Top 10 Alternatives to Oracle PeopleSoft: Overview of Popular HR Tools

HR software are powerful tools that accomplish virtually everything that is HR-relevant. This is why they are very popular especially among large enterprises. Among these is Oracle Peoplesoft, an HR management tool that ranks among the best in terms of power and value for money. That is, there may be other “best software” that’s a better fit to your business; hence, this guide.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 alternatives to Oracle Peoplesoft. All their features, functionalities and prices will be discussed in detail. .

HR management remains as one of the most time consuming and labor intensive business processes there are. Traditional HR management methods takes a lot of managers’ time, preventing them from focusing on more important matters. But these became things of the past when HR software came into existence. Designed to automate all HR processes, these tools became part of businesses’ arsenals and have been there ever since and they are continuously evolving to keep up with current HR trends.

The use of HR software has become a must for large enterprises, helping them manage their workforce and other processes, including payroll, time and attendance, tax compliance and benefits administration, among a host of others. However, small businesses have yet to increase adoption of this valuable tool, most of whom view such investment as too expensive and even unnecessary.

Now, there is the question of the accessibility of HR software. Yes, most small businesses see these platforms as a bit costly and there is some element of truth in this. But many of these products also come for free, which can greatly benefit the little guy (you can find out more in our extensive guide here how HR software helps small businesses). Such could be the reason why HR software use continue to be dominated by big industry players who have been taking advantage of the innovations that have been bombarding the HR software landscape. But make no mistake, these innovations are not to be taken lightly as even users are bound to be impacted by these disruptions in HR technology.  The very reason why they should not be ignored by any enterprise.

What is Oracle Peoplesoft

Powerful HR software Oracle PeopleSoft offers comprehensive solutions primarily for large enterprises. The platform provides a complete HR suite that can handle virtually all processes related to HR management. For small to medium-size companies, on the other hand, the platform has scalable tools can aid businesses that are on their path to growth.

PeopleSoft can provide businesses with insights into their operations, allowing them to cut costs and avoid compliance issues. Its HR management features can help improve business performance, boost productivity and reduce risks. The solution can effectively manage payroll, time and attendance and administer benefits, to name a few. It also serves as a central data repository where all important information can be viewed and even updated as needed.

Benefits of Oracle PeopleSoft

Oracle PeopleSoft, being one of the main products of global software developer Oracle, has all the needed features needed to successfully manage all your HR processes. All of these can be accessed via the platform’s user-friendly interface. These functionalities offer companies a range of benefits that provide not only convenience but cost savings as well. Here are some of them:

1. Workforce Management

The software can enforce workforce control and policies as it can forecast workload and labor demand, track absences and work times, and identify and set schedules. This results in improved productivity as time wastage is prevented.

2. Employee Self-Service

Oracle PeopleSoft can greatly decrease HR personnel workload by allowing employees to use the system themselves. This essentially reduces the time needed for priority tasks while beefing up collaboration among teams. The system assigns online access based on staff role, experience, language and operational needs.

3. Global Human Capital Management

It is a known fact that every country has its own customs and regulations, which every workforce must follow. Good thing the software has all that are needed to comply with global requirements. An embassy-grade security feature, meanwhile, ensures that all business information are kept secure.

4. Talent Management

Oracle PeopleSoft manages practically every facet of a talent. It handles processes that include planning, recruitment and training, among many others. This gives users a clear view of their whole workforce, giving them the ability to align them with their organizational goals.

5. Labor Rules and Monitoring

The platform can boost productivity without spending a dime more by managing your workforce efficiently. It can help control overheads by analyzing key labor information like sudden absences and overtimes. The process is streamlined as it provides managers with a centralized tool from which they can approve or otherwise time requests and quickly resolve issues.

Top 10 Alternatives to Oracle PeopleSoft

With all its benefits, Oracle PeopleSoft, just like any HR software cannot provide businesses with all their needs. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to Oracle PeopleSoft as determined by our experts. Here are our picks:

1. BambooHR

Online HR management solution BambooHR is a robust system that is targeted at small and medium-size companies. This user-friendly solution allows for the easy migration of HR data from traditional spreadsheets. As BambooHR automates just about any HR process there is, HR managers and personnel can focus on more pressing matters. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the BambooHR free trial here.

It has an applicant tracking tool that manages the entire life cycle of employees while providing critical indicators, including staff retention and turnover. Key features include personnel data modules, HR functions, advanced reporting capabilities and apps that support all operating systems. Its interface is visually pleasant, sporting a nice color template, making HR management an enjoyable undertaking. 

BambooHR is sold on a price quote basis. You have to directly contact the vendor and request for pricing information. 

Why Use BambooHR Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It has an applicant tracking feature.
  2. It assists in employee onboarding.
  3. It offers role-based access to information.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of BambooHR?

  1. It complies with global compliance rules.
  2. It can help enforce workforce controls and policies.
  3. It boosts productivity through labor rules and monitoring management.

There are other powerful tools in this category, read this BambooHR alternatives guide to know more about them.

2. Zoho People

HR software Zoho People is a total business solution designed to cater to small to medium-size businesses. Its enterprise plan is simple and flexible yet feature-rich, handling processes that range from workforce, time and leave to scheduling management. The platform is customizable to meet individual companies’ needs. The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the Zoho People free trial here.

Zoho People’s key feature is a centralized hub from which every aspect of your HR operations can be managed, which makes any resource accessible to anybody with the right permission.

It has a self-service functionality that allows employees to report times, check schedules, communicate with managers and request time-offs–all from their mobile devices. This functionality greatly improves employee performance and subsequently boosts productivity. The solution can work with any system, doing away with manual data entry. Insights can be gleaned from the use of smart and real time analytics. 

Zoho People’s Enterprise Edition can be purchased for $4.16/user per month (billed annually). For those who want only the tool’s basic functionalities, a free version is also available.

Why Use Zoho People Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It manages HR operations from a single location.
  2. It eliminates manual data entry.
  3. It promotes employee-manager collaboration.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of Zoho People?

  1. It enforces workforce rules and policies.
  2. It can comply with global workforce rules
  3. Its talent management feature offers a clear view of the workforce.

There are other robust solutions like this out there, check this Zoho People alternatives guide to find out more about them.

3. Gusto

Gusto is a complete HR management suite that is essentially a payroll, benefits administration, compliance and benefits administration tool rolled into one. It is designed specifically for small businesses, providing them with all their core HR requirements. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Gusto free trial. 

You can easily sign up for Gusto free trial here.

The system comes with payroll functionalities, which coupled with innovative features, make it one of the best HR software out there. It effectively simplifies complex processes such as benefits administration, HR and payroll management, making it a very popular tool. Proof of this is that more than 60,000 businesses in the United States rely on the platform for their HR management needs. 

Gusto is available in a variety of pricing models starting at $45 per month. 

Why Use Gusto Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It has an automated payroll management feature.
  2. It supports paperless transactions.
  3. It is fully compliant with HIPPA, ACA, and ERISA standards

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of Gusto?

  1. It has a self-service functionality.
  2. It is a global human capital management tool.
  3. It enforces tight employee rule and policies.

However, if you think the tool can’t cut it for you, check out this Gusto alternatives page for more tools in this category.

4. Workday

A leading Software-as-a-Service enterprise-grade HR management platform, Workday is targeted at global companies. This robust system offers HCM and payroll tools that are designed for today’s business environment. It uses advanced analytics to provide users with real-time insights, which can be used to come up with sound business decisions.

What’s probably the platform’s best attribute is its ability to keep employee information secure and readily-accessible to relevant users. And since it is cloud-deployed, minimal maintenance is required to keep the tool running at all times. Prominent features include HR management, recruiting, workforce planning and talent management. If you need to know more such tools, read this Workday alternatives guide.

The vendor does not publicly disclose pricing information. You have to visit its official website to ask for a quote.

Why Use Workday Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It has advanced reporting and analytics features.
  2. It keeps staff information secure and accessible to users.
  3. It is designed to cater to global businesses.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of Workday?

  1. It complies with global workforce rules.
  2. It can effectively enforce company policies.
  3. It can boost productivity while reducing costs.

5. Ultipro

Leading HR platform UltiPro was developed by Ultimate Software. It comes with a host of features that include HR, talent, workforce, payroll and time management, to name a few. These functionalities offer users the resources and information needed to boost efficiency and productivity, making it a popular solution among thousands of businesses worldwide.

This cloud-based tool can be configured to hire and onboard employees, manage time and workforce, compute and run payrolls and improve staff skills and performance. Staff opinion can likewise be measured using the software’s sentiment analysis tool. If you feel that the tool is not right for you, read this UltiPro alternatives guide.

UltiPro’s pricing plans are not publicly disclosed. You have to visit its official website and ask for pricing information.

Why Use UltiPro Instead of PeopleSoft?

  1. It can hire and onboard new employees.
  2. It can measure employee opinion.
  3. It doubles as a workforce management tool.

Why Use PeopleSoft Instead of UltiPro?

  1. It complies with International workforce standards.
  2. It provides real time analysis of labor data.
  3. It can help enforce corporate rules and policies.

6. ADP Workforce Now

Popular HR management tool ADP Workforce Now is a web-based platform that is targeted at midsize companies. The solution is capable of managing all HR processes from its singular dashboard. Employee empowerment is possible with the tool as additional permissions can be assigned to staff, aiding them in managing various HR tasks. It can administer benefits and manage holidays while generating reports from which valuable insights can be gleaned.

The system’s key features include talent and time and attendance and payroll management. For benefits administration, ADP Workforce Now comes with a benefit plan creation wizard, which can be set based on a company’s onboarding processes. It complies fully with IRS forms 1094 and 1095 annual reporting requirements. If you want to know more tools of this type, this ADP Workforce Now alternatives page will tell you more about them.

ADP Workforce Now’s pricing details are not publicly disclosed. You have to visit its official website and request for a price quote.

Why Use ADP Workforce Now Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It can manage payroll, benefits, bonuses and commissions.
  2. It has iOS and Android apps.
  3. It offers insightful analytics.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of ADP Workforce Now?

  1. It can boost productivity without additional investments.
  2. It can align your workforce with your business goals.
  3. It comes with an embassy-grade security feature.

7. DayForce HCM

Cloud-based solution Dayforce HCM is designed to manage businesses workforce, benefits, payroll and tax, talent, document and HR processes. The app offers users total access to information relevant to human capital management. With the software, companies can search and hire the right individuals, handle compliance, keep HR records and administer payroll and benefits. It has centralized record storage facilities which can consolidate all HCM processes.

Notable features include employee onboarding, reporting and analytics and multi-currency and -language support. There are a lot more of these tools out there, take your pick from this Dayforce HCM alternatives page.

Dayforce HCM is available on a price-quote basis. You have to contact the vendor and ask for pricing information.

Why Use Dayforce HCM Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It is compatible with all popular browsers.
  2. It generates real-time reports
  3. It can get critical data across apps and departments.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of Dayforce HCM?

  1. It is a global HCM product.
  2. It can enforce company rules and policies.
  3. It can analyze key labor data.

8. Planday

Employee scheduling platform Planday offers tools and features that managers need to better handle their workforce. It allows both employees and managers to work smarter by connecting them across all devices. The solution provides users with a shared view of shift swaps, work schedules, absences and clock-ins/outs, among many others.

Planday is not limited to employee management, it also sports an advanced payroll functionality while enabling staff to clock-in from any device at anytime. Schedule management is simplified by the system with the use of mobile connectivity, templates, automation and the elimination of the use of spreadsheets. The solution has been found to be so effective in slashing time spent on staff scheduling by up to 75 percent. If you want to know more platforms like this one, check out this Planday alternatives page.

Planday comes in two distinct pricing plans, starting at $2/user per month.

Why Use Planday Instead of PeopleSoft?

  1. It connects managers and employees across all devices.
  2. It allows staff to clock-in anytime, anywhere.
  3. It cuts scheduling time by as much as 75%.

Why Use PeopleSoft Instead of Planday?

  1. It helps enforce company rules and policies.
  2. It allows users to control costs.
  3. It is a global HCM tool.

9. SuccessFactors

A popular cloud-based HR and talent management platform, SuccessFactors allows businesses to get the most out of their workforce. This enterprise-grade solution offers users growth opportunities by allowing them have absolute control over their human resource. It accomplishes this using features such as collaboration, employee onboarding and a learning management system.

The software also sports social business, applicant tracking, talent management, succession planning and HR analytics tools. These and more allow businesses to align their workforce with organizational goals. If you think you need more from such a product, check out this SuccessFactors alternatives guide.

SuccessFactors is marketed on a price-quote basis. You have to contact the vendor and ask for pricing information.

Why Use SuccessFactors Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. It provides business strategy alignment.
  2. It is reasonably priced.
  3. It can engage, retain and motivate employees.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of SuccessFactors?

  1. It complies with global workforce standards.
  2. It enables users to control costs.
  3. It can enforce strict corporate rules and policies.

10. PeopleStrategy eHCM

HR management software PeopleStrategy eHCM is designed to aid small and medium-sized businesses in managing all operations relevant to their workforce. From employee recruitment and payroll management to personnel tracking and performance monitoring, this platform allows users to automate administrative tasks. It even comes with a unified database so you can keep all of your HR data organized and readily accessible at all times. 

What’s even better is that the software provides users with a branded career portal that lets you screen employee candidates quicker. Furthermore, the software provides self-service portals where managers and staff members can easily review their leave requests, time-off requests, payroll information, and performance evaluations. These features are bound to benefit your organization, however, if you feel like you need to know more other tools in this category, these PeopleStrategy eHCM alternatives page can help you.

The vendor does not publicly disclose pricing information. You must visit its official website and request for a quote.

Why Use PeopleStrategy eHCM Instead of Oracle PeopleSoft?

  1. PeopleStrategy eHCM can be accessed via mobile devices.
  2. It is designed specifically for small and medium-sized companies.
  3. The platform offers a more robust employee recruitment system.

Why Use Oracle PeopleSoft Instead of PeopleStrategy eHCM?

  1. Oracle PeopleSoft has a more extensive HCM feature set
  2. It provides a scalable architecture that is great for all business sizes.
  3. The vendor offers live support. 
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