5 Things You Need To Look For in Project Management Software

Project Management 6There is no question that the dynamics of running a business has changed significantly. Whether you are manning a small startup, spearheading a developing enterprise, or managing a well established company, it has become critical to have a project management software injected into your system.

The effect of having a project management platform helping in the background is enormous. For one, it automates a number of basic processes and operations, which in turn increases productivity and reduces risks of human errors. Two, project management platforms help ensure quality of work. Three, you get to be in total control of costs and budget. Most important of all, project management softwares helps businesses realize their corporate goals and objectives.

So what do you need to look for in a project management software? Bear in mind that there so many choices out there but not all of them are created equal. The key is to look for something that suits the requirements of your business as well as its industry. And if you are willing to make an investment, pick the best option that your money can buy.

With that being said, there are a five things you need to look out for in a project management solution. Not all systems are created equal, but at least they should offer users the following project management software key features:

  • Collaboration
  • Resource management
  • Project Management
  • Simplicity
  • Help and support

Collaboration. There is no question that business owners, entrepreneurs, and  project managers need to be in touch with their team day in and day out. People need to work together collectively in order to become more productive and in the process, come up with better plans, strategies, decisions, etc.

With the modern work environment we have today where people can now work right at the comfort of their own homes without ever stepping inside their office, it is essential that a project management software has collaboration capabilities. These capabilities include file sharing, communication, annotation, online huddles, and more. If you want a project management software that will work for you and your team, make sure you can collaborate with it.

Resource Management. Probably the most difficult area of managing a project is resource management. Resource is a very broad term that envelops items like money, manpower, equipment, and time among others. To be an effective project manager or a business owner, you need to be very wise with the spending and allocation of your resources.

With a very good project management platform, you should be able to manage your resources well, from identifying, organizing, and tracking them down to their implementation. When looking for a project management software, it is imperative that you take a close look at their resource management tools, which include scheduling tools, inventory, time tracking, and attendance reports among others.

Project Management. Redundant as it may seem, whenever you shop for a project management software, you also need to get a clear grasp of their project management functionalities. It is important that you set this question when looking for a platform that will help you manage your projects better: “How extensive, robust, convenient, and functional the software’s tool set is?”

When you have a software that can offer you features such as  schedule management, task management, calendars, Gantt charts and other tracking tools, milestone management and more, then there is a distinct possibility that you have a winner. But then there is…

Simplicity. Ease of use is something that you want from a software, You would love something that take less time to get acquainted with because that would mean less time training and more time working. Having a simple software maximizes a very important resource – time. On top of that, you should understand that as a tool, project management software needs to be easy and less complex, as it is supposed to make things easier and faster for you.

Help and support. You can’t buy a software and not expect it to be vulnerable from bogging down. Business softwares will always have their issues and when they break down or lag or significantly impede your productivity, you will need to phone in for support. Never come to a conclusion if you haven’t read the reviews on customer support. Whether its FAQs, email, chat, phone, and knowledgebase, you should be able get all the answers to your queries in the littlest amount of time from the most reliable sources.

It is quite interesting to know which project management software options out there easily satisfy the five criterias mentioned above. There is no question how vast the project management software is in terms of choices and alternatives, but below are 5 of the best solutions that you should consider looking at the next time you decide to invest on a project management software.

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1. ToDo

todoapp dashboard example

A project management system that delves on collaboration, ToDo is ideal for businesses that heavily relies on teamwork and collaboration to get the job done. Users can effortlessly put up tasks, delegate assignments, and share insights and ideas via its very simple and interactive dashboard where every work-related stuff are visible for just about everyone. You can also get to enjoy premium functions like charts and long-term planning for companies who like to map their moves well ahead.

ToDo SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our B2B experts reviewed ToDo features, user experience, customer support and other key elements of the service. Final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave ToDo a score of 7.0/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 99%

2. LiquidPlanner

liquidplanner dashboard example

For those who are looking for something flexible yet robust project management software, LiquidPlanner may just be the platform for you. This particular software does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach but can tailored to suit specific business needs and roles. For instance, LiquidPlanner has features that are aimed towards IT teams, project managers, professional services, development teams, and marketing teams. Also, it is designed to address the requirements of small to large businesses.

Resource management is perhaps one of LiquidPlanner’s strengths. Visualizing resources and how they are allocated gives users a great overview on your materials, funds, and personnel. Users can use the system to track time, follow projects, keep on top of customer relations, and perform inventory-related tasks to mention a few.

LiquidPlanner SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our B2B experts reviewed LiquidPlanner project management software features, user experience, customer support and other key elements of the service. Final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave LiquidPlanner a score of 7.1/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 100%.

3. Project Bubble

project bubble dashboard example

Simplifying project management is what Project Bubble is all about. But how does Project Bubble does it? For starters, the uncluttered interface is where all the magic happens. The clean and easy to use dashboard provides visually appealing aesthetics with a drag-and-drop interface that helps you streamline almost every process.

Project Bubble is ideal for small business teams and medium sized enterprises that look for a simple and ready-to-deploy software that can perform a variety of project management functions such as track time, monitor budgets and resources, delegate tasks, and follow work progress per group and individual. The system also allows deadline scheduling and monitoring of deliverables.

Project Bubble SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our B2B experts made a review of Project Bubble functionalities, user experience, customer support and other key elements of the service. Final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave Project Bubble a score of 8.0/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 99%.

4. Tenrox

tenrox dashboard example

Developed on a Microsoft platform, Tenrox is a great project management and workflow system designed to unify a globally dispersed workforce, bringing them together with just one real-time hub. With Tenrox, businesses empower and inform their workers, make them more visible to each other and in turn make them more productive. Fast, easy, and cloud-based, Tenrox also boasts of resource management capabilities including scheduling, and resource allocation.

Tenrox  SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our B2B experts conducted a detailed review of Tenrox features, user experience, customer support and other key elements of the service. Final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave Tenrox a score of 6.8/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 100%.

5. Zoho Projects

zoho projects dashboard example

Ranked among the best project management platforms out there, Zoho Projects parades a very easy and functional setup that fuses project management with collaboration functionalities. With Zoho Projects, project monitoring is streamlined and collaborating with your team to improve business performance is a breeze.

Zoho Projects offers a wide range of project management software key features. What makes this app a great project management software for small startups and developing enterprises is that its free package comes with the standard tools including file sharing, and task management. As your business requirements become more complex, Zoho Projects can grow with your needs and match your growth.

Zoho Projects SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

A full review of Zojo Projects features, user experience, customer support and other key elements of the service was conducted by our B2B experts. Final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave Zoho Projects a score of 8.5/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 98%.

6. ITM Platform

itm platform dashboard example

ITM Platform is a simple to use cloud-based project portfolio management solution built to help users neatly organize their projects and collaborate efficiently with fellow employees. The platform allows users to systematize their projects for easier comprehension of each activity, improved task prioritization, and better planning and execution of tasks without delays.

The platform features both agile and classic project management into a single portfolio. Projects can also be structured based on your business targets to ensure that accomplished tasks are aligned with your business objectives and goals. Being an integrated project management tool, ITM Platform allows you to perform a variety of functions from within a single environment, from utilizing Gantt charts for effective planning to managing tasks and risks. This solution also allows you to manage costs and budgets, among others.

Stephanie Seymour

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Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence. In her software reviews, she always focuses on the aspects that let users share analytics and enhance findings with context.

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