Guide to Grammar Checkers For Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Writing has become an important part of our everyday dealings. The process is no longer confined to those who make a living out of the written word. Today’s information-driven society demands that most people be able to write with a certain degree of efficiency, with many jobs now requiring applicants to be able to write decently. The same requirement goes for the things that one usually does in the Internet age–writing emails, preparing resumes and even posting comments on social media.

Another reason for the need for good writing skills is the fact that some jobs may entail blogging and other responsibilities that involve writing. Although writing is not something that you learn to do overnight, constant self-improvement could lead to better writing, one of the most important part of which, is grammar. Bad grammar and punctuation could leave one unable to take on such jobs as they will not be taken seriously by most employers. What’s more is that a study by Grammarly has revealed that individuals with good writing skills tend to do better in their jobs

Good thing there are tons of grammar checker tools out there, which can greatly help you in your writing. And yes, some people do opt to edit their own writing, but we have to remember that even the likes of Hemingway, Michener and Capote committed writing mistakes. Even the works of great authors are at one time unpolished copies that needed tweaking. 

Grammar checkers were created to resolve such writing problems. They come in the form of stand alone solutions or as part of much larger programs such as word processors. These tools are very useful to both professional and amateur writers alike as they make automated tasks of all text editing processes. They have been around since the 1970s, initially pointing out inaccuracies in punctuation use and inconsistencies in writing stylesThese platforms have even found applications other than those mentioned such as in the case of the use of grammar checkers in in statistical machine translation, which is notoriously inaccurate when it comes to grammar.

Writers might be reluctant to use these tools a decade or more so ago, especially in light of a University of Pittsburgh 2003 study that found out: those who rely on grammar checkers are more likely to commit mistakes than those who depend on their verbal skills. But technology has since progressed and grammar checkers today are more intelligent and powerful, going beyond spelling error matching and onto contextual analysis using machine learning and NLP. 

In this article we present a guide to grammar checkers for Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Their features, functionalities and pricing will be discussed in detail.

grammar checkers for google docs and microsoft word

1. Grammarly

One of the most widely-used grammar checker solutions in the market, Grammarly’s popularity could be attributed to the fact that it is a free app. The product is also quite powerful that it came out on top in our previous analysis (you can check the more in-depth review of the 3 top grammar checker software here).  Being one of the best grammar checkers for Google Docs, it is quite easy to use as it can be embedded on popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome. It designed to check text for grammatical errors and polish them across a variety of platforms and websites. The app currently has a user base of around 10 million around the world, serving as a grammar checker for social media posts and email.

Grammarly can check most grammatical, punctuation and spelling inaccuracies and helps users boost their vocabulary by improving contextual text. Users’ writing styles become better as the system makes suggestions for better document readability. Mistakes that are associated with verb-to-adjective rules can be detected by the app while proper world placement is recommended. Its ability to manage contextual errors sets the software apart from other tools of its kind, helping users to improve their English writing prowess. Unlike other grammar checkers, it isn’t confined to detecting simple grammar and spelling errors, it can screen for and make corrections to the simplest expression mistakes accurately by focusing on spelling errors, punctuation, redundant words and inappropriately used adjectives.

Grammarly is being sold in a variety of pricing options, starting from $29.95/month (monthly plan) to $11.66/month (annual plan).

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Grammarly free trial here.


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2. Reverso

A grammar checker tool that is designed to make accurate and diverse contextual translations, Reverso also helps users improve their vocabulary. It is an easy-to-use solution, all users have to do is type in or say the words that they want to translate. Results come almost immediately and are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, German, Polish and other languages. Aside from its capability to translate, the solution also comes with powerful tools that help users achieve mastery of a second language. Translations come with instructions on pronunciation and examples, allowing users to learn not only how to write, but read and speak new words as well. The app can even familiarize users with foreign expressions, making them sound like native speakers. Reverso is integrated with a comprehensive database of examples and a linguistic search engine. It also goes beyond the capabilities of a basic dictionary as it comes with specialized finance, business, technical and medical terminologies.

Reverso’s pricing information are not publicly available. You must contact the vendor and ask for a quote.

3. Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a total writing solution that is designed to work on mobile devices and desktops. Ranking among the best grammar checkers for Microsoft Word, it helps users identify document inaccuracies while offering suggestions to correct them. It comes with robust tools that rephrase sentences so that redundant words are avoided. A built-in dictionary allows the software to constantly check the accuracy of words. It allows users to communicate in over 40 different languages using its translation feature. Editing time is reduced as the system makes recommendations as you write. It can even analyze contextual content with the use of smart algorithms, making accurate corrections. What’s more is that the vendor has a learning center where users can further improve their English writing skills.

Ginger Software can be purchased in three pricing models starting from $7.49/month (annual plan) to $20.97/month (monthly plan.

4. WhiteSmoke

All around English grammar checker WhiteSmoke is designed to run on desktop, mobile and web devices. It has undergone quite extensive improvements with the inclusion of powerful tools that boost knowledge enhancement and user experience. The solution has also become more efficient in filtering out errors and offering recommended changes. It also utilizes Natural Language Processing technology, which uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze text and offer the best alternative words and phrases. WhiteSmoke also provides businesses with custom apps that can provide the unique needs of their organizations, helping them improve correspondences and improve their market image. The platform is designed to work with machines running on Windows and MacBooks, integrating seamlessly with word processors. It ensures that academic and professional writers come up with error-free work, especially when it comes to spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing style. The system also supports Android and iOS devices allowing users to access the product even on the go.

WhiteSmoke is available in three pricing schemes, starting from $6.59/month to $17.95/month.

5. LanguageTool

An open source online grammar checker software, LanguageTool is designed for individual and business users alike. It can detect and make corrections to both grammar and context in documents. Text inaccuracies can be detected by the system in more than 20 languages, among them French, Spanish, Polish, German and Russian. It can even distinguish between British and American English. The product can integrate with third-party apps such as Google Docs, Libre Office, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox as a browser extension. The app comes with a personal dictionary, which can be updated with commonly used terms, which are exempted automatically from LanguageTool’s grammar and spelling rules. Keyboard shortcuts, meanwhile, make for faster proofreading. It is truly one of the most powerful grammar checkers for Google Docs.

The platform can be purchased in a variety of pricing schemes starting at $19/month.

6. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a proofreading and word processing platform designed to cater to the needs of writers. This application can be deployed via cloud or installed on-premise and is designed to help users write in a simple yet clear manner. It can easily detect grammatical inaccuracies such as the inappropriate use of adverbs, complex words and phrases and hard to read sentences. The solution employs color coding in identifying these errors. What’s even better is that the software now has document formatting features, giving users control over fonts and the use of bullets and headings. Not only is it one of the best grammar checkers for Microsoft Word, if ever you need to work directly on publishing platforms, Hemingway Editor integrates with content management system WordPress and online publishing tool Medium.

Hemingway Editor’s online version can be used for free. However, a desktop app can be availed for as low as $19.99.

7. PaperRater

Web-based proofreading platform PaperRater is designed to aid users in their writing while helping teachers in reviewing and correcting student’s written output. It uses natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning, data mining and computational linguistics to scan for spelling, grammar and plagiarism. The platform is said to come up with work similar to those done by professional editors. The system is easy-to-use, all you have to do is type or copy-paste content and it does the rest. You can directly upload files to the website using its dedicated portal. However, there are certain requirements for the solution to effectively do its job. The educational level of the author must be indicated, along with the type of paper submitted. The software is capable of analyzing documents, identify errors and recommending changes almost instantaneously, with results coming out at around 5 to 15 seconds after submission.

PaperRater can be purchased for $7.95/month or $95.40/year. A free plan is also available for those who are interested only in the software’s basic features.

8. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an online writing editor and personal writing coach that is known for being able to correct any document by easily identifying spelling and grammatical errors, contextual mistakes and plagiarism. The software automatically makes recommended changes to texts that has vague, redundant, complex sentences and problematic passive voice, among other problems. Using the system allows users to improve their vocabulary and write more clearly owing to its contextual thesaurus and native word explorer. Tracking and reporting tools allow users to identify common writing mistakes, paving the way for learning and better writing. It also explains errors in detail while providing suggested changes.

ProWritingAid comes in different pricing models. A 1-year plan is priced at $50 per year, a 2-year plan comes for $75 per year, a 3-year plan is sold for $100 per year and a Lifetime license can be purchased for $175.

9. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is an online grammar and spelling platform that is designed to cater to non-native English speakers. It is known for being student- and teacher-friendly, allowing them to learn from their mistakes to improve the way they write. Students can hone their writing skills by understanding why they commit such mistakes and how they can be corrected. Common errors that SpellCheckPlus can recognize include punctuation, grammatical and capitalization errors, to name a few. It also provides users with a summary of errors that are convenient to read as it is categorized to cater to students. The system also offers valuable feedback, allowing users to manually correct errors that the platform detects.

SpellCheckPlus Pro can be purchased for $11.51 per license. For additional licenses, you have to visit its official website and request for a quote.

10. After the Deadline

Open source spellcheck and grammar check tool After the Deadline is a web-based app that makes use of intelligent technology in detecting errors and providing accurate recommendations. The app comes absolutely for free, making it accessible to anyone. It makes sure that users utilize appropriate words at all times by processing context to find out the real meaning that the writer wants to convey by using alternate words, making most content more understandable. The good thing about the software is that it can significantly improve users’ writing skills by offering explanations for the results that it comes up with. These, when kept in mind, help users avoid errors that they have previously committed. And since it is web-based, it can be readily accessed from browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. It has powerful integrations that make writing better no matter what platform you are using.

And were done here. By now you ought to be able to decide for yourself which of the above platforms are right for you. However, if you feel that you need to know more such tools, read our article on the top 20 best grammar software solutions. It will further guide you on what to look for in such platforms and provide you with more options to choose from.

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