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50 Tinder Statistics You Must See: 2022 Usage, Demographics & Market Share

The COVID-19 pandemic may have been the biggest hurdle to people in search of romance. Although public health and safety protocols can prevent potential first dates from taking place, finding someone you can potentially connect with is digitally possible.

Online dating apps like Tinder have been in existence for years, but there has been a noticeable surge in activity across online dating platforms since the pandemic started. Many believe that the reason behind the increase in online dating activities can be loneliness, which can make people crave human connection. And while this does not apply to everyone, those who feel this way may see online dating apps as platforms where they can explore their options without breaking health and safety codes.

In this article, we will delve into relevant online dating statistics based on the popular dating app called Tinder. Through the Tinder statistics we have gathered, we aim to show you how this dating app has fared over the years, especially during the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tinder statistics - infographic

Tinder Market Share, Revenue, and General Statistics

Tinder immediately gained traction in both popularity and value after it was successfully marketed among college students. Three years after its launch in 2012, it started reporting millions of dollars in revenue and became a billion-dollar company before celebrating its first decade.

  • In 2015, Tinder reported an annual revenue of $47 million. (Tankovska, 2021; Match Group, 2020)
  • Tinder achieved its first billion-dollar direct revenue in 2019, which amounted to $1.152 billion. By 2020, Tinder reported $1.4 billion in direct revenue. (Tankovska, 2021; Match Group, 2020)
  • At the end of December 2020, Tinder’s direct revenue reached $1.4 billion. (Tankovska, 2021)
  • Among online dating platforms, Tinder has the highest percentage (51%) of paying customers.
  • As of January 2021, Tinder has 6.44 million downloads, which is also the highest among dating apps. (AppMagic, 2021)
  • In terms of monthly visits, Tinder takes the third spot among online dating sites with 59.1 million total visits per month. (SEMrush, 2020)
  • The Tinder app is available for download in 190 countries. (Tinder, 2020)
  • Tinder is offered in more than 40 languages. (Tinder, 2020)
  • Since its launch, Tinder has made more than 60 billion matches. (Tinder, 2020)

Although Tinder is just a part of a billion-dollar industry, it accounts for a significant portion of online dating’s overall market share and revenue. Below are some general statistics from Statista that reflect the current state of the online dating industry, of which Tinder is a part.

  • There are more than 1,500 online dating platforms worldwide.
  • Online dating’s total revenue increased by 18.9% in 2021 compared to the year prior.
  • The average revenue per paying user is $33.66.
  • The number of both paying and non-paying users has been increasing steadily in the past three years and is projected to reach 9.29 million and 277.2 million, respectively, by the end of 2021.
  • The United States accounts for the majority of the online dating segment’s revenue at $674 million in 2021, followed by India with $454, and then China with $444 million.

Source: Match Group, 2020; Statista 2021

Tinder User Base Statistics

Just like other online dating platforms, Tinder requires its user base to be at least 18 years old. Beyond the age restriction, here are some Tinder statistics gender and other characteristics of its user base’s demographics.

  • 75.8% of Android Tinder app users are male and 24.2% are female. (Tankovska, 2021)
  • By 2023, the number of dating app users in the US is forecast to reach 25.7 million. (Tankovska, 2021; Kats, 2020)
  • Only 11% of Tinder users were White, which is approximately the same percentage of African American users on the platform. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • According to a study conducted in 2020, 15% of Tinder users have postgraduate degrees and 16% have at least a bachelor’s degree. (Morning Consult, 2020)
  • 13% of adults in the US between the ages of 18 and 65+ have used Tinder as of April 2020. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • Approximately 16% of Tinder users in the US were Gen Zers and 17% were Millennials. (Morning Consult, 2020)
  • In terms of political stance,16% of Tinder users identified themselves as Liberals; meanwhile, 13% indicated that they were Conservatives. Furthermore, there were at least 7% who identified as Moderates. (Morning Consult, 2020)
  • Tinder currently has nine sexual orientations offered to its users.

Tinder user gender profile

Furthermore, Tinder users do not just interact on the Tinder app or website. Many of them flock to other social media platforms where they can interact with other users who share the same interests.

  • Tinder statistics Reddit community has reached a record-breaking 4.5 million members, a Reddit trend that has been gaining some momentum in recent years. (Reddit)

Tinder Usage Statistics

As the first dating app to introduce the swipe and match interface, Tinder became a gamechanger in the online dating segment. Furthermore, it also became one of the fastest social platform startups because of the novelty and simplicity it offers to its users. Almost nine years after its launch, Tinder remains on top of the most widely used online dating platforms.

  • During its early years, Tinder statistics matches reached an average of four million per day. (Colao)
  • In terms of the number of swipes, Tinder reported an average of 350 million swipes each day during its first year alone. (Colao)
  • As of Q4 2020, Tinder hit a total of 130 billion downloads—a 10% growth from the previous year.
  • 94 billion of Tinder’s overall download count are from Google Play Store. (App Annie, 2021)
  • In 2020, Tinder became the most downloaded dating app on Android devices by recording almost 2.6 million downloads within a year. (Tankovska, 2021)
  • Tinder’s consumer spend ranked first among dating apps in 2020 and second among non-gaming apps after Netflix. (App Annie, 2021)
  • As of March 2021, 68.9% of Android Tinder app users are active on the app monthly. Meanwhile, only 34.5% of Android Tinder app users are active on a daily basis. (Tankovska, 2021)
  • Tinder was also the most popular dating app worldwide as of January 2021 with over six million monthly downloads. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • The average number of users grew by 12% during the last quarter of 2020, bringing the number of Tinder subscribers to 10.9 million. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • An April 2020 poll revealed that the 30-44 adults in the US were the most active on Tinder with 40% of them have used or have been using the app at the time of the survey. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • Among its users, 6.6 million are paying for premium subscriptions as of Q3 2020. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • By using Tinder’s gender feature, more than 145 new matches have been made as of 2020. (Tinder, 2020)
  • Tinder users use an average of 4.2 million GIFs per week. (Tinder, 2020)
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Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020

By downloads in 1,000s

Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Tinder: 2593.19


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Badoo: 1799.01


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Bumble: 588.13


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
happn: 567.62


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
MeetMe: 550.84


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Plenty of Fish: 383.9

Plenty of Fish

Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Grindr: 343.59


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
OkCupid: 278.86


Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
Match Dating: 224

Match Dating

Top 10 Android Dating Apps Worldwide in October 2020
SCRUFF: 33.19


Source: Statista, 2021; Airnow PLC

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Tinder Usage

Just like most social interactions with other people, dating has been upended by the ongoing global pandemic. But with the traditional dating experience restricted due to health risks, people looking to meet potential dates have flocked to online dating platforms. In this section, the  Tinder statistics 2021, 2020, and beyond that we have gathered reveal how dating thrives in the online setting.

  • Subscriptions to Tinder and other online dating services like Match, and Badoo have increased by 2% since the lockdown. Meanwhile, eharmony’s subscriptions have grown by 1%. (Statista, 2020)
  • “Quarantine” was the most common conversation opener on Tinder in 2020. (Tinder, 2020)
  • 31% of Millennials revealed that they have been using dating apps more during the pandemic. Meanwhile, 28% admitted that they have been on dating platforms somewhat more than they used to. (Tankovska, 2021; Morning Consult, 2020)
  • The messages sent among Tinder users have increased by 52% in April 2020 compared to when the lockdown began in March of the same year. (Tinder, 2020)
  • There has been a 67% increase in the swipe volume among Gen Z Tinder users. (Tinder, 2020)
  • 16% of Tinder users have used the platform’s passport feature in April 2020, which was 7x more than usual. (Tinder, 2020)
  • In the US, more than 50% of online dating app members have been using dating apps more during the pandemic. (Tinder, 2020)
  • Mask-wearing habits have also become a crucial part of dating compatibility standards. According to Tinder, a number of users indicate in their profiles that they are not interested in people who refuse to wear masks or do not wear masks properly. (Tinder, 2020)
  • The word “mask” has become a dating profile essential to Tinder users with its mentions increasing 10 times in 2020. (Tinder, 2020)

most popular words in Tinder

Unlike traditional dating, online dating sites dig more information about someone they might be interested in by checking out their profile pages. Based on recent surveys, below are some of the details Tinder users look for in their potential matches.

  • 74% of women and 68% of men reveal that it is absolutely necessary to have photos on the online dating profile pages. (Vogels, 2020)
  • The type of relationship you are looking for must be indicated on the profile pages according to 72% of women and 53% of men. (Vogels, 2020)
  • Nearly 50% of women and more than 40% of men said that they would also like to see in the profile pages if a person has a child/children or not. (Vogels, 2020)
  • Hobbies and interests are the information that 40% of women and 32% of men in online dating sites would like to know about their potential matches. (Vogels, 2020)
  • TikTok has also been mentioned 8 times more in 2020 and became an extension platform for Tinder users to share their tastes, show their moves, and brag or flex about themselves. (Tinder, 2020)

Stances on social issues also play a crucial part in determining if a Tinder match is someone a user would like to get to know further.

  • In 2020, the mention of Black Lives Matter or BLM has increased 55 times with the majority of Tinder users in search of others who also support the movement. (Tinder, 2020)
  • In 2020, the word “vote” was mentioned 50% more than the previous year as a way for Tinder users to learn about their potential matches’ political stand during the US presidential election. (Tinder, 2020)

Source: Tinder, 2020

The Perks and Downsides of Online Dating

A recent study by Pew Research Center on the virtues and downsides of online dating reveals that many online dating site users in the US said that their experience has been positive in general. In fact, 12% of the survey respondents have been married to or in a committed relationship with someone they met through online dating platforms. Furthermore, 23% said they have at least gone on a date with someone they met through online dating sites or apps.

On the other hand, there are those who have suffered from negative experiences, such as harassment. According to the Pew Research Center study, younger women are often the more vulnerable ones. Based on the research, 60% of women from 18 to 34 years old reported that they had been repeatedly contacted by someone they rejected on an online dating platform. Furthermore, 57% revealed that they had received unsolicited messages or images that were sexual in nature. To combat these offenses, Tinder and other online dating sites continue to improve their safety features. Exercising caution, however, remains a user responsibility, especially when it comes to engaging with strangers on the Internet.

If you’re curious how the other online dating sites and apps are faring, you can check out our coverage of OkCupid statistics for a quick start.



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