Pros and Cons of Dimelo Digital: Analysis of a Leading Customer Support Software

If you are a company that needs to constantly connect to your clients, then you are no stranger to the hassles that come with accomplishing this task. Opening lines of communication to improve customer service can be difficult especially if you use different tools to capture customers’ messages sent through different channels.

Then you wonder if there is tool that can let you connect with your audience across varying channels. And you are not wrong in thinking this, as there are numerous customer support software providers that can do just that.

It has been reported that customer communication has been continuously evolving, with more and more communication channels being created. Customers have taken over the driver seat when it comes to the development of new channels and businesses, in pursuit of a more interactive model, have been finding ways to capture information from these new channels. Social media platforms have empowered consumers, allowing them to criticize poor service, improving customer service in the process.

The above-mentioned customer communication trends have led software developers to come up with more advanced customer support software that enable organizations to boost customer service by keeping up with the volume of customer messages. The number of vendors marketing such products has also expanded, indicating the widening scope of communications. These tools have become more sophisticated, even making use of analytics to collect critical information that can be used to better customer service. The benefits of customer service and communication automation have also reached new heights with the development of new technologies.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Dimelo Digital, a customer support software that focuses on customer communication management. Its features and benefits will be discussed, along with its weaknesses, if any. By the time you finish reading this, you should be able to decide on your own if the tool is right for you.

Dimelo Digital: Customer Support Software

What are the pros and cons of Dimelo Digital?

A customer support solution that works with different digital customer care channels, Dimelo Digital addresses inquiries and concerns originating from channels such as chat, social media, forums, websites and mobile devices. It is a total CCM solution that helps businesses improve customer service quality by speeding up response times, improving the communication flow and streamlining allocation of resources regardless of the time of the day. The vendor has a comprehensive demo offer that you can easily subscribe to at no cost.

The user interface is easy-to-use, allowing even new users to learn to navigate it within a short period of time. Key processes are managed as the solution makes use of a global approach in allocating agents and managing resources, giving users accurate coverage of each channel of communication. What’s more is that a built in CRM solution lets users access customer interactions from digital channels. The pros and cons of Dimelo Digital should come in the form of a long list, however, the only thing that the software seems to lack is customer support, which comes only through phone and email.

The software has more features for you to exploit and benefit from. Here are some of them:

  1. Omni-Digital Platform
  2. Open API
  3. Digital Identification Module
  4. ICE (Dimelo’s Proprietary Machine Learning Engine)
  5. Filter Messages
  6. Route Messages to Qualified Agents
  7. Automated Qualification of Messages
  8. Anti-Spam Filter
  9. Define Rules and Criteria
  10. Dedicated Agent Workspace
  11. Queue Management
  12. SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  13. Response Time Indication
  14. Automated Message Forwarding
  15. Escalation Rules
  16. Desktop Notifications
  17. Customer Digital Profile
  18. Conversation History
  19. One-Click Customer Record Access
  20. Automatic Responses
  21. Reply Assistant
  22. Knowledge Base
  23. Spell Checker
  24. Validation Response Rules
  25. Real-Time Agent Activity Tracking
  26. Live Conversations
  27. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  28. Automated Questionnaires

Dimelo Digital Pros and Cons

Known for being a total digital communication management platform, Dimelo allows users to effectively manage communications through all customer care channels. The solution has a plethora of benefits to offer, which include the following:

1. Dedicated agent workspace

By providing agents with a dedicated workspace, Dimelo Digital allows for the much efficient processing of incoming messages. Businesses can likewise define rules so as to better determine priorities by which agents get guidance on which messages need immediate handling. It can set service level agreements, enabling users to set response times, which streamlines the process of prioritizing messages.

You can prioritize customer messages based on channel and keywords. Escalation is possible in the event that an agent is incapable of resolving an issue, forwarding it to the right agent/team. It also automatically sends notifications even while a window is closed, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

2. Customer Management

Regardless what channel customers use in sending messages, they are all stored in a single location, allowing users to view conversation histories. Agents can provide accurate responses to concerns by knowing if a customer has sought help in the past and through what channel. Records are readily accessible, requiring but a click for users to view customer profiles and data, channels used and conversation history. The software can likewise be leveraged by integrating it with you CRM.

3. Supervision of Agents

Message queues and manual forwarding of messages enable users to optimize their teams’ workload. Agents can be monitored in real time, allowing supervisors to get a dashboard view of their activities and even their screens. This allows managers to guide or aid agents in their conversations or if need be, take over them. Validation rules can also be set prior to automatically sending an agent’s response. If ever no rule is defined, managers can validate rules before sending them out.

4. Optimal Message-receiving

The system filters messages sent from different channels, ensuring that they end up with agents that are capable of addressing issues. Agents are selected based in their skills, languages and specialties. This is what the solution terms as tailored triage, which allows users to set their own rules and criteria in qualifying and categorizing client messages. To keep agents from being distracted and allow them to maintain focus, spam messages are automatically filtered.

5. Results Monitoring

Dimelo is capable of improving customer relations, this is done by using indicators to monitor and measure your digital channels’ efficacy. Data on activities can be collected, along with information on the number of received messages and message types in specific time periods. The quality of responses can also be measured by asking customers for feedback through questionnaires automatically sent out by the solution after a ticket is closed. This allows users to find out which strategy is effective and which needs improvement.

6. Faster Response Rates

The system comes with a reply-assistant, which saves users time by automatically completing previously typed sentences. Automatic responses can be prepared and can be tailored to address specific concerns. A spellchecker comes with the tool, helping users avoid typo errors. Finally, all messages from any channel that are relevant to a single ticket get to stay on top even if different agents in different exchanges are handling them.

And that’s about it, the pros and cons of Dimelo Digital. The platform is a great customer support tool for any company who wants to put their customer communication in order. The best way to evaluate the software is to try the features. However, if you feel that you need to know more such products, this top 20 customer support software guide is just the thing for you.

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