5 Cheap Sales Software Systems for Your Business

Business 2What’s the biggest issue for any business owner who is attempting to roll out sales software program? The biggest issue would be forming new habits, especially since old habits die hard. In many cases, many companies suffer primarily because the habits of some sales people who block the proper adoption of a sales software system.

It is good to know there are various steps any business owner can address in order to handle issue and get everyone in their company to start using that new, shiny, and results-boosting sales software.

Announce and inform your staff before even you begin implementing the software

Imagine adopting implementing a new sales software solution. “Oh, he’s only trying to attain more control over us!” Chances are, your sales staff might be thinking like that.

That’s even when your actual intention may be something completely different, such as making sure that two people on your team do not try to pitch your product or service to the same contact twice, or one after another, or even making sure you provide the best, most continuous customer service.

The answer? Tell your employees just that: “We’re using this sales software solution to avoid calling the same contact twice and make sure you can disconnect while on your luxury travel.” Misinterpretation of each other employee’s intention is quite common, so it would be great to be as clear about your objectives as possible.

Let your employees know how frequent you would be using the tool

Most solutions are only any good if their data they have in it is up-to-date. So that means you should let your staff know about your plans as to whether your solution needs to be updated right after a project or task, once during a day, once during a week or for a specific event that happens every now and then. Mind you, this can only happen if you form a regular habit of using the software program consistently.

It’s not a choice

Tell your employees that using the sales solution is mandatory. In this situation, it is really a do-or-die case. It has never been more crucial to let employees know that using this new software program is not optional—it is in fact mandatory. If you have one employee not use the sales solution for a day or two, and others will likely follow suit. At the end of the day, you will be purchasing a tool that some employees would use only sporadically and with fragmented data. That means bad news for you.

Being explicit with your employees about what you expect from the solution and them during the software implementation phase is important. Give and receive feedback to and from your employees, and you will reduce the possibility of getting a mountain of problems later.

Tool and its advantages

Explain ahead of time how the software solution you are getting will in the end save entire time and make the employees’ lives easier.

Set a deployment date

Sometimes even if it is really obvious, some team leaders either forget telling their teams about the deployment dates. They start utilizing the software, have one or two other employees involved, and then expect the entire staff to be on board about you using the new tool in the company. Hearsay, to the dismay of others, is not really an effective method in using a new tool. That means, you should make sure everyone in your company knows and understands when they are expected to begin using that new software.

Then perform a plan of action laid out to your company as to when your team members will be given access to the solution, when trainings do happen, and when the staff will be expected to have adopted and implemented all contact information as well sales notes from your usual Excel spreadsheets to the more useful mobile app of the solution.

Here are five cheap sales software systems for your business.

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1. Mavenlink


Mavenlink is a powerful project management software program that combines advanced resource planning, collaboration, project management, financial, and sales software tools. It also has a simple and intuitive platform to control team and project activities. In addition, team collaboration features allow you to centralize and prioritize conversations, tasks, activities, and financials all in one convenient location.

Mavenlink is a cheap sales software solution as it costs $4 per month per user for starters.

2. Insightly


Insightly is known as a top-notch online sales solution with over 500,000 users all over the world. It’s a cloud-based solution for those with small businesses.

It offers a free package for startups and entrepreneurs who have three users. The standard plan is $7 per user per month for the annual plan.

3. SpiraPlan


SpiraPlan is a complete sales software system in one package. It tacks project requirements, iterations, tasks, releases, and bugs/issues in one place. It is fully web-based and  offers an open platform that can you can quickly connect to  existing source code tools or repositories.

It offers a 30-day trial hosted account. But for those who have the budget, starting packages start as $4.99 monthly.

4. SpiraTeam


SpiraTeam is a good sales software and lifecycle management solution that can manage your requirements, issues, releases, tests, and tasks all in just one integrated environment.

5. ToDo


ToDo, a cloud app with sales software features, allows companies to automate their tasks, point them to the right persons, and organize assignments easy with the software’s interface.

Adam Goldberg

By Adam Goldberg

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