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48 Landing Page Statistics You Must See: 2022 Conversions & Best Practices

Landing pages are standalone web pages specifically created for conversion. A landing page is called as such because it is where an online user “lands” after clicking on an online advertisement or a link directly sent to them via email. Unlike web pages, landing pages are created with a single purpose in mind. That’s exactly why this type of web page is the best option for achieving your online conversion goals. 

With the help of landing page software, you can create landing pages for different purposes, including lead generation and sales. But before you do, you need to come up with an effective landing page strategy. Let these landing page statistics guide you to ensure the best results and avoid common mistakes.

landing page statistics - infographic

General Landing Page Statistics

Both B2B and B2C businesses can leverage landing pages. However, there are landing page best practices to keep in mind before you realize their ultimate benefit. These general landing page statistics can give you an idea of how these specialized web pages are used in various industries.

  • How effective are landing pages? Data shows that 96% of online users who visit a website will leave or end their session without ever converting to a lead or sale. As such, businesses need to utilize landing pages for conversion. (WordStream, 2020)
  • Unfortunately, 77% of all landing pages are home pages. (OptinMaster, 2020)
  • However, SaaS marketers tend to create separate landing pages. The majority (42%) of SaaS marketing landing pages are demo/consultation pages. Meanwhile, 24% are sign-up pages and 21% are lead magnet pages. (Unbounce, 2020)

Publishing Considerations

  • The cliche, the more, the merrier is true for landing pages when it comes to lead generation. Research suggests that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages can generate seven times more leads than those that only have five landing pages or less. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Meanwhile, businesses that want to go further can maximize landing pages’ potential by publishing more than 40 landing pages. This can generate 12 times more leads. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Interestingly, while businesses with one to five landing pages do not notice a significant improvement when adding around five more pages, they can gain a whopping 55% more leads once they publish 10 to 15 landing pages. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • However, businesses need to carefully choose what type of landing pages to publish. For instance, contact form landing pages generally have low conversion rates. (Square2Marketing, 2020)
  • Additionally, businesses and website owners also need to look at page speed closely. This is because about 40% of people will abandon a website or web page if it takes over three seconds to load. (Neil Patel, n.d.)
  • Furthermore, a mere one-second delay in page response can easily result in 7% fewer conversions. (Neil Patel, n.d.)
  • Moreover, landing page publishers can also take cues from other digital marketing strategies, such as adding videos. After all, 84% of marketers say video helped them generate leads. (Wyzowl, 2020)
  • In addition, word count also matters. Pest control pages, for example, convert best with 400 to 500 words of content. (Unbounce, 2020)

Source: Unbounce

Landing Page Conversion Statistics

The best way to determine landing page effectiveness is to look at conversion rates (CVR). These landing page conversion statistics show why publishing landing pages is one of the best strategies for conversion, as well as the baseline CVRs you need to meet or beat. 

  • Overall, the average landing page conversion rate is 1% to 3%. (Serpstat, n.d.)
  • Another report states that the average landing page conversion rate across various industries is 2.35%. (WordStream, 2020)
  • However, the top 25% convert at 5.31% and higher while the top 10% convert at 11.45% upwards. (WordStream, 2020)
  • The median CVR for ecommerce landing pages is 1.84%, with the top 10% converting at an average of 6.25%. (WordStream, 2020)
  • Meanwhile, landing pages in the legal industry convert at an average of 2.07%. The top 10%, on the other hand, has an average of 6.46% CVR. (WordStream, 2020)
  • When it comes to B2B landing pages, the median CVR is 2.23% overall. The top 10% generates an average of 11.7% conversion. (WordStream, 2020)
  • Notably, finance landing pages convert the highest. They have a median CVR of 5.01%, while the top 10% enjoy a 24.48% average CVR. (WordStream, 2020)
  • In general, 5% conversion rates for industries with high averages are not very impressive and thus call for better landing page strategies. (WordStream, 2020)

Source: WordStream

Best Practices for Landing Page Conversion

Landing pages are intrinsically easy to create as long as you have a clear message and goal in mind, and you use a comprehensive landing page creation tool. However, increasing conversion rates on landing pages requires the application of several best practices. So, what makes a good landing page in 2021? Check out the statistics below to get data-backed techniques:

Testing is Key

  • Using the right types of targeting and testing can boost landing page conversion rates by up to 300%. (Serpstat, n.d.)
  • Here’s a great example: during his election campaign, US President Barack Obama and his team used landing pages and A/B testing to raise additional funds worth $60 million. (Serpstat, n.d.)
  • Ideally, businesses should test four to 10 unique landing pages, each of which features different offers and has varying message flow. (WordStream, 2020)
  • Furthermore, 44% of companies use A/B or split testing software, which is a type of conversion rate optimization software. (Invesp, n.d.)
  • Unfortunately, at least 20% of companies do not have an effective landing page testing strategy. (Serpstat, n.d.)

More is More

  • Companies with at least 15 landing pages get 55% more leads than businesses with 10 or fewer landing pages. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Meanwhile, businesses with at least 40 landing pages get 12 times more leads than those that only have one to five landing pages. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Unfortunately, a whopping 62% of brands only have six or fewer landing pages. (Serpstat, n.d.)

The landing page disconnect

Other Techniques

  • Extremely focused and strategic landing page optimization can bring up to five times more conversion. (WordStream, 2020)
  • 48% of landing pages feature multiple offers. While having more landing pages is better, showcasing multiple offers in one landing page isn’t as this may confuse your audience. (Serpstat, n.d.)
  • Furthermore, landing pages with videos have 34% higher conversion rates. (Unbounce, n.d.)
  • Additionally, landing pages must be optimized for mobile, with 75% of all internet users accessing the web through their mobile devices. (Serpstat, n.d.)
  • Moreover, 72% of landing pages include a form. In general, including a form on the landing page can get an instant response from the reader. (Unbounce, n.d.)
  • In addition, removing external links from landing pages can boost conversion rates by up to 28%. (HubSpot, n.d.)

Landing Page Personalization Statistics

Landing pages, in the most basic sense, are web pages. As such, they must be personalized to better represent your brand and meet the unique expectations of your audience. Here are landing page personalization statistics to help with your strategy.

  • Personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) in landing pages convert 202% better than templated and generic ones. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Furthermore, landing pages with user-generated content (UGC) also have 200% higher conversion rates. (YotPo, 2020)
  • Consequently, 84% of landing pages have navigation. Unfortunately, as 80% percent of a mobile visitor’s attention is focused on the top of a webpage, this may distract your audience from the real purpose of the landing page. (HubSpot, n.d.)
  • Impressively, 91% of SaaS landing pages do not have navigation. (Unbounce, 2020)
  • Meanwhile, 73% have only one CTA, which also makes the landing page distraction-free. (Unbounce, 2020)
  • Moreover, the average length of landing page headlines is 44 characters. (Unbounce, 2020)
  • However, words that directly address the audience such as “You” and “Your” appear in only 27% of landing page H1 headlines. (Unbounce, 2020)
  • Furthermore, 54% of SaaS landing pages use testimonials as social proof, while 61% utilize the logo bar. (Unbounce, 2020)

Landing Page Video & Visuals

  • According to the latest inbound marketing trends, adding a video to a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. (WordStream, 2020)
  • Furthermore, 78% of marketers say adding videos to landing pages helps increase sales, which is a great form of conversion. (Wyzowl, 2020)
  • Surprisingly, only 26% of the top landing pages have a video. (OptinMaster, 2020)
  • But how important is video content in landing pages, really? For one, almost 50% of online users look for videos related to products they’re looking to buy before actually purchasing them. (Hallam, 2019)
  • Considerably, this is one of the reasons why 90% of all digital marketers use videos to personalize landing pages and their overall marketing strategy. (Unbounce, 2020)
  • Moreover, 92.6% of consumers cite the visual dimension as the top influencing factor that affects their purchase decision. (Neil Patel, n.d.)
  • Additionally, you should consider using close-up images for your landing pages as they are 24% more engaging than zoomed-out ones. (Taboola Trends, n.d.)

Source: Unbounce

How to Use These Landing Page Statistics to Your Advantage?

Indeed, creating and publishing landing pages deserve to be included in your inbound marketing strategy. The landing and sales page statistics we’ve collated above can guide you as you develop your own strategy — how many landing pages to create, how to analyze a landing page, how to test conversion, and what elements to add, among other factors. 

In all, the key lies in ensuring you have enough landing pages to reach your target audience. Furthermore, it’s also necessary to carefully choose what you offer on each landing page and make sure that you focus on a single purpose per page. As much as possible, personalize your landing pages to represent your brand well while keeping in mind best practices such as adding videos and doing away with navigation bars. For best results, we recommend you utilize conversion rate optimization software alongside your chosen landing page software to further boost conversion and better gauge the success of your campaigns.



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