FedEx Fulfillment Reviews: Pricing, Storage and Order Processing

FedEx Fulfillment is relatively new to the industry as this eCommerce solution was launched early in 2017. It is a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and helps small and medium-sized companies fulfill orders from multiple channels including online marketplaces and websites, and handle inventory for their retail outlets. In short, the solution is an integrated supply chain product that utilizes an easy-to-use platform and FedEx’s renowned transportation networks. In our FedEx Fulfillment reviews we’ll take a detailed look at the pricing, storage and order processing offered by this popular order fulfillment services platform.

FedEx Fulfillment is a reliable logistics solution that offers warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, transportation, and reverse logistics services to its clients. Its platform manages inventory and integrates selling channels.

Fast-growing eCommerce businesses can opt to use FedEx Fulfillment as this vendor can move goods efficiently and reliably. Plus, this service has the backing of the established FedEx infrastructure which means its clients can outsource their fulfillment and logistics needs to the provider and focus on growing their business.

The FedEx Fulfillment platform provides its clients full visibility into their products and gives them a simple way to track items, handle inventory, evaluate trends, and make educated decisions by understanding shoppers’ spending behaviors. This provider’s unique selling propositions are same-day fulfillment cut-off times, two-day ground shipping to the majority of the US population, and the infrastructure for a smooth returns process.

Fast growing small and medium-sized companies can find an able ally in FedEx Fulfillment to achieve scalable and profitable growth. The highlights of this provider are quick shipments, effortless returns, flexible delivery choices, and delightful customer service experiences. By providing these positive services to their customers, brands can build deep-rooted loyalty and attract repeat sales.

How It Works

FedEx Fulfillment reviews confirm the service offers you a holistic approach to outsourced logistics, including fulfilling, warehousing, packaging, transportation, and returns. They empower your business to flex and scale effortlessly as their expert staff members are trained to deliver a differentiating customer experience on behalf of your brand. Plus, they assign a dedicated customer success specialist to each client who will work with you throughout the process to ensure you and your customers get top-quality care and service.

Clients can store their products at FedEx warehouses in the US and Canada. FedEx Fulfillment will package and ship the items to customers. The best part is they offer custom boxes with your brand’s logo instead of FedEx’s own logo.

Direct Competitor to Amazon

By launching FedEx Fulfillment, the parent company has announced it is a worthy competitor to Amazon in the fulfillment services industry. Plus, the launch highlights the growing importance of eCommerce which has overtaken conventional brick-and-mortar retailers in popularity. Recently, The Limited stated that it is closing all its outlets, while Macy’s plans to close at least 100 branches.

Why should sellers opt for FedEx Fulfillment over Amazon? The main reason is Amazon competes with sellers. It watches which products are selling well and are trendy, and then starts to sell those products itself. So, third-party sellers are better off with FedEx which is not a retailer. Therefore, sellers can reliably outsource their logistics and fulfillment requirements to this vendor without fear of attracting more competition.

On top of that, FedEx Fulfillment states it is focused on the retailer and provides the right services to help them expand their business. This helpful approach is attracting good response and the partner is getting positive feedback from clients.

FedEx Fulfillment is an ideal choice for established online retailers that do not need to hire another marketplace such as Amazon to get customers for their products. FedEx has successfully tested pilot projects with businesses and they utilize about 130 warehouses in the US and Canada to store goods.

When it comes to logistics and shipment, FedEx has a worthy competitor in Amazon. This highly profitable online retailer is building its own logistics network and is developing a $1.5 billion air cargo hub in Kentucky. Plus, it is leasing jets and also focusing on a program to deliver items using drones. By launching FedEx Fulfillment, the courier service giant has launched an open battle with the online retailing giant for a share of the fast-growing fulfillment services market.

Main Selling Points

FedEx acquired Genco in 2016 and used this merger to launch FedEx Fulfillment early in 2017. As referenced above, FedEx Fulfillment has thus become a direct competitor to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

The established FBA can be a liability for sellers as it identifies customers’ bestselling products through analytics and then offers them for sale at discounted prices on its own marketplace. However, sellers will not face this scenario with FedEx Fulfillment.

In addition to the 130 fulfillment centers in North America, FedEx is currently developing more facilities because of growing demand. Plus, it is improving its innovation and efficiency by making use of cutting edge technologies such as robotics and automation.

FedEx Fulfillment uses Manhattan Associate’s Scope, a SaaS-based WMS (warehouse management system) that handles order management and inventory across multiple channels. The vendor also handles returns and international orders through FedEx Cross Border, the rebranded Bongo, to 220 countries. They use FedEx’s famed network of facilities and logistics to ship products across the continental US in two days via either FedEx Ground or SmartPost, its last-mile solution that uses the US Postal Service.

FedEx Fulfillment is able to offer top rate features and benefits because the parent company took the pain to develop these services over a period of two years in response to customer requests for a fulfillment offering that caters to the special needs of small and medium-sized businesses. FedEx had largely been focusing on enterprise-level accounts, but SMB owners constantly bombarded it with requests for a solution for their eCommerce fulfillment requirements. So the courier service giant sat down with these clients and evolved a service that provides quality eCommerce fulfillment for SMBs in a shared space.

Unique Features

Why should you opt for this order fulfillment services provider? According to our FedEx Fulfillment reviews the main reason is you can deploy a top-rate fulfillment solution without needing to invest time and money in the arduous process of building your own logistics network. Plus, you get the benefit of FedEx’s years of eCommerce logistics experience, their robust network, and embedded continuous improvement processes. On top of that, the vendor uses flexible staffing and labor management. They help you onboard quickly and their operations can easily scale with your demands as they utilize flexible staffing during peak and off-peak seasons. Here is a list of the service’s key features:

  1. Integration with your eCommerce platforms: You can easily integrate all marketplaces with their online platform to enable fast and accurate order fulfillment.
  2. Customizing to meet consumer needs: You can meet and exceed customer expectations with branded or custom packaging, kitting and other value-added services.
  3. Providing tracking and visibility in one place: Utilize a single platform to aggregate all orders and inventory, which makes it simple to analyze and improve your fulfillment network.
  4. Offering supply chain consulting: The vendor offers the expertise of their experienced logistics professionals to help you identify opportunities to overcome logistics challenges and improve your processes.
  5. Information for your business: To learn more about how their turnkey solution can work for your business, simply provide some information about your operations and their team member will immediately contact you for more details.
  6. Optimized supply chain: Both emerging businesses as well as large manufacturers looking to launch into the e-commerce space can utilize FedEx Fulfillment’s logistics solutions to provide the following services:
  7. Offer a network of integrated solutions: Simplify and improve your operations with an integrated suite of supply chain solutions designed for optimal speed to market, scalability, and profitable growth.
  8. Service a multi-platform and international customer base: Address all your sales channels by quickly and easily integrating marketplaces into the online platform so you can fulfill customer orders in more than 200 countries and territories, based on visibility into your entire inventory.
  9. Satisfy your customers with efficient delivery: Improve your delivery speed and ensure accuracy with the FedEx portfolio of transportation services.
  10. Streamline your operations: Gain visibility into all of your inventory and shipments through an easy-to-use online platform, enabling you to meet customer expectations from wherever you are.
  11. Differentiate your business through value-added services: Rise and shine above the competition with custom or branded packaging, in-store promotions, and other value-added services, embedded within the warehouse.
  12. Reverse Logistics: Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction with the integrated FedEx Fulfillment reverse logistics solution. The provider is an innovative leader in the field of reverse logistics and understands the need to provide customer credits efficiently, process returns accurately, and identify the best channel to realize a returned product’s maximum value. You can use their reverse logistics expertise to:
  • Operate returns facilities: Efficiently process returned goods with the vendor’s comprehensive solutions that speed up intake and sorting, analyze returned goods, and automate disposition — including vendor requirements.
  • Liquidate inventory: Clear out overstock or returned products and get compensation from secondary markets for your unsold goods when the vendor handles liquidation for you.
  • Maintain compliance: Ensure compliance with vendor and manufacturer policies through their proprietary reverse logistics software.


To sum up, you can benefit a great deal by outsourcing your fulfillment needs to FedEx Fulfillment as you get to leverage the vast and efficient FedEx network as well as proven expertise. We especially recommend this vendor as an ideal option for international and multi-channel sellers looking for an alternative to Amazon.

Shaun Baker

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