Pros & Cons of Donesafe: Analysis of a Leading EHS software

What are the pros and cons of Donesafe?
The pros and cons of EHS management Donesafe are found in its rich and intuitive environmental, health, safety, management functionalities. As of writing, Donesafe offers workplace compliance and safety with the app’s quality management system (QMS) capabilities and COVID-19 pandemic solutions.

In business operations, technology plays a significant role in enabling more effective workflows and automating business processes. EHS software solutions, which stand for environment, health, and safety applications, are byproducts of these technologies. They have long since revolutionized the way businesses identify workplace hazards, risks and manage safety. They come in handy for complying with regulations and implementing an occupational safety and health system throughout an organization.

Among the EHS platforms available on the market today, Donesafe is becoming an increasingly popular choice among organizations of all sizes from sole traders to enterprises. It is a robust health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) platform, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their regulatory compliance and maintain corporate sustainability.

Whether you have just heard about the software or are curious to learn more about it, this article will help you discover the pros and cons of Donesafe in terms of key features, benefits, and pricing details.

Pros and Cons of Donesafe

In the past, horrific tragedies in the workplace were unavoidable and occurred regularly to several businesses. One of the classic and brutal examples of these workplace tragedies is the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911, which killed 146 workers in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. For over a hundred years, it stood as New York’s deadliest workplace disaster and served as a modern-day reminder of why EHS management is important.

For many businesses—especially those in the manufacturing sector—some of the most high-risk areas of concern include environmental matters such as noise levels, air quality, air emissions, water conservation, and hazardous waste materials. Without a fit-for-purpose EHS system in place, risks, regulations, and compliance can be difficult to meet.

According to buyers of EHS software, the top EHS features and capabilities that they look for in such a platform include incident reporting (85%), environmental auditing/inspections (82%), incident tracking (79%), corrective action tracking (79%), and performance metrics (77%).

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Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA

Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA
Incident reporting: 85%

Incident reporting

Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA
Environmental auditing/inspections: 82%

Environmental auditing/inspections

Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA
Incident tracking: 79%

Incident tracking

Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA
Corrective action tracking: 79%

Corrective action tracking

Top capabilities desired from environmental, health, and safety and sustainability (EHSS) programs in the USA
Performance metrics/dashboards: 77%

Performance metrics/dashboards


Source: NAEM (2017)

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Going back to the topic at hand, you might be wondering if Donesafe has all these critical features. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a thorough investigation of the pros and cons of Donesafe, what it offers, and how it can help you in your EHS management.

What is Donesafe?

Donesafe dashboard

Donesafe is an end-to-end HSEQ software that allows businesses to manage regulatory compliance, organizational risk, and corporate sustainability data and activities. Used by businesses all over the world, Donesafe is a powerful tool that helps companies achieve safer and more fulfilling workplaces for their employees.

Designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, Donesafe offers innovative features combining health, safety, environment, and quality management requirements. It supplies a low-cost, mobile-optimized platform that makes EHS management more efficient and accessible to everyone in the organization.

The software covers a wide range of critical functions, including health and safety management, EHS training, risk management, sustainability benchmarking, and compliance obligation.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, Donesafe helps you avoid, reduce, and predict worker hazards, incidents, and claims. The software is easy to learn, jargon-free, and guides workers through their daily tasks, enabling them to easily conduct workplace safety inspections, pre-start checks, audits, ergonomic assessments, and much more.

Donesafe offers quality management features that let you tackle any quality requirement within your business. The software brings together all the people in your team, your business data, and your processes in one highly adaptable platform, allowing you to resolve all quality requirements and issues without the need to switch between multiple applications.

Moreover, the software comes in handy for ensuring workplace safety with its proactive environmental management capabilities. To immediately address any workplace risks and hazards, Donesafe allows you to leverage real-time data, actions, and alerts. In this way, you can manage risks throughout their entire lifecycles using one fully integrated health and safety management software suite.

Pricing for Donesafe is available by quote and will depend on the number of workers your organization has and the number of apps that you will be needing. You may reach out to the vendor for more details on the pricing plans.

Detailed Donesafe Review

Key Features of Donesafe

  • Scheduler
  • Smart forms
  • Dashboards
  • Custom branding
  • Reports builder
  • Data migration
  • Language translator
  • Workflow configuration

Pros and Cons of Donesafe

Put simply, efficient EHS management has saved the lives of many workers on-site. Implementing an EHS system has allowed businesses to prevent workplace incidents, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure the health and safety of workers.

Recognizing the need to mitigate risk and improve compliance assurance, businesses turned to EHS software solutions like Donesafe. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need to switch to online and automated health and safety management.

To find out if Donesafe is worth investing in, we conducted a thorough investigation of its key features and benefits, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using the software.

Optimized workflow with automation tools

Automating manual and repetitive safety processes is an important feature of EHS platforms. One of the cornerstones of Donesafe is its automation capabilities, which let you save hours on tedious work processes. These tools enable you to focus on higher-level preventative actions that may require more attention. Using automation features, you can easily fire off corrective actions, notifications, and key events without a manual process insight.

Donesafe uses a simple “if this, then that” logic builder in automating your safety processes. For instance, if there are any worker incidents, then the manager would be automatically notified. This ensures that you will not have to deal with repetitive tasks or too much paperwork in reporting workplace incidents.

Moreover, Donesafe allows you to automate claims management processes as well as quality management tasks that require consistent follow-ups or closeouts. You can streamline environmental compliance and manage multi-step processes automating routing, notification, escalation, and approval of any record and form-based processes.

Intelligent incident management and reporting

Donesafe offers powerful incident management and reporting capabilities that let you capture, track, investigate, and report on all workplace incidents. These include property damage, injuries and illnesses, spills, and vehicle incidents. With Donesafe’s incident management system in place, you can easily prevent a series of minor gaps leading to recurring and serious workplace disasters.

The software provides dashboards to give organizations a complete overview of all incident data in the workplace. Real-time data within dashboards and email alerts ensure that managers, employees, supervisors, and field workers are immediately notified of workplace all safety alerts whether it be information, guidance, training, injuries, or illnesses. In just a couple of clicks, the right people in your team can quickly respond and resolve any workplace safety issue.

Donesafe’s mobile-optimized tools for incident management serve as valuable components of its EHS package. The mobile-friendly incident forms, for instance, make it easier to report incidents and submit from anywhere, anytime.

Like most top forms automation software, Donesafe has a drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to customize all workplace health and safety forms across all solutions. It lets you change necessary details, like adding a digital signature field, revising questions, or deleting minor details that you no longer need. This is based on permission settings, admin and technical users can make the necessary changes.

Donesafe incident management

Donesafe lets you capture, track, investigate, and report on all workplace incidents.

Streamlined quality management

When it comes to meeting and managing internal quality standards and compliance requirements, Donesafe is a reliable tool with a number of QMS functionalities. It provides a quality management module that helps businesses achieve higher quality workplaces.

Plus, it has a learning and training management platform that lets you monitor and control training requirements, identify training needs, and store each employee’s training record. This helps you maintain a standardized workplace quality in compliance with TQS 1 & 2, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISM Code, and ISO 13485 standards.

Donesafe also allows tracking for each employee’s status in their training compliance. This is helpful in cases when you want to know if your employees have read, understood, and acknowledged information/training from the knowledge base. Admittedly, the software can use some enhancements in this space to speed up load times with knowledge libraries (the vendor reached out to us and mentioned this is in the works). Each organization uploads all their content or builds added content for training, learning and compliance which can hold large files that may or may not need reformatting. While this has not been proven difficult, enhances would shave off seconds per instance, which over your working life saves you hours.

The software is available on any browser on PC or tablet and smartphone devices. Its native quality management application allows you to conduct workplace quality inspections and audits or log customer complaints on the go. Moreover, the software eliminates barriers listed in most productivity statistics with its intuitive and fast-to-learn user interface, transforming the safety culture in your workplace.

In addition, Donesafe provides you with real-time analytics that you can use to analyze every incident, audit, or workplace issue. With the instant flow of data combined with powerful insight tools, you can get a thorough outlook of your quality systems and compliance. The software allows you to automate, manage, and streamline quality improvement processes and non-conformance reviews and evaluations.

donesafe automation

You can streamline your quality management process further with Donesafe’s automation tools.

Document control and management

An efficient workplace management system is often tied to how an organization handles and manages its policy and procedure documents. In compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards, Donesafe offers a standardized control of documentation throughout your entire organization. Its cloud-based document control capability allows you to access, share, and edit documents in a secure and centralized database.

The software likewise helps you to keep all your policies and procedures, documents, and templates in a central location. In this way, it can improve the efficiency of your safety and compliance processes. Donesafe actively enforces automated staff compliance acknowledgment and a historical audit trail to all your files and documents. This allows you to easily trace worker acknowledgments of your documents, images, videos, and other files. Automation and document control features make locating information and compiling reports much easier for anyone on your team.

What is more, Donesafe is constantly on the lookout for developing their software features. However, the difficulty for users sometimes arises when there are sudden changes in its updated features. Nonetheless, Donesafe remains a simple and easy-to-use EHS solution, making navigation throughout the platform easy enough for users with little to no technical skills.

End-to-end risk management

In managing any type of business, a lot of things can go wrong. Employee injuries, equipment malfunctions, and other workplace disasters are only some areas of concern that you need to address immediately. With Donesafe’s risk management system, you can easily manage risks throughout their entire lifecycles. This helps you predict and prepare for various kinds of workplace incidents before they can seriously impact your operations.

Another strong feature of Donesafe’s risk management module is its workflow builder. This allows you to manage multi-step incident processes in a workflow that best suits your business. To create your own workflows, you can start by mapping your processes from start to finish in a blank canvas. This way, you can tailor your workflow, following each step in your risk management processes and procedures.

Furthermore, Donesafe allows you to set up triggered actions. For example, you can send automated email notifications to workers and supervisors following a particular workplace incident. To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, you can automate alerts and notifications for upcoming, pending, and overdue tasks.

donesafe general dashboard

With Donesafe, you get a quick overview of things that impact your risk management strategy.

Protecting the health and safety of workers

Donesafe’s plethora of health and safety tools cover workplace hazards, emergencies, injuries, and even the mental health of employees. The software serves as a fully integrated claims management tool. This means you can manage injury, claims, and compensation in the same platform you are using for your safety compliance. This gives you access to a library of aids and support. It helps you streamline processes like return-to-work plans and management of medical certificates and more.

Through its powerful data analytics, Donesafe helps you build a risk profile that is crucial to your hazard management processes. With automated actions, you can easily expedite multi-step risk and hazard processes. This helps you prevent bigger incidents from occurring and affecting your operations.

Furthermore, Donesafe offers a one-of-a-kind health and hygiene management system that allows you to carry out health diagnostics and assessments. Within the platform, you can build checklists and workflows to facilitate the health processes required in your organization. Most importantly, Donesafe helps you perform noise, dust, and other hygiene inspections in your workplace location.

Donesafe: An Efficient EHS Solution

Effective implementation of EHS software encourages compliance and minimizes risks associated with HSEQ regulations. It improves workplace safety for employees and at the same time reduces the company’s hazards, incidents, injuries, quality, and environmental impacts. These benefits clearly highlight the importance of EHS platforms and their role in ensuring regulatory compliance and improving sustainability.

Investing in an EHS software solution like Donesafe not only helps you maintain regulatory compliance but helps you foresee and prevent workplace incidents. Plus, it protects your employees from occupational hazards, thereby saving you money overall. Donesafe touches on a wide range of HSEQ bases, which include workplace health and safety, environmental, and quality management.

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of Donesafe, we will leave it up to you to decide if it is an ideal solution for your business. You can also check out our in-depth guide to what an EHS software is so you can dig deeper into this software category and, possibly, the better to appreciate the features that we have discussed above.

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