Pros and Cons of Corecon: Analysis of a Leading Construction Management Software

What are the pros and cons of Corecon?
The pros and cons of Corecon are demonstrated by its project and lead tracking functionalities, which allow you to keep tabs on how your construction projects. It also has powerful reporting features that provide deep insights for data-driven decisions. The UI, however, could get a little upgrade in the way of user-friendliness.

If you are running a construction company, then you know the problems that come with it. There is, for example, the situation where your people ignore simple enough issues until such time that they are ready to deal with them. However, once they pile up then be ready for the headaches. Poor communication and lack of coordination could result in confusion among project team members, unfinished or unattended tasks, cost overruns, which all lead to failure to complete deliverables on time.

Construction management software is designed to resolve the above-said issues, making it possible to automate repetitive processes, generate insights, promote collaboration, manage tasks, monitor project progress and deliver them on time. One such tool is Corecon, a robust construction management platform that does these things and more. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Corecon by examining its key features and their corresponding benefits. Its weaknesses, if any, shall also be disclosed to give you an accurate understanding of the product.

pros and cons of corecon

Aside from the impact of project management issues on individual contractors, the industry as a whole has been bearing the brunt of the complexities brought about by poor project management, one of the most serious of which is the financial and productivity losses that they entail. A survey has revealed that project team members lose five and a half hours a week from data searches alone, which translates to lost productivity and income.

how robotics will impact the construction industry

And then there’s the problem of overshooting budgets, something that is commonly brought about by a number of factors, the most prominent of which is poor productivity. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute has cited the need for digital technology, automation and workforce upgrade if this problem is to be solved. But there are also downsides to technology use, among them economic consequences from the massive automation of the sector, the most critical of which is worker displacement.

What is Corecon?

Cloud-based construction management solution Corecon is designed to help contractors control costs, manage projects, make estimates, collaborate and schedule tasks. The software comes with powerful dashboards that give you a total view of all project areas, regardless if they are related to finances, tasks or documentation. It is highly suitable for use by homebuilders, general contractors and engineering firms.

A web-based solution, Corecon comes with modules that help you handle tasks that include project tracking, vendor management, procurement, contracts, and time tracking. It has a number of wizards that can automatically undertake tasks like creating contracts, purchase orders, cost codes, and subcontracts. It does these through the transfer of estimates data, saving accounting and project management people precious time. This puts your company on the road to profitability by boosting productivity through efficient workflows.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Corecon demo trial here.


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Try out Corecon with their free trial

Not only is the app web-based, but it also comes with native iOS and Android apps that allow your field personnel to access the system anytime, anywhere. All the information that you enter into the mobile apps are displayed automatically on the dashboard. These include expenses, timecards, daily logs and task updates, which can readily be accessed by relevant parties.

manage contacts with Corecon

Easily manage contacts with Corecon.

You can integrate the system easily with your accounting platform using the CoreconLink tool that comes with the solution. It exports all financial data with the use of a sync wizard, keeping all your accounting processes smoothly running. This likewise gets rid of duplicate information that commonly comes with the use of multiple systems. Such and more make Corecon one of the top construction management tools around. Well, these are just some of the Corecon benefits that you can reap—the system has more to offer as you’d soon find out.

Corecon is a feature-rich construction management platform. It has a vast array of functionalities, which when properly used will change the way you handle your construction projects.

Pros and Cons of Corecon

Corecon, as a construction management software, has much to offer users in terms of features and total value for money. Using the system will definitely change the way you manage your construction projects. However, it is no magic pill as it has its limitations. The following are but some of the reasons why you should use the platform. Here, you’ll learn of the pros and cons of Corecon. We’ll likewise outline its strengths and weaknesses if any.

Total Construction Management Tool

quickly view transaction summaries using corecon

Corecon allows you to quickly view transaction summaries

Corecon’s numerous features give you the ability to track both project progress and leads at the same time. It is also able to handle every aspect of your construction business, assisting you in just about every process—all from a single platform. Collaboration is nurtured, keeping everyone in your team connected wherever they may be, ensuring prompt project delivery, which could only result in increased profits. If ever there is ever a downside to the tool, it’s but the fact that some users take a bit of time to learn. But once you learn the ropes, you’ll find out for yourself what it’s like to have a great construction management software powering your corner.

Powerful Reporting

Another notable capability is Corecon’s reporting features, which result in great insights and sound business decisions. Also, pre-built report templates are available, enabling you to come up with reports in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, CSV, Excel and HTML. This results in consistent reporting across your company, which likewise fosters better team communication.

Mobile-Optimized Platform

Apart from being a cloud-deployed software, Corecon is also a fully mobile optimized platform, supporting devices that run on iOS and Android. This allows it to support your mobile workforce, especially those who are constantly in the field. The solution can be accessed from tablet computers and smartphones, allowing users to immediately access the system, wherever and whenever.

Contract Management

Corecon has robust and flexible contract management functionalities that can cater to all business types and sizes. It doesn’t matter what type of contract you have—it could be cost plus, lump sum or unit price-based—the system will manage it for you. Billing and invoicing are also covered by the app, automating the processes using built-in wizards. In case of changes, a Change Proposal Request can be facilitated by the system, which can be made into a Subcontract Change Order or Change Order, whichever suits your needs.

Dashboards for Lead and Project Management

Use Corecon Correspondence Module to keep in touch with clients

Corecon’s Correspondence Module lets you keep in touch with clients.

For quick job summaries and estimate comparisons, you can use Corecon’s executive dashboards, which accomplish such according to contracts, projects, and job cost code. This feature is very useful in driving profitability through effective costing.

Vast Integrations

The program plays well with most third-party applications through its CoreconLink utilities, resulting in additional functionalities. Such integrations let you export or import information such as client invoices, timecards, and supplier bills to your accounting system. This helps get rid of tedious and inaccurate manual data entry while saving you precious time and preserving the integrity and consistency of all project information.

Support for Collaboration

As collaboration is key to the timely completion of any project, the vendor has imbued Corecon with robust collaboration features. Its Corecon Mobile app supports both Android and iOS devices, allowing team members to access the system from anywhere at any given time. They can enter project information like timecards, task updates, and daily logs and is able to able to share data with stakeholders through the app’s TeamLink Portal.

Task Scheduling and Calendar

If you’re having problems assigning tasks and scheduling them, well look no more. The tool has scheduling functionalities that are simple to use, helping you better engage your employees while keeping a close eye on your deadlines. You can also assign tasks with ease, which can be sent through email.

When Is It Time to Change Your Construction Software?

You may be using your construction management tool for quite some time now. But have you ever wondered if your platform needs changing? There are a number of signs that will indicate this need, things that you should be on the lookout for. Here are some of them.

When Your Tool Is Driving Your Costs Up

Conventional wisdom tells us that cost control is key to profitability. This applies to construction management software as well. If your platform entails additional costs, which may come in the form of upgrades, integrations and additional fees, it’s definitely time to switch to a new one. Although cloud-based systems are the obvious choice, there are also on-premise products that could benefit your business without breaking the bank. The important thing is you get what you need while being able to maintain healthy margins.

When You Spend More Time Maintaining Your System

System maintenance can be a daunting task when done in-house, not to mention expensive. If you notice that your maintenance processes are taking a huge chunk of your time and costing you an arm and a leg, you should start looking for an alternative. Cloud-deployed systems are known for being maintenance-free as vendors usually offer maintenance services in their pricing plans.

Poor Project Document and Information Management

Document and information management are part and parcel of the whole construction management gig. If your system performs poorly in this area, chances are you are going to hit snags from inaccurate information, which could result in project delays. You can prevent such from happening by looking for a system with robust document and data management features. This will allow you to get a better handle on your projects while enjoying data security.

Workflow and Task Scheduling Projects

Delays in project delivery times are often caused by poor scheduling and workflows. Using software that makes task scheduling and workflow streamlining a breeze should take care of these problems. Remember, keeping your tasks schedules neat and workflows organized will ensure productivity and therefore, on-time delivery of projects.

Poor or No Collaboration Support

For your project teams to maintain a high level of productivity, all members should be kept in the loop. If you’re having a hard time promoting collaboration using your existing tool, you must consider replacing it with one that has this feature. Aside from keeping everyone informed, collaboration functionalities allow for knowledge sharing and foster better communication not only among team members but all project stakeholders. However, if you require a dedicated system, there are top collaboration platforms out in the market.

And that’s about it, the pros and cons of Corecon. After learning about the features and benefits that this tool has to offer, you should be able to decide if it’s the right app for your business. You may quickly reach for some of the best construction management tools around. But do remember to make a list of what you need in such a tool before diving into a deal. Better yet, take the tool for a spin. You can easily sign up for free Corecon demo here and see for yourself what it can do for you.

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