Juro Contract Automation Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Subscription Plans?

How much does Juro Contract Automation cost?

Juro Contract Automation costs $59/user/month for its Lite plan, which supports up to 500 contracts. Meanwhile, its Team plan costs $90/user/month with unlimited contracts. It also offers a quote-based plan for multiple teams and a free plan that’s good for one user. All paid plans are billed annually. The platform lets users streamline contract processes in a one, unified workspace.

Juro Contract Automation enables legal and business teams to streamline contract workflows and collaborate with other departments and teams in one single workspace. It’s a leading contract lifecycle management software that has helped hundreds of businesses in making their clients happy with a more simplified contract management process. Different companies, from those in the food industry to travel, fintech, and real estate rely on Juro’s platform to easily draft and approve routine contracts.

In this article, we will discuss the different Juro Contract Automation pricing plans. The vendor currently offers three paid plans and a free plan. This guide will help you learn more about what features are included in each plan and how the key features can help your business achieve a more efficient contract workflow. In this way, you can make an informed decision when subscribing to this solution.

Juro pricing packages

Juro Contract Automation Pricing Plans and Features


How well a company manages the daily volume of contracts that comes its way can directly impact its bottom line. It can lose as much as 9% of its annual revenue if it’s not able to properly implement an efficient contract and document management system. Many teams will also be affected, and employees’ productivity can suffer, especially if contract bottlenecks and slow processes result in employees spending more time on mundane documentation tasks.

cons of poor contract management

This is why contract automation software is a crucial tool for businesses looking to automate processes involved in routine contracts. Also referred to in the industry as contract lifecycle management software (CLM), these types of products will continue to be in demand as startups and SMEs become more open to using available tech in document management. The CLM market was valued at $1.25 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $2.7 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 13.8%.

Overview of Juro Contract Automation

Juro dashboard

Juro Contract Automation is a contract and document management platform that makes it possible for users to draft, edit, and collaborate on contract workflows for more efficient contract generation and approvals. What’s more, users can complete all contract processes in one workspace. You can even perform all approvals in-browser. This means that there is no need to spend on a separate e-signature tool.

Moreover, Juro’s no-code workflow builder makes it easy for legal teams and other departments to keep track of contracts, make comments and suggestions, and add important clauses that can be checked immediately. Its editing tools and templates allow employees, such as salespeople to self-serve on routine contracts; thus lifting most of the repetitive workload off the shoulders of your legal staff. This is likewise perfect for businesses that have a small legal team but a huge inflow of contracts daily. Additionally, automation features like these can help increase employee productivity and help your salespeople close more deals faster.

Juro Contract Automation

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Juro Contract Automation not only automates processes but also replaces other business tools so there is less going back-and-forth between apps. Once you implement Juro, it can replace other word tools like Microsoft Word, Google Drive, DocuSign, Google Sheets, and more to streamline contracts and eliminate bottlenecks.

The platform includes other cutting-edge features designed to make contact management easy. For example, alerts send out automatic notifications when a contract will expire or is up for renewal. Another advantage is that Juro’s dynamic repository is built on a flexible data layer, which allows you to query your contract data at any time so it’s much faster to find the exact files or data you need.

Detailed Juro Contract Automation Review

Key Features of Juro Contract Automation

  • Contract management
  • Contract templates
  • Workflow builder
  • Self-serve contracts
  • Commenting/in-browser editing
  • Renewal alerts
  • E-signature
  • Version control
  • Compliance/completion tracking
  • Automation features
  • Contract query/text search
  • OCR capabilities
  • Street-level maps
  • Dynamic agreements
  • Third-party integrations

Juro Pricing Overview

Juro Contract Automation pricing plans are flexible to suit the number of users and contracts your business needs to process. The company’s standard contract period is 12 months and can offer discounts for multi-year deployments. You can also sign up for a free trial to learn more about the features of the platform before committing to one of its paid plans.

Free Plan

Juro’s Free Plan covers one user and up to 50 contracts. It already includes the most essential features small companies need to efficiently manage documents, such as internal commenting, template editor, and native e-signature.

What’s included in Juro’s Free Plan?

  • One template
  • Template editor
  • Internal commenting
  • External negotiation
  • Native e-signature
  • Kanban dashboard

The process of drafting a contract is easier if the parties involved can work on it on the go and in one workspace. With the Juro Free Plan, you get access to internal commenting capabilities so collaborators can simply write down their comments about a specific paragraph or clause on the contract and bring it to the attention of the person they want to address. By mentioning a collaborator with an ‘@’ in the sidebar, there is more visibility as revisions are quickly made on a particular part of a contract.

Kanban or table view is a popular feature in some of the best collaboration tools around. Using the kanban dashboard on the Free Plan comes in handy if you have a lot of open contracts to manage. Instead of pulling up each file from a folder, it would be faster to keep track of their status if they are arranged in kanban view. This lets you see the progress of your contracts quickly and know which ones need to be prioritized in the pipeline or which ones are waiting for approval.

Juro Kanban

Juro’s kanban view helps teams progress contracts quickly.

Lite Plan

Juro’s Lite Plan accommodates a maximum of five users and up to 500 contracts for $59/user/month. Billed annually, this plan includes all the features in the Free Plan plus, additional features, such as audit trails, renewal reminders, and Slack integration that could really take your collaboration to the next level.

What’s included in Juro’s Lite Plan?

  • Unlimited templates
  • Internal commenting
  • External negotiation
  • Slack integration
  • Company data integration
  • Native e-signature
  • Kanban dashboard
  • Audit trails
  • Renewal reminders
  • Google Drive integration

If your contract negotiators or recruitment specialists are still relying on time-consuming, manual negotiation, then Juro’s in-browser editing tools can help speed up the entire workflow. These tools in contract management solutions enable parties to negotiate contracts, in-browser, in one unified workspace. Users can mark up and link comments to particular parts of the document. Thus, it is easy to check what aspects of a contract are up for negotiation. In addition, you can designate comments as “external” or “internal” for added confidentiality.

Furthermore, the software also tracks revisions and aggregates comments and sends them as emails to counterparties. Throughout the negotiation rounds, parties can check the dashboard timeline to see an on-demand audit trail that also provides a one-click view of all previous drafts.

Juro contract negotiation

The Juro in-browser editing module can speed up contract negotiation as it eliminates the need for third-party file editing tools.


Team Plan

Juro’s Team Plan is for a maximum of 10 users and comes with an unlimited number of contracts. Billed yearly at $90/user/month, it includes all the features in the Lite Plan plus, advanced features tailored for specific requirements companies might need due to the nature of their business process or documentation needs.

What’s included in Juro’s Team Plan?

  • Approval workflows
  • OCR + data extraction
  • CSV export
  • User access levels
  • Custom table views
  • Analytics
  • Audit trails

Contract workflows help you ensure that the end-to-end process of your legal document can be clearly defined from its creation to signature and execution. With Juro’s no-code workflow builder, teams can quickly build their own digital workflows, including approval workflows without relying heavily on your IT staff.

The platform uses drag-and-drop functions so that even the most non-tech-savvy user can easily create and organize different stages of their team’s workflow. Tabs can be added to indicate the status of a contract and to show who it has been assigned to or who needs to approve it. This allows for a frictionless approval process where all members of the team are on the same page. As a result, more deals can be closed in a shorter amount of time.

Juro Approval Workflow

Approval workflows on the Juro platform can show assigned and approved contracts for better visibility.

Business Plan

If you are looking for a plan for your whole company, Juro’s Business Plan can be an excellent choice. As a quote-based plan, this is great for multiple teams that require more specific features and flexible software deployment options. This custom pricing solution ensures that you can have a plan that works for you and can scale up based on your business growth.

What’s included in Juro’s Business Plan?

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • SAML
  • Bulk import
  • Bulk actions
  • Salesforce integration
  • Greenhouse integration
  • REST API & webhooks

Tracking each and every contract becomes nearly impossible when you have to send out thousands of them for review and approval. This is where Juro’s analytics features can help businesses stay on top of contract management.

With analytics, your Human Resource Department, for example, can have an overview of the number of contracts they have processed on a particular month. Managers can also measure how long it takes for contracts to reach signature and receive insights on the end-to-end process. This means they’ll be able to identify where the bottlenecks are in a contract workflow, resolve them, and streamline the process in real-time.

Aside from keeping track of documents and streamlining workflows, its business analytics functionality is also beneficial in checking whether teams are able to meet their goals. It makes it easier to assess your business’ performance as the platform displays the status of all contracts —from how many were processed and signed to how many were sent out and executed. It can also display the performance based on the departments concerned in drafting and processing contracts.

Juro Analytics

Users can track and manage the status of documents in real-time using Juro’s analytics function.

Which Juro Plan Should You Get?

There are several Juro Contract Automation pricing plans to choose from that can suit your contract management needs whether you’re a one-man business, an SME, or a large organization. So the question is which plan should you get?

At first glance, it seems easy to decide based on the number of users and contracts you think your company will need to process. However, you should also consider the features included in each plan when you make your decision. This is especially because the vendor bills each subscription plan annually.

Fortunately, you can try all the best features of the software by signing up for the vendor’s free trial option. Take advantage of this offer so you can test the features and assess how they can benefit your teams. If you need more tools for team collaboration, you might want to check some of the best collaboration tools for remote teams, which include our list of task management and time tracking tools.

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