Pros & Cons of InterGuard: Analysis of an Employee Monitoring Software

What are the pros and cons of InterGuard?
The pros and cons of InterGuard revolve around providing companies with comprehensive employee monitoring and data security software. Users are given real-time productivity tracking and reporting. Data Security tools also ensure sensitive information is protected. However, InterGuard’s licensed software pricing plans might deter clients.

If you have had looked into different employee monitoring software programs lately, you’ve probably noticed one thing: the disparity of features in this software niche. From glorified stopwatches to complex time trackers with built-in AI, the landscape is far and wide. Where does InterGuard sit here? 

In this article, we will dive into the pros and cons of InterGuard which would assist you in determining what this employee monitoring software provides users. What are its time-tracking tools? How secure is your data? How about its analytics, how deep can you get into employee behavior? From here, you can assess whether InterGuard is the correct solution for your company in relation to other employee monitoring software available in the market.

Interguard employee monitoring

Monitoring what your employees are doing in their workstations during office hours is essential because studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between employee productivity and company revenue. If employees are not focused on completing their tasks, the company runs the risk of losing out on making headway. This is why monitoring employees’ productivity is crucial for companies because it helps them keep their employees engaged in their assigned tasks.

Most employee monitoring software allows companies to check what their staff is doing during work hours. This monitoring includes having various software installed on an employee’s computer that tracks the time they use completing tasks, document what websites they are visiting and blocking sites that diverts the productivity of employees such as social media and accessing illegal and lewd websites. But apart from these, management often uses such monitoring systems to also assess and troubleshoot business workflow. And where else can they get such precious information but from their workforce?

With those things in mind, is InterGuard one such employee monitoring tool that can provide such benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

What is InterGuard?

Interguard dashboard example

InterGuard is a comprehensive employee monitoring software that offers web filtering and activity monitoring solutions on top of employee investigation and auditing and data loss protection software. It is recognized as one of the top employee monitoring tools for 2022 and allows you to have the observer’s chair and have the ability to check on your personnel during work hours and make sure they are focused on what their tasks are for the day.

To get a better grasp of InterGuard’s features and see if their solutions are what your company needs, check out their website and sign up for Interguard free trial here.

Apart from its employee monitoring solutions, InterGuard also features web filtering, data loss prevention, endpoint lockdown and insider threat monitoring. This software helps users protect valuable assets such as sensitive business information and safeguard against illegal activities such as insider data mining and exfiltration threats. In the event of a breach, InterGuard can help mitigate further risk by locking down the access and endpoints where data loss was reported or discovered to ensure no further information is compromised.

InterGuard’s software strives to increase and improve your company’s productivity since your workforce should be focused on accomplishing their tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Moreover, InterGuard also provides user activity and productivity reports which you can use to determine how your employees are doing when it comes to being efficient and effective in completing their work. Likewise, you can also use the information to assess your current business operation set up to figure out some bottlenecks or problem areas that need to be addressed.

The following are key features of InterGuard:

  • Website Search Logging
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Website and Program Blocking (Category, Keyword, URL)
  • User Activity Reports
  • Productivity Reports
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Anomalous Behavior Detection
  • Email and Social Media Recording
  • Website History
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Website Search monitoring
  • Program Blocking
  • Print Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • User Risk Alerts
  • Remote Incident Response
  • Internal Investigations
  • Session Recordings
  • Program Use Monitoring
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • File Tracking
  • DLP Detection

InterGuard’s Pros and Cons

Be on top of Employee Activities

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software lets you be on top of what your workforce is doing on their computers. This is done by documenting their computer usage via real-time screenshots and viewing browser history and logs. Having access to such analytics helps management to figure out employee work patterns and tendencies during their shifts.

Given that maintaining employee productivity constant is an important factor in the success of companies, such solutions enable you to check whether employees are being productive during work hours. Employee tracking best practices are doubly important for remote employees. Management needs to implement monitoring software to make sure their remote employees are doing their tasks accordingly.

interguard analytics

Check what activities your employees do on their computers.

Control Website and Program Access

One of the main deterrents for employee productivity is letting them have access to websites that can distract them from their tasks. This includes social media. gaming, illegal gambling, and pornographic sites. As such, InterGuard’s software has website and program access protocols that act as a firewall against unwanted access to such distractions in the workplace. Moreover, it also protects company computers from potential viral threats that usually are commonplace in unscrupulous and shady websites.

It is also worth noting that implementing these compliances within the workplace also helps promote better engagement from employees because they can focus on their tasks. In fact, productivity studies show a correlation between engaged employees and levels of productivity which positively affects company revenue.

Data and File Tracking

InterGuard is also adamant when it comes to securing their partner’s business information which is why they also have an intuitive data and file tracking system. This is possible because users can choose to have their business information stored within InterGuard’s cloud or their own cloud server. Whenever sensitive files are being used, their program documents what the user is doing with the files by taking documenting any changes with the original data.

If there are any anomalies, the data is immediately flagged and management can perform an investigation. Depending on the sensitivity of the compromised information, the immediate investigation might lead to halting the workflow and essentially stall some productivity, but such actions are needed to ensure the stability and credibility of the retrieved information.

Investigate Peculiar Employee Behavior

Coming from investigating data files, examining the concerned parties involved such data breaches is another solution InterGuard has designed in their system. As part of their robust employee monitoring tools, their system can pinpoint which computer accessed the sensitive data and which employee has the required level authentications or approving control to narrow down the culprit. This narrows down the possible suspects and thus enables management to determine the correct course of action.Moreover, InterGuard’s system can flag down instances where employees’ program and computer usage are alarmingly peculiar – for instance, if their computer is shown to have significantly high bandwidth, it could mean that they are downloading large files or programs. InterGuard can then flag such activities and notify the appropriate supervisors who can then deal with the issue. These are essential security measures to keep the company and employee information safe.

interguard entries

You have at your disposal entries to employee activities during work hours.

Direct Employee Management

Limiting employees to what sites they can access in the workspace might cause them to lose morale, but in the long run, it helps them focus on their assignments. That said, one of the key facets of handling your workforce is to oversee their daily output, and InterGuard does just that. From this vantage point, you can determine which employees are more professional and are assets to your company by figuring out patterns from the output your employees are churning out. 

Moreover, InterGuard’s user behavior analytics enable you to check what your employees’ strengths are and help you further optimize their strengths to benefit both your company and the employee’s growth. Having 360-degree overview of employees’ productivity is one of the essential HR management features that InterGuard provides its users.

Does InterGuard Help with Managing Your Workforce?

Summarizing our pros and cons of InterGuard analysis, we know it provides a secure time tracking and analytics environment where staff and company data are safely monitored. Productive employees will like it since it helps them pinpoint where their efforts are most and least spent. Slackers, on the other hand, will be found and reminded to catch up with the team. As a manager or business owner, you’ll have more control over the company’s overall productivity.  

If your company does not have a working employee compliance and monitoring system, InterGuard is a good option to investigate since it provides more than employee monitoring in the form of data and file protection and employee investigation and auditing solutions. What better way to gauge its features than actually using them and at no cost. You can easily sign up for Interguard free trial here.

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