4 Techniques For Improving Your Sales Organization With Live Chat Software

Live chat software is more than just a tool for customer service. It also helps businesses increase sales volumes through a couple of live chat sales techniques to help you organize and improve your sales. In a nutshell, here’s how:

  1. Make conversations as easy as possible
  2. Route the right agent to the right people
  3. Monitor visitors in real time
  4. Manage the performance of your team

When you deploy a live chat system in your workflows, the primary purpose is usually to improve the quality of your customer service. However, many businesses also use it to drive their sales. In fact, 85% of B2B companies and 74% of B2C businesses are using live chat for sales according to a survey conducted by Zoho. Customer support and marketing only come next, respectively.

On this note, using live chat as a sales tool may mean disabusing yourself of the traditional concept of customer service and sales teams. That is, your support reps should learn how to spot opportunities in inquiries, while sales reps must learn how to provide a service to earn the customer’s trust. This crossover of functions is possible with a live chat.

The purpose of B2B and B2C companies in using live chat. (Source: Zoho)

Some questions of prospects can’t be resolved by reading your FAQ section or product description. When a website visitor reaches out, that means they want to address something specific. This is a crucial point as this can make or break a sales or conversion opportunity. Hence, it is important to not only resolve your prospect’s questions but to also exceed their expectations to build your relationship with them and increase customer loyalty.

Among the top aspects that customers are looking for in a customer service include consistent experience across channels (71%) and a personalized service (59%) as per Gladly’s 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey. In addition, the survey indicated that customers prefer doing business with companies who don’t use interactive voice response systems.

All the factors mentioned are challenging to achieve, but it’s not impossible. Live chat provides you with a real-time solution to help your prospects and engage them at a pivotal event in their buying journey. To understand better how live chat systems work and how it’s beneficial for your business, you may read this comprehensive “What is Live Chat Software?” guide prepared by our team of experts.

There are numerous ways to use live chat platforms in helping you drive sales. In this article, we are going to focus on essential live chat sales techniques to improve your sales organization. This refers to having a structured framework for your team that empowers productivity and efficiency in achieving a common goal of increasing sales and maximizing profits.

4 Techniques to Improve Your Sales Organization With Live Chat Software

Another way of looking at your sales organization is through the activities and tasks of your sales teams that leverage your organizational efficiency. This involves planning, management, and coordination to achieve your overall objectives. Here are some live chat sales techniques to use:

1. Make Conversations as Easy as Possible

Live chat makes it easy for your customers to reach you and makes it easy for your agents to respond to customers—when done right. To have a clear picture of the scenario, let’s take a look at the features offered by one vendor. Live chat software Velaro offers a real-time customer support on your website through its proactive live chat service. In fact, you can easily sign up for a Velaro free demo here so you can follow the tips here firsthand.

One of its most basic features, along with other live chat software providers, is click-to-chat. There’s no form to fill up, phone number to dial, or email address to look for. Your website visitors can simply navigate within your website and click the chat button to start a conversation. This provides the efficient and effortless solution many customers are looking for in a customer service.

For your sales organization, you can easily improve the efficiency of your agents through features such as canned messages, push pages, and file transfer. Save your frequently-used responses to respond to customers faster and share these pre-written canned messages across your organization. Without leaving the chat, agents can also push relevant pages to your customers which are more efficient when upselling to increase conversions and maximize productivity.

Key Features:

  1. Canned messages. Agents can create and save frequently-used responses. It empowers collaboration through sharing with the team through its tagging and lookup service for in-window access.
  2. Push pages. Push relevant pages on the customer’s browser without cutting in your chat to upsell more effectively.
  3. File transfer. Agents won’t have to spend extra time in exchanging files by integrating with cloud-based storage systems.

Velaro enables agents to multi-task effectively by chatting with multiple website visitors in an agile interface.

2. Route the Right Agent to the Right People

In order to maximize your team’s efficiency, it is important to route a customer to the right agent at the right time. Live chat lets you connect with and qualify leads on what stage they are in the sales funnel in real-time. As a critical engagement point, you have to ensure your customers are directed to the agent that matches their funnel stage, behavior, and activity, among others.

For instance, skill-based routing is vital based on the type of issue your agent is handling. For instance, a tier 1 agent is assigned for simple questions about the product while a tier 3 agent will handle more complex matters such as delayed order deliveries and defective products. These tiers will enhance your support operation and speed up response time by being in control of the flow of the chat in terms of escalation or overflow valves from busy agents.

To oversee and target chat distribution, you can also define rules in assigning customers to the right group. If your live chat software has a visitor monitoring feature like Velaro, you can analyze your prospect’s behavior from their activity in your website for group selection and re-selection (when a prospect’s behavior changes, they’re moved to another group).

Key Features:

  1. Skill-based chat routing. Based on your organization’s layout, it lets you route a customer to the right agent based on the tier of their skills.
  2. Transfer options. It streamlines transferring chats to the right agent or set up your rules to automatically direct users in pre-defined agent groups.
  3. Agent scheduling. Group-specific schedules improve productivity by representing shifts and defining schedules clearly. It also lets you stay in control of schedules for predictability and consistency.

Velaro gives you a visitor monitoring tool to track customers on what page they are, the length of their stay in your site, and the total amount of their cart.

3. Monitor Visitors in Real Time

When agents can anticipate the question of customers before they even ask, they can prepare better and more relevant answers in a faster response time. This is possible from getting an automatic and instant view of each website visitor’s activity. Having complete visibility of what visitors are viewing, what they previously chatted about before, and how they reached your site lets you respond more effectively and close sales.

The real-time visitor tracking feature of your live chat shows you reports about your current traffic and visitors. With visitor data instantly accessible, you can quickly present your most relevant information and customize the visitor layout that fits your organization’s workflows. Agents don’t have to spend time in digging through old conversations, survey submissions, and reviews as the historical data of each returning visitor are immediately available on the original chat.

In addition to saving the visitor page navigation history, an advanced geolocation tool included in Velaro features is an essential feature you can use to know exactly where a visitor is from. Geo-targeting capabilities give you crucial insights for improving your marketing strategies and customer support such as identifying in which areas you’re receiving an influx of visitors.

Key Features:

  1. Visitor page navigation history. Agents and administrators access visitor monitoring screens and chat with a 360-degree customer view on what they’re viewing, how long they are staying in a particular page, and what they have viewed and clicked, among others.
  2. Historical chat data. The original chat from a returning visitor is tracked and saved for agents to easily bring up previous conversations and survey submissions.
  3. Real-time visitor dashboard. Using an easy-to-use format, it provides a comprehensive overview of your current traffic for insights on traffic analysis over a period of time, most viewed pages, and top search engine referrals.

4. Manage the Performance of Your Team

To ensure your sales organization is efficient, performance management is essential to make sure your agents are working at their highest operational levels. It’s impossible for a supervisor to monitor every engagement, hence, utilizing your live chat system is important to get the best value out of your investment.

Supervisors can easily review the performance of your agents’ live chats through chat transcripts. They can also choose which chats they’re going to annotate transcripts for—whether it’s every chat, only those with high or low ratings or a particular agent or groups of agents. Having metrics to measure helps supervisors provide granular feedback to improve the quality and efficiency of the coaching process.

Identifying which chats and responses are working is streamlined by ratings and A/B testing. You can use A/B testing to build alternate canned responses to know which users like and analyze real-time feedback from response ratings on individual responses. Furthermore, supervisors can enhance coaching for the live chat by using real chat into an opportunity for learning with supervisors communicating with the agents behind the scenes.

Key Features:

  1. Chat transcripts. This gives you measurable data of live chat performance in providing agent feedback and preparing coaching sessions.
  2. Chat shadowing. Managers/supervisors can direct, communicate and assist agents in their chats in real-time without the website visitor knowing.
  3. Response rating and testing. Test which canned responses are working and get insights on individual responses from user feedback such as thumbs up and down.

Velaro’s admin dashboard shows a comprehensive overview of online visitors, active chats, queued chats, recent activity, and visitor engagements, among others.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we covered some live chat sales techniques to enhance your company’s sales organization. Software and staffing don’t come cheap which makes it crucial to maximize your investment and ensure your operations work at their highest level. Live chat solutions offer various tools and features to enhance your sales reps’ efficiency and productivity in meeting their goals—driving sales and ROI.

Live chat is more than an additional technology stack for building customer relationships through customer service but a vital tool in assisting a customer’s buying journey. There are more ways to utilize your live chat to increase your sales. For instance, you can use proactive live chat to engage users, build relevant forms right in the chat window, and add chat in your sales funnel.

Our experts compiled a list of the top 20 live chat software solutions of 2022 among the many products available in the category. This is a good starting point in exploring live chat systems to try out for your business once you are ready.

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