20 Best Accounting Software Solutions for Mac of 2022

What is the best accounting software for Mac users?
The best accounting software for Mac users is FreshBooks, a solution that streamlines accounting and invoicing processes. It works nicely on mobile devices and Mac or Windows computers with its web-based interface, covering a wide array of advanced accounting features, such as time tracking, expense monitoring, project management, and financial reporting.

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken its toll on businesses worldwide, and the accounting industry hasn’t been spared. However, recovery was made possible by the accounting software on the market. From invoicing and tracking payments to billing and inventory, the software digitizes the entire accounting process. By using one, an accounting firm can still operate at an optimum level even if its staff is working remotely.

It would be ideal for a company to avail of an application that has the most reliable features and makes the often tedious experience of inputting financials as painless as possible. Thankfully, there is a handful of products that are a cut above the rest.

This article focuses on the best accounting solutions perfect for Mac computers. Here, we will walk you through each software’s key features and unique propositions. By the end of this guide, you will have enough knowledge as to which software is perfect for your company.

accounting software

As with any sector today, the pandemic has not been easy on the accounting industry. According to a 2020 survey by Accounting Today, 36% of accounting firms cite the pandemic as the biggest challenge. Delving deeper, 50% of those who mentioned this were mid-sized firms. With numerous companies and stores closing down, accountants are left with fewer clients to cater to. They are also left to contend with companies releasing limited financial information, or none at all even.

In the third quarter of 2020, revenues across 12 industries plummeted by an average of 65.5%, with the hardest hit being the life sciences industry, which recorded a rate of -253.1%. To deal with today’s business landscape, accounting professionals have to make adjustments to their reporting approaches. They have to take note of how the pandemic affected operations, a subject that is not always easy to quantify.

Source: Accounting Today 2020

Luckily, the different types of accounting platforms on the market afford accountants the flexibility that they need. The same goes for proprietors who perform the financial legwork themselves. Mac users, in fact, have a handful of viable options. Some of them have native apps through which financials can be updated while on the go. Picking one revolves around the best features, pricing, how compatible a platform to your working style.

We’ve got you covered in this regard. We will take an in-depth look at the 20 best accounting software for Mac. Their features, functionalities, and pricing will be discussed. The rankings do not necessarily mean that one is better than another and should not be construed as such.

1. FreshBooks

freshbooks dashboard

First on our list of the 20 best accounting software for Mac is FreshBooks, a popular accounting software that makes financial management an easy undertaking. Using the solution, you can handle recurring subscriptions and invoices with relative ease. It is also capable of collecting online payments as it supports credit cards, Google Checkout, and PayPal payments. The product seamlessly integrates with popular business apps, enabling you to streamline such processes. As FreshBooks is a total solution, you need not invest in additional software, giving you financial control from a single console.

FreshBooks is available in a variety of pricing schemes starting at $15/month.


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Try out FreshBooks with their free trial

The software’s latest version offers more advanced features that can help you boost your financial management capabilities. The platform offers a dashboard that is designed to make customization easier for you. In case you are worried about data security, the vendor provides secure backups that make sure that your data are kept safe at all times.

The app ensures that your charges are accurate, even allowing you to use its iOS and Android applications to track your work time outside. After all, it’s also the billing and invoicing solution of choice for many.

Detailed FreshBooks Review

2. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP dashboard

A robust and highly-scalable enterprise resource planning software, NetSuite ERP is an accounting software for small and large businesses. The solution essentially automates processes such as billing, inventory and order management, fixed assets, and financial management. It also allows both management and rank and file employees to view key performance reports. The platform smoothly integrates with other NetSuite apps, including ecommerce, inventory, CRM, and order management products.

The software can provide you with an efficient supply chain with its total inventory management feature. This includes a real-time view of important suppliers, inventory, and procurement indicators. You can take advantage of the NetSuite ERP free trial to learn more about its features.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

Try out NetSuite ERP with their free trial

For your accounting needs, the app helps you accurately manage expenses, revenues, and financial disclosure. Its revenue recognition management feature lets you calculate and come up with financial statements for product and service sales.

NetSuite ERP is available on a price-quote basis. You can contact the vendor and request a customized quote. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Detailed NetSuite ERP Review

3. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online dashboard

An accounting solution designed for use by freelancers and small businesses, QuickBooks Online is capable of simplifying all your accounting processes. The app’s full features can be accessed by up to five users. For an unlimited number of users, on the other hand, functionalities are limited. The product is popular among small business owners, accountants, bookkeepers, and finance officers, a testament to its efficacy.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Try out QuickBooks Online with their free trial

Your business profile is automatically synced to a singular dashboard, where your reports and company accounts can be viewed by multiple users. The solution can create trade, profit, and loss sheets, along with billing and invoices, which can be accessed from mobile devices. Using the dashboard, you can make custom reports and feeds. It smoothly integrates with QuickBooks, Online Payroll, and Intuit GoPayment.

QuickBooks Online is available in different pricing models starting at 18/month. A free trial lets you test-run the application before any purchase decision.

Detailed QuickBooks Online Review

4. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting dashboard

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers a smart, user-friendly platform where you can easily manage invoicing, monitor your cash flow, connect to your bank accounts and more. It has features to support you in each phase of your business processes, be it in sales, expenses, reporting, quotes, and estimations. Plus, it has a stock tracking feature that keeps track of your inventory and stock levels.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Try out Sage Business Cloud Accounting with their free trial

One of the best things about Sage Business Cloud Accounting is its tax management tool, which allows you to compute your taxes on the same platform. The system easily calculates your taxes according to available transaction data. Moreover, it helps you stay compliant with legislation in place.

Detailed Sage Business Cloud Accounting Review


Tipalti Approve dashboard

Cloud-based payment automation and management platform is designed to help users meet deadlines with impeccable accuracy. It addresses problems such as late payments, administrative overload, non-compliance, and challenges associated with human errors. It reduces time spent on financial management, which is probably the biggest problem plaguing accounting teams.

Users are able to do this without having to undergo training to use the software. The vendor has a demonstration where you can see all the features.

Tipalti Approve

Tipalti Approve

Try out Tipalti Approve with their free trial

The solution is capable of automating your company’s global payment operation, ranging from onboarding to tax compliance. It can streamline your payment processing methods across 190 countries.

It likewise sees to it that all tax and regulatory requirements are met with least human intervention. The platform can improve customer and vendor payment experiences with the highest attention given to quality.

Detailed Tipalti Approve Review

6. AvidXchange

AvidXchange dashboard

AvidXchange is an end-to-end accounts payable software trusted by thousands of businesses across the United States. This helps companies conveniently manage invoices and automate payments to optimize accounting operations. It comes equipped with purchase order automation, paperless invoicing, as well as built-in B2B payment processing. This way, businesses can pay suppliers faster and be able to track and review their transactions more efficiently.

Perhaps one of the standout functions of this platform is its easy-to-use interface and intelligent automation options. The platform utilizes a highly configurable interface that lets it adapt to the needs of different industries. Moreover, it has workflow automation options that let you reduce operational costs for accounts payables. To make your processes run even more smoothly, AvidXchange is also completely web-based and mobile-ready, allowing you to use its functionalities from your preferred device.



Try out AvidXchange with their free trial

Aside from the abovementioned, AvidXchange also supports over 180 integrations so it is built to mesh well with your existing business software ecosystem. Some of the platforms it can connect with include Blackbaud, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, and QuickBooks, among others.

Detailed AvidXchange Review

7. Rossum


Rossum is an accounts payable system and document management system. It serves as an all-in-one gateway for automating file organization. With this at your disposal, you can easily filter documents and create seamless workflows for document transfers. It also makes it easy to handle accounts payable processes and logistics-related workflows.

Users can take advantage of Rossum’s unified mail channels and intelligent document curation. It also comes with cognitive data capture, analytics tools, as well as audit trails. What’s most unique about this solution is that it also comes equipped with a constantly improving AI engine. To learn more about how Rossum works, be sure to try the product’s free trial.



Try out Rossum with their free trial

Rossum can be easily integrated with various ERP systems, RPA tools, and document management suites. This way, you can easily import and export data as well as organize your files more efficiently. Among those it can connect with are Oracle NetSuite, Zoho Books, Google Drive, and Sage Intacct.

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8. A2X

A2X dashboard

A2X is a robust ecommerce platform that automatically captures transactions from sales channels like Shopify and Amazon to your accounting system. This cloud-based software automates the accounting process and provides accurate bookkeeping, which translates to increased efficiency in operations.

A2x simplifies ecommerce accounting and easily integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and other widely-used accounting platforms. With A2X, you can seamlessly migrate your financial data to other platforms as needed. The A2X platform makes a summary of sales and expenses, classifies each transaction, and allows you to view your cash flow from a dashboard that is easy to navigate.



Try out A2X with their free trial

The robust system of A2X is designed in partnership with leading ecommerce platforms in North America, Europe, and Asia, which makes it a complete end-to-end ecommerce software. The software categorizes transactions and provides a stock monitoring system by tracking the cost of goods sold, including the gross margins of moving products.

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9. Trolley

Trolley dashboard

Trolley is a web-based accounts payable software that is ideal for mid-sized and large enterprises that process high-volume AP transactions. Equipped with end-to-end tools that facilitate payment processes, Trolley is packed with features that deliver seamless accounting workflows.

The white-label email confirmation feature of Trolley allows you to customize communications with clients and business partners, which includes payment handling and bank validation. The robust infrastructure of Trolley allows you to make cross-border payments to more than 200 countries. Manage mass payouts in multiple currencies with Trolley’s network of local and global banks in more than 60 countries. In using Trolley, businesses are able to manage payments and maintain liquidity.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails

Try out Payment Rails with their free trial

Trolley also simplifies payment processes through automation, including the disbursement of mass payments. The platform takes care of validating bank information and recipient notification. User verification and onboarding is also made simple with Trolley, and ensures compliance with standards and regulations.

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10. DocuPhase

DocuPhase dashboard

DocuPhase is a dynamic automation solution. Though it looks to be a document management system only, it does have accounts payable automation capabilities. It covers the systematic handling of invoices, purchase orders, payments, and new vendor processing. Additionally, because of its process modeler, it can also help the approval workflow go smoother and faster.



Try out DocuPhase with their free trial

Apart from these, DocuPhase has a reporting capability. Businesses can generate expense reports that show clearly where their money is being spent. The software also has a robust system that can help fulfill the demands of auditors.

If you are interested in this solution, you can request a quote and a demo directly from the vendor.

Detailed DocuPhase Review

11. Zoho Books

Zoho Books dashboard

A smart accounting platform targeted at small businesses, Zoho Books is designed to manage finances and cash flow. This easy-to-use solution can help you make informed decisions. Uptime, support, and security is not a problem as the software is part of the Zoho stable of products, which are known for their hassle-free features. Using the platform, you can send your clients professional invoices and accept payments online.

Zoho Books is both handy and powerful, providing you with total control over your financial management processes. Aside from this, it sports useful features, which include P and L, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, among many others. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial where you can learn more about Zoho Books features firsthand.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Try out Zoho Books with their free trial

The system dashboard is visually pleasant, displaying graphs and financial overviews. Also, it is capable of streamlining other vital back-office tasks.

Zoho Books is available in different pricing models, starting at $9/organization per month.

Detailed Zoho Books Review

12. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense dashboard

A total solution specifically designed to make expense reporting and tracking easier, Zoho Expense is capable of automating a number of expense management processes while efficiently making a record of your transactions. Using the tool, you can also convert your receipts into expenses, bunch them together and generate a report, which takes but a single click of a mouse.

A nifty feature of Zoho Expenses is its capability to automatically capture credit card transactions and convert them into expenses as well. The system can run across all devices, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Zoho Expenses features, be sure to check its free trial.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense

Try out Zoho Expense with their free trial

What’s even better is that the platform can minimize problems associated with spending limitations and allowed expenditures, ensuring compliance and enforcement of corporate spending policies. It is loaded with integrations, including Zoho Books and Zoho CRM, which users can use from a single account.

The software is available in a single price model of $15/month. However, if you want more functionalities, you can directly contact the vendor for a customized quote.

Detailed Zoho Expense Review

13. Yooz

Yooz dashboard

Yooz is a cloud-based accounts payable software that can help AP teams automate their invoice and bill payment processes. The software leverages advanced technology like AI Deep Learning and Big Data to help users automate many of the tasks connected to invoice processing. Since the software is cloud-based, you can access all your data conveniently from any web browser and from any mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.



Try out Yooz with their free trial

The powerful automation features of Yooz are easily accessible thanks to the platform’s intuitive dashboard. From there, you can check the status of invoices, purchase requests, payments, etc. It’s also possible to create custom workflows that match your accounting department’s approval and business process.

Aside from customization tools, technology like smart data capture also make manual data a thing of the past. Your AP staff no longer needs to spend their valuable work hours manually entering details on an invoice or document. Yooz can extract details from PDF and JPG files and store them in the system so you can quickly search them later.

With Yooz, your company can also fight fraud and unauthorized transactions. It uses YoozFakeDetection to detect suspicious requests and forged documents. On the other hand, robotic process automation (RPA) provides better internal control rules so you can be sure your company’s funds can be protected from fraudsters.

Detailed Yooz Review

14. Plooto

Plooto dashboard

Plooto is a reliable payment processing platform for businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. The platform is designed to automate processes to help you collect funds more effortlessly and save time when making payments. Some of its notable features include approval workflows, customizable approval tiers, complete audit trails, Pre-Approved Debit (PAD), recurring payments, and automatic accounting reconciliations.

Plooto automatically imports invoices created on Xero or QuickBooks and sends a payment request to your client. Then, it allows the client to enter payment details in a secure form, and money is transferred to your account automatically. This way, you receive payments faster and sidestep credit card fees. As for your client, they don’t have to share their bank details or go to the banking hall to make payments. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

In addition, if you work with external accounting professionals, you don’t have to worry about payment approvals. Once the bookkeeper logs the bills in your accounting software, you can simply access them on Plooto, anytime, anywhere, check if everything adds up before giving the greenlight. With a click of a button, you can pay all vendors electronically and have accounting records reconciled automatically.

Detailed Plooto Review

15. dashboard is an accounting system for the digitalization and automatic processing of accounts receivable and accounts payable. It is an AI-enabled financial platform for recording invoices, approving payments, managing cash flows, and tracking financial transactions. This is great for SMEs who seek a complete solution to automate payments.

The platform serves as your centralized platform as it automates payments from start to finish. It connects all your accounting tools and payment accounts all in one place for a truly seamless experience.

Aside from AI technology, it uses machine learning to improve accuracy, which prevents significant issues later on. It even minimizes human intervention. The software comes with smart features such as duplicate invoice detection and automatic data entry so your team can focus on more important tasks.

Detailed Review

16. Tradogram

tradogram dashboard

Tradogram is a cloud-based online procurement platform that provides complete expense control features and purchase order management. At an affordable rate, it equips businesses with administration and operation features. In addition, it has a supplier management system that gives you a complete view of each supplier’s performance history.

Its administration features can be broken down into several functions: multi-level management, user permissions, supplier list, items catalog, approvals, budgets, inventory, and report builder. If you want to learn more about Tradogram’s features, be sure to try the product’s free trial.

To streamline your operations, its purchase requisition system allows you to collect and assign internal orders until a user finalizes their purchase. You can also reap the benefits of accounting software from Tradogram’s delivery tracking system, invoicing, and expense tracking.

Detailed Tradogram Review

17. SignRequest

SignRequest dashboard

SignRequest is an e-signature platform that allows you to sign electronic documents in a breeze. As a simple and convenient application, it lets you easily create and use your legally binding signature in important documents. And in case you need a document signed multiple times, you can build a contract template with fields that are automatically added. This way, you get to save valuable time and accelerate approvals.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Moreover, SignRequest allows you to send multiple documents using only one account. All you need to do is add the documents on the homepage until all necessary documents are ready. After a few simple clicks, you can then bulk-send them to the appropriate recipient.

Also, you can sort all your documents and templates by organizing them into different profiles, team or personal, or you can integrate with document management systems using Zapier.

Detailed SignRequest Review

18. Sage 50cloud

Sage 50Cloud-dashboard

Sage 50cloud is a trusted and reliable accounting platform trusted by small and medium businesses. It provides best-in-class accounting features in affordable pricing plans. It has inventory management tools, online payment processing, purchase order automation, and tax computation features.

Its distinguishing feature, however, lies in its desktop application, which has cloud-based data access and storage. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

To differentiate Sage 50cloud from its sister app Sage Business Cloud Accounting, the former serves as an add-on service for the latter to be integrated into the cloud. And since Sage 50cloud is cloud-based, all accounting data are automatically synced between the desktop application and its cloud servers, making access possible at any time.

Detailed Sage 50cloud Review

19. Xero

Xero dashboard

A software solution known to have revolutionized accounting, Xero was developed with providing richer user experience in mind. What’s great about the solution is that it is so easy to use, making even the most complicated accounting processes such as double bookkeeping very simple for new users. In case you need a bookkeeper, the vendor’s certified advisors can assist you. No wonder the product has become so popular in different markets, including the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

Xero seamlessly integrates with popular third-party apps and accounting solutions. This easy-to-use accounting software for Mac is so intuitive that no user training is required and setup is a breeze with the vendor’s Express Setup feature. If you want to get more out of the product, a help center can aid you in maximizing Xero’s potential. Simple accounting requirements can be covered by its Starting plan, which comes for $25/month. If you are facing more complex processes such as quotes, invoices, bills, and multi-currency capabilities, the Premium package is right for you.

Detailed Xero Review

20. FreeAgent

FreeAgent dashboard

FreeAgent is an easy-to-use accounting software perfect for small businesses and freelancers. For a reasonable price, it covers everything you may need–including invoicing, expense management, project management, payroll, and tax estimation. The app is compatible with smartphones, tablets, or laptop devices, making it easier for you to send invoices, add expenses, or check sales performance on the fly.

In one neat and detailed dashboard, you get a complete view of all your bank accounts, cash flow, expenses, and more. You can work in the style you prefer and customize the dashboard in a simple drag-and-drop action. You can easily leverage the FreeAgent free trial to learn more about the product’s capabilities.

The invoice timeline also keeps you on top of your bills at all times by tracking down paid, due, or overdue invoices and presenting them in color-coded charts. Other useful features include sales tax reports, expense tracking, and project management.

Detailed FreeAgent Review

Which is the perfect accounting software for Mac users?

FreshBooks came out on top, and rightfully so given the balance of value, pricing, and flexibility it affords users. It also works really well with Mac computers and operates just as smoothly with other devices. This is the ideal choice overall. And it even has a free trial that gives you an idea of how it would fit in with your workflow.

However, we do encourage you to explore the other options on the list as well before making a decision. They might be a better fit for your working style or their features might agree more with what you truly need. Having an accounting software is important for businesses, but you must also take time to evaluate which one will fit your company’s requirements. Take advantage of the free trials and see if the platform fosters remote collaborations with most professionals working from home due to COVID-19.

Once you have purchased a platform to use, it won’t take long before writing financial statements and updating the books will be a breeze.

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Dianne says:

I'm looking for super-simple NON-cloud-based, NON-subscription, downloadable software for Mac to replace the Australian Taxation Office's E-record (brilliant program, no longer supported). I do not want any of my financial stuff running through the cloud, and I only use it for 1 week per year.
Don't need wages, employees, BAS, stock, inventory, etc, do NOT have a shop, service company or any employees or do retail sales, etc. Most programs have too many features beyond my needs!
Just need a simple cash book to enter business expenses, percent private usage, whether GST-free or taxed, calculates profit & loss statement.
It was not clear from your descriptions which ones were not cloud-based.
thanks Daniel.

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Steve says:

This is exactly what we need also. Any luck finding a solution, Dianne? Thank you.

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