What is the Best Free Website Builder? Comparison of Features, Benefits & Pricing

What is the best free website builder software?

Wix offers the best combination of a free plan, rich tools, and scalable features. You can start with its freemium and stay there forever or opt for advanced premium plans as your business needs grow, too.

Website builders have come a long way since the early websites became live in the 1990s. From being expensive and complicated to build, websites today—thanks to website builders—can be made easily, fast, and even without paying a single cent. This article reviews 10 of today’s top free website builders that will likely address that particular set of specifications for your online presence.

Best free website builder tools

Key Website Builder Features: Design and User Experience

If you take the time and effort to make your physical façade or office lobby appealing, so should you with your website. The homepage is the most critical part of your online business success. In a recent survey, web design was given very high importance, where 94% of users’ first impressions pertain to website design. A Society of Digital Agencies report cites that 77% of businesses single out poor user experience as the most significant weakness of organizations today. Similarly, 59% of consumers worldwide prefer to visit websites with stunning designs over those with simple ones.

So having a website that’s expertly designed and offers engaging user experience is the way to do it. But that’s something really burdensome if you’re already running a business. The most difficult part in website design is knowing how to optimize it for user experience. The website builder software solutions below see to it this pain point is addressed.

Website Builder Software Trends

What are the trends in website design? These include voice user interfaces, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, all of which are developing fast. To make something dynamic and impressive in web design, it is vital to carefully follow emerging trends in user experiences, which is what’s keeping the leading website builders very busy. Almost any website builder software offers customization, integration, analytics, e-commerce, SEO, and live chat. What will separate lemons from oranges, so to speak, are speed, video backgrounds, micro-animations, mobile design, chatbots, stunning clean designs with disproportional layouts, and many more.

Now, let’s check out the leading free website builders today. All these come with a free plan, but they can also scale to paid subscriptions for more advanced features.

Top 10 Website Builder Software Solutions

1. Wix

Wix is a top choice for its flexibility, popularity (it signals reliability) and scalability, as it allows you to make a stunning, highly-interactive website that you can build by yourself. With over 119 million websites and counting, this popular website builder is fully packed with over 510 professionally designed templates for particular businesses and integrates seamlessly with numerous apps for financial transactions, site monetization, and search optimization, among others. It has great mobile site building tools, too, abundant online store building features, and a free account option that’s often more than enough for your needs.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Wix free trial here.


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Try out Wix with their free trial

Whatever your business or purpose for creating a website is, you’ll find Wix apps, tools and templates that match your need. And Wix provides them through a website builder that’s free, user-friendly, and powerful enough to match any demanding situation (with display ads though).

Wix also offers the latest in web technologies. Users now have the option of using new Wix features, such as Wix Artificial Design Intelligence and Wix code, both can help you create good websites with less time and effort. If you want to do much of the designing yourself, you can use its easy-to-use drag-and-drop Wix Editor, do some personalization, and go live quickly.

Likewise, Wix provides solid support for users. It offers some of the best design tips and useful tools to help you enhance your site’s user experience and bring about great engagement with your customers. It also has free 24/7 help via email or phone, plus numerous videos and articles to guide you in creating a superb site.

Basic plan starts at $5.00 and you can try its premium plans for 14 days with a money back guarantee.

2. Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites has a free and simple website builder that features a basic drag and drop editor. You can finish a basic website with a few clicks. This website builder is noted for its professional and robust user interface that makes personalization pretty straightforward and lets you create a website with features that adequately highlights the needed elements to make your brand stand out.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Zoho Sites free trial here.

The Zoho Sites platform employs intelligent navigation methods and recognizable features to easily connect with users. Also, this website builder is part of Zoho Office Suite, a widely-used productivity suite.

Its recent addition of a mobile app creator bodes well for the steadily growing number of mobile users worldwide.

You can use the basic features of Zoho Sites without any cost, but you can upgrade premium add-ons for more extensive customization at reasonable subscription rates, starting at $7.00 a month.

3. SITE123

Website builder SITE123 is intended for use by both individual and corporate users, helping them to easily construct websites. It is highly-suited to users who have no coding or web design knowledge, enabling them to easily make themselves known online. The platform is not only meant to come up with visually attractive sites, but it also makes them SEO-friendly and responsive when accessed from any device. It has pre-built layouts and templates that can help users in constructing their websites and eliminate the need for professional web designers.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for a SITE123 free trial here.

Unlike other platforms, SITE123 does not support drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users instead to quickly upload content. An online store builder, meanwhile, allows users to convert their websites into eCommerce sites and go on to sell products and services and process payment transactions. To makes things even better, the software was designed to help businesses grow their online brands. It can integrate with different social media platforms so that you can link your site to social media accounts. Users can engage in email marketing, keeping you in touch with your customer at all times.

SITE123 has a premium plan that starts at $10.80/month.

4. Weebly

Weebly makes it to our top 10 website builder software for its ease of use and popularity. You only need one platform to create nearly any kind of website that you need, from simple blogs to features-rich web stores.

Users tend to agree that Weebly is one of the easiest website builders today, powered by its highly intuitive yet very user-friendly drag-and-drop tool. Over 40 million small business and individuals have built their Weebly websites to date, owing to the bold simplicity in the supposedly complicated process of website building.

Weebly offers hundreds of elegant web and mobile-compatible themes that can be changed based on individual taste. Aside from allowing a few integration options, it also provides a wide range of features, including video and audio players, site search, SEO, and extensive online store functionalities. Advanced users can use its integrated code editor to modify CSS or HTML for further customization.

Weebly premium plans start at $7.00 per month.

5. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a powerful open-source plugin that can transform any WordPress site into a professional Web store. It has over 50 million downloads to date. WooCommerce offers a complete array of e-commerce functionalities, either as an added-plugin to an existing WordPress site or a stand-alone online store. It has a free plugin, with all the basic functionalities to run a Web store, but you can further unleash its robust functionalities through paid upgrades.

The platform is an excellent choice for freelancers and small business establishments seeking to start their e-commerce transactions. Since it is designed by WordPress, you can be sure of its reliability, scalability, and wide functionalities to help ensure efficiency in running your online stores.

WooCommerce also has smart interfaces and offers a broad range of library extensions, including payment gateways, subscription management, online security, and many more.

Many of its offerings are free, which its paid extensions start at $29.00 a year.

Weebly premium plans start at $7.00 per month.

6. Jimdo


Jimdo also rings a bell in the e-commerce site creation space. If you’re a small business owner wanting to have a strong online retail presence, Jimdo is a good choice. It provides a one-stop shop for making online stores, which you can create using a PC, a smartphone or a tablet for free. Its steady growth to over 20 million websites is due to its setup simplicity—you only need a few minutes to set up your website and immediately start selling to customers all over.

Even non-tech users can easily build online stores on their own, thanks to its highly intuitive user interface. Jimdo is available in 12 languages so you don’t have to worry about any language barrier or market limitation. It offers most standard website features and tools, including drag-and-drop functionality, SEO, blog and HTML/CSS access.

Its free plan already provides most of the tools that you need to have an efficient online store. For access to upgraded functionalities, its premium plans start at $7.50 a month.

7. Yola

Fifth on our top 10 website builder software list, Yola is among the preferred do-it-yourself website builder apps by personal and small business users. This South Africa-based firm allows users to easily build their own websites in a matter of minutes and publish it for free on a Yola subdomain or on a paid custom domain. It has more than 12 million users to date.

While novice users will marvel at its simplicity, more advanced users can readily make technical editing on Yola’s source code, including image editing and integrating CSS, Javascript, and HTML. It does provide power and flexibility, enabling more efficient control of your website.

With Yola, you can also make deep customization of your website with hundreds of well- designed templates. You can also easily add other elements like videos, photos, and forms to truly make your website truly your own.

Paid monthly subscription starts at $4.95.

8. Webstarts

Popular website builder WebStarts is known for allowing users to customize their website design to accommodate their products and content. It has a blogging channel, which with the help of SEO tools, enables users to get high Google search rankings. For those who have HTML knowledge, they can use to tool’s code to build their websites and blogs. The solution is easy to use, with pre-fabricated websites waiting to be used the minute one signs up for the service. This can only mean that they can immediately start writing, sharing and publishing content. Such is highly-useful to people who do not put a stock on site design but focus more on content. Another great thing about WebStarts is that users get to enjoy custom domain names and email addresses, all they need to do is simply go past the setup process and apply the name of their choice. Using the tool also safeguards content by giving users the option to disable image downloading without permission. For those who want to give their website a personal touch, the software enables users to add a live chat box on their sites, this way readers and site owners can better interact with each other.

WebStarts can be upgraded to premium plans, which start from $489/month to $19.99/month.


9. IM Creator

Cloud-based web development platform IM Creator helps both businesses and individuals in creating and maintaining blogs, online stores and HTML5 websites sans the ability to write code. It generates cross-browser and cross-device compatible sites that are also equipped with SEO tools. The platform offers users beautifully-designed templates, which are bound to suit the needs of small businesses. Its drag and drop functionality enables users to become professional web designers. You can also customize your website using your own content, connect it to a domain and publish the same, in a single process. This free service allows users to get unlimited hosting and bandwidth, making website creation practically available to everyone. Users also get to have complete SEO control over their content, with their sites loading a lot faster, owing to the great structure of your HTML and website. What’s even better is that IM Creator is highly-scalable, able to create a one-pager or 1000 pager sites. For those who want to sell online, all you need is to add a price to any product and you’re good to go. Online stores built using the tool have capabilities such as a management console, analytics, and professional credit card checkout.

IM Creator has a premium plan, which comes for $350/year.

10. AbcSubmit

A powerful tool that allows users to quickly create beautiful websites, Abcsubmit is easy-to-use and requires no start-up costs as it comes for free. It offers WYSIWYG editors with drag-and-drop navigation so you can quickly build your website without the need for deep coding or web development knowledge.  It also comes with white label domains, allowing site owners to use pre-existing domains on newly-built websites. The software is meant to cater to businesses of all sizes, consultants and even freelancers, enabling them to attract customers by providing them with access to both basic and advanced SEO tools. You may even integrate it with Google Analytics so that it is easier to monitor website traffic, get in-depth insights into visitor behavior, and check the impact of your website. Furthermore, users can immediately explore the system and get their site up and running in as little as five minutes.

Abcsubmit has premium plans, which starts from $9.99 to $99.99/month.


All of the above website builders are among the best nowadays, most offering numerous features that businesses and individuals alike need to boost their online presence and Web store requirements. However, we find Wix as clearly the best overall choice if you want to create and maintain websites with impeccable web design and great user experience. It has all the elements we look for a great website builder software: intuitiveness, professional-looking themes and templates, pricing, scalability, and advanced tools. It is both for beginners and pros. Best of all, you can immediately start using it for free: simply sign up for a Wix free account here.


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