Best Purchase Order Software For QuickBooks

What is the best purchase order software for QuickBooks?
The best purchase order software for QuickBooks is Tradogram. The e-procurement platform automates and streamlines purchase order management, making it easier for teams to create and track purchase orders, streamline the approval process, and send these orders to suppliers.

One of the most popular financial software today, QuickBooks offers many features that help accounting and finance teams streamline procurement processes. For instance, QuickBooks can help users create and track purchase orders more efficiently while maintaining easy communication with suppliers.However, while QuickBooks’ purchase order capabilities work great for small businesses, companies with more demanding procurement needs are likely to need a more robust purchase order system. In such cases, the use of procurement software that directly integrates with the QuickBooks system is more ideal.This article lists the best purchase order software for QuickBooks that also offer efficient features for procurement management. We’ll also provide a background of procurement software and its main features and benefits.

best purchase order solution

What are the best purchase order software solutions for QuickBooks?

Numerous businesses around the world turn to procurement software to ensure the efficient management of tasks associated with purchasing and receiving goods. The use of such software is particularly crucial in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has required procurement teams to work harder than ever to mitigate delays and disruptions to supply chains.

Given the increased demand for more organized procurement processes that minimize supply chain interruptions, it’s no surprise if the procurement software market meets expectations of its continued growth in the coming years.

Source: Apps Run The World, Statista

Aside from streamlining processes involved in procurement, these software solutions can bring various benefits to businesses, including increased spending transparency and higher data accuracy. The following article can help users better understand how procurement software works and how these solutions integrate with other financial systems like QuickBooks to improve the overall procurement process.

What is procurement software?

Procurement software is a class of software solutions that allow businesses to use automation to streamline purchasing functions and tasks. Through procurement software, teams can create and approve purchase orders, receive and match invoices to materials received, and handle bill payments all on the same platform. Procurement tools can also improve the efficiency of interactions and communication with stakeholders of the purchasing process, including buyers and vendors.

To ensure that purchasing teams can work efficiently, procurement software solutions also typically include a number of core features. For instance, most of these tools come with features for managing the entire purchase order lifecycle, from creation to approval to making payments. Using procurement tools that make this process more efficient, teams can also order goods and services more quickly and ensure that procurement management plans flow smoothly from start to finish.

Other key features of procurement software include:

  • Requisition management, for reviewing and approving requests for goods and services
  • Invoice processing, for matching invoices with goods received, managing supplier invoices, and making payments as needed
  • Supplier management, for managing suppliers’ contact information, including supply and payment history, and tracking supplier communications
  • Spend management, for tracking money spent on procurement activities

Due to the nature of procurement activities, these tools are often used in tandem with tools such as ERP software and accounting platforms. Additionally, integrating these tools allows teams to become more productive while avoiding costly mistakes.

Connecting these platforms also ensures that reports contain accurate information, making it easier for managers to keep an eye on procurement costs. Procurement platform Tradogram, for instance, automatically syncs purchase orders and invoices to QuickBooks for hassle-free reporting and reconciliation.

tradogram reporting

Tradogram comes with a report builder to help managers keep track of purchase costs and purchased items.

Why Use Procurement Software with QuickBooks

The best procurement tools enable seamless integrations with the most popular accounting platforms, such as QuickBooks. These integrations help accounting and procurement teams save time in creating and managing purchase orders. For instance, with a connection between QuickBooks and procurement tools, procurement teams can avoid having to create purchase orders one by one on the QuickBooks platform.

Aside from more effective spend management and cost control, the main benefits of integrating procurement tools with QuickBooks include:


Smaller businesses can get by on QuickBooks’ purchase order features, which allow users to create purchase orders one by one and send these to vendors as needed. However, these features don’t provide much room for growth, especially for rapidly expanding businesses.

By supporting the use of QuickBooks with procurement tools, businesses get a solution that provides scalability. These tools will be able to easily adjust to a business’ procurement needs over time, also ensuring that procurement remains efficient and hassle-free even as the business grows.

Accuracy of data

A procurement tool that directly integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks also helps ensure accuracy by automatically syncing data between these platforms. The automatic syncing also reduces the likelihood of human error and allows businesses to avoid costly mistakes that hurt overall financial performance.
Moreover, procurement tools maintain the accuracy of data even when procurement teams manage a higher volume of purchase orders.

Improved productivity and business growth

Automated purchase order management allows teams to spend less time on record-keeping and focus on high-value tasks. Purchase orders and invoices are created and approved more quickly, so businesses get the goods and services needed for optimized performance and growth.

tradogram purchase order

Tradogram comes with an easy-to-understand interface so procurement teams can create purchase orders faster.

Best Purchase Order Software Solutions for QuickBooks

Business owners and executives looking for the best procurement software have many options to choose from. The following are procurement tools that offer seamless integrations with QuickBooks.

1. Tradogram

tradogram dashboard

Tradogram is an e-procurement platform that streamlines purchasing tasks and assists teams with supplier management, cost control, and spend management. The platform comes with tools for a wide variety of features for purchasing administration, and its web-based interface allows for hassle-free access across devices.

For instance, Tradogram offers a robust purchase order management system that simplifies the entire process, from purchase order creation to approval. Through the platform, users can create purchase orders from scratch or based on pre-negotiated terms with suppliers. The software can also auto-fill purchase orders details, including item specifications, payment terms, and prices. More importantly, these purchase orders are automatically synced to QuickBooks, with options on the frequency of synchronization.

Detailed Tradogram Review

Moreover, Tradogram streamlines the purchase order approval process by allowing users to set automated approval workflows. Users can also access a database of purchase orders and filter these using parameters such as date, project, supplier, and status. In this way, managers and executives get improved transparency of the procurement process and overall company spending.

According to QuickBooks, using Tradogram can improve purchase order and vendor compliance by 90% and reduce spending by over 30%.

2. Spendwise

Spendwise helps businesses save time and money by organizing the tasks involved in the purchasing process. Using the software, teams can easily create and send professional-quality purchase orders in minutes. This helps improve the productivity of the entire procurement process. The software also helps businesses control spending through automated workflows for purchase order approval.

To ensure data accuracy, Spendwise allows the bidirectional syncing of the Chart of Accounts, Classes, Items, and Vendors between integrated platforms. Moreover, users can also quickly transfer Bills from Spendwise to QuickBooks.

3. PurchaseControl

PurchaseControl provides features for efficiently managing the full Procure-to-Pay process. Users can set up automated purchase order approval workflows and define workflows per department. The platform also offers auto-fill features for specific sections of purchase orders to reduce errors and discrepancies.

Moreover, PurchaseControl seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks so that Accounts Payable information is automatically synced with QuickBooks. Users can also easily export vendor information and charts of accounts from PurchaseControl.

4. ProcureDesk

ProcureDesk provides improved transparency of the purchase order creation and approval processes. More specifically, the platform enables end-to-end automation of the procure-to-pay process, allowing companies to automate manual purchase order approvals. Additionally, ProcureDesk centralizes procurement processes from one platform. This way, users get a single system for tracking orders from purchase order creation to approval to delivery.

The platform also works seamlessly with QuickBooks, automatically creating purchase orders in bills in QuickBooks after they’re matched in ProcureDesk. Users can also import supplier information and charts of accounts from ProcureDesk to QuickBooks.

5. Digital Purchase Order

Digital Purchase Order allows users to create workflows that automate various purchasing processes. The platform is fully customizable, offering over 200 customization options and multiple user-defined fields. With all these options, users can easily build their own workflows. The platform’s mobile apps also allow users to create, approve, and track purchase orders from any device.

Moreover, the platform offers instant integration with QuickBooks. Once connected to a QuickBooks account, the platform can export supplier information as well as charts of accounts.

tradogram budgeting

Tradogram also provides an overview of budgets to help managers track spending per department.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Procurement Software

While businesses benefit from seamless integrations between procurement platforms and accounting tools, a number of other important factors must also be considered when choosing procurement tools.

By keeping the following factors in mind, business owners can make sure they’re getting the best software for their needs.

  • Customizability. Different departments can have varying procurement needs. It may be helpful to choose a procurement tool that offers customization options in creating purchase orders and approval workflows.
  • Mobile capabilities. More procurement software are offering mobile apps to enable teams to manage purchase orders and invoices wherever they are. This improved accessibility helps teams become more productive and efficient.
  • Support. Lastly, given the impact of procurement activities on overall business performance, it’s crucial that your procurement platform of choice offers sufficient support. This ensures minimal disruptions to the procurement cycle if teams encounter system issues or glitches.

A good way to ensure that your procurement process runs smoothly is to try Tradogram, our top product here. Not only does it work seamlessly with QuickBooks but it also meets the factors above.

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