Greenhouse Pricing Packages: What’s Included in Its Quote-Based Plan?

How much does Greenhouse cost?
Greenhouse costs are based on the size of the company and its hiring needs. As such, Greenhouse offers quote-based instead of flat-rate pricing plans. Clients can choose from Essential, Advanced, and Expert plans. All plans include core Greenhouse recruiting features, plus a customer management system and Greenhouse Events, which vary depending on what plan you have.

An ATS with fixed-rate pricing might make it easier to estimate upfront costs before you sign up as well as make recurring payments afterward. But for companies with different hiring needs, a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme would not always work. Thus, an applicant tracking software  (ATS) with quote-based pricing will take into account your unique company structure and hiring needs better than a fixed-price scheme.

In this article, you will learn what you can get out of the three quote-based Greenhouse pricing plans. Potential clients can take a look at the inclusions in each plan and read about use cases for specific packages. In this way, they will not only know what to expect from a particular subscription tier but also how real-life clients have utilized the plan features to solve their hiring challenges.

greenhouse pricing plans

Greenhouse Price Plans Table of Contents

A desk full of resumes is a nightmare of any recruiter. For companies with manual processes, this means they have to sort the resumes alphabetically, take note of when they were received, and take action on these applications. Moving away from paper-based or even Excel-based hiring processes lets recruiters reap the undeniable benefits of an ATS, such as filling in vacancies more quickly by 20% and reducing new hire turnover by 40%.

One of the functions of an ATS is to enable recruiting teams to seek candidates from various sources, from career sites to job boards, referrals, and social media. Getting applicants from multiple sources speeds up the hiring process and lets recruiters attract quality hires from different channels. In a survey by Entelo, email was ranked as the most preferred candidate outreach channel used worldwide at 37.2%. This is followed by phone/text (27.9%), LinkedIn InMails (15.1%), and in-person (12.2%). An effective ATS should not only show you where candidates are coming from, but also give you the data to improve your recruiting strategy.

Source: Statista (2020)

Overview of Greenhouse

GreenHouse dashboard

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking software that helps companies manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing quality candidates down to the moment they are hired and welcomed on board. With the software, companies can set up a structured hiring process as well as integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) tools that can transform the way an organization taps talent.

Companies from all segments can utilize Greenhouse to meet their organizational goals. It can serve the needs of small to midsize businesses, whether they want to hire only a handful of employees or have a full-fledged hiring solution that will grow with them. On the other hand, enterprises can enjoy the benefit of a hiring solution with world-class support that can help boost their business at scale. Ideal users of Greenhouse include recruiting teams, hiring managers, and other stakeholders in the hiring and onboarding process.


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One of the main benefits of implementing a Greenhouse solution is putting in place a structured hiring process. Under this hiring framework, the attributes of a successful candidate are laid out even before the hiring process starts, along with measures to ensure that candidates are evaluated objectively and equitably. Secondly, its DE&I features help eliminate innate bias during the hiring process. With this, recruiters can find talent from different backgrounds to form an inclusive workplace. Third, its reporting and survey tools allow you to get data-driven insights on the progress one has made in the hiring pipeline, which will guide efforts for improvements.

For users on the go, Greenhouse has a mobile app where they can access interview feedback, reports, interview prep kits, and more. It also has the Greenhouse Events app, which helps users be more productive during in-person recruiting events.

Detailed Greenhouse Review

Key Features of Greenhouse

  • Job boards
  • Job setup flow configuration
  • Job template
  • Custom job fields
  • Scorecards
  • Resume parsing
  • Take-home tests
  • Report Builder
  • BI Connector
  • Candidate survey
  • Candidate profiles
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Reference check
  • Onboarding tasks
  • Onboarding feedback
  • Nudges
  • Interview kit
  • Custom demographic questions
  • E-signatures
  • Stage transition rules

Detailed Greenhouse Review

Greenhouse Pricing Plans

Greenhouse pricing features three plans: Essential, Advanced, and Expert. There is no fixed pricing for all plans and rates will depend on company size and hiring needs. Below are the inclusions in each plan.

Essential Plan

The Essential Plan comes with core Greenhouse Recruiting features. These include applicant tracking, structured hiring, and team collaboration functions. With structured hiring, you can take control of the hiring process from start to finish. Recruiters can create internal or external job posts and approval stages for jobs. They can set up candidate source tracking to see how a candidate entered an employer’s Greenhouse Recruiting account so you can figure out ways to nurture leads. Meanwhile, hiring teams can stay coordinated with features like @mentions, shared application reviews, and job and offer approvals.

Aside from these, it’s possible for users to conduct multi-channel sourcing from their own HRIS system, ZipRecruiter, or LinkedIn, helping recruiters find employees online and offline. Once a candidate exits the job pipeline, they can be made to answer a candidate experience survey. This is a way for hiring teams to measure overall satisfaction with the hiring process as well as spot room for improvements.

greenhouse candidate survey

Candidate survey interface on Greenhouse’s dashboard.

Even with the Essential plan, users can take advantage of Greenhouse’s thriving integration ecosystem to make their existing apps work in tandem with their ATS.

One good use case for the Essential plan is for organizations that want to overhaul manual hiring processes, which are prone to error and delays. Such was the scenario for a financial technology company that wanted to automate essential parts of its hiring process and make the candidate experience better. From writing interviews in notebooks, the company used Greenhouse and integrated it with the Interview Schedule solution to shift from a paper-based to a digital process.

Advanced Plan

With the Greenhouse Advanced plan, clients can get all Essential plan features, plus additional ones like CRM Essential, scalable workflows, and custom reports. A CRM subscription allows you to treat candidates as prospects. This means that you can add, organize, and search for prospects as you build relationships with them, eliminating the need for separate CRM software. With scalable workflows, users can configure approval workflows that are fit for the whole organization or a certain department. They are given the choice to configure sequential or non-sequential offer approval steps.

Unlike Essential plan customers who get only one Event credit, Advanced plan customers get 10 event credits. With the Greenhouse Events app, recruiters can capture resumes and prospect data, share and review prospect feedback, and sync prospect data with Greenhouse CRM. Another difference between the two plans is that with the Essential plan, one can get core reports while the Advanced plan allows you to generate custom reports from a certain set of parameters. There is also an option to email the custom report to a recipient or schedule the sending of such emails at recurring intervals.

greenhouse reports

Advanced Plan subscribers can access standard reports as well as custom reports.

The custom reports functionality was put to good use by a restaurant and POS software provider. Although it had the Report Builder tool, it wanted to get specific data, which it could get only by putting together various reports. But with the new version of the tool, the organization was able to pull custom reports much faster and immediately respond to requests for information from stakeholders. This has resulted in time savings when exporting and uploading reports.

Expert Plan

With the Expert plan, users can get all Essential and Advanced plan features, plus a CRM Expert package, unlimited events, BI connector, and the Expert version of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) feature set.

Greenhouse has an extensive feature set that helps employers fight bias during the hiring process and ensure that candidates are assessed fairly and consistently. Some of the features that support this are anti-bias nudges or pop-up messages, which remind recruiters to rate the candidate based on the specific attributes identified for the role. On the other hand, interviewers are kept in check by scorecard anti-bias nudges, which remind them to focus on qualifications relevant to the job as they fill out scorecards.

greenhouse scorecards

Scorecards can be set up at any stage during the hiring process in Greenhouse.

The Expert Plan also comes with a BI Connector that helps you connect data tools like Tableau or PowerBI with Greenhouse to extract raw data from Greenhouse and generate unique reports for data analysts.

The Expert plan is a perfect fit for organizations that aim to achieve their targets in their commitments to DE&I. Such was the case for an education-focused nonprofit that wanted to integrate DE&I into its hiring process with the help of data. Since its advocacy is educational equity, the company also sought to mimic such philosophy into their hiring practices. However, it lacked the data to put its plans into action. With the Greenhouse DE&I solution, the organization was able to track self-reported applicant demographic data gathered through the hiring funnel. The reports proved crucial to the recruitment team to give information to hiring managers so they could make decisions about their hiring strategies in real-time. As a result, more than 50% of candidates who have continued to the face-to-face interview stage have been identified as people of color.

Sizing Up Greenhouse for Your Company

Whatever the size of your company or your hiring needs, any of Greenhouse’s Essential, Advanced, and Expert plans can address those. Choosing which plan is all a matter of knowing which features are must-haves and nice-to-haves so you can maximize the potential investment you will be making in the software. Before you get started, you can request a demo from the vendor to make sure you see how the software works for yourself.

The COVID-19 crisis has deeply disrupted the job market: from low unemployment rates during its outset to the subsequent surge in rehiring. A robust ATS like Greenhouse will enable your team to navigate hiring and onboarding challenges even in the post-pandemic world. It will help you keep abreast of the latest recruitment trends and prepare you for what’s ahead.

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