FMS:Workplace Pricing—What’s Included in the Quote-Based Plan?

What’s included in the FMS:Workplace plan?
Included in the FMS:Workplace plan are configurable workflows, asset inventory management, bi-directional integration with AutoCAD and Revit, and a central location for facility project information. This flexible solution also has eight modules spanning space management to maintenance management and move management, to name a few. The modules can be combined to form a comprehensive space management solution.

As the world begins to get back on its feet as people learn to live with the COVID-19 pandemic, one aspect of the new normal that needs to be addressed in a different light is workplace arrangements. Increased adoption of remote working has led to an increase in office vacancy rates, forcing companies to reduce or reallocate precious real estate. To make information-driven decisions on these assets, facilities managers and key decision-makers need the right facility management software.

In this article, we will get to know what one can expect from an FMS:Workplace plan. Though it does not provide pricing plans with fixed rates, it does have quote-based pricing plans available upon request from the vendor. The solution comprises eight modules that can be combined with one another. With this information, you can decide which components are right for your space management needs.

fms workplace pricing plans

As more people opt to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, office vacancy rates have been severely impacted. In the third quarter of 2020 for example, data from Statista indicate that there was a 15.5% increase in office vacancy rates. This further climbed to 16.4% in Q1 2021 and 17.2% in Q2 of 2021 before decreasing to 12.4% by Q3 2021.

With this, it’s safe to say that working from home is the new normal. Now, companies question the need for office space, considering a London Chamber of Commerce survey found that 50% of business leaders expect workers to continue working remotely for five days a week even post-pandemic. With this, companies should take into consideration the factors that affect reducing office space such as cost, office design, environmental design, employee attitudes, and the like.

FMS:Workplace Overview

FMS workplace dashboard

FMS:Workplace is an integrated workplace management system that helps companies gain visibility into their assets, make intelligent data-driven decisions, and plan for future growth. The solution comprises space management, move management, maintenance management, real estate management, project management, sustainability management, asset management, and strategic planning all in a secure, cloud-based platform. All these modules can be combined together to provide an end-to-end solution.


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Many industries can benefit from the solution, these include higher education, healthcare, government, pharmaceutical, finance, technology, energy, and retail. They can also be used by chief financial officers, operations and facilities personnel, and human resources professionals.

One of the benefits of FMS:Workplace is optimizing the workplace environment in terms of worker seating arrangement and furniture layout in a bid to boost employee morale. It also makes it possible to automate the repair and maintenance of a company’s assets and properties to avoid costly downtimes.

FMS:Workplace features a browser-based platform where users can access data visualizations and dashboards. In addition, the solution has a mobile component called fiXME where users can create service requests so timely repairs can be done on company assets.

Detailed FMS:Workplace Review

Key features of FMS:Workplace

  • Asset directory
  • Configurable workflows
  • Bidirectional integration with AUTOCAD
  • Data visualizations
  • Dashboards
  • Scenario planning
  • Real-time data
  • Reports
  • Move management
  • Real-life scenario models
  • Service request tracking
  • Floorplan integration

What’s included in FMS:Workplace plans?

Fixed pricing plans are not available for FMS:Workplace. Rather, it has a quote-based plan customized to clients’ needs. Whichever quote you get, it may comprise of the following modules, which can be combined to form a complete solution.

Space Management

The FMS:Workplace Space Management component allows organizations to make effective use of their office space. With this tool, they can store information about the kind of spaces an organization has as well as its categorization and usage. Thus, it can be very useful when you are just setting up your office from scratch.

In addition, real-time information from the tool can be used by executives to predict how much real estate space the company would need in case of future growth. With bi-directional integration with AUTOCAD and Revit, the data is synced between the two systems and they behave as one. Users will have a single source of truth as all facility information is stored in one central space that can be accessed from the cloud.

FMS Workplace space management

Real-time space visualization as seen from the FMS:Workplace portal

Asset Management

Organizations spend a considerable amount of their budgets on assets. Thus, it’s only right for them to keep track of what they have for them to gauge whether such assets are being used productively. With the FMS:Workplace Facility Asset Management component, users can track many asset details, such as serial numbers, maintenance information, equipment location, acquisition dates, acquisition costs, and the like. This information is stored in an asset inventory system, which is accessible to users from all locations in an organization. Users can also link assets to group and cost centers so they can produce accurate financial reports for a given business unit.

fms workplace asset management

The Asset Management module allows users to track asset tags, descriptions, and other information about company furniture and equipment.

Real Estate Management

Another big expense for most organizations is real estate costs. With the Real Estate Management feature of the FMS:Workplace solution, chief financial officers and users can access data on leased and owned properties from one centralized portfolio. Through the tool, users can take a look at data like lease type, rentable area, rent distribution, average monthly rent, rent per square foot, and the like. With this information, organizations can determine unnecessary additions to real estate acquisitions or expenses, and, thus, save money. They can also make data-driven decisions on selling or renting unused space.

Move Management

The FMS:Workplace Move Management component is a useful tool for organizations who want to ensure that their office moves proceed as smoothly as possible. There are two main types of move management: Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC), or the transfer of one employee from one location to another; and a project move, where a large number of employees are transferred from one location to another.

The move process also involves many steps, from request management to planning to coordination and process review. With the FMS:Workplace Move Management solution, these processes can move away from outdated move management tracking methods and automate the entire process. This enables organizations to have more accurate data. At the same time, drag-and-drop scenario modeling and real-time displays of move scenarios make it easy to visualize your office setup.

fms workplace move management

FMS:Workplace Move Management gives you a view of the office layout prior to your move.

Facilities Maintenance Management

The Facilities Maintenance Management component of the solution helps organizations ensure that their assets are up and running. With it, they can track current projects and the date of when their warranties expire. It also helps them anticipate emergencies by giving users access to floor plans with visualizations of maintenance-related data. Measuring performance versus Service Level Agreements is also possible, boosting the effectiveness of your organization’s preventive maintenance program and at the same time promoting metrics transparency within your team.

Project Management

Should one’s organization need to renovate office space or embark on other similar projects, the Project Management module of the solution can address such needs. With it, project managers, internal stakeholders, and other team members can stay on top of project financials and milestones, from initial request to planning to project approval and closeout. All people involved in the project can access project information from one central location, which helps them complete the project on time and within budget. With this module in place, you don’t have to consider looking for other online project management tools to manage your projects.

Strategic Planning Systems

Over time, the needs of organizations change, hence, the need to plan for the future. With the Strategic Planning Systems component of the FMS:Workplace solution, users can create visualizations of what their space looks like under different scenarios. Using interactive stacking and blocking, they can effectively plan for future build-outs, expansions, reorganizations, or consolidations. It also makes it easy for users to consider group or department requirements, space standard requirements, and general requirements in the creation of floor configuration scenarios. With this information, one can look ahead and make better management decisions.

Sustainability Management

The buildings and operations of an organization can impact the environment. With the Sustainability component of the FMS:Workplace solution, organizations can track their energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling efforts, waste generation, and other sustainability-related metrics. Analyzing your organization’s environmental impacts is likewise made easier with intuitive dashboards and reports. The solution can also be used to store information about a company’s sustainability assessments and certifications, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). Most importantly, the tool is capable of assessing the financial impacts of an organization’s sustainability projects in terms of return on investment, net present value, internal rate of return, and more. In this way, your company can help save the environment even amidst a recession.

FMS:Workplace Modules Use Cases

Various components of FMS:Workplace have been used by organizations to solve real-world problems. These include:

  • FMS:Workplace Space Management was one of the solutions deployed by a leading private research university in managing their campus space. Before implementing the solution, their data was stored across various systems like Excel, CAD, and SAP. But by using FM:Systems across the entire enterprise, all stakeholders in the planning and use of campus spaces can access the same floor plan at the click of a button. The solution also allowed them to identify inactive spaces so that they can be effectively reallocated.
  • FMS:Workplace Move Management module was utilized by a nonprofit private health insurance company for a major relocation involving 1,000 people from three large floors. Prior to the move, the team was able to craft a strategy for the move using graphic representations of their office space. They were also able to automate communications and coordinate their move which led to less downtime.
  • One of the major airlines in the United States used the Facilities Maintenance Management component to address pandemic-related space and facilities management challenges. To keep their employees and customers safe, the facilities team aimed to streamline the janitorial processes. This involved ensuring that janitors had enough stock of disinfectants for every facility and that they follow consistent cleaning processes. With the facilities management module, the airline was able to track all janitorial costs down to the square footage and even compare consumption of chemicals by location.

Workplace Management in a Post-Pandemic World

At a time when demand for office space has been severely impacted by the pandemic, facilities managers must be judicious in utilizing whatever office space they have left. They must also ensure that systems are in place for managing an organization’s facilities, moves, strategic planning, and sustainability initiatives.

FMS:Workplace is capable of doing all these and more. It allows you to take stock of your assets and access all information about them from a single cloud-based source. With it, you can make your organization’s furniture layout, see workplace assignments, and create future workspace plans for your organization. Hopefully, this will result in better employee morale, automation of workplace management systems, and reduced overhead costs. Once your organizational goals are achieved, you can move on to other goals like turning a boring office into a smart office.

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