Vivantio Pricing Packages: What’s Included in Each Plan?

How much does Vivantio cost?
Vivantio costs around $48/user/month. This is the starting price of its Pro plan, which is suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses. Meanwhile, the Vivantio ITSM pricing is available by-quote and is ideal for large, multi-site organizations.

As a small IT organization, you might have no need yet for a formalized IT management and incident response. However, as you deploy more services over time and you start having 20 to 30 or a hundred service requests per day, you begin to realize that you do not have enough resources to address all incidents on time, and some are being completely overlooked.

This is where Vivantio, an intuitive and flexible ITSM software, comes handy. By taking a process-oriented approach to IT management, Vivantio helps facilitate the implementation of structured processes for basic IT functions, which include request fulfillment, incident management, and change management.

In this Vivantio pricing review, we’ll take a closer look at the key features of Vivantio and the two pricing packages that it offers, Vivantio Pro and Vivantio ITSM. This should give you a better idea of how each subscription plan is designed to scale with your requirements, enabling you to pick which plan suits you the best.

Vivantio pricing packages

Vivantio Price Plans and Features Table of Contents

Behind every enterprise-level company is a complex system of IT operations. Whether it’s provisioning servers and devices for a global workforce or maintaining SLA performance across a wide variety of on-premise and cloud-based apps, IT services play a significant role in business operations.

Over the past decades, much has been done to align IT organization strategies, services, and support with the needs and expectations of businesses across various sectors. This has made the IT sector as much a part of business operations as marketing, finance, and human resources are.

As more companies embrace a digital transformation, they increasingly depend on IT services to cope with processes that consequently become more complex as well. Whether small or big, IT issues can have a negative impact on many businesses. In one survey conducted by, 52% of surveyed ITSM professionals revealed that even small IT issues affect personal and business productivity. Meanwhile, only 8% said that they have trouble seeing the link between IT services and business operations.

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How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?

How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?
I understand that small issues affect personal and business productivity.: 52%

I understand that small issues affect personal and business productivity.

How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?
I'm very aware of the business impact of major incidents.: 36%

I'm very aware of the business impact of major incidents.

How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?
I don't understand the link between IT services and business operations.: 8%

I don't understand the link between IT services and business operations.

How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?
I don't think IT outages is a concern.: 2%

I don't think IT outages is a concern.

How well do you understand the impact of IT outages on businesses?
I don't need to think about this in my role.: 1%

I don't need to think about this in my role.


Source: (2018)

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This highlights the importance of implementing an effective ITSM. With the help of ITSM tools, you can simplify the processes involved in creating, designing, supporting, delivering, and managing the lifecycle of IT services.

Vivantio is an example of an ITSM tool that plays well into the efforts of various companies in increasing the efficiency of IT service teams. Below, we’ll give you an overview of the product and discuss its key features, benefits, and pricing details.

Overview of Vivantio

Vivantio dashboard

Vivantio is an ITSM solution designed to increase the efficiency of help desk and customer service teams. It comes with a full set of configurable features, including log incident tools, problem management, ticketing, task management, and change management. With a system based on core ITIL principles, Vivantio offers a platform that scales with your business.

The software offers a unique blend of service-focused CRM capabilities based on ESM principles to help organizations improve their customer service, achieve business goals, and serve happier customers while reducing IT operational costs. Basically, it combines three major components: an IT-focused helpdesk solution, asset register, and problem management.

Following a holistic approach to customer service, Vivantio is among the few services available in the market today, which follow the ITIL standard for IT support operations. It provides cutting-edge technology for IT management and is a host to a number of advanced features. These include reporting tools, an integrated knowledge base, ticketing system, and digital asset management features.

Detailed Vivantio Review

Key Features of Vivantio

As an industry-leading ITSM solution, Vivantio helps businesses manage their incoming email, route tickets to the right teams, track messaging histories, address critical issues, and integrate with other service tools. The entire system is built to enhance the skills of IT managers in addressing and managing requests and incidents that come through your company’s web-portal, phone, email, or SMS.

At its core, Vivantio provides a versatile ticketing system that your team can use to efficiently manage service requests. The software supports multiple ticket types, enabling your team to oversee internal and external customer requests throughout the entire lifecycle. Vivantio also allows you to use a detailed work hierarchy to promote, prioritize, and transfer tickets across various ticketing areas.

Alongside a ticketing system, Vivantio is host to numerous tools to drive the productivity and efficiency of your service teams. It is a feature-packed ITSM solution that offers highly configurable tools, including a service catalog, contract management, knowledgebase, projects, surveys, tasks, and release management system.

Vivantio is also known for its powerful automation capabilities that streamline operations to improve business efficiency. Ideal for use by internal service teams and businesses that support external clients, Vivantio provides SLA-driven escalations and intelligent routing to help run workflows as smoothly as possible.

Meanwhile, businesses with entrenched operations or specialized equipment can take advantage of Vivantio’s custom help form creation and process automation. These tools allow IT managers to create custom fields in ticket forms, enabling them to better support specialized technologies, assets, and business processes.

The following are key features of Vivantio:

  • Integrated interactive reports
  • Data export (PDF, XML, CSV)
  • Point-and-click codeless configuration
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Incident management
  • Automated escalation rules
  • Knowledge base
  • Service level management
  • Asset audit trail
  • Ticket templates
  • Self-service web portal
  • Problem management
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Business rules engine
  • Change management
  • Client management
  • Integrated reports
  • Automated ticket routing
  • Customizable views
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Tasking
  • Asset management/CMDB
  • Custom reports builder
  • Ticket templates

Vivantio Pricing Scheme

Vivantio pricing is offered as a tailor-made plan depending on the number of users you have and the type of licenses that your company needs. There are two editions of the software, Vivantio Pro and Vivantio ITSM. Both are available by-quote, but you can expect to pay a starting price of $48/user/month for the Pro edition.

The vendor also takes into account the infrequent users, staff, and shift workers that you have across geographical areas. Vivantio offers concurrent licenses that allow your organization to save as much as 60% on the costs.

On the other hand, Vivantio provides other cost-saving licensing options—mixed, pools, and named licenses. The named licensing is suitable for technicians who need constant and dedicated access to the system, whereas the mixed license combines concurrent and mixed licenses. Unlike the former, the mixed license can be shared among teams. Lastly, license pools ensure that your concurrent licenses are available to technicians who need them most.

To request for a quote, all you have to do is fill up a form from the vendor’s website. Afterward, a member of their solutions team will reach out to you and provide you with exact pricing based on the unique needs of your business. Also, you can qualify for a discount if your organization is a nonprofit or an educational institution.

Vivantio offers two software versions that you can choose from, namely the Pro and ITSM editions. To help you choose which one would work best for your business, you can find a detailed comparison of both versions in the following sections.

Vivantio ticketing system

Vivantio comes with a comprehensive ticket management system.

Vivantio Pro

This version of Vivantio is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective service desk tool that can streamline business processes. With Vivantio Pro, you’ll have automation tools, self-service portals, customization, and reporting features at your disposal. It also provides you with a service-focused CRM tool that is based on ITIL standards and protocols.

With Vivantio Pro, you can build a customized ticketing solution that supports multiple configurable ticket areas. In just a few clicks, the user-friendly UI of the software lets you create, open, and resolve tickets. For instance, it boasts a quick navigation pane that allows you to instantly create new tickets. On the other hand, clicking any of the ticket links will show you detailed information about each ticket, enabling you to act on them speedily. This way, you can zero in on the most important incidents and prioritize and transfer them to other ticketing areas.

Moreover, Vivantio Pro lets you create and distribute tasks on the fly. It also allows you to configure complex rules across multiple ticket types, enabling you to automate processes and ticket routing. Additionally, the multiple-stage SLAs help you track the performance of your customer service teams.

Reporting is another area that Vivantio Pro excels at. Aside from a series of canned reports, Vivantio Pro also offers a full-fledged custom report builder. In addition, the software is equipped with advanced data visualization capabilities. Instead of resorting to simple PDF or CSV data exports, you can use Vivantio Pro’s reporting tools to present data to your customers in a variety of chats or exportable dashboards.

Vivantio ticketing rules

You can build custom ticketing rules to support multiple ticket areas.

What’s included in Vivantio Pro plan?

  • Configurable ticket types
  • Service level milestones
  • Client management
  • Mobile edition
  • Task management
  • Asset management
  • Knowledge management
  • Custom forms & fields
  • Portal widget builder
  • Custom themes and design

Vivantio ITSM

If your operations involve a much larger, multi-site organization, then you might find this edition much suitable for your business requirements. Vivantio ITSM’s architecture is ideal for scaling and meeting complex business needs. It offers advanced tools for the unique directives of different departments in your organization, such as conditional custom forms and fields, ticket triggers, end-user task assignments, and custom localizations.

This edition of Vivantio lets you collect extensive data for each ticket. It details the ticket’s entire lifecycle, why, when, and how your team closed it. You can use the custom forms and fields to break down unique information about a particular ticket. The option to add a location to a ticket also comes handy for businesses that support multiple sites or locales. Moreover, the fields are color-coded to denote their importance. For instance, fields in red means it’s still requiring data, whereas green fields mean they are satisfactorily completed.

Vivantio ITSM also lets you create a knowledge base for common issues. This helps your team to easily search information from your database, or they can attach documents and step-by-step tutorials for other technicians to use. To provide a useful and seamless experience to users, Vivantio ITSM lets you modify the theme and style of your knowledge base as well.

Security is also a strong suit of the Vivantio ITSM edition. Compared to the Pro version that has a basic login with an Azure SSO or SSL connection, Vivantio ITSM takes security to another level with its external authentication via Okta SSO or SAML SSO. This makes the software less prone to compromised attacks. For added security, you can also configure roles and data permissions when providing access to multiple service teams or external third-parties.

Vivantio ticket resolution

With Vivantio, you can create, open, and resolve tickets in real-time.

What’s included in Vivantio ITSM plan?

  • All features in Vivantio Pro
  • Reports
  • Customer SLA’s
  • Business units
  • Roles and permissions
  • Custom localizations
  • End-User task assignment
  • Email to ticket
  • Dynamic, weighted, round robin assignment
  • Ticket triggers

Vivantio Pro or ITSM: Which Edition Is for You?

Vivantio is one of the most refined and massively flexible ITSM solutions available in the market today. While investing in an industry-leading service management platform like Vivantio might seem like a big investment upfront, you’ll find that its benefits far outweigh its costs.

To summarize, the pricing structure for the software comes in a quote-based scheme, and you can choose two tiers, Vivantio Pro and Vivantio ITSM. To compare the two editions, the Pro version serves as an IT service desk suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses. Meanwhile, the ITSM version is for scaling support across multiple IT support and service teams.

Another notable difference between the two is that the Pro version only allows for four ticket types and three milestones. On the other hand, the ITSM version lets you have unlimited ticket types and service level milestones. Also, the Pro version does not support conditional custom forms and fields, surveys, chat, business units, and customer SLAs, unlike the ITSM version.

Both versions offer impressive IT management features. However, when it comes to the costs of the software, smaller businesses are at a slight disadvantage, since the bottom tier cost per agent is quite expensive. Vivantio Pro’s baseline is $48/user/month, but the vendor requires you to reach out to their sales rep before they give you a final quote. Notably, the more licenses you purchase, the higher the discount you will receive. Thus, for large and multi-site organizations, Vivantio ITSM can prove to be a better value for money than other less-expensive solutions.

On a related note, you can also check out our list of leading IT management solutions.

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