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51 WordPress Statistics You Must Read: 2022 Data Analysis & Market Share

WordPress, publishing tool, content management software, and blogging software: since it launched in 2003, WordPress has become a household name to anyone who wants to create a blog, a website, or an ecommerce site. No surprise there, as it has a host of features that are easy to use for anyone, even for those who have little to no knowledge of web design and development.

Because of that, WordPress powers a chunky percentage of the web. The WordPress statistics below will discuss the Internet powerhouse’s market share, as well as its features like themes and plugins. You will also find numbers pertaining to the development side.

WordPress statistics - infographic

WordPress Market Share

WordPress powers a large chunk of the web. And every day, it only continues to grow. This sets it apart from similar platforms that offer similar features and services.

  • WordPress powers 40.6% of sites on the web (and growing). (W3Techs, 2021)
  • That brings the platform’s market share to 64.5%. (W3Techs, 2021)
  • It translates to more than 60 million users. (, 2021)
  • WordPress powers 30% of the Fortune 100. (WordPress VIP, 2021)
  • 70 million new blog posts appear on WordPress each month. (Hosting Tribunal, 2021)
  • That means there are around 2.75 million posts going live each day. (Hosting Tribunal, 2021)
  • More than 409 million people view pages on WordPress every month. (, 2021)
  • Users post 77 million comments every month. (, 2021)
  • These people produce 20 billion page views in a month. (, 2021)
  • 71% of posts on WordPress are written in English. (, 2021)
  • 4.7% of posts published on WordPress use the Spanish language. (, 2021)
  • WordPress is beset by 487 billion spam messages per month. (Digital, 2021)
  • $132 million is the estimated annual revenue of (Owler, 2021)

WordPress Market Share

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Source: W3Techs, 2021; WordPress VIP, 2021

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WordPress Plugin Statistics

Users and developers can enrich WordPress sites and blogs using plugins. There are plugins that help with the SEO of a blog post and there are those that block spam and potential cyberattackers. Many of these are free but there are plugins with advanced capabilities that come at a cost.

  • There are over 58,000 plugins available on WordPress. (, 2021)
  • WPBakery is used by 16.6% of known websites using WordPress. It counts as one of its users the online graphic design software, Canva. (W3Techs, 2021)
  • 10.6% of websites on WordPress are using the plugin Elementor. (W3Techs, 2021)
  • Yoast SEO, a popular WordPress plugin, has more than 5 million active installations. (, 2021)
  • Akismet, a spam protection plugin, has over 5 million active installations as well. (, 2021)
  • It has recorded more than 1.6 million downloads in a day. (, 2021)
  • JetPack is another WP plugin that has more than 5 million active installations. (, 2021)
  • There are over 7,400 premium WP plugins for sale on Code Canyon. (Envato, 2021)

number of WordPress plugins

WordPress Themes Statistics

Not everyone has the skills (or money to hire a designer and developer) to come up with a stylish and eye-catching WordPress theme. But that does not have to stop anyone from applying the right theme that suits their needs. That is where the WordPress Themes repository comes in. It is a library where users/organizations can find website styles they can use and customize free or for a fee.

  • There are over 8,100 themes available on WordPress. (, 2021)
  • Over 212,300 WordPress themes are in use in the top one million sites on the platform. (BuiltWith, 2021)
  • A popular theme called Avada has been used and configured by more than 650,000 users. (Avada, 2021)
  • 93% of WP theme sales on a market are for responsive themes. (Kinsta, 2021)
  • 23.2% of WordPress themes cost $59. (Kinsta, 2021)
  • A theme called Choices is used by 2.62% of websites on WordPress. That translates to around 26,509 sites. (BuiltWith, 2021)
  • Divi is the second most-used theme with 1.4% of websites applying it. (BuiltWith, 2021)
  • Twenty Twenty-One is one of the current most popular themes. It has more than 600,000 active installations. (, 2021)
  • Twenty Twenty-One has reached 9,000 downloads in one day. (, 2021)
  • itself has published 14 themes. (, 2021)
  • Astra, a multipurpose theme, has an average of 5,000 downloads a day. (SiteSaga, 2021)

Source: BuiltWith, 2021

WordPress for eCommerce Statistics

WordPress is not just for people to share their personal thoughts and experiences. It has also evolved into a business platform where businesses of all sizes put up their shops.

  • WooCommerce, the ecommerce plugin by WordPress, is employed by 19.2% of websites on the platform. (W3Techs, 2021)
  • Outside of WordPress, there are around 12.4% of websites using WooCommerce for their ecommerce setup. This puts it above other ecommerce platforms like Shopify. (W3Techs, 2021)
  • BigCommerce for WordPress is a plugin for ecommerce sites that has over 1,000 active installations. This is a great alternative shopping cart to WooCommerce. (, 2021)
  • There are nearly 1,000 ecommerce plugins for WordPress. (, 2021)
  • There are almost 800 plugins that come up as a result when searching for the keyword “shopping cart”. (, 2021)

share of WordPress websites that use WooCommerce plugin

WordPress Statistics for Developers

These are numbers that may tickle the interest of WordPress developers.

  • 20.2% of users or sites are running the latest version of WordPress as of this writing, version 5.7. (, 2021)
  • There are still 22.5% of users that remain on version 5.6. (, 2021)
  • The remaining 42.7% are on much older versions of WordPress. (, 2021)
  • 29.2% of users are using PHP version 7.3. (, 2021)
  • 25.2% of developers are utilizing version 7.4 of PHP.  (, 2021)
  • When it comes to MySQL, the majority (36%) are using version 5.5. (, 2021)
  • A large chunk of users (31.7%), are working with PHP version 5.7. (, 2021)
  • A significant percentage of developers (23.2%) are developing with PHP version 5.6. (, 2021)
  • There are 205 locales on and 39 locales have been completely translated. (, 2021)

Source:, 2021

Powered by WordPress: Yes or No?

WordPress is dominating the web. As blogging statistics show, there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. Indeed, its growth has only been consistent since its launch. That is not even counting the websites, the blogs, and the ecommerce sites that run on the subsidiaries of WordPress’s mother company, Automattic. Remember Tumblr? That microblogging website that Yahoo! acquired in 2013? Yup, it is run by the people behind WordPress now.

Moreover, the agile content platform powers more than a quarter of companies in the Fortune 100. That says something about the reliability of the platform and its capabilities. After all, WordPress took 112 person-years to build, $6 million dollars, and 423,759 lines of code.

Nevertheless, there are still alternatives to WordPress for those who want to look at other options before finalizing their decisions.



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