Top 10 Alternatives to PeopleFluent: Leading Performance Appraisal Software Solutions

The lifeline of every company isn’t its output but rather, it’s the people who produce the output that keep the ball rolling in a company.  Without the employees, companies are as good as a blank piece of paper since there’s no workforce to drive and make ends meet. Since they are the lifeline of a company, it’s best to keep these workers in check and with today’s technological wonders, it should be no surprise that there’s a solution out there to aid in rating the performance of an employee.

As the name suggests, performance appraisal software is just one of the many new wonders that big companies can use to make operations in the workplace run smoother and quicker. This new solution gives employers a lot of help when the time comes to evaluate and rate the performance of an employee.

Of course, rating an employee is an important job. Not only will the management see the areas in which some workers are lacking, they’ll also be able to give credit, a raise and possibly a promotion when it’s due. This is one of the best ways to make employees feel that their hard work is being appreciated. It’s this kind of employee engagement that keeps a company in top shape.

A recent study reveals that 80% of employees are more likely to work more hours for a more empathetic employer. Moreover, it has been discovered that employees are sure to work harder if their efforts are recognized.

To get a grasp of what employees are going through, it’s best to evaluate their work and see how well they are performing. It’s also worth noting that performance appraisal programs also give the employers the chance to see what an employee thinks about the company he’s working for.

A good performance appraisal software that employers should consider looking into is PeopleFluent. PeopleFluent is primarily a human capital management software that does wonders when it comes to the performance appraisal of employees. With the help of PeopleFluent, inspiring employees to do their best is very easy.

Employers can easily send their workers feedback on their performance through PeopleFluent’s simple approach to employee management. One great feature to take note of is that with the help of PeopleFluent, it’ll be a whole lot easier to set goals for company workers, thus making a company move no other way except forward.

There are other good performance appraisal programs out there and employers shouldn’t be too focused on grabbing the help of PeopleFluent the moment they have the chance. It’s a growing competitive scene and many others are joining in on the fun of helping the management evaluate their workers. Here are our top 10 alternatives to PeopleFluent that will make performance appraisal seem like a breeze.

1. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is easily one of the top 10 alternatives to PeopleFluent. Not only is this software an amazing human capital management software, it’s also one of the best in terms of providing HR with an easy way to evaluate the performance of employees.

Unlike some performance appraisal programs, Bamboo HR can do its job on a daily basis. This routine will give employees a new goal each day and it makes their progress a lot quicker and easier to track. The quadrant-style matrix of Bamboo HR’s performance appraisal service also makes it easier to distinguish the top performers in a huge group. Giving credit where credit is due never seemed so easier. You can sign up for BambooHR free trial here to check its features firsthand.

If you’re not satisfied with this solution, you can try other BambooHR alternatives.

2. Workday

Workday is already an established name. This human capital management software is one of the top HR softwares last year and its performance continues to be amazing to this date. What makes Workday stand out among other software aside from the neat human capital management features it has is its security. Workday puts a lot of emphasis on protecting the company’s central storage for data regarding the employees and that means breaking through it will be near impossible. The appraisal management tools of Workday is definitely not something to look over on as well. With Workday, it’ll be a whole lot easier to see what aspects do the employees excel in. It’s easy to use and the learning curve’s very easy to grasp, making it one of the software solutions one can easily get into. Need more choices? You can try Workday alternatives.

3. SumTotal Talent

If there’s one aspect one can rely on SumTotal Talent on, it’s the customization features. Users can easily configure this software to their liking and needs, making it one of the most versatile human capital management software solutions out there. When it comes to employee management, SumTotal Talent provides clients with the standard tool required in evaluating the performance of an employee; it also provides training to the employees that need to excel more. This leaves room for improvement for everyone. Instead of just pointing out the poor performance of the employees, SumTotal Talent doesn’t discriminate head on as it will try its best to provide that employee with the due improvement he needs. With SumTotal Talent, employees are sure to always be given the chance to improve themselves and through this, the best workers will be produced. There are SumTotal Talent alternatives if you want to try other solutions.

4. BetterWorks

BetterWorks is a performance management software that revolves around a few key business ideologies including popular business methodologies such as S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) Goals and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). With the help of these ideologies, BetterWorks becomes one of the best programs to rely on when it comes to the development of employees. This is on top of its ability to evaluate worker performance at a really impressive pace. BetterWorks can provide real-time feedback on an employee’s performance, goals, and progress so the HR is informed of an employee. This real-time tracking makes BetterWorks a true top-brass program as this always up-to-date evaluation is not seen in any run-of-the-mill program. You can also compare this solution with BetterWorks alternatives.

5. UltiPro

UltiPro is just one of the many products of Ultimate Software. This company is one of the leading cloud services in lined with human resources. This makes it very easy to trust UltiPro seeing that it comes from an established name in human capital management software already. UltiPro is created to focus on all things related to the employees. This software has all the basic features of a performance appraisal solution including time, attendance, and scheduling trackers, succession management, talent management, and more. UltiPro can easily pull out the most important data from across the team to gather the metrics needed to gauge the overall performance of the company and not just the workers themselves. Moreover, UltiPro keeps a history of many details regarding an employee so it’s easy to see who well he or she has improved throughout the years. Don’t forget to check the other UltiPro alternatives for comparison.

6. 15Five

15Five takes employee engagement very seriously and through this, the software helps the employers boost the performance of their respective teams. Using this software, both managers and employees can utilize engagement at its fullest to further improve all the important aspects of an establishment. Not only can the employers pinpoint the lacking fields of their employees, they can easily discuss these flaws with them as well so a company’s production level doesn’t halt as it will continue to grow bigger and better. One great feature of 15Five is that it allows one-on-one coaching between employees and employers and this is one of the best and most engaging ways to evaluate the performance of those working in the company. Should you want to compare this software with others, read about these 15Five alternatives.

7. SuccessFactors

When it comes to performance appraisal features, employers should try to look out for the best human capital management software first. Most of the best in this field offer quality service when it comes to evaluating the workforce. One of those amazing human capital management software that people should look into is SuccessFactors. True to its name, this software tries to distinguish the factors that companies need to work on to become more successful. Aside from being an amazing evaluator of employees, SuccessFactors is also one of the trusted brands when it comes to increasing the productivity of a workforce through an array of tools that are easily understandable. With its easy learning curve, companies can quickly get ahead of the HR game through this software. Not happy with this software? How about trying SuccessFactors alternatives?

8. Impraise

For companies who are after quick results of employee evaluation and appraisal, they should look no further than Impraise. One of the most commonly praised feature of this performance appraisal software is that it can gather the important details in really short periods. In fact, companies could get the result they are looking for in just a matter of seconds. The feedback that comes from the software is timely and always up-to-date so the management is always well-aware of how well the employees are doing. This would also allow them to act upon workplace issues very quickly, ensuring that the only a company is headed is to the top. Another neat feature in Impraise is a platform that managers and employers can use to praise and motivate their workers even further. There are Impraise alternatives to compare this software for a deeper product analysis.

9. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service prides itself on making sure that workers are happy in the workplace. This would greatly increase employee retention and attraction rate. Like most entries on this list, Oracle Taleo Cloud Service is an amazing tool to use when appraising the performance of a worker. That’s not what makes Oracle Taleo Cloud Service a part of the top 10 alternatives to PeopleFluent though. Clients often praise this solutions feature that allows users to set benchmark goals for employees. The goals are of course fair and just to everyone involved. Slowly but surely, employees under the watchful eye of Oracle Taleo Cloud Service are going to improve without them even noticing it. If you think this isn’t for you, check Oracle Taleo Cloud Service alternatives.

10. iStratgo


iStratgo is equipped with various functionalities designed to help businesses improve employee performance and productivity. It streamlines tasks needed for efficient human capital management on a single platform — from performance and people management to expense and rewards management. In addition to this, iStratgo allows businesses to boost employee engagement and work performance by utilizing analytics for company-aligned strategies and goals. To better facilitate employee improvement, iStratgo monitors the performance of your workforce alongside a 360-degree feedback feature that gathers comments from peers and the management. This human capital management platform also touts a Scorecards functionality that ensures employees and managers remain steadfast with their goal by letting them list their plans and strategies.

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