How Project Management Software Can Save you Time and Money

Project management is used in all organisations across all industries and SaaS project management software is set to increase in use dramatically by 2020.  Project management dates back a long time to when a simple piece of paper and pen was used and has evolved along with our world to be technologically advanced and modern. Today, there are many SaaS project management software, such as Sinnaps, available that help you, your projects and your organization to save time and money. There are other equally good systems sold in the market, read our detailed reviews of leading project management software solutions to choose the best platform for your needs. 

SaaS project management software presents a number of benefits leading to cost and time saving aspects. These benefits include:

Installing SaaS project management software is a relatively quick and easy process. In comparison with the need for on-site hardware for on-premise software, installing SaaS software happens in the blink of an eye. All that is involved is a web browser which means that you simply need to sign up and open the application on any digital platform, saving you and your project copious amounts of time before the project itself has even begun.

After installing the SaaS project management software, your team members need to be trained in how to use the planning tool. This is an uncomplicated process due to the user-friendly interface of the software and step-by-step guides as to how to use the tool during your first time using it. Often, there are also user guides and videos which explain in an effective manner how to use the software to you and your project’s advantage. With regards to on-site project management software and hardware, the training process can be long and complicated and sometimes even require an external team to come in and train your organisation in its use. This costs extra money and takes up a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, if any issues or problems with the on-premise software are met, time is wasted in awaiting assistance from the on-premise software providers. The fact that they are not in close physical proximity to the organisation can mean that they do not understand the issue as well as they may in front of the computer and this can cause confusion and a general dislike towards the on-premise option.

In terms of the actual cost and direct spending for the organisation, buying an on-premise software license can prove to be very expensive. The most significant part of the spend is that if you later decide to discontinue the software’s use, you do not get our money back and it simply presents itself as a sunk cost. In comparisons, SaaS project management software is bought on a subscription basis that is lower in cost and can be stopped at any time allowing for the avoidance of a sunk cost.

Another associated cost of on-premise software is the common need to employ an IT team for its maintenance. This incurs a serious cost for the organisation that could otherwise be saved and invested somewhere else by using SaaS project management software. It maintains the software from within so that you and your team do not have to deal with any issues or problems yourselves.

Increasingly, teams and organisations are becoming more decentralized. They are made up of local, remote and overseas members. Regardless of where the people may be, with the help of SaaS project management software, the members can access the project with ease. The SaaS applications are available to open on any digital platform, such as Sinnaps mobile application, that can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone involved with the project at any time. This allows organisations to keep on track of the project, knowing that everyone involved has constant access. This saves a significant amount of time for teams, especially if they are decentralised.

Apart from the cost and time saving advantages to SaaS project management software, the applications also present beneficial tools that greatly optimize the management of your project, making it more efficient and effective, such as:

  1. Project Critical Path. In many project management software applications, the project’s critical path is automatically calculated. The critical path is set out to be followed by the team, containing the most vital tasks and activities to the completion of the project. These tasks and activities are often the tasks upon which many others are dependent. Having a critical path that highlights these tasks is important for team members to understand in order to prioritise important activities to be done.
  2. In-Chat Features. Live in-chat options are a common tool included in SaaS project management software. Team members can chat live on the application in terms of specific tasks and activities, allowing to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. A project wall is a tool included to update all members about any updates or modifications to the general project. This communicative tool is a great benefit to project efficiency and greatly increases project success potential.

Another communicative tool included in SaaS project management software is an automatic update tool linked to members e-mails. This means that even if they do not open the application at a certain time, they will be e-mailed and updated of any important changes to the project. With Sinnaps, a weekly progress review e-mail is sent to all members, keeping them up-to scratch with the state of the project’s process.

A very useful tool in SasS project management software is the availability of templates. These templates can range from reports and documents to project timelines. They allow project managers who are unsure or uncertain of how to approach a specific project to see others’ successful examples. This also aids greatly in time-saving as with the help of the templates, reports and timelines do not need to be drawn up every time from scratch.

Stephanie Seymour

By Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence. In her software reviews, she always focuses on the aspects that let users share analytics and enhance findings with context.

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