12 Best eLearning Software Tools of 2022

What is the best eLearning software?

The best eLearning software is Coassemble. This platform provides easy-to-use features that will help optimize eLearning management. With this in your arsenal of business tools, you can create engaging courses quickly and apply gamification rules for better learner engagement. Plus, as a cloud-hosted platform, it allows you to use the platform on both your desktop and smartphones for easier accessibility.

If you truly want to be competitive in your industry, you should make it a point to give your employees new learning opportunities. Hiring skilled professionals may help you run your business efficiently for now, but nothing beats employees who continually improve their skills to do their job better, especially with the technological disruptions happening around us.

One such way to do this is through eLearning. With this approach to L&D, you no longer have to pull employees away from work during office hours in order to facilitate training. All you have to do is set up engaging online courses that they can conveniently access during their free time. Furthermore, with the plethora of learning management systems, it would be much easier for you to implement this.

To narrow down your options, we have compiled the 12 best eLearning software tools available on the market. With a good grasp of the basics of LMS software, you’re ready to learn the core functionalities of the top players in the field, their mobile-readiness, extensibility, as well as price range. This way, it is easier for you to gauge whether or not a particular LMS product is suitable for your operations.

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Technology has made a huge impact on the different aspects of a business—learning and development is no exception. With the advent of online communication and file sharing, it became possible to facilitate courses via the internet. Not only is it more convenient, but it also makes the training process faster and more efficient. So, it comes as no surprise that eLearning utilization has increased by 900% over the past 16 years.

Despite its many benefits, however, the use of online courses and LMS solutions is still far from being the norm in L&D. According to The Transformative Curve 2018 Benchmark Research, face-to-face learning still dominates the L&D landscape with 55% of companies preferring this over other teaching formats. Meanwhile, only 32% of formal learning is reinforced using technology.

You might be wondering why this is. After all, if eLearning is such an efficient alternative to traditional training, then there should be a larger fraction of companies using it. The Towards Maturity benchmark report reveals that this turnout can be attributed to a number of factors.

They found that one of the reasons that companies shy away from using learning management systems is its cost (66%). There are also respondents who mentioned that their employees lack the skills to perform self-managed learning (65%). To top it all off, a number of managers are still reluctant to encourage new ways of learning in the workplace (58%).

The good news is, you shouldn’t let these factors discourage you from investing in eLearning. As you browse through our list of 12 best eLearning software tools, you’ll find that there are plenty of affordable LMS solutions available on the market that require minimal maintenance. The best LMS software providers are also continually working to make their eLearning platform easy to use for tech-averse learners and educators.

Moreover, there is a slew of free LMS platforms out there, not the least Moodle. Admittedly, this open-source platform may require a degree of technical skills; still, you have plenty of Moodle alternatives to choose from.

With that said, you can rest assured that leveraging learning management systems for your business is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is put in a little extra effort in determining which one falls within your budget and works best for your workflow.

The 12 Best eLearning Software Tools

1. Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard example

Formerly known as eCoach, Coassemble is an all-in-one learning management system designed to help individuals and businesses create and share online training materials. It comes with a robust drag-and-drop course builder that lets you design interactive programs from scratch or by modifying any of their available templates. Additionally, all of their courses are built for mobile-responsiveness so you can be sure that your learners can access your program through their Android or iOS device wherever they may be.

Coassemble is also built to help you improve your courses and reinforce learner response through its advanced reporting tools. With this, you get real-time insights regarding the performance of your training programs. Lastly, Coassemble has API capabilities through Zapier that allows it to integrate with a multitude of third-party applications, widgets, and services.


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Price Range: Coassemble offers different plans according to your LMS requirements. These can cost anywhere between $499/month and $699/month when billed annually.

Why Choose Coassemble?

  1. It has a drag-and-drop interface, making it great for users with no coding experience.
  2. It comes with an extensive selection of interactive and customizable course templates.
  3. It offers advanced reporting options for better visibility of course statistics.
  4. It can integrate with over 1000 third-party applications and business systems through Zapier.
  5. It is SCORM-compliant.

Detailed Coassemble Review

2. Absorb LMS

absorb engage dashboard

Absorb LMS is a learning management suite created for businesses of all sizes. Designed to modernize interactions between learners and educators, this allows you to create interactive online courses that promote collaboration. It lets you build classes from scratch and load it with all sorts of supplementary learning material to boost the quality of your content. After which, it gives you the ability to gauge student performance as well as roll out gamification tools. It even comes with social learning tools, an ecommerce module, and automated certification management. Companies can also custom brand the learner interface for a smoother user experience.

To top it all off, Absorb LMS offers a wide range of reporting and analytics tools that allow you to monitor learner progress as well as course efficiency. In case you are looking to further extend its functionalities, the platform also supports a slew of integrations.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

Try out Absorb LMS with their free trial

Price Range: Absorb LMS is only available by quote. Should you be interested in this solution, be sure to get in touch with the vendor.

Why Choose Absorb LMS?

  1. It allows users to automate their workflows for course management and make their courses ecommerce-ready
  2. It comes with online classroom options where they can facilitate real-time instructor-led courses
  3. It has a gamification system that lets users award badges to excellent students.
  4. It comes with tools for social learning and mobile learning.
  5. It has a highly customizable and extendable architecture for a more flexible user experience.

Detailed Absorb LMS Review

3. Graphy

Graphy dashboard

Graphy is a cloud-based elearning software tool designed to meet all the needs of content delivery professionals all over the world. Apart form its cloud version, users can seamlessly implement their business on the Android environment without the need for complex coding skills. It offers all the crucial features that modern content creators need: a capable domain, white-labeled landing pages, support for all multimedia formats, superior marketing tools, integrated payment gateways, and advanced communication tools.

Despite all its technical prowess, Graphy users will be happy to find that its user interface is approachable enough, allowing them to drag and drop elements on the fly. They can start from scratch to build their landing pages, or they can simply select from hundreds of templates preloaded on the application.

Price Range: Graphy offers 5 monthly plans that are priced according to the number of active users and the features, all billed annually. These range from Basic plant at $54/month to the Advanced plan at $320/month. They also offer an Enterprise plan that is available by quote. A free trial is available.

Why Choose Graphy?

  1. It allows you to create customized learner portals.
  2. It offers advanced marketing, payment gateways, and communication tools.
  3. It has a completely mobile-responsive template so your students may participate straight from their phone or tablet.
  4. It supports all modern multimedia formats backed by a simple drag-and-drop support.
  5. It offers top-notch security features, along with media content streaming encryption.

Detailed Graphy Review

4. TalentLMS

TalentLMS dashboard example

TalentLMS is a popular cloud-hosted learning management system purpose-built for companies who are looking to promote career growth for their employees. It landed on our list for its robust course creation tool that can adapt to different eLearning requirements. With this at your disposal, you can effortlessly create and facilitate online seminars, courses, and training programs that will help you move your business forward.

Aside from its course builder, TalentLMS also doesn’t fall short of great course management functionalities. For starters, it allows you to create an engaging learning environment with its built-in conferencing features and gamification capabilities. It also has a great exam engine, testing options, and training metric tracking tools that will allow you to monitor the progress of your learners.



Try out TalentLMS with their free trial

Price Range: TalentLMS can be used completely for free by groups with up to 5 members. If you have a larger team, you can opt for any of their paid plans which cost anywhere between $39/month and $499/month depending on the number of active users you need to support and courses you need to facilitate.

Why Choose TalentLMS?

  1. It has an intuitive yet simple-to-use course builder.
  2. It allows you to directly integrate content from the web and reuse previous materials for faster course creation.
  3. It is equipped with great gamification and certification management options.
  4. It can be completely customized to match your company branding.
  5. It has a course marketplace where you can buy pre-made courses or sell the ones you’ve created.

Detailed TalentLMS Review

5. iSpring Learn LMS

ispring dashboard

Next on our list is iSpring Learn LMS. It’s known as a no-fuss, user-friendly learning management system that packs a punch when it comes to advanced course management. Its integration with iSpring Suite provides users with an intuitive course builder that lets you efficiently manage your elearning content. With this, you can divide programs into a sequence of courses or assessments, making it easy to set up prerequisites for certain training modules.

Another great thing about iSpring Learn LMS is that you can set deadlines for your courses to speed up completion times. Moreover, you can create milestones or checkpoints for each course through different types of assessments. It also has a custom reporting tool that lets you monitor the progress of each learner.

iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS

Try out iSpring Learn LMS with their free trial

Lastly, it is fully SCORM-compliant and provides users with robust security tools such as SSO options and SSL encryption.

Price Range: iSpring Learn LMS offers pricing plans that are bundled depending on the number of active users and courses you aim to support. Prices range from $2.82/user/month to $3.66/user/month with the lower priced plan accommodating more users.

Why Choose iSpring Learn LMS?

  1. It not only supports the creation and localization of courses but also facilitates live training material like webinars.
  2. It provides administrators with a training calendar where they can keep tabs on all active courses, upcoming training, and similar activities.
  3. It offers great user management that lets you invite new participants, classify learners, and control administrator access.
  4. It comes with an adaptive user portal that lets learners categorize their assigned courses.
  5. It has built-in eCommerce tools so you can sell your courses commission-free.

Detailed iSpring Learn LMS Review

6. SkyPrep

SkyPrep dashboard

SkyPrep is a cloud-based LMS designed to provide intuitive training for the modern workforce. It snagged a spot on our list for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and comprehensive learning management features. Among its core functionalities include course creation, course distribution, learner progress tracking, and automated grading. Plus, it accepts different file types and SCORM content, making it easy to use existing training materials from different sources. SkyPrep supports complete white labeling so that the course design is in line with your company’s branding.

In addition to the abovementioned features, SkyPrep has enterprise-grade security such as HTTPS protocol, PCI-DSS compliance, and login verifications. It can also encrypt data so you can be sure that all of your digital assets are protected at all times. There’s also a granular user management option for an added layer of security.



Try out SkyPrep with their free trial

Price Range: SkyPrep has three subscription packages based on the LMS features you need. Plans range from $299/month to $599/month but the vendor also has a quote-based enterprise plan. Just be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information.

Why Choose SkyPrep?

  1. It has an intuitive course authoring module.
  2. It allows users to monetize the courses they made.
  3. It is equipped with enterprise-grade security and advanced user management.
  4. It offers full customization through white labeling options.
  5. It comes with advanced real-time reporting capabilities for data-driven course management.

Detailed SkyPrep Review

7. BrainCert

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is an end-to-end LMS built to help companies deliver efficient online training for remote employees. With it, you get access to a content builder that is equipped with grading options, detailed course reporting, learning path creation, and learner testing. The platform also has gamification options, a built-in social network, and a messaging system which makes it easy to foster a collaborative learning environment.

To top it all off, BrainCert is also SCORM-compliant and comes with a variety of security tools to safeguard your information. It also has the capacity to integrate with a slew of third-party software so you can easily import/export files for course authoring.



Try out BrainCert with their free trial

Price Range: BrainCert offers several subscription plans that are bundled according to the features that you require. These range from $29/month to $712/month and they also have free plans for teams that need only the core functions of the platform. Discounts are available if you have the plan billed annually.

Why Choose BrainCert?

  1. It can support social learning, virtual classrooms, web-conferencing, and blended learning.
  2. It comes with enterprise-grade security tools.
  3. It can connect with several popular applications for a more streamlined course authoring process.
  4. It offers drag-and-drop course building as well as white-labeling.
  5. It has a mobile-ready interface.

Detailed BrainCert Review

8. 360Learning

360 learning dashboard

360Learning is an end-to-end LMS that aims to optimize corporate elearning efforts through its robust feature set. It has tools for course authoring, gamification, automated learner evaluation, and data-driven feedback management. With these, L&D professionals can focus on engaging their learners and ensuring the effectiveness of all the courses that they roll out. 360Learning also integrates with a number of other business systems, allowing users to seamlessly connect it with their existing applications.

What makes 360Learning unique as an LMS, however, is that it has a collaborative learning framework. It enables L&D teams to crowdsource information from different employees at different job levels. This way, it is easier to get practical information that trainees will need on the job. In addition, the platform is also collaborative for the learners as it comes with discussion forums, commenting options, and group pages.

Price Range: 360Learning offers three pricing plans — Team, Business, and Enterprise. The Team plan is priced at $8 per month while the two other packages are only available by quote.



Try out 360Learning with their free trial

What is unique about 360Learning?:

  1. It provides users with a unique collaborative learning framework that speeds up course development.
  2. It comes equipped with robust course authoring, gamification, and automation tools.
  3. It has built-in event communication options to help learners interact with each other and enable L&D teams to simplify collaboration.
  4. It offers custom paths and learner segmentation to provide participants with personalized learning experiences.
  5. It supports live classroom training and pre-recorded lectures.

Detailed 360Learning Review

9. eFront

eFront dashboard example

is a new-age learning management platform built for corporations that want complete control over their training modules. Available for deployment via cloud or on-premise, this fully-integrated eLearning tool provides you with innovative training management functions that are highly scalable and configurable. Furthermore, it comes with robust security measures to keep all of your company information safe and sound.

With eFront, all you’ll have to do is create your course by uploading your content and supplementary training materials or choose from the pre-made programs available in their marketplace. After which, you can roll out gamification measures to make the learning environment more competitive, as well as add modules for communication and scheduling to streamline your training process.



Try out eFront with their free trial

Price Range: eFront has different plans depending on the number of users you are planning to onboard. Prices may range from $750/month for 1000 users to $2000/month for 5000 users and is inclusive of all the platform’s features. Custom plans are also available if you have over 5000 users.

Why Choose eFront?

  1. It has a scalable and configurable architecture, which is great if you have specific eLearning needs.
  2. It provides users with an extensive range of gamification options.
  3. It has a survey engine that will let you collect data on course efficiency and learner engagement.
  4. It gives you access to a marketplace of premade courses.
  5. It comes with pre-built connections to CMS programs, eCommerce solutions, video conferencing tools, and other systems that you might need for your training programs.

Detailed eFront Review

10. TalentCards

TalentCards dashboard example

TalentCards is a mobile learning app created by the same company that introduced TalentLMS and eFront, two of the top solutions on this list. Much like full-fledged LMS tools, this platform offers robust course builders, gamification tools, and progress assessment options. However, it sets itself apart because it is managed completely through smartphones, eliminating the need to learn complex navigations or coding. Furthermore, instead of full courses, it lets you deliver information in small chunks through the use of cards, making it great for on-the-go learning.

With its unique mobility and innovative card functionality, TalentCards has made itself one of the best options for refresher courses and tutorials. The only downside to it is that it might not be suitable for technical courses that require extensive training materials.



Try out TalentCards with their free trial

Price Range: TalentCards is available completely for free if you have only 5 users. For larger groups, you can opt for any of their paid plans which range from $49/month to $279/month.

Why Choose TalentCards?

  1. It is built primarily for mobile eLearning.
  2. It has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require extensive technical know-how.
  3. it comes with comprehensive training evaluation and reporting tools.
  4. It allows you to process registrations through email or SMS for your convenience.
  5. It is one of the most affordable learning management systems available on the market.

Detailed TalentCards Review

11. Docebo

Docebo dashboard example

Touted as the top-ranked SaaS eLearning solution worldwide, Docebo is next in line on our list. Much like our top solution, it offers a UIX that is built for quick user adoption and ease of use. It also comes equipped with white labeling tools for customization and a gamification system for learner engagement. What makes it unique is that it is built to cater to the advanced needs of medium-sized and large enterprises.

For starters, Docebo can support multiple administrators for easier course authoring. It also comes with a CRM integration so you can monitor the impact of your training courses to your actual operational workflow. In case this isn’t enough, they have an extensive ecosystem of modules that will let you extend its functionalities.

Price Range: Docebo has two plans that are available by quote: the Growth plan and the Enterprise plan. The former accommodates up to 300 users and is designed for companies who are new to eLearning while the latter is a more advanced solution created for large organizations.

Why Choose Docebo?

  1. It comes with advanced course tracking features that will help you monitor learner progress.
  2. It has multiple authentication modalities like SAML, OKTA, and ADFs so it is easier for your extended enterprise to access your courses.
  3. Its course builder supports different file formats so you can add a variety of content to your courses ranging from documents to videos.
  4. It delivers courses in over 30 languages, making it ideal for international learners.
  5. It has a modular architecture that can integrate with different business systems and applications, making it highly extensible.

12. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos dashboard example

SAP Litmos is a corporate learning system that can cater to the needs of small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between. Coming from one of the giants in the SaaS industry, this platform snagged the top spot on our list for its user-friendly features that do not compromise flexibility and usability. With it, you can easily accelerate and optimize the training of internal and external teams without the need for extensive technical know-how.

For starters, it provides users with a WYSIWYG editor that lets you create interactive courses from scratch, implement your preferred gamification measures, and create custom learning paths for your employees. It also gives users the ability to automatically generate reports on their training modules to understand the ROI of their eLearning efforts.

Price Range: SAP Litmos offers two monthly plans that are priced at $6 and $15 when billed annually. These only differ in terms of the types of features included in the plan. If you are looking for a more advanced option, they have a Training Ops plan that starts at $2500 and a Heroes Courses plan that is quote-based.

Why Choose SAP Litmos?

  1. It offers embedded content creation tools that can accommodate any format.
  2. It allows you to schedule live courses with ease.
  3. It gives you ways to design and issue certificates of completion.
  4. It provides multi-language and localization support which is great for international companies.
  5. It has developer API tools for extensibility.

Detailed SAP Litmos Review

There you have it: our list of 12 best eLearning software tools. With this guide, we hope that you are able to get a better picture of LMS solutions that are available for you on the market. However, if you still find choosing an LMS to be difficult, then, we highly recommend Coassemble.

This SaaS product offers end-to-end functionalities for eLearning management. Mobile-ready and device-agnostic, this platform also offers robust reporting tools to help you get insights into your active courses. What’s more, they have affordable pricing plans for every business size. Be sure to give it a shot and sign up for Coassemble free trial.

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