Sendinblue Pricing Packages: How Much Does It Cost?

How much does Sendinblue cost?
Sendinblue costs $25 per month upwards across three paid plans. A freemium is available, albeit the features are pared down. To bring your marketing to a professional level, the Premium Plan is the most ideal. It has the essential marketing automation, A/B testing, advanced analytics, a generous number of landing pages and more.

You know the value of having the right tools to bump up your marketing campaigns. Usually, this means getting marketing automation software, CRM, email marketing software, analytics, chat, landing page builder—the list can be pretty intimidating and, yes, costly. What if you only need the essential features in each software?

This is where solutions like Sendinblue come in handy. They provide you with the right balance of features, allowing you to automate marketing processes from the basic to advanced, such as email marketing, contact management, pipeline management and message personalization.

Sendinblue, for one, puts in one place these key features. But they are packaged in different plans, so it is essential that you understand which plan to subscribe to. In this guide, you will understand the key differences between the four Sendinblue pricing plans. Likewise, you will know the limitations of each plan, which, hopefully, will allow you to decide on the best plan for you.

sendinblue pricing plans

How often do you find yourself unable to realize leads because your teams are an uncoordinated bunch? The lack of alignment between teams is a common pain point of companies–the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. If marketing has to optimize leads, sales has to be brought into the picture. Technology, usually a CRM or marketing automation software, can easily resolve this issue and help you leverage marketing techniques.

For instance, the ROI of email marketing is well-documented, one that marketers and sales teams can collaborate in using the right software. Email marketing, of course, is more than just sending emails on a whim. There are a number of factors to consider, including personalization, responsive design, segmentation, testing and automation.

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Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019

Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019
Click-Through Rate: 43.75

Click-Through Rate

Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019
Conversion Rate: 43.75

Conversion Rate

Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019
Open Rate: 25.00

Open Rate

Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019
Unsubscribe Rate: 6.25

Unsubscribe Rate

Most Important Monitored Email Marketing Metrics 2019
Bounce Rate: 0.00

Bounce Rate


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For this, marketers turn to the leading marketing automation software solutions, such as Sendinblue. Let’s check the following Sendinblue pricing plans below.

Overview of Sendinblue

sendinblue dashboard

Sendinblue provides you with a sales and marketing toolkit that helps you automate basic and advanced marketing processes. These include personalizing email messages, tracking purchase behavior, setting up lead scoring, automating onboarding workflow and more. Ultimately, Sendinblue helps you engage and convert prospects and grow the business. It helps you run campaigns through email, chat and SMS and personalize messages with CRM.

It also features signup forms and landing pages to help convert leads. Furthermore, targeting prospects with Facebook ads and retargeting ads are made convenient. Sendinblue is also ideal for transactional emails with your existing customers, for instance, for password resets and billing reminders.

As a robust marketing toolkit, Sendinblue covers the entire marketing workflow, from helping you fine-tune and personalize messages with A/B testing and CRM, setting up chat, SMS and email communication, to personalizing emails and to getting drilled-down feedback with advanced open and close statistics.

Sendinblue also integrates with key systems like CRM, Salesforce, Google Contacts and RSS. The software has four plans, including a freemium, details of which are spelled out below.

Detailed Sendinblue Review

Sendinblue Pricing Plans

Sendinblue plans are arranged in four tiers that scale the features based on your needs. These include the number of users, number of marketing automation workflows, the level of reporting and support. All plans, however, enjoy the following:

  • Email and chat support
  • GDPR compliance
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Email template library
  • SMS marketing

Free Plan

The Sendinblue freemium gives enough features to consolidate your email, SMS and chat marketing efforts. It also allows you marketing automation workflows for up to 2,000 contacts. This plan is ideal for transactional emails and SMS, as well, and, with API features, it lets you integrate with CRM the better you can engage your contacts based on historical engagement.

For one, the free plan is good enough to kickstart a short, small email campaign. It allows you to send up to 300 emails daily for unlimited contacts. It also gives you fully-featured contact management, which includes unlimited contacts and information, segmentation tools, custom signup forms and one shared inbox. You can also integrate contact details into your CRM to track customer interactions.

Likewise, you also get a workflow editor that lets you configure your marketing automation process; however, this is limited to 2,000 contacts only.

Page tracking that monitors visitors’ behavior on your website is also possible with the freemium, which along with triggered emails, helps you to send the right message to the right recipient at the right time.

As for reporting, you get to track the results of your campaign in real-time and that’s about it. Overall, the Sendinblue freemium is packed with enough features to help you launch a simple campaign and a small mailing list.

What does the Sendinblue free plan include?

  • Marketing automation (up to 2,000 contacts)
  • Email campaigns
  • Email templates
  • SMS marketing
  • Emal & SMS personalization
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Transactional email and SMS sending
  • core API features
  • Workflow editor
  • Page tracking

What are the limitations of the Sendinblue freemium?

You don’t get key email marketing features like A/B testing, which helps to fine-tune subject lines and message, send-time optimization, landing page builder, Facebook ads and retargeting ads. Moreover, your email shows the Sendinblue logo and there is a cap on daily sending at 300 emails. The plan also excludes several advanced features, which you can get in the paid plans below.

sendinblue campaign dashboard

Setting up an email campaign in Sendinblue.

Lite – from $25/month

The Sendinblue Lite plan bumps up the freemium features with optional A/B testing, white labeling and removal of the daily sending cap. But you still get the same marketing automation workflows as in the freemium: up to 2,000 contacts only Pricing here is largely based on the monthly email volume from 10,000 to 100,000 emails. Beyond the cap, you’ll need to opt for the next paid plan.

The additional features make this plan suitable for new marketers; in short, those who are still feeling their way through automating more robust email campaigns. With Lite, they can get up to speed with interpreting more complex campaign feedback, such as heat map, tracking by device, geolocation and in-depth open and click data, all the while, fine-tuning the subject line and message, personalizing a sizeable mailing list.

What does the Sendinblue Lite Plan include?

  • All freemium features
  • Optional A/B testing
  • Optional white label
  • No daily sending limit
  • Advanced statistics

What are the limitations of the Sendinblue Lite Plan?

While you get A/B testing, white labeling and advanced reporting these are add-ons, meaning, you pay an extra $12 per month. This plan also does not allow multi-user access, SSO & SAML and SLA. And like the freemium, this plan only allows up to 2,000 contacts for the marketing automation workflow feature and you also only get 1 shared inbox. If you need more features, then the next plan should fit the bill, which is also the most popular plan of Sendinblue.

Premium – from $65/month

The Sendinblue Premium Plan has the right cost-benefit balance, hence, it is the most popular plan. It suits the needs of most marketing professionals, allowing them to fully optimize marketing automation一there is no limit to the number of contacts here. You also get full reporting features such as geography and device reporting, heat map reporting and advanced open and click statistics.

Moreover, the premium plan allows for multi-user access, plus, the vendor has your back with telephone support.  You also get basic integrations and no daily sending limit as in the Lite Plan.

You also get to send up to one million emails (starting email volume is 20,000) and run Facebook and retargeting ads. It also has a landing page builder, which extends your email message to a page where you can further walk leads through your offer.

What does the Sendinblue Premium Plan include?

  • All Lite features
  • Unlimited marketing automation workflows
  • A/B testing
  • White label
  • 5 Landing pages
  • Facebook and retargeting ads
  • 3 Shared inboxes
  • Marketing automation workflows
  • 3 users with access

Limitations or key features that you’re not getting in this plan

The limitations only impact you if you have more than the average requirements for email campaigns. For instance, you only get up to five landing pages, then you are charged €20/month for five extra pages. You also have only 20 extra landing pages, plus, you only get 3 shared inboxes. Thereafter, the charge is €9 per additional inbox with a cap of up to 10 shared inboxes.  The multi-user access feature is also for three persons only. An option to get up to 10 users for €9/user is available.

In the instances above, the caps are enough for most email campaigns. Otherwise, you may want to consider the top-tier plan: Enterprise.

SendinBlue dashboard of key metrics

It’s easy to keep track of key metrics on the Sendinblue dashboard.

Enterprise – by quote

The Sendinblue Enterprise Plan is for those rare instances when you need to customize tools for marketing, contact management and transactional platform to meet your special requirements. For instance, you need to reach out to more than a million subscribers. At this volume, you will need a totally different setup.

For one, you get a dedicated IP address so you have full control of sender reputation. You also get a dedicated account manager, SSO & SAML and SLA.

Other unique features in this plan include unlimited landing pages, unlimited shared inboxes and advanced integration with Salesforce, FTP and more.

What does the Sendinblue Enterprise Plan include?

  • All Premium features
  • Custom email volume
  • 20+ Landing pages
  • 10+ users
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • SLA
  • Priority support

Which Sendinblue Plan Do You Need?

If this is your first time to automate your marketing processes, for example around an email campaign, we recommend that you get yourself the free plan first to get acquainted, not just with Sendinblue, but with the workflow in using marketing automation software. This should cost you nothing.

As you grow your business, so, too, must you bump up the features the better to manage and optimize your customer database for more leads. The A/B testing feature is a must if you want to take your email marketing to the next level. That means considering the Premium Plan as your goal. A/B testing is one of the most popular techniques used in conversion rate optimization and Sendinblue makes sure that you get the right tools to get more conversions off your marketing efforts.

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