15 Best Project Management Solutions for Mac in 2022

What is the best project management solution for Mac?

The best project management solution for Mac is, a cloud-based project management software that is renowned for its numerous features, such as streamlined workflows, collaboration, and task scheduling.

Today’s project management platforms aren’t limited to simply consolidating tasks and injecting order into workflows. They offer connectivity across devices and centralizes information in one web-based hub. These features couldn’t be more relevant considering that a lot of employees are now working remotely due to COVID-19. With the solutions, organizations can resume their operations without missing a beat at a time when store closures have become commonplace.

Many of these project management software also foster collaborations between team members, which simplify complex activities and offer managers full visibility over the statuses of tasks. In essence, they effectively simulate office workflows, enabling companies to shift to the work-from-home setups called for by the current business landscape. This is critical nowadays since there is still no assurance of when the pandemic will end.

As such, we have compiled the most reliable project management platforms for Mac users. The article highlights each software’s key functionalities and price points, as well as how it can streamline your operations amid COVID-19. Upon reading, you will have an idea of the products that would serve your company best.

project management software for mac

The ability of organizations to complete projects was compromised at the start of the pandemic, with companies either closed or operating with a bare-bones workforce. In a 2020 study by the Australian group KPMG, it was discovered that 58% of organizations were moderately or significantly affected by COVID-19, as they had to deal with project delays and cancellations. However, the proverbial light at the of the tunnel for these companies is in the tools they use.

Despite the harrowing effects of the pandemic in the corporate realm, the market size of project management software continues to grow. In fact, it has an annual growth rate of 10.67% through 2026. This points to the major benefits of online project management software acting as a means to mitigate issues brought about by COVID-19, foremost of which is conducting business remotely.

project management market size

To put a figure at how effective the solutions are exactly, 77% of high-performing projects leverage project management software. The way such platforms bypass the roadblocks set by the pandemic, alone, is a large enough reason to use project management platforms in this day and age. Couple that with task management, project scheduling, and charted insights, and you’ve got a solution that lets organizations take on multiple projects with relative ease.

With the facts established, the only question now is which application should you go for. To help you out, we present some of the leading choices on the market that you might want to consider.

1. dashboard sits atop our list of the top 15 best project management software for Mac. The solution is a popular project management software, owing to its clean dashboard, where you can monitor all team activities and tasks.

Project management software is ideal for large teams where tracking tasks and identifying the accountability of each member can become complex. A cross-functional team, for example, needs visibility over what other departments are doing that may impact its deliverables. That said’s single board keeps everyone in the loop. free trial allows you to get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

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Try out with their free trial

You can add tasks, projects, goals, and to-dos on a single board. Then add task owners and track their progress from the same location. The intuitiveness of this single-dashboard design helps you plan your workload and spot potential bottlenecks. Plus, it has all the key features of a creative project management software.

A small team, on the other hand, will find the solution ideal for inviting third-party users like clients and stakeholders. A board can be shared and permission set for external users.

Just a note, though, if you’re using the Mac app, you may be losing out on real-time accessibility over the internet, which deters remote team collaboration. It’s still best to use a cloud-hosted plan, which works just as fine with Safari anyway. Pricing: starts at $49 per user/month for five users, which includes unlimited boards, 5 GB storage, and iOS and Android apps.

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2. Wrike

Wrike dashboard

Did you know that Wrike project management software, a popular cloud-hosted project management solution, is available as a desktop app? Cloud solutions have plenty of benefits, foremost of which is accessibility and flexibility. Still, if you feel more comfortable with a desktop platform, or want to break free of the browser, you can still enjoy this software.

The installed version works for Mac OS Mavericks (version 10.9 or later) and Windows 7 and up. It has several practical tools for desktop dynamics, including creating quick links to tasks and enabling multiple tabs in the app. The vendor regularly updates the desktop app; hence, it’s recommended to set for auto-updates (you can disable this). The Mac app is free. Be sure to check the Wrike free trial if you want to investigate the features closely.



Try out Wrike with their free trial

The Mac app has all the essentials of cloud-hosted Wrike: 3-Pane visibility, multiple workflows and methodologies, cross-industry uses, scalable features, and intuitive navigation.

As with the cloud platform, the app helps you break goals into manageable tasks using various project management tools like Gantt Chart, Kanban boards, and waterfall schematics. It also integrates key features that many project management software leave out, such as time tracking, resource management, and document versioning.

Wrike Pricing: The starting price for Wrike is $9.80 per user/month, which includes full project planning and collaboration. A freemium is also available for five users, but it only covers task listing.

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3. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage dashboard

Aside from being a web-based solution, ConnectWise Manage supports various operating systems and devices, including Mac OS. ConnectWise Manage comes with robust project management features, such as project templates, which help eliminate repetitive tasks when creating new projects.

ConnectWise Manage offers highly customizable work plans that you can adjust in real time to accommodate the necessary changes as you accomplish tasks or projects. You also have a 360-degree view of your ongoing projects and other activities to ensure that all tasks and goals are accomplished within the given timeframe and budget.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

Try out ConnectWise Manage with their free trial

Beyond project management, ConnecWise Manage offers a suite of other business solutions, such as sales and billing, account management, procurement, procurement, marketing, and customer service.

ConnectWise Manage Pricing: Pricing is by quote, which helps businesses get a package plan specifically tailored to their needs.

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4. Smartsheet

Smartsheet dashboard

Smartsheet is fully functional on Mac via browser, but it lacks a desktop app. This isn’t a bad thing, as we’ve pointed out above, as the goal is to ensure your project management software works on your MacBook or iMac.

Smartsheet details take after the familiar Excel spreadsheet interface. The idea is to wean users from cumbersome spreadsheets and let them experience the more powerful features of a cloud-hosted solution. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.



Try out Smartsheet with their free trial

If you’re happy working with spreadsheets yet want more features, Smartsheet can be that bridge. It offers multiple views, such as Gantt Charts, team availability, calendar, card view, and timelines. Likewise, it allows in-depth automation beyond a spreadsheet’s capability, namely, set alerts, email reminders, and process web forms. Arguably, Smartsheet is more complex than most cloud project management dashboards, but if you’re familiar with spreadsheets, this is a non-issue. Besides, the solution has plenty of templates for a variety of project types.

Smartsheet Pricing: Smartsheet starts at $14 per user/month for individual users. The package includes 10 sheets, reports, multiple views, and forms. An enterprise version is available by quote.

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5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects dashboard

Zoho Projects is one of the most popular project management applications in the world. It is highly-customizable, making it widely used in a variety of business functions across various industries. Zoho Projects enterprise users range from professional costumers and software developers to business and construction consultancies.

Key product features include collaboration tools like kanban boards, forums, discussions, group chats, commenting, and file sharing. Other features include budgeting, time logging, expense tracking, and a user management module. With these tools, users can streamline how their projects go. Moreover, you can customize these tools according to your needs and preferences. For these reasons, Zoho Projects has been a staple for many enterprise users.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Try out Zoho Projects with their free trial

As a Zoho Corporation product, the software seamlessly integrates with other Zoho products. However, it also offers various integrations. It works perfectly together with Slack, Google Tasks, Jira, and Basecamp among others. Moreover, Zoho Projects offer native applications for both Android and iOS. This puts you on top of your projects wherever you go, provided you have an internet connection.

Zoho Projects Pricing: The product has a free version available that is more than enough for small teams. A free trial is also available for paid plans. Lastly, premium plans start at $25 per month.

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6. ProntoForms

ProntoForms dashboard

ProntoForms is a mobile forms solution that makes it easy for remote workers to gather data using mobile devices, retrieve company data while on fieldwork, and instantly share information with the team. Using ProntoForms, the company can track and analyze work processes which leads to the improvement of operations. In addition, data gathered from site operations add value by providing insights on how operations can be streamlined to achieve optimal efficiency.

ProntoForms offers an intuitive, secure and scalable solution for mobilizing workflows. Companies can rapidly deploy business apps and automated reports with their low-code, field-focused design. Used by more than 3,500 businesses worldwide, ProntoForms users also benefit from low total cost of ownership. Monthly pricing starts at $15 per user for the Essential and $45 per user for the Advanced.



Try out ProntoForms with their free trial

ProntoForms makes field teams safer and more efficient. Complex work requires context, and having a platform that readily provides crucial information promotes efficient delivery of services and boosts efficiency. Features such as data routing, maps and time stamps, offline mode, and document scanning ensure that all information is collected, enabling the company to track and measure field operations.

ProntoForms Pricing: Pricing starts at $15 per user per month for the Essential plan and $45 per user per month for the Advanced plan. ProntoForms also offer free trial.

Detailed ProntoForms Review

7. elapseit

Elapseit dashboard

elapseit is a project management, resource planning, and time-tracking software that helps businesses keep track of resources as they cope with changing deadlines. This web-based solution provides a complete end-to-end solution offering tools for resource planning, financial management, and project management. Designed for the heavy and complex operations of SMEs and large enterprises, elapseit is highly intuitive in automating work processes.

This feature-rich project and resource management software provides specific tools for planning human and financial resources. Through the easy-to-use dashboard, you can view the current workload of the team, the available capacity, and backlog allocations, including tracking and management of absences. At the same time, elapseit monitors financial resources by providing modules for invoicing, expense management, and resource profitability. Approval workflows, task cloning, task management, and task dependencies are just a few of the features of elapseit project management platform.



Try out elapseit with their free trial

elapseit has a neat interface that also allows for customization. You can choose specific fields based on your reporting needs. This can be similarly applied to database input and management. This flexibility gives ample room for you to navigate the platform and search for specific resources as required by each task or project. The collaboration tools of elapseit come with intuitive visualizations, providing key indicators in the effective management of projects.

elapseit Pricing: Pricing for this product starts at $14 per user per month for the Resourcing Plan, while enterprises can request custom system design.

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8. ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus is an enterprise asset management software that is designed to help businesses optimize asset operations, extend the life of equipment, and increase uptime while at the same time reducing costs. This software is offered in five separate modules dedicated to inspection, preventive maintenance, work order management, asset management, and inventory management. In linking asset, inventory, and maintenance management in one platform, ManagerPlus helps businesses reduce the costs of operations and increase ROI.

By streamlining the management processes, including inventory management, preventive maintenance, and procurement functions, ManagerPlus provides a set of tools that enable businesses to keep manufacturing assets properly maintained and monitored to consistently perform at full capacity. By integrating real-time equipment checks, downtime is minimized. ManagerPlus also facilitates effective data collection and reporting that contribute to increased efficiency.



Try out ManagerPlus with their free trial

ManagerPlus provides a single and unified platform that ensures all assets are running efficiently. Maintenance planning and scheduling, and barcode creation and scanning are among the features that elevate day-to-day operations. The tools are mobile-optimized to promote efficiency and team collaboration.

ManagerPlus Pricing: ManagerPlus offers two pricing plans that start at $85 per user per month for the Lightning Plus, and $125 per user per month for the Lightning Experience.

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9. Celoxis

celoxis dashboard example

Celoxis is an easy-to-use business management software with a unique mix of project management and resource management feature set. It covers the most basic project management needs to advance resource allocation concerns, including HR and finance aspects. Its project management modules include those for project request tracking, project planning, and portfolio management. Its resource management features include modules like timesheets, built-in timers. Project managers can allocate resources using parameters such as skills, demands, and availability. It is also designed to deal with multiple locations, shifts, holidays, and exceptions.

Moreover, Celoxis is filled with collaboration and communication tools. So, users can keep their teams on the same page all the time. Features range from @mentions to discussion spaces. Also, the product includes a free client portal that users can give their clients or partners access to for better collaboration and to keep them in the loop of tasks or project progress. This is on top of robust reporting tools with shareable and customizable dashboards complete with drill-down charts. Just like other top software solutions, Celoxis can be configured to send reports or dashboards automatically at set intervals.



Try out Celoxis with their free trial

Celoxis also offers native workflow applications that users can tweak to suit their needs. They can even build their own custom workflows using custom fields, escalation procedures, and routing rules. Also, it is plug-and-play. Meaning, you can use it virtually with any other business solution. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like Google Drive, Slack, and Salesforce, among many. Also, it is fully mobile optimized. So, users can access the software from any mobile device like their smartphones and tablets.

Celoxis Pricing: It is available in two versions: Cloud and On-Premise. Its web-based version is priced at $25 per user per month while the on-premise version is at $450 per user billed once. However, a minimum of five users is required for subscription.

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10. Daylite for Mac

Daylite for Mac dashboard

All-in-one CRM platform Daylite for Mac is designed for small businesses and offers tools for CRM, project management, and lead management. The set of tools offered by this software provides a comprehensive CRM system that includes contact management, project tracking, and other tools that let you keep track of your business.

From communicating with clients to reviewing previous correspondence. Daylite for Mac synchronizes your work processes and helps you monitor the status of individual projects from a single dashboard. The result is increased productivity so more time can be used to grow the business. From contacts, projects, opportunities, appointments, tasks, and more, Daylite for Mac provides significant support in organizing your business.

Daylite for Mac

Daylite for Mac

Try out Daylite for Mac with their free trial

Daylite for Mac connects to the ecosystem of Apple products—connect your Apple calendar and easily view your schedules and upcoming appointments. You can also use iOS contact in updating your database as Daylite for Mac also supports CardDAV.

Daylight for Mac Pricing: Daylite for Mac pricing starts at $39.99 per month, and offers a 30-day free trial.

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11. Fiix

Fiix dashboard

Fiix is a cloud-based CMMS platform that offers productivity tools, asset management, and preventive maintenance in one centralized, reliable system. It helps you schedule, organize, and track your maintenance activities, following a preventative and predictive maintenance approach. It also deploys scheduled maintenance when you need to handle overdue tasks and stay on top of compliance issues.

Another great quality of the software lies in its ease of use. By simplifying operations, Fiix allows your team to easily adapt to the system even without advanced coding skills. Moreover, the software is available on mobile devices, allowing you to work on your maintenance operations even when you are on the go. Other useful features include work order management, asset tracking, and maintenance reporting. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.



Try out Fiix with their free trial

Fiix Pricing: Fiix has a Basic plan priced at $40 per user/month, while the Professional plan costs $60. The Enterprise and Performance plans are available by quote.

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12. Easy Projects

Easy Projects

Easy Projects is an all-in-one project management solution that combines project management, time tracking, business intelligence, and team collaboration in one program. It is designed to assist teams in quickly planning projects and workflows. The program offers tools that improve collaboration between team members and clients alike.

The software supports classic project management and scheduling tools such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Furthermore, it also utilizes modern AI algorithms for predicting project completion dates. Users can also specify multiple dependencies and lay down critical project paths for more accurate monitoring of milestones and progress.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects

Try out Easy Projects with their free trial

Easy Projects also provides project finance features. These help managers perform the necessary workarounds to ensure that projects stay within the set budgets. It also comes with a built-in time tracker, helping both managers and employees track billable hours.

Easy Projects Pricing: The program comes with a free trial. Full subscription plans start at $24/user/month.

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13. Bridge24


Bridge24 offers professional exporting and reporting tools and is an extension that easily integrates with project management software such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana, and AceProject. This app lets you access data and create reports that are visually rich by organizing, filtering, and exporting key information. As a result, valuable insights are extracted from the data collected on project management.

With Bridge24, you can easily prepare project reports with the export and report engine features. In addition, this software also provides interactive charts so you can easily track project or task history. The timeline or Gantt dashboard feature gives you a comprehensive view of the status of each project and allows for the monitoring of tasks, including backlogs.



Try out Bridge24 with their free trial

The viewing options provided by Bridge24 make this software an indispensable reporting tool. You can choose from the power grid view, calendar view, and board view—each providing accurate updates on each project.

Bridge24 Pricing: Subscription starts at $25 for the Premium Monthly plan with five base users, while the Premium Annual plan starts at $240.

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14. Infolio

Infolio dashboard

Infolio is a simple yet powerful task management software that can help improve team collaboration and boost productivity. The platform allows users to add unlimited projects and team members, making Infolio ideal for teams of all sizes. Through Infolio, team members can also create content spaces and join dedicated chat channels for each project for easier collaboration.

The Infolio project management platform itself is designed for ease of use. Users can choose from a number of options for viewing projects and set custom statuses for tasks. The platform’s built-in project templates can also be customized through a drag-and-drop interface.



Try out Infolio with their free trial

With its features, Infolio serves as a central hub for projects, tasks, files, and conversations among teams. This means your team gets a single source of truth for the projects you handle.

Infolio Pricing: Infolio has a free-forever Standard plan that allows for unlimited projects and team members, along with 1GB of storage, customized fields, and cloud services integrations. The platform’s Professional plan offers more storage space and priority support.

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15. Optimy

Optimy is a social impact platform that is designed to manage corporate social responsibility activities, grant-giving initiatives, sponsorships, and volunteering efforts within a single system. Nonprofit organizations, mission-driven teams, and even companies that put emphasis on CSR activities will benefit from the online space provided by Optimy, where events and projects can be organized.

Managing the collection, selection, implementation, and reporting of initiatives is the core service provided by Optimy. The platform facilitates the selection process for organizations through custom forms, online portals, and data import. Through a centralized dashboard, social impact projects are reviewed and selected. Separate modules are available for grants, sponsorships, volunteering, donations, scholarships, and awards.



Try out Optimy with their free trial

Optimy is a flexible platform as distributed teams and multiple projects are managed by building a customized workflow. When it comes to managing CSR initiatives, Optimy is trusted by leading global organizations.

Optimy Pricing: The annual license fee is €9500 per year, locked in a three-year contract.

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The Perfect Project Management Software for Mac

As you can see, there is an abundance of worthwhile choices for Mac users, from comprehensive platforms that digitize entire workflows to nifty solutions that turn spreadsheets into powerful, flexible tools. Furthermore, these platforms are built for the work-from-home schemes necessitated by COVID-19. So picking among them means you can resume your operations even if your entire team is stuck at home.

As far as what to pick is concerned, is the logical choice given its vast array of functionalities and the agility it affords organizations. Aside from being useful for project purpose management, the software enables users to consolidate tasks, schedule and track projects, and facilitate collaborations, among many others. It even has built-in project templates that can simulate your office workflow.

For many project management practitioners, is the top choice. However, before you decide to go for the aforesaid software, it is wise to carefully assess which among the platforms is the most compatible with your operations. After all, businesses don’t always operate the same way. You can also consult with your IT department on security and if there will be adoption issues just to be sure. Once you’ve got everything figured out, work will be much easier to perform and assign.

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