Top 20 Most Affordable LMS Software for 2022

What is the most affordable LMS software?

The most affordable LMS software is Coassemble. This popular cloud-based solution offers one of the fastest, most efficient approaches to training. It is also user-friendly and can be used for training customers, business partners, and employees.

It’s true that money can’t buy everything. But for everything else with a price tag, how much they will be is always a major consideration. This is especially true for important things in life, such as business technology tools like learning management systems.

Quality, unique offerings, and core software features do matter when searching for an LMS tool for your business. But as the cost of running a business continues to shoot up, pricing will remain a key buying concern. Add to this is the capability to address the new challenges that COVID-19 had brought. So let’s explore some of the low-cost, high-value products with this top 20 most affordable LMS software.

LMS software

In 2020, an industry report found that U.S. organizations spent a total of $82.5 billion on training and development. This figure indicates a drop in training expenditure as many employees were laid-off due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, training expenses for equipment, facilities, and travel increased from $23.8 billion in 2019 to $29.4 billion.

The report also says that spending for LMS tools had slightly increased to 84% versus the previous year. According to company size, 75% of small businesses currently use LMS, while the same is true for 86% of midsize firms and 95% of large enterprises. In addition, 26% of organizations regardless of the size usually or totally hire third-party providers for their LMS hosting/operations. And in terms of the most pressing challenges encountered due to COVID-19, technology/enhancing remote training was at number one.

Source: 2020 Training Industry Report

Meanwhile, learning quality and affordability are the two main things to equally consider when searching for an LMS solution for your business. Unless you’re a large enterprise with minimal budgetary constraints, don’t just go all out for either quality or price only. Always take into account both aspects.

The common notion that you won’t get short-changed with the most expensive software doesn’t hold water nowadays. In fact, there are powerful but economical cloud LMS platforms. And you have an immense range of LMS pricing options when it comes to this software niche: from free on one end to thousands of dollars on the other end.

Finally, you can get robust capabilities as well as desired returns, even with low-priced LMS solutions like the top 20 affordable LMS software chosen by experts here.

1. Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard

Coassemble is a comprehensive learning management system that aims to simplify knowledge sharing within teams. Previously known as eCoach, this platform is equipped with an easily navigable authoring tool, advanced workspaces, and reporting tools. What’s more, is that it packs all of these powerful functionalities in an uncluttered and intuitive interface that takes little to no time to learn.


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Coassemble allows you to structure your LMS in the same manner as you structure your company, separate your organization into several branded LMS campuses, or keep each campus separate and provide it with its own branding. This enables large enterprises to delineate different geographical locations or their brands. You can also sort campuses by business units, and delegate permission levels to trainers so they can keep their training orderly and structured.

Detailed Coassemble Review

What you get:

  • Pro – $499/month, billed annually. Up to 250 active users. Includes core LMS features.
  • Pro + US – $699/month, billed annually. Up to 250 active users. Includes core LMS features and access to online training specialists.
  • Utilize drag-and-drop authoring templates to create an unlimited amount of engaging training content.
  • Outstanding customer support, which it delivers via phone, live chat, onboarding and training sessions, dedicated accounting managers, and a vast database of help videos, articles, and regular webinars.
  • Integration with over 1000 third-party applications like Gmail, Salesforce, Shopify, and more.
  • Coassemble is fully SCORM/LTI compliant, allowing you to bring in your existing elearning resources or export the content you’ve created to third-party solutions.
  • Coassemble offers deep reporting with both granular and visual reporting that can be exported to third-party programs or downloaded as PDF or Excel files.

2. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS dashboard

Absorb LMS is a scalable LMS that offers a slew of features that lets you stay on top of the learning experience. It features content libraries with preloaded courses, an ecommerce module where you can monetize the courses you’ve designed, and collaboration tools so administrators can interact with students.

The solution is a learner-centric platform. This is evident in the concept of enabling the administrator or course designer to tailor the educational material based on several factors, including geographic location, business unit, or customer type. While the content library has a variety of courses, you can create one from scratch using an assortment of content, such as multimedia, quizzes, and microlearning materials and deploy them quickly and easily.

Absorb LMS can be customized depending on your organization’s learning needs. You can contact the vendor to discuss a personalized plan for your uses.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

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Any modern application has integrations with other third-party software, and Absorb LMS does not disappoint in this regard. Some integrations it supports are G Suite, BambooHR, and Active Directory. You can even automate certain tasks with Absorb LMS and its integrations and specify user roles and permissions.

What You Get:

  • Quote-based plan
  • Social learning
  • Gradebook
  • Course monetization with ecommerce module
  • Full-featured course authoring tools with variety of content
  • Content libraries preloaded with reputable course content providers
  • AICC/SCORM compliance
  • Social learning tools with gamification
  • Report and certification automation
  • HRIS and CRM integration via RESTful API and xAPI support
  • Supports over 20 languages

Detailed Absorb LMS Review

3. TalentLMS

TalentLMS dashboard

TalentLMS is a highly-ranked and multi-awarded cloud LMS platform ideal for the leaning requirements of companies for their employees, partners, and customers. It can scale to the needs of businesses of any size and any number of learners from one to more than 1,000.

This LMS is packed with an extensive array of tools and features like video-conferencing, course selling, notifications, and extensible user profiles. It also offers gamification, which studies show immense benefits, including employee learning and motivation.



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It supports a wide range of content types, including SCORM and Tin Can, making it easy to integrate existing training materials in any format. It has native apps for Android and iOS that enable learning on-the-go and makes available an array of custom options to suit your branding and workflow requirements. Four plans are available, namely, Free, Small, Basic, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise.

Detailed TalentLMS Review

What you get:

  • Freemium – up to 5 users and 10 courses
  • Small plan – $29/month for up to 25 users & unlimited courses
  • Basic plan – $99/month for up to 100 users, unlimited courses, single sign-on
  • Plus plan – $199/month for up to 500 users, unlimited courses, single sign-on, custom reports, triggered actions
  • Enterprise plan – custom pricing for over 1,000 users, plus all features
  • Free support for all types of plans
  • Extremely customizable and highly scalable
  • Easy to use cloud-based LMS with a minimalistic interface
  • Built for the modern web and can be used on any device
  • Integration with a dozen third-party apps, and through Zapier with over 200 services

4. iSpring Learn LMS

ispring dashboard
iSpring Learn LMS is a robust learning management software with a sleek, simple, and engaging user interface. Its tools and features allow its users to come up with modern, intuitive, responsive, and dynamic eLearning content.

It can instantly upload and deliver elearning content that is accessible to Android and iOS devices. It’s ideal for small and medium businesses that target the improvement of their productivity rate through seamless online training and onboarding that require no additional manpower cost.

iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS

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Users will encounter no compatibility issues with iSpring Learn LMS because it allows for the upload of almost all kinds of file types. It is SCORM-friendly and can easily read DOC, XLS, MP3, MP4, HTML5, PPT, PDF, SWF, WAV, and FLV files. Moreover, unlimited storage is provided to its users.

And apart from its learning tools and features, it also equips its users with video conferencing, quizzes, and automated analytics. Also, a calendar tool is provided with push notification functions. Its pricing is based on the number of users, and its tools and service are available for as low as $3.66 per user/month.

Detailed iSpring Learn LMS Review

What you get:

  • Fifty courses with an authoring tool and technical support for 100 users at $3.66 per user/month, billed annually
  • Unlimited courses with an authoring tool, single sign-on, and technical support for 300 users at $3.00 per user/month, billed annually
  • Unlimited courses with two authoring tools, single sign-on, and premium support for 500 users at $2.82 per user/month, billed annually
  • A custom service package with specialized tools for clients with more than 500 active users
  • 40% discount for qualified non-profit organizations
  • 20% discount for governmental organizations
  • Special discounts for educational institutions
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited storage

5. SkyPrep

SkyPrep dashboardSkyPrep is a user-friendly cloud-based LMS solution with a smart user interface. It is made for organizations seeking to provide effective training programs in a convenient and affordable yet state-of-the-art approach. This solution offers innovative learning management tools that provide a host of benefits. These include enabling business users to directly design quality courses within the platform, link related materials, and give exams with an automatic grading feature.

With SkyPrep, any organization can easily upload learning materials and evaluate learners quickly. Any uploaded training content can be easily revised, updated, and reused based on the users’ needs.



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Meanwhile, this solution offers various appraisal tools for quick yet efficient assessment of learners’ exam results and overall progress. It also supports branding, which is why it easy to customize SkyPrep to suit an organization’s particular brand. Finally, the vendor offers four subscription plans, including a free trial.

Detailed SkyPrep Review

What you get:

  • Starter Plan at $349/month, 100 active users, 2 administrators, and unlimited registered users
  • Advanced plan at $499 per month, 250 active users and 5 administrators
  • Business plan at $749 per month, 500 active users and 20 administrators
  • Integrates with multiple third-party apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, G Suite, and OKTA for a quick and easy single sign-on experience
  • send automated email reminders to students when new content becomes available
  • offers a range of reporting options that provide data and insight on users’ analytics and performance
  • full customization is available with white labeling options

6. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds dashboard

LearnWorlds is an online course platform designed for both students and professionals. With this platform, you can create interactive courses for employee training and onboarding, customer education, partner alignment, and continuing education.

You don’t need to be a developer when you use its advanced online school site. It contains hundreds of templates that you can easily modify with no need for coding or even design skills. It is 100% online, which means you can access it using any device, any time, anywhere.



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The platform also allows you to create a mobile application so you can conduct mLearning programs. Moreover, it gives you a detailed report containing information about content consumption, optimization insights, user segments, and more. By leveraging the features of the software, organizational leaders like you can focus on other critical aspects of the business instead of the technological demands of online education.

Detailed LearnWorlds Review

What you get:

  • Starter Plan at $29/month, 1 administrator
  • Pro Trainer Plan at $84/month, 5 administrators, 15% off for 6 months
  • Learning Center Plan at $254.15/month, 20 administrators, 15% off for 6 months
  • Online site builder
  • Popup builder
  • Custom domain
  • Built-in community
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook, Pixel, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and others

7. 360Learning

360 learning dashboard

360Learning is an innovative learning management platform created for businesses of all sizes who want to optimize their corporate training efforts. It comes equipped with essential features for course authoring, simultaneous course editing, gamification options, and learner feedback management. Plus, the platform has native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever. These functions aside, what makes 360Learning unique is its collaborative learning framework which allows users to crowdsource information across the organization to build more comprehensive course content.

With 360Learning at your disposal, you can cut back on the time spent on course creation and lower administrative costs without compromising the quality of your learning programs. The platform also allows L&D teams to gain insight into course effectiveness through real-time reports and KPI visualizations. Lastly, the platform comes with open API capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly connect with your existing software ecosystem.



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What you get:

  • Affordable starter plan that can handle up to 100 users at $8
  • Advanced plans have quote-based pricing to maximize your budget
  • Top-notch collaborative learning framework
  • End-to-end course authoring and learner assessment tools
  • SCORM-compliant content integrations
  • Advanced gamification options
  • Full customization tools so you can use your branding for course covers
  • Custom permissions available
  • Live classroom training supported

Detailed 360Learning Review

8. BrainCert

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is an end-to-end learning management system created with corporate L&D teams in mind. It serves as a single hub for creating, managing, tracking, and selling courses. With this, you get access to intuitive tools for course authoring, course delivery, learner management, content management, and gamification. It also comes with a detailed course reporting module to help you keep tabs on the progress of your learners.

Aside from its comprehensive set of LMS functionalities, BrainCert sets itself apart from the competition for its ability to support different learning modalities. It has a built-in social network to support social learning, a virtual classroom as a service (VCaaS) option and real-time web conferencing for synchronous classes, as well as blended learning tools. Its interface is also mobile-ready for on-the-go learning. Should you need additional features to reinforce your efforts, BrainCert also supports various third-party applications for your convenience.



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What you get:

  • Affordable pricing plans depending on your required functionalities
  • Available free subscription for those in need of basic LMS functionalities.
  • Advanced tools include virtual meeting options, access to an integrated ecommerce platform, gamification options, and learning path creation.
  • Comes with support for social learning and blended learning
  • Has a mobile-ready interface
  • Provides extensive white-labeling options
  • Includes a drag-and-drop course authoring tool that supports different types of media from different sources.
  • Fully SCORM-compliant courses

Detailed BrainCert Review

9. eFront

eFront dashboard

eFront is a flexible LMS platform for enterprises that require advanced security features and extensive customization to train large numbers of employees, partners, and customers. It provides modern ways to distribute and evaluate knowledge, giving you complete control over your virtual training environment and your data.

It blends seamlessly with any existing infrastructure and can scale as your organization and learners grow, keeping your workforce skilled, customers smart, and your partners qualified.



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This LMS platform is equipped with gamification features to identify and reward fast and hard-working learners, making the learning environment more competitive. It also comes with communication modules to streamline the relationship between instructors and learners.

Meanwhile, eFront is one of the best-integrated learning management systems on the market, with pre-built connections to calendars, CMS, ecommerce, and video-conferencing tools. Four plans are offered for businesses and enterprises. starting at $750/month for up to 1,000 users.

Detailed eFront Review

What you get:

  • Business plan – $750/month for up to 1000 users or $0.75/user per month
  • Enterprise plan – $1000/month for up to 2000 users or $0.50/user per month
  • Large Enterprise plan – $2000/month for up to 5000 users or $0.40/user per month
  • Tailored plan – for over 5000 users
  • Platform designed for training masses of learners
  • Flexible learning and training built around your needs
  • Industry-standard content interoperability
  • Multiple types of questions, quizzes & tests with extensive reporting on all results
  • Branding & control of design and relevant content
  • Powerful survey engine to create and conduct custom surveys
  • Offline learning support

10. TalentCards

TalentCards dashboardTalentCards is a mobile LMS application that offers a micro-learning method where information is delivered in small pieces to make it easy to understand. The mobile training solution lets you create learning cards on the web and deliver them while on the go.

With TalentCards, learners get easy-to-digest learning resources, take tests to examine the knowledge gained, use gamification elements to review their performance, and train themselves anywhere, anytime.



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TalentCards focuses on ease of content creation, learner experience, and micro-learning to enable you to create and distribute successful training programs. The parent company has already built two successful LMS solutions – TalentLMS and eFront – which are used by thousands of companies.

You can mass train your employees with the use of their smartphones to learn from whatever location and at any time. TalentCards offers a free plan and 4 priced editions:

Detailed TalentCards Review

What you get:

  • Free plan – $0/month for up to 5 users
  • Small plan – $49/month for up to 50 users
  • Basic plan – $79/month for up to 100 users
  • Plus plan – $179/month for up to 250 users
  • Premium plan – $279/month for up to 500 users
  • Flexible self-paced training method that empowers learners while reducing expenses and training complexity
  • Editing tool to create learning cards quickly and easily
  • Vast image stock library or upload your own custom multimedia to learning cards
  • Evaluation and reporting to check learning & knowledge retained by learners
  • Mass import users, add them individually or enable them to register by sending email or SMS invitations

11. Docebo

Docebo dashboard

Docebo is a cloud elearning platform often regarded as the most comprehensive solution for education and training management. It offers an ecosystem of features and modules that can be adapted to any learning needs of an organization.

The feature-rich and highly secure online-only solution supports all forms of learning, including blended, social, and mobile learning initiatives. The system is easy to use and can manage, deliver, and track elearning activities. You can give its features a closer look at no cost.

Docebo lets you easily upload and share your training materials like PPT, PDF, SCORM, Tin Can, and video files. It supports anytime, anywhere learning with its mobile capability. It allows you to efficiently monitor the training performance of your workforce with its course tracking features and default or custom reports. Three quote-based plans are offered.

Detailed Docebo Review

What you get:

  • Starter plan – up to 100 active users
  • Advanced plan – up to 300 active users
  • Enterprise plan – custom pricing for internal and extended enterprise training
  • Mobile-ready, off-the-shelf, and fully integrated
  • Available for global users in over 30 languages
  • Modular design to scale with evolving elearning programs
  • Built-in ecommerce and content marketplace to monetize content
  • Tons of features and over a dozen integrations
  • 24/7 access to the customer support team

12. CoreAchieve

CoreAchieve dashboard
CoreAchieve is an LMS platform that can be easily customized to suit your specific training and development programs. This solution is very flexible that it can easily address both business and academic learning requirements. Also, it has an integrated ecommerce tool for training experts who also want to market their courses online.

What’s more, this LMS is known for its smart and responsive design, which is why it is easy to implement. Likewise, CoreAchieve has an integrated communications system that helps to easily create blogs and discussion boards. It also allows the posting of feedbacks from learners that helps providers continuously improve their training modules. Finally, it allows users to organize large libraries of learning materials and other relevant documents.

Detailed CoreAchieve Review

What you get:

  • Basic plans start at $299 a month for 100 active users ($2.99/user/month) and an unlimited number of courses
  • Standard plan at $799 per month for 300 active users ($2.66/user/month) and an unlimited number of courses
  • Premium plan at $1,219, while the Enterprise plan is quote-based
  • Courses can be made from scratch, or you can import your SCORM compliant content
  • Integrates seamlessly with xAPI
  • With a powerful BI analytical model, where smart reports can be easily generated
  • Administrators can also maintain an FAQ page to easily address learner queries
  • Hosted on Azure with Azure SQL Database Service
  • Users provided with personal profile with progress and history

13. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos dashboard

SAP Litmos is one of the best corporate learning systems available today and is distinguished for its simplicity, ease of use, and affordable plans. It is a long-time Salesforce partner for sales and service training and secure data exchange and can automate both internal and external learning programs.

The system allows you to create interactive courses directly on the dashboard or by importing third-party content, as well as implement gamification features, such as leaderboards, badges, and points. If you want to try this software before committing to a plan, you can easily do so at no cost.

Despite being a “one-size-fits-all” LMS solution, SAP Litmos offers wide customization where you can tailor learning paths end-to-end, employees’ curricula in line with course sequence, and report on any course, module, or task. You can easily categorize learners, organize courses/training programs, and assign them to teams or selected individuals, making it ideal for both SMBs and large enterprises. Two monthly subscription plans are available.

Detailed SAP Litmos Review

What you get:

  • Pro plan for 50 – 1,000 users at $3 – $4/user
  • Pro+Course plan for 50 – 1,000 users at $5 – $9/user (full access to course library)
  • Custom pricing for over 1,000 to 1 million users
  • Scalable features, platform, and pricing
  • Partnership with Shopify where you can distribute your SAP Litmos courses for free
  • Applicability in all niches and industries with a suite of pre-made course catalogs
  • WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop tool to import/export files in all desired formats
  • Thousands of learning resources & unlimited storage
  • Email and phone support

14. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS dashboard

Canvas LMS is a popular online learning application intended for K-12 and higher education. It delivers a customizable architecture to facilitate personalized education as well as foster better communication between teacher and learner, making it easy for both of them to work on the learning process.

Students can receive notifications, submit paperwork, interact with learning materials on any device, and connect their Canvas LMS account with social media. Teachers can provide feedback, merge videos, blogs, wikis, and other channels of education while monitoring their students’ progress.

Teachers and students can access the app on their mobile devices to engage with each other anytime, anywhere. Instructors can grade students quickly and accurately through tools such as the SpeedGrader and the ability to record audio/video during grading.

It provides a dependable solution that reduces support calls and queries from students while making it easy for teachers to create and deliver courses and curriculum. Finally, it also functions as a reliable collaboration tool.

Detailed Canvas LMS Review

What you get:

  • Quote-based pricing
  • Open-source software that offers APIs, security audits, and feature discussions
  • Automatically scales up to demand with auto peak load management
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA to all customers
  • High-speed platform hosted on Amazon Web Service
  • Supports external integration such as Facebook and Google
  • Collaborative workspaces/web-conferencing tools

15. Mindflash

Mindflash dashboard
Mindflash is a cloud-based LMS that helps streamline employee training activities of businesses. This widely-used online platform also helps business users to easily measure their training expenses annually, among other key metrics. Easy to use yet powerful, its cloud-based functionality enables users to build and oversee their learning courses whenever, wherever they are.

In addition, trainers can easily create learning modules using popular solutions like Microsoft Office apps and other audio and video platforms. Likewise, the vendor offers its users the convenience of a free data storage facility. With this, Mindflash users can store important learning-related materials without any additional cost. All subscription plans are quote-based, all with unlimited courses.

Detailed Mindflash Review

What you get:

  • The vendor offers exciting innovations in the fields of enterprise integration, program management, business analytics, and content creation.
  • Simply upload your existing learning files, and the software converts them into an online course
  • Mindflash-Perfect Content Conversion™
  • SCORM Import from Storyline Captivate
  • Currently, up to 24 language options
  • Integrations with Articulate Base, Captivate, Zapier, Salesforce, etc.
  • With reporting tools to generate reports by learner, group, quiz, question, quiz, or course
  • Automated quiz scoring tool to track learner progress in real-time

16. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS dashboard

Bridge LMS is a corporate learning management system aimed at helping businesses improve employee training. It is also designed for quickly creating out-of-the-box courses that accelerate progression and help employees develop industry-specific skills. Likewise, it is easily accessible on mobile devices and lets you store all relevant data in a centralized index from where employees can follow their training records on the go.

With this cloud-based LMS, managers can make use of accurate feedback to familiarize themselves with specific employees’ needs, detect threats, trends, and opportunities, as well as follow the progress of their company’s learning program.

Bridge LMS comes with a reporting suite where you can generate and customize course and survey reports, or measure employee performance using an advanced set of progress indicators. It also has gamification tools that offer quizzes and certificates to motivate employees to participate more actively and to contribute to your company’s long term goals.

It is fully SCORM compliant, which means that it follows industry-imposed and universally accepted technical rules for creating and sharing content.

Detailed Bridge LMS Review

What you get:

  • Quote-based pricing with a 90-day free trial
  • Fast and agile LMS tool that supports multi-format and multimedia content
  • Content editor to add and import textual content, embed images/graphics, and deploy courseware
  • ERP, CRM, and HRIS integration
  • Fully enabled communication and sharing platform
  • Employee evaluation capability
  • Robust analytics to measure complex course statistics

17. GoSkills

GoSkills dashboard

GoSkills is a robust cloud-based LMS solution that provides individual and organizational users the needed know-how and skills to succeed in a competitive world. Its training module is very flexible and can help businesses big and small to design, monitor, and implement various training modules. And because it is hosted in the cloud, both trainers and learners can easily access the modules from anywhere, 24/7.

The vendor is known in the LMS world as the provider of award-winning, short-term courses. GoSkills offers built-in efficient training programs for popular applications and systems like Lean Six Sigma, productivity, project management, and Microsoft Office. Finally, this solution offers top-tier training content that ensures high learner engagement and better training results. Some of these include smart quizzes, exercise files, cheat sheets, and interactive video tutorials.

Detailed GoSkills Review

What you get:

  • Its GoSkills for Teams is a forever-free plan with optional paid add-ons
  • Blended, mobile, and asynchronous learning
  • Course creation and management
  • Industry-accredited courses
  • Gamification and Custom branding
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Unlimited tests and quizzes
  • Dedicated account manager

18. Skillcast

SkillCast dashboardSkillcast is an affordable LMS suite for helping SMBs create a culture of learning and compliance. As such, this cloud-based platform also offers online compliance courses. It is likewise popular for its bespoke elearning content development module and a compliance training-focused LMS.

Moreover, it is known for its custom-made learning programs that concentrate on helping businesses achieve their learning targets. What’s more, Skillcast offers training modules packed with innovative materials and learning strategies to help businesses build a compliance culture using interesting, interactive methods. It also offers powerful tools for enhancing a learner’s knowledge and skills on things like health & safety, general data protection, and fraud prevention.

Detailed Skillcast Review

What you get:

  • Library only subscription at $16.06 per user per year for up to 1000 users, with options for 100 and 500 users
  • Value Package plan at $17.60 per user per year for up to 1000 users, with options for 100 and 500 users
  • Its Enterprise plan is quote-based
  • Offers industry-standard bespoke corporate compliance training
  • It has tailor-made courses on fraud prevention, anti-bribery, general data protection, competition law, health and safety, and equality
  • Provides a portal that centralizes elearning materials, which also assigns employees their training needs
  • All courses adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA
  • uses SHARD 5; an innovatively designed framework, to customize the courses with your colors and corporate branding
  • The vendors can help companies engage their staff with gamification, personalization and immersive interactivity

19. WorkWize

WorkWize dashboard

Workize LMS is a fully automated course and policy compliance LMS built to help training administrators and HR managers ensure compliance for their employees. It supports your training requirements by automatically enrolling employees and emailing them reminders to make sure they fully conform to training and policies required by their jobs and minimize risk and governance issues for your organization. It can scale to meet the needs of organizations from 100 employees to more than 100,000 and keep training compliance manageable.

This LMS solution comes with features to identify non-compliant teams, individuals, or offices. It also includes document sign-off/distribution for proving acceptance and understanding and rapid course authoring for creating unlimited SCORM elearning courses. Moreover, it provides over 40 editable courses covering core compliance subjects, among others. Two plans are offered with prices going up, depending on the plan and number of users.

Detailed WorkWize Review

What you get:

  • Professional plan – starting at $5,466/year for up to 100 active users, which boils down to just $4.56/user per month
  • Enterprise plan – starting at $8,700/year for up to 100 active users or $7.26/user per month
  • Quickly identify locations, and teams and individuals who have not completed the required training
  • Integrates with most common HR management or payroll systems
  • Distribute any document requiring proof of understanding and acceptance
  • Uses tests and digital signature to confirm employee acceptance
  • Combines the risk assessment process with relevant elearning
  • Tools to self-resolve up to 70% of minor issues encountered during an assessment

20. Graphy

Graphy dashboard

Graphy by Unacademy is a capable learning management system available as a web-based and Android app platform. It provides all the modern tools to allow content professionals profit from their online learning business either through instructor-led classes or self-paced courses. It is totally white-labeled so content creators can show off their brands anyway they want.

The platform provides its own domain, allowing users to create and design their websites from the get-go. They can use their own design ideas or simply avail of the built-in templates. Graphy supports all multimedia formats so users can simply drag and drop to create compelling offerings.

Graphy provides advanced marketing tools, along with a payment gateway integration that allows for local country pricing and variable payment setups for more convenience to learners.

Learners get access to SMS, email, and push notifications to ensure they stay updated with their chosen classes or courses.

Detailed Graphy Review

What you get:

  • Free trial
  • Basic – $54/month billed annually
  • Pro – $109/month (billed annually)
  • Business – $182/month (billed annually)
  • Advanced – $320/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – By quote
  • Launchpad – $299/year plus 3% revenue share
  • Private online courses
  • Content encryption
  • Quiz builder
  • Domain name mapping
  • SEO-optimized landing pages
  • Traffic source tracking

How to Get Your Money’s Worth With Affordable LMS Software?

Look for the LMS’ selling points, such as proven benefits, efficiency, etc. However, knowing these aren’t enough. You must also have a clear picture of your organization’s needs and be able to connect them with an LMS. Once you’ve identified a solution that fits your requirements, only then can you make a sound purchasing decision.

Of course, it would be very helpful to know as much as you can about LMS software. These should include pricing, types, and features such as the following:

  • Course creation, delivery & management
  • Course & material databases
  • Progress tracking & evaluation
  • Data/files access, storage & sharing
  • Collaboration/communication
  • Ease of use
  • Integrations
  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • Mobile capability
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Ability to monetize courses
  • Dependable support

If you get all the above, plus more at a budget-friendly price that meets your learning needs, then you have a cost-effective solution.

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Business?

Whatever LMS you choose at any price level, make sure that it can meet your organization’s present and future learning demands. They should also be scalable and flexible enough to grow with your business. Your employees are your most important assets, and training and developing them is key to keeping them motivated and productive. But you don’t have to break the bank to do so—thanks to these affordable yet capable LMS solutions.

Remember, you’re not only investing in a good LMS solution but more so in your learners, equipping them with the right knowledge, skills, and competencies. A budget-friendly, feature-rich LMS that is properly implemented and engages and educates your employees can result in huge returns for your organization—an efficient and productive workforce, and an agile and profitable company.

Of course, we recommend that you start with Coassemble, our top choice. This award-winning platform simplifies course creation and learner monitoring. What’s more, it can easily scale up or down, depending on your changing learning management requirements. To see how it works, simply avail of its free trial offer.

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By Nestor Gilbert

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