9 Tips For An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign for the Holidays

Today, Facebook is considered to be one of the biggest social media marketplaces with the perfect prospects for the business setting. The simplicity of business creating and managing, and great customer engagement make this platform the first choice for people starting e-commerce. Applying Facebook Ads to your e-commerce is a great option for attracting clients all year-round, but during the holiday season, it becomes one of the most important elements for sales-boosting.

To stay at the top among the competitors, each store applies different methods for making the most efficient advertising strategy for the holiday season. That is why in this article we will discuss the importance of the Facebook ad strategy and present the best tips to boost your campaign which can be applied before any holiday season. 


Ads Campaign Changing During Holidays

In fact, the holiday season provides significant changes in Facebook advertising. For instance, to drum up more potential consumers and widen the target audience, shops greatly increase customers’ engagement before and during the holiday season thus causing changes in the ad development. If you are looking for tips and advice on how to create a successful Facebook Ad Campaign you can check out some top online courses.

Competition Increasing

The limitations in the ad space raise the competition between thousands of e-commerce advertisers, including popular brands and the recently opened stores that want to promote their products using Facebook ads. That is why during the holiday season it is greatly important to make step by step strategy to make sure the ad campaign will work properly. 

Consumption Growing

“As all we know, pre-holiday and holiday time is the best one for the e-commerce businesses to attract some new customers during the shopping. That is caused by the variety of holidays celebrated at the end of the year thus encouraging consumers to buy the products for the celebration. Additionally, to promote them for the purchase, more and more shops initiating the big sales campaign which implies amazing metrics for higher returns and sales growth”, admits Liam Hayes, a digital marketing manager at Essay Tigers.

Ad Price Rising

Along with the number of the Facebook ad published, the price for the advertising also rises. In fact, marketing studies have shown that the sales metrics tend to increase from mid-November to the end of the year, which is considered to be one of the main reasons ad costs start increasing during this period of time. 

The Best Tips for Boosting Your Facebook Ad Efficiency

Needless to say, to stay competitive and maintain its standing, online stores use a variety of methods for boosting their sales and increasing their brand awareness. So, here we have prepared 9 efficient tips that marketing strategy experts recommend to use while starting running the ad campaign on Facebook. 

1) Plan the Holidays in Advance

When starting to make the ad campaign strategy for the holiday, you also have to mind all the dates that can be useful for a certain period of time. The experts of the Social Media Examiner have created the list of the key dates you can use for the Facebook ads, for example, use the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas holidays for creating the special deals available during its celebration day. 

This Black Friday ad does not only drive Black Friday sales but also heats up the audience’s interest, so people would be more likely to get the advantage of the Christmas and New Year offers.

2) Personalize Your Ad Campaign to Various Holidays

As you might have already noticed, along with the holiday coming users can observe the different designs of the store’s web pages related to certain celebrations. For example, the orange pumpkins and bats are widely used during Halloween, while the red stripes, snow, and the decorated Christmas tree are used for the Christmas holidays. These small changes remind the customers about the upcoming celebrations and at the same time encourage them to make a purchase. 

By adding Christmas elements into the ad’s visuals, Cadbury Dairy Milk reminds its audience about the upcoming holiday.

3) Create Special Deals for the Holidays

Along with the design changes we also recommend you to pay special attention to the goal of any ad campaign on Facebook – to reach the final customers and buy your product. Because of the increasing competition during the holiday season, every shop tries to offer the best deal for its potential clients, so it becomes really important to create special deals related to the different holidays for boosting the sales. As an example, you can make a set of some special products for this season wrapped in a gift package. That trick can greatly increase the sales as lots of people don’t have free time for thinking over the wrapping while preparing the presents for their relatives and friends. 

With the exclusive holiday offer, L’occitane en Provence increases sales as customers would be willing to complete a purchase at such a good price.

4) Make or Renew the Product Catalogue of Your Brand

Loyal customers often use the product catalog to discover the new products released for this season, that is why you have to keep the catalog updated to the upcoming holidays so as to encourage people to buy it. You can easily make the one by yourself, as well as visit the masterclasses of creating a perfect product catalog for your store. Also, you can publish some tips about product usage and present the key features of this product. 

JackThreads offers customers to review their product catalogue and a 60% discount increases the possibility of sales.

5) Build the Email List

The most important part of any ad campaign is to keep the clients updated about the special deals available for a limited period of time. One of the best ways to complete this task is to send the newsletter with the latest updates that might be interesting for the customers. That is why you can create the original templates for every holiday, also including the offer customizing due to the personal preferences of the potential consumer. For instance, if the last purchase was the Christmas tree, you can also include the deals for the decorations available for it in your newsletter. 

By offering a discount on the next purchase Reeds does a good job at building long-term relationships with a customer.

6) Create Special Offers

The marketing researches have shown that being limited in time people are more likely to make a purchase than if just being shown the ad with the sales notifications. Also, depending on the season people used to buy different products, that is why it is a great idea to make, as an example, the special deal with the sun protecting beauty products in summer but not in winter, and the best time for selling the Christmas decorations and other designed unique merchandise starts from the mid-November and lasts till February. 

By creating the sets of products that work together MoroccanOil offers a great gift idea and significantly simplifies the gift search process.

7) Develop the Video Content for the Holiday

Linked to the concrete subject videos can greatly affect the audience and make them feel the holiday atmosphere thus encouraging them to start doing the celebration preparations. Over 30% of consumers want to see special videos related to the tips and ideas for the holiday celebration. So, after discovering the ad video about the product, its key features, or the circumstances it can be used in, the clients often go to the shop to find out the main information related to the product they liked. Besides, the video content provides a better product presentation so to show all its benefits and is a great option for the store promotion as well. 

By creating video content, you allow customers to see your products and services in all the details, so they can make a more informed purchasing decision.

8) Track the Users’ Activities

In addition, it is crucial to track the trends your target audience likes the most. This tip is important so to get the general idea about what to present next and how to improve the ad campaign for widening the present audience. While choosing the best time for the ad publishing it is more likely to meet the new consumer and raise the number of your clients. If used thoroughly, it can greatly increase the returns and boost business development. 


9) Optimize the Mobile Experience

Nowadays over 60% of people prefer using smartphones to the PC while browsing the Internet, that is why it is crucial to make sure your Facebook ad is optimized for any device so as to prevent the consumers’ losing interest in the ad shown on the screen. So, test your ad on various web pages before launching it for a wide audience. 


Final Word

In short, the ad campaign strategy for Facebook has a great impact on the sales return, that is why it is important to plan it ahead to get on the top among the thousands of similar shops. We are sure that tracking the target audience and its preferences, creating special offers and big sales can greatly increase the sales, building the email list, making the newsletters and the product catalogs improve the customer experience while making purchases at your store. 

We hope these tips will be useful for your Facebook ad strategy development and assist you while making your ad campaign on this platform. 

Jessica Stewart

By Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart is the resident marketing analyst at FinancesOnline and a pioneering member of our research team. She believes that data is at the center of business and marketing technology is its enabler, a point not lost in his articles published in major outlets such as BusinessInsider, USA Today and Entrepreneur. Beyond assessing the standard tools for workflow automation, campaigns, messaging, and real-time alerts, Jessica focuses on the software’s bottom-line ROI— how it helps marketers perfect their data-driven method to collect and process customer data, measure the KPIs, and, ultimately, realize profits.

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