Top 3 Construction Management Software: Comparison of CoConstruct, Wrike & RedTeam

What is the top construction management software?
The top construction software is CoConstruct. It is a web-based solution that offers budgeting, client communication, and scheduling or activity planning tools for builders and remodelers. On top of that, its single-entry and estimation system consolidates all your project’s data in a single hub.

When you’re in the construction business, meeting the cost, time, resource allocation, and quality requirements is a daily struggle. Beyond these, things get even more complicated as scheduling deliverables, managing teams, and communicating with clients add to the complexity of the project. If your business is having complications in these areas, it may be time to use an effective construction management software.

Built specifically for the construction industry, these solutions have the complete tools you need to effectively manage your projects. Throughout every critical aspect of your construction project, be it in client communication, decision-making, job scheduling, and cost control, construction management solutions can assist you toward a successful project completion.

In this article, we take a look at the leading construction management software, CoConstruct, Wrike, and RedTeam. By a thorough analysis and comparison of these three platforms and their key features, we will guide you in choosing which one can offer you the most number of benefits.

comparison of top construction management software

Top 3 Construction Management Software

While most industries are quick to adopt the latest technological trends, the construction industry lags behind in doing so. Construction firms remain hesitant and continue to underinvest in technology. This is why construction productivity remains flat for decades now. In fact, 39% of companies consider the lack of IT staff as the most limiting factor in adopting new technology. However, the number of employees and technology solutions affects the size of the IT staff in a construction company.

Source: JBKnowledge

Even so, there are new technologies driving the construction industry forward. For instance, some companies are investing in drones to accurately visualize and map projects. AI is also being used to improve job site safety and worker productivity, and construction wearables now have biometrics, GPS trackers, and voltage detectors in them.

Despite being relative laggards, construction management platforms are slowly finding their way into construction project systems. While they have the functionalities that most project management solutions have, they offer extended features specific to construction projects, like bid management and lead generation features. According to PlanGrid, 32% of construction businesses report that these applications saved them around 5 hours a week.

The leading construction management solutions today are CoConstruct, Wrike, and RedTeam. In the following sections, we’ll walk you through an in-depth analysis and comparison of the three platforms to help you choose which one will make a sound investment for your business.

1. CoConstruct

coconstruct dashboard

CoConstruct is a cloud-based project management software for home builders and remodelers. It comes with project planning, client communication, task management, and financial control features in one platform, ensuring that you have the right tools for a successful project completion.

In one simple to-do list, you can keep track of your tasks and their progress. This is where all action items and your schedules are listed, easily accessible via web or mobile devices. Plus, you can add as many items and attach photos where needed. With the notification and advanced reporting features, your team stays on top of open items on your list.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you sign up for CoConstruct free demo here.


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In addition, CoConstruct automatically records all communication between your team and your clients. Whether it’s via e-mail, web, mobile, or text, you can easily follow important discussions and stay informed of client decisions. The software also simplifies client selections and provides a clear presentation of the project specs, pricing, and files.

Moreover, CoConstruct easily monitors warranty items of your past clients. It keeps your clients and subcontractors in one communication thread when setting appointment times. It also comes with a reminder feature to ensure that you will not miss handling any lingering items. Once you mark the process as complete, your clients will have to confirm it to verify the action.

Key features of CoConstruct

  • It streamlines communication with your clients.
  • In one centralized hub, it allows you to control orders, budgets, and bids.
  • It has scheduling and activity planning tools.
  • It allows integration with accounting solutions like Quickbooks.

2. Wrike

Wrike Dashboard

Wrike provides enterprise-level project management features to improve the collaboration of multifunctional teams and complete operations faster. It has an easy-to-use interface where you can plan, discuss, and keep track of your projects in real-time. It aligns goals with your company objectives and helps you prioritize more important tasks.

The intuitive dashboards of Wrike let you manage and monitor your tasks. You can own 10 up to 200 dashboards, depending on the subscription you have. Moreover, Wrike lets you add pre-built or custom widgets to your dashboards that show tasks from a particular project or folder.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Wrike free trial here.

Wrike equips project managers with Gantt charts and interactive timelines so you can track the progress of your projects. It also allows you to manage multiple projects in a single platform. In a simple drag-and-drop action, you can easily update project timelines. A project scheduler automatically adjusts your timeline based on the changes you made and shares your new plans with your team.

For better visibility of your projects, Wrike comes with report templates where you can see work progress, active projects, and unassigned tasks. You can also share these reports with your team members, clients, and executives so everyone stays informed about a project’s status.

Key features of Wrike

  • It offers Gantt charts to simplify project planning.
  • In an intuitive interface, it lets you see your team’s workload.
  • Wrike lets you track your team members’ time on-site.
  • It allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

3. RedTeam

redteam dashboard

RedTeam is a comprehensive management platform for construction projects. It sees you through the entire project lifecycle, from preconstruction, project management, field management, and all through financial control. A program designed by contractors, RedTeam equips your team with planning tools, task management, and collaboration features.

A Gantt scheduling feature helps you monitor tasks and milestones. You can set the start and end dates for each task and import or export files with Microsoft Project. As you update your Gantt schedule, the changes will automatically reflect in the planroom and your mobile device. Additionally, an optical character recognition tool lets you drag and drop plans and specifications to your projects.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for RedTeam demo here.

You can also handle document control with the Dialog feature. It lets you manage files, RFIs, meeting minutes, and agendas. In addition, you can track the flow of RFIs for your projects. As you receive, review, and share RFIs, the system keeps you log accurate and updated.

Moreover, the software improves team collaboration by centralizing project information, streamlining communication, and managing critical workflows. On top of that, RedTeam has Teamplayer application where you can invite general and subcontractors to have access to documents like subcontracts, change orders, and quotes.

Key features of RedTeam

  • Its collaboration tools enable effective communication between your clients, subcontractors, and your team members.
  • It organizes your documents and allocates resources to maximize profitability.
  • The software allows you to create estimates and send bid request invitations.
  • A budget tool keeps track of your projects’ financial expenses.

Comparison of Key Features

Scheduling and task management

CoConstruct lets you track jobsite activities and work progress in a modernized log dashboard. With it, your team members in the field can add log notes that you can instantly see. The recorded project history gives you a complete view of field activities. This way, you save time in production meetings, skipping project updates from your team. Through custom flags that you can use in the log, you can easily report and identify issues like late subs or missing orders.

CoConstruct also allows you to upload and view 360-degree photos and videos and lead your clients through a virtual tour of the project. In one snap, you can capture the entire project—from its floors, ceilings, walls—and share documentation with remote clients. Moreover, it enables a drag-and-drop function for your task management, making it easier to update tasks and schedules.

Meanwhile, Wrike gives you real-time visibility on your work progress, resource utilization, and project barriers. The Gantt charts give you a complete view of your project scope, helping you visualize each stage of the project. In the scheduling feature, you can link tasks using dependencies and monitor their status.

On the other hand, the FieldShare application of RedTeam allows you to add real-time jobsite photos and work updates. The application also allows employees to record their time, enter the number of hours with the direct or indirect labor category and assigned codes.

Verdict: Among the top 3 construction management software, CoConstruct has more advanced features for scheduling and task management. It lets you view your jobsite in real-time, while 360-photos and videos allow your clients a virtual tour of the project. Wrike and RedTeam, however, both have Gantt charts where you can see all your tasks and track work progress.

Project budgeting

CoConstruct gives you better financial control with its budget spreadsheets. It easily runs open book and fixed price projects. You can set up specs and selections, and the system automatically builds cost codes and values of your budget. It automates budget updates as well. This comes especially helpful when a client moves or changes something in the selection sheet.

RedTeam also has extensive budgeting and billing options. It allows you to add and produce AIA billing as cost-plus billing or progress billing. Aside from that, you can invite clients so they can collaborate with you in the billing preparations. The system keeps track of your communication so you can easily follow the discussions.

Accounting integration and invoices

CoConstruct works seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. This integration eliminates double-entry of budgets and estimates as it updates your spending and projected costs. It also automatically syncs invoices between the two systems. For instance, when invoices are paid in Quickbooks, it reflects in CoConstruct as well.

Similarly, RedTeam allows integrations with some of the best accounting solutions you are already using, like Quickbooks Online. Thus, vendor invoices made in RedTeam easily feed through Quickbooks Online. Time-tracking expenses, direct costs, and customer billing are also synchronized.

As for Wrike, its open API expands integration possibilities with accounting systems. The system, however, only allows integration of Wrike and Quickbooks via Zapier.

Verdict: CoConstruct comes first in terms of financial control features. It automatically builds cost codes and values for your budget. Like RedTeam and Wrike, it integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks. Additionally, CoConstruct lets you generate invoices based on budget actuals or estimates.

redteam budget dashboard

RedTeam offers the most expensive packages, starting at $4200/year.

Bids and estimates

CoConstruct streamlines your bidding processes and lets you create accurate and detailed bid requests based on your project specs, selections, and estimate data. By clicking your bidding details and selecting your preferred subcontractors, CoConstruct automatically sends them an email. When your subcontractors want to send you an inquiry, all they need to do is reply to the bid email sent by CoConstruct.

Likewise, RedTeam conveniently facilitates bidding, letting you manage the bid process and schedule pre-bid and bid dates. For estimates, you can select cost codes to generate a cost estimate template. Thereafter, you can add supplemental markups for insurance, bond premiums, and others.

Verdict: For a smooth bidding process, go for CoConstruct or RedTeam. CoConstruct allows you to easily create bids from your estimate, while RedTeam’s strength lies in its comprehensive bid management tool, which compiles all project bids in one neat list that shows details about pre-bid and bid dates.

coconstruct bid request

CoConstruct lets you create bid requests.

Communication tools

Proper communication and visibility are among the top reasons for using a construction management software. CoConstruct easily handles client communication with patent-pending communication technology. It allows you to track interactions of your clients, team, or trades in seconds. The system intelligently captures all communication about a particular project and lets you browse by topic so you can easily find the information you need.

In CoConstruct, a detailed task list gives you all the information you need, like daily schedules, field tasks, lead follow-ups, and more. You can also use pre-built schedule templates or you can create one and copy it for another project. You can also import from another system like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Wrike enables effective collaboration with your team and your stakeholders with its communication tools. It offers a platform where you can discuss project and task details with the full context maintained. It allows you to upload images and videos and lets you tag your members, clients, or trades. What’s more, the Wrike Proof tool lets easily update task descriptions, comment on discussions, and use @ mentions to notify others in real-time.

Meanwhile, RedTeam has a TeamPlayer application that provides your team with communication tools and access to project details. It also facilitates critical workflows such as contracting, negotiating, and bidding.

Lead management

CoConstruct comes with a lead management feature that lets you focus on your hottest prospects and follow through with perfect timing. In one integrated task list, you can find all the information about your contact details, activity history, and upcoming tasks for your leads. You can also set your own lead categories and scores to ensure that you are getting only the most significant leads.

RedTeam’s lead management efficiently monitors prospects and helps you secure conversions. It manages opportunities, campaigns, and client interactions to improve your relationship with your customers. Meanwhile, the system accurately records all related events with each opportunity, so you don’t have to worry about missing any data related to the project. In addition, RedTeam allows you to compare your score with peer contractors. This way, you can be more aggressive with upcoming opportunities.

Verdict: The top 3 construction management software have complete communication features to improve customer relationship. CoConstruct and RedTeam, however, extends its capabilities with lead management features to help you track and follow up with prospects.

File management

CoConstruct organizes and stores your files in one place, letting you upload or view files on the fly. You can attach files to selections and change orders to ensure that the information you need stays at the right place. To keep all your files secured, you get total control of access permission when you want to share files with other people.

Wrike helps you create, find, and use your files with helpful features like dashboards, widgets, and proofing and approval tools. It comes with a search and version tracking functionalities to help you find the files you need. The dashboard file widget is also handy in file management as it lets you group files for the same project. It also allows you to filter and sort files by upload date, name, workflow status, and other attributes.

RedTeam has a document control feature where all documents are properly attached to the project it belongs to. You can also create folders and upload photos. To see all your files, you only need to go to the Project Documents portal.

Verdict: In this aspect, all three construction management software offer impressive file management features. CoConstruct secures your files in one place, whereas Wrike’s dashboards and widgets neatly organize your files. Meanwhile, RedTeam ensures that your files sorted into the right projects.

wrike project folders and file system

With Wrike, you can easily add and organize tasks, projects, folders, and more.


Wrike offers the most affordable packages by a long shot. It has a free version for small teams of up to 5 users. From there, they can choose from the Professional plan, $9.80/user/month, or the Business plan, $24.80/user/month. For the pricing details of the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the vendor.

Meanwhile, CoContruct starts at $199 per month for the Core plan. The standard plan is $249 per month, and the Plus plan costs $299 per month.

RedTeam, however, is the most expensive, starting at $4,200 per year.

Verdict: The pricing schemes of the top 3 construction management software vary diversely, from fixed to custom-tailored packages. Wrike is the most affordable with its free version and Professional plan at $9.80/user/month, while CoConstruct follows closely with its Core plan priced at $199/month. The most expensive of the three is RedTeam, costing $4200/year.

Which construction management software fits you?

Implementing a fully-integrated construction management software improves your productivity and ensures that your projects go as planned. For that, the top 3 construction management software we featured here all have the right tools and more advanced features for each stage of your construction project. We now leave it to you to choose the best one that fits your construction business.

If you still can’t decide, we highly recommend CoConstruct. It’s one of the best construction management software perfect for contractors, modelers, and design-build companies. To try out its features firsthand, you can sign up for CoConstruct free demo here.

For additional reading, you can also check out our guide to become an effective project manager.

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