Top 10 Alternatives to Fiverr: List of Popular Freelance Platforms

What is the best alternative to Fiverr?
The best alternative to Fiverr is Upwork, a global freelance marketplace synonymous with one of the largest and most diverse databases of talents in the industry. With its in-app messaging service and smart filters, Upwork makes it easy to find and collaborate with the best-matching talents.

Fiverr is inarguably one of the best freelance platforms that accord you the flexibility of working with top talents you don’t have in-house. Its tiered levels separate seasoned experts from the novice, allowing you to work with top freelancers with the required expertise. Moreover, the availability of affordable services helps you achieve your project goals without breaking the bank.

However, as impressive as Fiverr sounds, it has some important caveats. For example, the platform’s vetting process is pretty vague, which means anyone can join the platform as a freelancer. Even worse, Fiverr’s dispute resolution process isn’t well-defined, and it offers limited avenues to find amicable solutions when things go haywire.

Looking at Fiverr’s benefits vis-a-vis its shortcomings, you may find a reason to opt out of Fiverr. In such a case, what would you consider as the best fallback? In this post, we’ll discuss the top 10 alternatives to Fiverr. We’ll take a microscopic look into the features of leading freelance software to help you make an informed choice, especially as workplaces move to an on-demand workforce model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

alternatives to Fiverr

Freelancing platforms allow independent workers to practice their desired jobs within a flexible environment. They help meet the needs of both contractors and employers, featuring tools for creating freelancer profiles and project bidding, monetization plans, and payment gateways, among others.

With freelance platforms, skilled individuals can create user profiles, complete with their personal information, work experience, skills, and qualifications. This allows companies to easily find potential candidates that best suit critical projects. Most freelance platforms also support mobile devices, allowing users to update their data and communicate with employers wherever they may be.

The demand for freelancing has surged in the past years. On the side of the workers, this demand is spurred by their desire to be independent. According to a Malt and BCG freelancing survey, 81% of freelancers chose to freelance to manage their own time. On the other hand, 76% chose to go freelance to have freedom of choice on assignments, while 73% wanted a choice as to their workplace.

freelancer time management

Soon enough, full-time employees will find themselves working together with freelancers. A Mckinsey survey on the future of work revealed that 70% of executives will rely more on individual freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers for on-site roles in the next two years. This boon has drawn more interest in freelance platforms due to the convenience it brings to both independent workers and businesses.

To help you find the best freelance platform, we have analyzed the best software systems and their key features. Fiverr is the leading freelancing platform in our category, but considering each individual and company has different needs, we have created this article on the top 10 Fiverr alternatives to give you more options. 

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr dashboard

Fiverr is designed to help employers find the best pool of talents to grow their businesses. This endeavor is made easy through Fiverr’s three-tier seller levels based on an individual’s performance, completion rate, user feedback, and other pertinent information.

Fiverr is best used by small- to large-sized enterprises that desire full transparency from their talents and want to communicate with them privately easily. You can commence hiring employees easily, starting at a low price of only $5 per job.  

Benefits of Fiverr

  1. Receive a seller rating and feedback to build your credibility.
  2. Find the best-skilled individuals easily through tiered skill levels.
  3. Confidently assess employee competency with fully transparent freelancer details.
  4. Privately communicate with freelancers through a secure channel.
  5. Employer details are kept secure and solely shared with freelancers to help them learn more about their potential employer.
  6. Financial data and transactions are kept secure, regardless of the payment method.
  7. Create custom offers for potential employees.

If you want to explore the options, though, several more alternatives provide industry-proven services and functionalities. Here are the top 10 alternatives to Fiverr, as well as their features and advantages.

Top 10 Alternatives to Fiverr

1. Upwork

Upwork dashboard

Cloud-based platform Upwork allows companies from any industry to quickly find the best talents through various filters that narrow down one’s pool of candidates. Upwork features various functionalities that allow employers to better communicate with freelancers in both work collaboration and billing. For other suitable platforms, check our Upwork alternatives.

Why use Upwork instead of Fiverr?

  1. Collaborate seamlessly with freelancers through an in-app messaging service, which also supports text and video-based tools.
  2. Search for potential candidates using algorithms that intelligently filter the search list.
  3. Screen candidates by setting interviews, allowing you to personally verify their qualifications.
  4. Alongside strict policies that prevent potential scams, employers can pre-fund their freelancers for their services.  

Why use Fiverr instead of Upwork?

  1. All financial transactions are kept private and secure.
  2. Find the best talents using tiered-levels based on one’s feedback, user rating, project completion, and other pertinent information.
  3. Access crucial details regarding a freelancer’s history and experience.
  4. Communicate with potential clients through a secure private channel during both hiring and collaboration.

Detailed Upwork Review

2. dashboard boasts a large pool of competitive freelancers, presently recording over 25 million users. With, you can find the best experts suitable for various jobs through several functionalities such as robust search options for narrowing down your talents, creating milestones for awarding payments, and more.

Posting a job listing in is completely free, and you only get billed once a freelancer accepts your project. Posting a job is done by inputting basic information such as required skills, paying either with a fixed price or as an hourly project, and inputting the estimated budget. It also offers various pricing plans to better suit your needs, and it comes with an option for monthly or annual subscriptions for each plan. If this platform fails to meet your needs, make sure to check out other good alternatives.

Detailed Review

Why use instead of Fiverr?

  1. Monitor freelancers for billable working hours and create milestone settings for awarding payments.
  2. Hire the best talents through its Preferred Freelancer Program, which shows the finest candidates based on experience.  
  3. Swiftly reach out to attractive candidates by sending a direct offer or via chat.

Why use Fiverr instead of

  1. Make secure payments while ensuring one’s financial transactions remain confidential.
  2. Hire candidates based on several filters, number of project completion, work experience, and other factors.
  3. Inspect each freelancer for crucial information on their work experience and skills, then use its effective communication tools to privately discuss the terms.

3. Envato Studio

Envato Studio dashboard

Envato Studio has a pool of talents that specializes in a variety of services, ranging from digital design to web development, which makes it worthy of being included in our list of top 10 alternatives to Fiverr. This freelance platform allows users to hire talents easily. After you spend a few minutes to create your job posting, Envato Studios will handle the rest by hand-picking the best candidates best suited to your project. Also, users can easily communicate with clients through a messaging tool that allows both parties to transmit files, thus, creating an avenue for constructive feedback that will lead to better results. Check out our Envato Studio alternatives if this platform doesn’t meet your needs.

Detailed Envato Studio Review

Why use Envato Studio instead of Fiverr?

  1. Choose providers by comparing and contrasting based on specific specialties and pricing.
  2. Acquire hand-picked workers that provide the best set of skills for your project.
  3. Hire from a pool of talents that specializes in designing, developing, and other creative digital skills.

Why use Fiverr instead of Envato Studio?

  1. Create custom offers and pay solely for what you need.
  2. Find the best talents through three-tiers of seller levels, each scaling based on their track record.
  3. Carefully inspects each freelancer for their set of skills and expertise before hiring them.

4. Brybe

Brybe dashboard

Brybe is a digital service marketplace where buyers (individuals, organizations, and enterprises) and content creators collaborate with each other. Through its search engine and comprehensive filters, buyers can easily sift through the platform’s talent catalog. They can even collaborate with their prospects using the built-in communication module. Moreover, the platform supports popular payment gateways for easier transactions.

The platform also offers a slew of features for content creators. For starters, it has a buyer request panel where freelancers and influencers can review requests from potential clients. It also has a personal brand page that is easily customizable. This way, freelancers and influencers can showcase their works and skills more effectively. If you’d like more options, feel free to check out these Brybe alternatives.

Detailed Brybe Review

Why use Brybe instead of Fiverr:

  1. Brybe has over 340 talent categories.
  2. Freelancers and influencers can customize their personal brand pages to better showcase their skills.
  3. Has a powerful search engine and various search filters to make it easy for buyers to find the right talents.

Why use Fiverr instead of Brybe:

  1. Terms of engagement are clear, and collaboration is easy at any stage of the project life.
  2. Guaranteed payment across a wide variety of payment gateways.
  3. Fiverr support is only seconds away to address any issue that you might encounter along the way.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour dashboard

PeoplePerHour allows employers to hire top talents from all over the world whose application has been inspected by the team from PeoplePerHour to ensure businesses can get the cream of the crop. Managing your ongoing projects with your workers is easy through its management dashboard, and you can ensure project completion without losing money through escrow protection. You can also use other viable PeoplePerHour alternatives here.

Detailed PeoplePerHour Review

Why use PeoplePerHour instead of Fiverr?

  1. Utilize a dashboard for communicating and checking project progress.
  2. Choose from a pool of talents that has been meticulously curated by PeoplePerHour’s team.
  3. Assess service providers and narrow candidates by filtering to specific regions.

Why use Fiverr instead of PeoplePerHour?

  1. Privately contact workers through secure channels.
  2. Meticulously inspect each potential worker with full transparent worker details.
  3. Filter talents by tier levels based on work experience.

6. Toptal

Toptal dashboard

Toptal’s dedication to ensuring workers can seamlessly fit inside the workplace has made it worthy of landing a spot in the top 10 alternatives to Fiverr. Getting top talents in various fields is a breeze with Toptal, a cost-effective platform that arduously ensures not only each talent are experts in their fields but are also fluent in English so that businesses can easily communicate with their workers. Besides, hiring from Toptal takes one to three weeks and can relocate talents if necessary, helping you quickly find and work with your hired worker. 

Toptal also provides a two-week trial period for freelancers, and their services are waived when employers are not satisfied with their performance. There are plenty more Toptal alternatives that may suit your various needs, so make sure to check them out before committing.

Detailed Toptal Review

Why use Toptal instead of Fiverr?

  1. Utilize a no-cost trial period of up to two weeks with freelancers, and only get billed if you are satisfied with their services.
  2. Select from rigorously screened talents who are not only skillful in their craft but are also fluent in English, which largely leads to better communication with employers.
  3. Hire candidates suitable for their working environment for seamless integration into their teams, and can be relocated if necessary.

Why use Fiverr instead of Toptal?

  1. Transactions solely take place on Fiverr, ensuring that one’s financial data are secure.
  2. Filter through freelancers based on varying job performance, ratings, and prices.  
  3. Gain confidence with the freelancers you hire by accessing their details, which include information gigs completed and canceled projects.

7. dashboard is a fuss-free, user-friendly platform that allows employers to quickly choose a freelancer of their choice, strike a deal, and commence the project. Listing jobs and receiving proposals from won’t cost you a dime, as employers solely have to pay for the services rendered by their workers. It also allows businesses to forge long-term relationships with trusted workers, thus, eliminating wasted time looking for new individuals to hire.

Project management is streamlined through’s dashboard, allowing users to constantly communicate with workers, track their projects, and their work time. Make sure to check out our alternatives for other great platforms.

Detailed Review

Why use instead of Fiverr

  1. Establish long-term partnerships with workers you trust.
  2. Streamline project management through a comprehensive dashboard.
  3. Create a featured job, which costs $29.95, to increase your job listing’s visibility.

Why use Fiverr instead of

  1. Pay for only what you need and create customized offers for potential workers.
  2. Communicate with workers through a secure channel during the hiring and collaboration stages.
  3. When hiring talents, gain access to full transparency for worker details and filter through the best workers using a three-tier level system.

8. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd dashboard

DesignCrowd is a great platform for businesses that are looking to get independent design professionals, hosting over 600,000 freelancers who seek to bring to life the ideas you have envisioned. This platform assures a smooth collaboration through tools that guarantee clear communication between freelancers and employers. Project completion is also quick, with a three-day design submission deadline being the earliest turnover, while longer due dates will yield more design proposals from multiple designers. Check out our DesignCrowd alternatives for other platforms that provide similar functionalities and benefits that may better suit your needs.

Detailed DesignCrowd Review

Why use DesignCrowd instead of Fiverr

  1. Money-back guarantee to ensure that businesses only receive the best designs.
  2. DesignCrowd specifically focuses on businesses looking for design professionals, with freelancers dedicated to providing clients with multiple quality designs to choose from.
  3. The starting $99 package nets you multiple quality design proposals from various artists.

Why use Fiverr instead of DesignCrowd

  1. Protect your transactions from prying eyes.
  2. Select from a pool of experts and inspect which one to hire based on skills as well as track record and experience.
  3. Create custom offers for your projects.

9. Nexxt

Nexxt dashboard

Nexxt is a hub for talented professionals where employers can gather applicant information either via traditional resumes or infographic-style portfolios that contain demographic client profiles. This allows employers to easily discern the differences of one candidate from another. Aside from being a platform for hiring, Nexxt allows employers to develop advertising practices to better present one’s company information, job listings, and other pertinent information. Head on to our Nexxt Alternatives to inspect other platforms for hiring candidates.

Detailed Nexxt Review

Why use Nexxt instead of Fiverr

  1.  Promote jobs to the right talents through direct applications through email or in-site.
  2. Grasp the similarities and differences between potential candidates via infographic-style portfolios and demographic data.
  3. Greatly connect with future employees by enhancing one’s brand image through advertising and promotions.

Why use Fiverr instead of Nexxt

  1. Communicate effectively with clients using a secure private communication platform to set one’s hiring terms and work progress.
  2. Find the perfect candidate for your project by toggling through filters, which include skill sets, job completion, and work experience.
  3. Hire only for projects you need and create custom offers that best suit your project.

10. MarketerHire

MarketerHire dashboard

MarketerHire is designed to help businesses find on-demand experts for their marketing campaigns. Trusted by thousands of global and local brands, this freelance marketplace, it simplifies the hiring process through its extensive repository of pre-vetted professionals and AI-enabled matching system. By leveraging their services, companies need only to share their project requirements and how long they will be needing a marketer for. After which, businesses can expect to be matched to a marketer in as little as 48 hours.  

What makes this platform great is that you can build an entire marketing team or opt to hire only one and you can request talents with particular skill sets. For instance, they have content marketers, email marketers, brand marketers, as well as social media marketers. If you want to check out similar platforms, you can check out these MarketerHire alternatives.

Detailed MarketerHire Review

Why use MarketerHire instead of Fiverr

  1. Gain access to professionals who specialize in digital marketing.
  2. All talents on the platform are pre-vetted for your peace of mind.
  3. Get matched with a professional marketer in as little as 48 hours without having to conduct interviews or assess candidates.

Why use Fiverr instead of MarketerHire

  1. Gain access to freelancers offering different services.
  2. Directly communicate with freelancers during the hiring and collaboration process through various secure communication channels.
  3. All transactions are securely processed on Fiverr.

Detailed MarketerHire Review

Which Fiverr Alternative is the Best for You?

This list of Fiverr alternative candidates should give you a good idea of where to go when projects come around, and you don’t have the time or resources to personally place ads for the position, screen applicants, and negotiate working conditions and rates. Fiverr itself is a solid choice, but if the sheer number of vetted talent is more to your liking, then look no further than Upwork.

Upwork has the broadest pool of employers and job finders. Plus, the platform is equipped with a slew of collaboration tools ranging from feedback sharing and file sharing. There are also built-on payment processing options. With these, managing freelance jobs is easier than ever.

If you are still undecided, then checking out other options should help you ascertain where to find just the right talent or project. This will enable businesses to address skills gaps in their organization while allowing freelancers to get a steady stream of work during and after the pandemic. Hence, we suggest you check out our list of best freelance platforms to expand your selection.

Nestor Gilbert

By Nestor Gilbert

Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years. With his experience in software development and extensive knowledge of SaaS management, he writes mostly about emerging B2B technologies and their impact on the current business landscape. However, he also provides in-depth reviews on a wide range of software solutions to help businesses find suitable options for them. Through his work, he aims to help companies develop a more tech-forward approach to their operations and overcome their SaaS-related challenges.

MashedSpud says:

I have to disagree with your opinion of Fiverr.
Fiverr is swarming with people who rip you off.

I have attempted to use Fiverr numerous times. I have experienced fraudulent activity by three sellers, dishonesty and exaggeration by most other sellers.

More than 90% of my purchases were cancelled by Fiverr because the sellers behaved inappropriately. Sure you get your money back, but it wastes so much of your time. In many cases, I placed and order and never heard from the seller again.

Fiverr advised me to choose professional sellers or those who have had more than 100 orders, good feedback, and high ratings. I did that a few times and my experience was the same.

While I cannot prove this, I suspect that many sellers use fake emails addresses and accounts, order from themselves, and then place fake glowing feedback on themselves. Or they get their friends to place and order, place fake feedback, and then pay them back. The seller would lose nothing as they wouldn't have been working.

It's risky when you give sellers access to things like your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

I have spent months trying to find an honest, reliable seller on Fiverr.

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Asim Khan says:

I think ZvMarket is also pretty much similar to Fiverr or i would say exact clone site. I don't know how i landed there but its obviously similar to Fiverr. I don't know much about it though

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