

A free to use clipboard management solution built for Windows platforms that makes it effortless to copy and paste any type of text and image files while also providing users with easy access to their content.

51. Scoro

A comprehensive, cloud-based business management software and work management solution designed to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks.

52. Task2Bill

A feature-complete project management solution that comes equipped with the core capabilities for billing and payment to ensure users are able to effective manage, execute, and deliver all their projects within a single environment.

Blogs & Forums

There are over 440 million blogs, and that’s on WordPress, Tumblr and Squarespace alone. The actual number is likely much higher. Blogs are a treasure trove of information on every possible topic. There are multitudes of PM-related blogs out there, but we’ve filtered our search down to some of the most informative, interesting, and insightful blogs. Here are our top reads.

53. Projects at Work at

The best minds in the PM industry come together to offer proven and practical advice to help you accomplish project management tasks. It’s a goldmine of resources if somewhere along the road you’re not sure how to manage a project and need timely and relevant pointers.


The PM software provider’s blog is stacked with advices, tips and strategies from experts to help you successfully manage projects, lead teams and be more productive. Regardless of what PM app you use, the blog is a wellspring of resources for getting your PM tasks done.

55. Project Lab

The blog is about project collaboration tools, trends and insights as well as case studies and statistics on project management. You’ll get to learn how the industry operates, how to make project improvements, and overcome challenges in the way.

56. Bob Sutton

Sutton is a Stanford professor and author of best selling books “Good Boss Bad Boss” and “Scaling Up Excellence.” He has tons of experience working as a project manager and has been blogging about project management, work performance, and leadership.

57. PMStudent

The site offers project management courses and its blog contains a collection of project management fundamentals for beginners. Although articles are written by professionals, they offer the basics and initial experiences from the time they were starting out in the industry.

58. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

It’s the female perspective on the world of project management with a collection of PM articles tailored for women in the industry. The blog is a hub of guides and advice for women who want to know all about project management while sharing with others what they know.

59. Better Projects

Blog writer Craig Brown experiment with different approaches and techniques on project management them shares with readers the results. Veteran project managers looking to enhance their projects can pick some deep and detailed strategies from Brown’s findings.

60. Finding Marbles

Blog publisher Corinna Bauldauf is an ex developer, ex UX designer, ex Scrum master, ex product owner and ex agile coach from Germany. She and her contributors aim to make project management simpler and faster, offering tons of practical advice.

61. Project Management Hacks

The blog combines practical tips and inspirational guides to help you in your projects or in whatever project management situation you’re in. It shares stories of success and failures to help you learn how to deliver projects that matter.

62. PM Box

The collection of blogs from Genius Project, a PM software provider, is intended for beginners and established project managers. Topics cover financial planning, overcoming challenges, managing teams, and more. It’s also a resource for those looking to hire project managers.

63. Pmtips

This is probably one of the ultimate “How To” blogs when it comes to project management. It includes a wide a range of trending PM-related topics during the time of writing, making it ideal for both starters and veterans in the world of project management.

64. Workzone

The Workzone blog is a collection of comprehensive writings on project management, marketing, business, and higher education. It covers in detail every aspect of project management through tutorials, guides, tips and advices.

65. The Digital Project Manager

With a tagline “Freshly Baked, Digital Project Management Goodness”, the entire DPM site is a repository of hundreds of helpful and relevant blogs on project management software, tools, resources, how-to guides, PM jobs, and trainings.

66. Ron Rosenhead

Rosenhead draws on his 15 years involvement in project management to provide much needed advice to those wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry. His topics revolve around how to handle and manage projects, risks, stakeholders, sponsors, strategies, benefits and training.

67. Project Management Hut

PMHut is targeted at veteran project managers who need advice on software and apps and how to accomplish certain tasks. There are also software reviews and extras like tips on leadership, work practices, and managing a team, among others.

68. How to Manage a Camel

Don’t be misled by the title. This blog covers all aspects of project management – from the basics to the more advanced topics, and everything in between. It offers PM event news, software advice, trending PM concepts, career guides, and many more.

69. Guerilla Project Management

GPM was started by Samad Aidane, a certified PMP who has provided international consulting services. There are guest bloggers aside from Aidane but the general content is about insights on how project management is evolving and how to manage today’s complex projects.

70. This Digital Adventure

The blog touches on digital marketing, project management, eCommerce, and technology, both at work and in everyday life. Since technology is an important component of project management, the blog keeps you updated on new trends in project management software and platforms.

71. Project Bliss

This collection of blogs from Leigh Espy provides tools and tips about building your confidence as a project manager, growing experience, and expanding your client base. It’s a guide for beginners wanting to have a solid start in the industry.

72. Easy in theory, difficult in practice

Kiron Bondale’s blog offers “thoughts on project portfolio and change management challenges.” Bondale has handled several mid-to-large sized changed management projects, and worked in various professional services project management capacities.

Online forums and communities are where you get to be with individuals who have the same interest as yours. It’s the place to learn and share lessons and experiences, and get first-hand knowledge, news, and trends. Some of the largest and most engaging online PM groups out there are hosted by social media sites and PM software platforms. Here’s our selection.

73. The Project Manager Network (851,961 members)

This LinkedIn group could well be the biggest online community for project managers. PMN is affiliated with and helps members looking for PM jobs and those researching PM certifications in the US, Canada, UK, India, and Europe.

74. Project Manager Community (346,664 members)

The group is connected with and is a leading community site for programme and portfolio management professionals seeking jobs, networks, and discussions on PMBOK PDUs, PMP certifications, software development, and methodologies.

75. PMI Project, Program and Portfolio Management (210,560 members)

PMI’s official group on LinkedIn is your go-to community for career advancement. The global community aims to support fellow members through networking, idea sharing, problem solving, and giving career advice and assistance.

76. The SAP Fan Club Forum Total (164,225 members)

Dubbed as the “most active SAP community in the net”, this group is not affiliated with SAP AG, the third largest maker of enterprise business applications. Without doubt, project managers have used SAP industry solutions one way or the other, so this forum is a helpful information source.

77. PMO – Project Management Office (105,00 members)

Another big LinkedIn group is that of the PMO – Project Management Office community which is the largest global association dedicated to PMO matters and topics such as tools and services.

78. Planning Planet Forum (72,554 members)

Described as the “best planners, schedulers and project controllers network”, the popular forum has over 21,700 topics on planning, scheduling, programming, forensic claims, risk analysis and resource usage, and many others.

79. @APMProjectMgmt (18,800 followers)

The Association for Project Management at Twitter is stocked with hundreds of photos and videos. The UK-based APM is the largest grouping of professional project managers in Europe and boasts of 22,000 individual and 550 corporate members.

80. Engineering Project Management Forum (11,843 members)

Topics in this forum range from careers (aeronautic to structural engineers) to engineering trends, strategies, and methods. If you have project management queries related to engineering, this forum may have the answers. 

Podcasts & Video Channels

Consider these stats that were published in 2018 – 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast. In fact, 16 million people identify as avid podcast fans. Podcast listening has steadily been growing at 10% to 20% every year and has become a favorite information medium. The following PM podcasts are among our favorites.

81. Project Management Institute Podcasts

PMI doesn’t have a regular podcast show, but that may change with its Projectified Podcast program launched on October 2017. The podcasts share insights, perspectives and real-world experiences to help individual project managers meet today’s challenges.

82. The 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast

Ricardo Vargas has been publishing this podcast since 2007 and has accumulated over 400 episodes discussing a whole range of topics related to project management and specifically focusing on practical ways to handle projects, portfolio, and risk management.

83. The PM Podcast

One of the most prolific PM podcast programs with more than 400 episodes to date, host Cornelius Fichtner talks with noted project managers, and partners with The PM PrepCast to help individuals for the PMP exam and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) required for maintaining PMI-certified credentials.

84. Project Management Paradise

This podcast is presented by Cora Systems, a provider of PM software. It delivers real project management insights from experts around the world discussing PM methodologies, product management, PM software, organizational leadership, and more.

85. PM for the Masses Podcast

The show is already at its 116th episode as of July 2018. Podcast host Cesar Abeid taps experts for tips to improve project management expertise, and also shares his own personal experiences about project management successes and failures.

86. People and Projects Podcast

With new 30 to 60-minute episodes released every 3 to 4 weeks, host Andy Kaufman interviews PM gurus, authors and personalities for their take on leadership vis-à-vis project management, providing insights on how to deliver projects and lead teams.

87. The Sensible Project Manager Podcast

Host Mark Phillipy provides an insiders edge to project management, sharing experiences from his 15 years as PM. He also interviews and gets insights from noted project managers and business leaders.

88. Project Management War Stories

Wayne Thompson shares lessons picked up from both successful and failed projects, and gets the most seasoned and recognized PM practitioners to provide solutions on industry-specific business problems.

89. The Project Management Debate Podcast

In this weekly podcast, hosts Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab explore different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The 20-25 minute podcast includes a key question that is debated by the hosts.

90. The Lazy Project Manager Podcast

Host Peter Taylor is an author, blogger, and lecturer, and has been tagged as “perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today.” His lifelong mission is to teach people that it is possible to work smarter and not harder and still be successful in life and work.

Video of course is king. YouTube alone gets 30 million visitors watching almost a billion videos every single day. As of 2018, viewers have been spending an average of 6 hours and 45 minutes per week watching online videos. When it comes to project management, this is our go-to video channel on YouTube.

91. Project Management Institute

The largest membership association for professional project managers started its YouTube channel back in October 2009 and has more than 300 videos with 20,000 plus subscribers. Video content include PMI news, special topics, and interviews with noted project managers and business personalities.


Its series of Project Management Videos usually show a person (such as the screengrab image above) discussing PM practical tips, processes and principles all under 5 minutes. There are over 380 videos with more than 150,000 subscribers.

93. PM Champion

The channel began in 2010 and is from an e-learning and PMP exam training company. It’s 21 videos deal mostly with descriptions of project management professionals, the PMBOK, certification test as well as practical guides on PM position.

94. iZenBridge

iZenBridge Consultancy is an education provider registered with the PMI and SCRUM Alliance. The company’s channel contains 433 videos that present courses, webinars, and recorded Google Hangout discussions on different project management topics.

95. Chris Croft

Croft is a PM trainer and consultant to individuals and companies. His channel began in December 2007 and has over 100 videos with more than 9,300 subscribers. Video content revolves around project management, time management, sales, and other business practices and principles.

96. International Institute for Learning

IIL is a consulting, training, coaching and educational provider for organizations and companies. Its channel has over 4,000 subscribers and hosts over 360 short videos (mostly 30-second clips) that contain advice from experts as well as practical PM tips.

97. Association for Project Management

The channel is from, the largest PM professional association in Europe. It has some 5,000 subscribers of its 350 videos pertaining to association news and lectures/training on PM principles.

98. Scope Training

The Australian training and consultancy firm specializes in project management, organizational management, and workplace health and safety. Its videos include subjects on PM principles, goal setting, project life cycle costing, and competency training, among others.

99. Adept Knowledge

Adept Knowledge Management, Ltd is a PM training and consultancy firm. Although it only has 16 videos so far, it has already raked in over 890 subscribers. Their videos are short tutorials on specific topics like earned value analysis and critical path analysis.

100. Bud to Boss

The channel is based on the book From Bud to Boss co-authored by Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris. There are 70 short 4-minute plus videos that provide tips and solutions for new supervisors and managers such as how to communicate with your team, handling a difficult team member, leader’s role, coaching employees to the next level, and many more.

There you go. The list, however, hasn’t even touched the tip of the iceberg. And there may be so much more great sites that missed our radar. If you got some suggestions to add to this list of online project management resources, feel free to use the comment section below.

Stephanie Seymour

By Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence. In her software reviews, she always focuses on the aspects that let users share analytics and enhance findings with context.

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