Pros & Cons of elapseit: Analysis of a Top Resource Management Software

What are the pros and cons of elapseit?
The pros and cons of elapseit are anchored on the platform’s abilities to streamline project management and resource planning. The software offers features for tracking project status, properly allocating resources, and completing projects on time. elapseit’s feature-packed interface has a bit of a learning curve, but it is a useful all-in-one tool for teams handling complex projects.

Workforce trends such as remote work and distributed teams have made resource planning more complicated than ever. As a result, many resource management software solutions like elapseit come with comprehensive features for making the process as convenient as possible. elapseit, for instance, offers project management and reporting modules to help executives and managers cover all the bases.

However, these digital tools are not one-size-fits-all solutions for businesses. This article lists down the pros and cons of elapseit to provide a clearer picture of its capabilities. With this information, you can decide if the software is the best fit for your resource planning requirements.

elapse it pros and cons

Technology has undoubtedly played a crucial role in how organizations have adjusted to the pandemic’s effects on the workforce. For many companies, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital tools to maintain productivity. In particular, the 2021 Pulse of the Profession report found that digital transformation was a major, widespread business change for 73% of organizations that have remained on track despite the pandemic’s disruptions.

Interestingly, organizations that have embraced technology also reported better project outcomes. Among these outcomes is an increased ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

Source: 2021 Pulse of the Profession Report

Other studies have also confirmed organizations’ willingness to support tech-enabled ways of work. A McKinsey report, for instance, revealed that around 75% of North American and European executives expect to spend more on new technologies in the next four years to accelerate business growth.

Despite the positive effects of adopting technology, however, it’s equally important to carefully analyze how a certain software fits into your workflow. In the sections below, we’ve explored the pros and cons of elapseit, a leading resource management platform. In this way, you’ll get the information you need to determine if the software’s features work for your needs.

What is elapseit?

Elapseit dashboard

elapseit is a resource management platform that combines resource planning and project management features in a single platform. By combining these capabilities, elapseit helps executives and managers efficiently allocate resources, such as labor and financial resources to projects. As a result, projects get done on time and within budget.

Resource planning and forecasting are the core features of the elapseit platform. The software provides insights into important factors such as current workload, available skills, and available capacity to prevent burnout and under-utilization. Additionally, these resource tracking capabilities also come in handy for managers handling the unique requirements and deadlines of different clients.


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elapseit also helps organizations complete projects within budget. The software tracks billable and internal expenses and allows users to directly import expenses to invoices. Through pre-filled timesheets and overtime management features, managers can also keep a closer track of how team members spend their time.

Another important feature of elapseit is that it comes with a wide variety of project management capabilities. The software helps managers organize projects into the setup that works best for their team, be it in the form of Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or simpler tasks lists. Managers can also opt between people and project views for added convenience.

Real-time project updates through the Project Pulse feature also ensure that everyone is updated on the status of tasks and projects. This feature is important, especially since 55% of project managers consider bad communication among stakeholders as the biggest threat to project success.

Detailed elapseit Review

Key Features of elapseit

  • Resourcing dashboard
  • Resource planning
  • Reports and forecasts
  • Auto-filled timesheets
  • Task management
  • Task dependencies and cloning
  • Project Pulse
  • Leave management
  • Gantt charts
  • Kanban boards
  • Invoicing
  • Expense tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Document sharing
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multi-language support
  • Bank holidays for multiple locations
  • Single sign-on
  • Audit log

Pros and Cons of elapseit

Powerful resource planning tool

Resource planning is an integral factor in ensuring project success. Accordingly, many of elapseit’s features focus on helping users track and properly allocate available resources to current and future projects.

One such feature is the Resourcing dashboard, which provides a top-level, easy-to-digest view of the current status of available resources. On this dashboard, users can view data such as available capacity, projects’ burned hours, and generated and forecast income. Users can also toggle views between resourcing by person and resourcing by project.

You can also provide access to clients so they can view project status themselves. As a result, you can save time and effort on weekly meetings.

Through elapseit, you can also choose the best way of allocating hours to projects: hours per day or total hours. In addition, setting recurring allocations per week or month can be easily achieved through the software. This flexibility can be useful to managers handling complex projects and large teams.

Another feature that makes elapseit a great tool for resource planning is its Skills filter. Using this filter, you can easily pull up the availability of team members with the specific skills a project requires. In this way, you can ensure that team members are matched to the right project.

Attendance tracking and leave management

elapseit helps you keep a closer eye on your team members and their hours. The software offers time tracking software features, accurately recording team members’ billable hours. Timesheets can also be pre-filled using information from the resourcing dashboard for less hassle and added accuracy.

Furthermore, the platform comes with a leave management module, which displays information on employees who are out of the office and on leave. The main dashboard also indicates how many vacation days an employee has left. This information comes in handy when planning allocations to future projects. In this module, managers can also approve and reject leave requests as needed.

elapseit Resourcing dashboard

elapseit comes with a Resourcing dashboard for viewing data on employee availability and logged hours.

Comprehensive project management features

In addition to resource planning capabilities, elapseit offers a multitude of project management features. The platform allows managers to create unlimited projects and add as many people as needed through the Management section. Managers can also customize project settings, including billing, custom rates, timesheet access, and approval workflows for logged hours and allocations.

More importantly, elapseit also serves as an efficient task management software. Through elapseit, managers can break down large, complex projects into easily digestible tasks. Though the software doesn’t currently allow users to add more than one assignee to tasks, details like start and end dates, time estimations, and priority levels ensure that these tasks get done on time.

To ensure that information on tasks and projects is easy to understand, users can also choose among different task views. Tasks can be labeled, customized with icons, and organized according to visual project management concepts such as Kanban boards. Visualizing projects and tasks can help project managers track task status more efficiently.

elapseit task management

elapseit’s interface makes it easy to create detailed tasks with descriptions and start/end dates.

Accurate invoicing and expense management

In addition to resource planning and project management, elapseit also helps streamline invoicing and expense management workflows. The software makes it easy to track employee spending, whether it’s for travel, office supplies, or other expense categories. Non-billable expenses and mileage tracking are possible through the platform, too.

Like expense management software, elapseit collects receipts and expense submissions into a single platform so managers can approve or reject these as needed. For more accurate tracking, expenses created on the platform must be linked to a project. Likewise, expenses must include documents before these can be submitted for approval.

As a result of accurate expense tracking, invoice creation becomes easier as well. The platform adds only approved expenses to client invoices. You can also easily create invoices depending on each client’s contract terms, whether fixed per-project pricing or pricing based on hours logged on a project.

Support for multiple currencies and languages ensures that elapseit can be used by businesses with international clients. Discounts and tax-exempt rates can also be specified through the software.

elapseit create invoices

elapseit also lets managers create invoices with details such as logged hours per employee.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Data analysis is another crucial factor in proper resource planning. This is why elapseit also lets users generate a variety of reports. These reports also provide the accurate data that executives and project managers need to make data-driven forecasts.

elapseit’s Reporting module provides valuable insights into resource allocation and tasks. From this module, users can view data and generate reports on project status, including open tasks, logged hours, and resource utilization per project.  The platform also generates reports on financial aspects such as generated vs. forecast revenue, billable hours, and invoice status.

Moreover, an Analytics feature helps users access business intelligence reports. All these insights help managers make better decisions when it comes to allocating resources to projects.

To ensure accuracy, the Reporting module directly pulls data from the Timesheet and Financial modules. Customers have reported long loading times when using the Reporting module, but factors such as the amount of data used in reports affect such.

elapseit reporting

elapseit offers a wide variety of reports on project status, employee availability, and generated vs. forecast income.

Customizable platform and interface

For added convenience, organizations can customize elapseit’s user interface according to their unique workflows and requirements. On the platform’s Settings page, you can specify default information on variables such as maximum hours per day, maximum days per leave request, and default weekly working hours.

You can also add departments and locations for your organization, set leave types, and specify bank holidays. Additionally, managers will also be able to customize notifications for projects and events, along with reminders for events such as overdue tasks and invoices.

All these customization features ensure that you can make elapseit’s features work for your particular requirements. Some customers have reported encountering a bit of a learning curve when first using the platform, perhaps due to the breadth of its features. However, users also report the accessibility of elapseit’s support team.

Is elapseit the right resource planning tool for your business?

elapseit comes with a long list of features that can help organizations tackle resource planning and project management more efficiently. For instance, the platform’s Resourcing dashboard displays updated information on employee availability and logged hours per project. Using this information, executives and project managers can properly allocate resources to future projects.

However, the extensive features of the elapseit platform may initially be overwhelming for users, especially those unfamiliar with project management tools. As a result, the tool may be a better fit for organizations and teams with considerable experience in using software for resource planning and project management.

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