How BambooHR Lets You Handle Employee Onboarding The Right Way

bamlEngagement is the key to successful team performance, but in a highly-trafficked business environment, counting on it is almost as cranky as walking on thin ice. You collate a group of talented agents that do miracles when given an opportunity, but the question remains: will they like you as much as you like them?

You may get all snobbish about it, and say it is the least of your concerns, but think again: why take your main ace off your sleeve, and put it in your competitor’s hands?

Like it or not, your business depends on whether you’ve made the effort of being disposable. Hires need to know they can count on you in every situation, and you shouldn’t delude yourself that you can cover this need by indirect communication. Instead, approach them face to face, and share your cause in a way which will build an instant emotional bond.

Long story short, take onboarding as personally as your employees are taking it.

BambooHR practices for successful onboarding

BambooHR is one of today’s leading HR management platforms: both the outstanding features and affordable BambooHR pricing are one of the leading priorities businesses consider when choosing how to manage workforce, but there is another thing that highlights the value of this system: the unique components of their onboarding process.

As the company’s COO Ryan Sanders reveals, the way the business manages its human capital is way more important than how it manages assets, and one could easily spot that impact comparing the productivity rates of brands which care and don’t care about communication and corporate culture. According to him, BambooHR is the most pleasant working environment where employees develop individual strategies to comply with the company’s mission. As a matter of fact, he selected a few of the team’s best practices for business to follow when onboarding new employees:

1. It all starts with the manager

While most companies believe the manager’s critical task is to lead, Sanders believes that’s in fact his ability to play a role in the team. There is nothing to appreciate about scheduling tasks, as that’s something any experienced professional can do within seconds. The BambooHR side of the story, however, is that managerial positions should be given to communicative and open-minded individuals who know how to establish personal connections.

2. There is no such thing as ‘enough training’

BambooHR’s online survey concluded that 7% of employees believe training is essential for their work, and that every new arrival needs it in order to contribute to the company’s success. By training, Sanders did not only refer to organized assistance, but also timely access to materials, relevant and valuable content and application instructions. What is even more important, training shouldn’t stop when the employee closes a successful project, but be available each time the employee thinks he needs it.

3. Nobody likes pressure

The fact that your new employee doesn’t handle collaboration well doesn’t make his knowledge less valuable. For most companies, onboarding is a fixed period of days or weeks, and doesn’t depend on the learning pace of the employee. BambooHR employee onboarding strategy is to give employees the time they need to involve, evolve, and develop expectations from the company, as this is the only way to maximize the use of their potential.

4. Feeling like home

The first nice thing you could do for your employee is make him feel wanted, and that’s usually as simple as a welcome note and a comprehensive learning folder on his desktop. If possible, be flexible and allow them to use familiar methods, and give their ideas a chance to become operable solutions.

5. Arranged permissions

Another thing each new employee likes as much as a warm welcoming is the feeling of working in a professional and flawlessly performing environment. That means that you have to handle all technicalities in advance, and set examples with your permissions arrangement. Therefore, prepare login credentials long before you’ve filled the vacancy, summarize cards and access keys, set up an office with all necessary supplies, and let the team know what the new colleague will be in charge of.


Inside story: results of Bamboo’s engagement efforts

One month ago, BambooHR literally forced its employees to take holidays, and paid them to pile work on their desks, and to hit the road.

How did it happen? More than about performance, BambooHR’s management cared about the healthy life-balance of its team, and developed a program called ‘Paid Paid Vacation’ from where employees got access to $2,000 for accomplishing one simple task: going out of their offices.

It meant that more than 200 employees were reimbursed for travel expenses, so that they will lift up their spirits and come in the office fresh and ready to contribute. Looking at the amount invested in the project, one can easily conclude how much BambooHR cares about its employees, and how far it goes ensuring that they will be satisfied with their jobs. Most of all, BambooHR expresses gratitude for the devotion and hard work of its team, and that’s not something many software companies can boast about.

Before considering ‘Paid Paid Vacation’, Sanders and the team were thinking of an unlimited holiday program, where workers would simply take days off upon notice, and come back whenever they felt like. Believe it or not, the reasons why the later idea failed was that employees were simply not taking holidays, and Sanders had to think of a way to ‘pull them out’ of the office. Who wouldn’t wish a team like that?

Jenny Chang

By Jenny Chang

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