SkyPrep LMS Price & Cost Analysis: Which Plan Fits You Best?

How much does SkyPrep LMS cost?
SkyPrep LMS pricing plans cost from $199/month for the Core plan to $499/month for the Premium plan. The Enterprise quote-based plan is also available for large organizations. The pricing depends on the number of monthly active users and the core features included. If you opt to have your subscription billed annually, discounts are also offered

Essential features, accessibility, and integration are some of the myriad things you’ve to consider when choosing an LMS system. However, one factor that sways the final buying decision is the price. Take SkyPrep LMS, for example; the solution ticks all the boxes of the LMS needs analysis checklist. But, before you pick the solution, you should ask; does the SkyPrep LMS price model align with your organization’s needs?

Price is a decisive factor in selecting a solution that can best meet your needs. Ideally, reasonably priced LMS software programs should bring significant savings with regard to training and content management costs. This is to mean, besides meeting your requirements, the solution should also fit into your budget.

In this article, we’ve compiled a SkyPrep LMS price and cost analysis. We’ve discussed in detail the price, inclusions, and the ideal users of each package. The goal is to help you determine if SkyPrep LMS is a feasible investment for your business.

skyprep lms cost analysis

SkyPrep LMS Price & Cost Analysis Table of Contents:

Why is Price an Important Factor to Consider?

Selecting an LMS software tool for your small business isn’t an easy undertaking. Apparently, to find the most suitable solution, you must achieve an inimitable balance between budget, your requirements, usefulness, and value for money. Factor in the numerous solutions that are available on the market, and you have a truly difficult puzzle to solve.

Source: Brandon Hall Group Learning Technology Study (2016)

The task is made harder because there are numerous reasons for buying or switching learning technology. Of course, pinpointing the features you need in an LMS is easy and straightforward. But the buying process gets messy when the element of price is introduced. That is; when you have to find a solution that has all the essentials features and is affordable. And mind you, an affordable LMS solution doesn’t mean the cheapest.

Pricing is a tricky factor to consider when buying an LMS software, and many organizations don’t get it right, falling into the trap of any of these LMS fail factors. One major reason is price, when a business spends more than what it needs. So, how are organizations coaxed into buying solutions that are way beyond their budgets?

It’s easy to bungle pricing, especially if you don’t know how much LMS software product costs. This is because the numbers displayed on the vendor website do not always provide the full picture. As such, you’ve to be wary of the hidden costs often caused by add-ons, learner usage, access to support, and more. To eliminate unexpected costs, you must have a thorough understanding of key LMS software solution features and how the vendor’s pricing works.

Luckily, with our analysis, you have all the details you need to know about SkyPrep LMS cost. After this quick read, making a sound buying decision about SkyPrep LMS should be easy.

SkyPrep LMS Price & Cost Analysis

skyprep dashboard example

If you’ve read our SkyPrep LMS review, you quite possibly noted that the solution has all the essential features you need to build a sustainable eLearning ecosystem. That means; the only hurdle you need to clear before making the final buying decision is the SkyPrep LMS cost. So, where do you begin when it comes to comparing SkyPrep LMS price plans?

First, you need to check if the software fits into your budget. This means, looking at the general overview of the SkyPrep LMS pricing structure. Second, if the solution passes the first test, you can have an in-depth look at each price plan to alleviate any concern about unexpected costs. Last, you can compare the pricing plans, scrutinize the inclusions, and pick one that can best satisfy your needs.

However, if you’ve done extensive research about pricing, you can dive ahead and sign up for SkyPrep LMS free trial here to closely examine its features.


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SkyPrep LMS Pricing Overview

SkyPrep LMS provides a packaged LMS pricing model. The model consists of simple plans charged based on the bundle of features and monthly active users volume. Besides, the rates vary based on the billing cycle. Interestingly, the annual billing structure seems to be the most popular as SkyPrep offers a discount to customers who pay annually.

Pricing starts at $199/month for a Core plan, and go up to $499/month for the Premium plan. Better still, SkyPrep LMS offers a custom based pricing plan for large organizations with complex digital learning needs. The best thing about SkyPrep LMS pricing structure is that you can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a plan if and when the need arises. Most importantly, each SkyPrep LMS plan comes with a free trial.

The most intriguing part, though, is how SkyPrep LMS counts the number of monthly active users. For example, one user can log in to your digital learning systems and access unlimited courses. Any subsequent logins from this user, during the month, will not count towards the active user limit. Even better, even if you have thousands of users registered to your eLearning system, you only pay for active users during that particular month. The vendor describes an active user as a person who logs into your digital learning platform. Furthermore, SkyPrep LMS now offers unlimited storage space across all plans, which is highly beneficial to those that create their own course materials.

Here is a detailed description of each SkyPrep LMS pricing plan:

Core Plan – $199/month

How big is your company or institution? If all you need is to engage a maximum of 100 learners or employees, then the Core plan is ideally perfect. This is the basic SkyPrep LMS pricing plan suitable for organizations that want to create simple leaner-admin interactions.

Interestingly, there is no limit on the number of courses or assessments you can create. Even better, the plan offers custom branding and certificates, which are for small institutions and businesses that would like for their online courses and certificates to reflect their brand.

With its tons of robust features, the Core plan offers a simple and affordable way to build your training modules. It allows you to provide organized learning to employees via eLearning systems, without inflating the operational costs.

If you feel like the Starter plan is for you, it’s available from $199/month (billed annually).

Core Plan Inclusions:

  • $100/ 100 users per month
  • Unlimited admins
  • 2 user roles (admin and learner)
  • $5 overage/user
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Custom certificates
  • Email support
  • Unlimited content and assessments upload
  • White labeling and custom URL
  • Resource center
  • Ecommerce
  • Messaging and reminders
  • Advanced course settings
  • Assessment randomizer
  • Custom email templates
  • Course catalog
  • Multimedia PowerPoint converter
  • Instructor-led and live webinars
  • Group hierarchy
  • Real-time reports
  • 19 Languages Option
  • SCORM 1.2 Packages

Premium Plan – $499/month

There is a substantial price difference between the Core and the Premium plans, but, does the Premium plan offer enough features to justify its pricing? Apparently, the Premium plan is equipped with the essential features in the Core plan and accommodates the same number of users. However, the biggest difference between the two price plans is the number of features.

Besides, with Premium Plan, you get access to workflow automation features. You can also customize user fields and learner dashboards, as well as incorporate gamification functions into your learning modules. Moreover, with the package, it’s easy to implement advanced security controls and limit user access either by domain or IP.

Better still, the package provides other great features like course sharing module, sub-platform hierarchy, knowledge check, and access to phone and customer success manager assistance. These features make the package best for organizations that want to create more dynamic courses and grant different levels of access without compromising security.

The Premium plan price is $499/month for the annual billing cycle.

Premium Plan Inclusions:

  • All features included in the Core plan
  • 3 user roles (Manager, Admin, Learner)
  • Email, phone, and customer success manager
  • Advanced security controls
  • Custom user fields
  • API access
  • Single Sign-on
  • Limit access by domain and IP
  • Advanced reporting
  • Course sharing module
  • Sub-platform hierarchy
  • Workflow automation
  • Premium integrations
  • Gamification
  • Checklists
  • Knowledge check
  • Custom SMTP
  • Customizable learner dashboard
  • BoostHQ (Knowledge Sharing Platform)

Enterprise Plan – quote-based

Lastly, if your organization has outgrown the inclusions offered in the Premium plan, it is time to think about an upgrade. To be precise; if you need to support more than 1,000 monthly active users, you certainly need to subscribe to the Enterprise package.

Unlike the other plans, the Enterprise plan is a custom-based pricing plan. The plan is designed to cater to large organizations with complex employee training needs. This is SkyPrep LMS’s all-in-one package that provides access to all the Premium features plus other advanced features. A couple of the benefits only available in the Enterprise plan are migration services and multi-year discounts.

Enterprise Plan Inclusions:

  • All features included in the Premium plan
  • 1,000+ monthly active users
  • Migration services
  • Multi-year discounts

Unexpected Costs

The one thing that many organizations dread when buying an LMS solution is unexpected costs. Interestingly, with the existence of numerous LMS software solutions, evading hidden costs is now an even bigger task. Extra costs can easily push you beyond your budget and prevent you from achieving your eLearning objects.

For this reason, before proceeding with any purchase, you must do extensive research to identify hidden charges. Luckily, we’ve examined the SkyPrep LMS pricing structure, and there is no hidden cost to worry about.

The only charge that you need to worry about is the overage charge. At $5/user, the overage charge might seem insignificant, but it can easily equal or exceed the subscription fee. For example, if you are subscribed to the Core plan, your monthly active users limit is 100. This means, if you register 110 active users in a particular month, you will pay the normal fee ($199/month) plus $150 ($5 * 10 =$50). You will end up paying $349 that month, which does not represent good value for your money.

Now, imagine a case where you have 70 additional monthly active users. The amount you will pay will be paying $549, which is more than the value of the Premium plan. For this reason, you ought to be on top of learner or employee content interaction metrics. That means, you always have to pay close attention to the number of users interacting with your platform. Above all, anticipate with pinpoint precision when to upgrade to eliminate the risk of blowing your monthly active user limit.

Which Plan Fits You? Go for Free Trial

There you have it–our comprehensive SkyPrep LMS price and cost analysis. If you have qualms about SkyPrep LMS pricing, we hope our price and cost analysis has cleared them all. Remember, SkyPrep LMS has three pricing plans, namely Core, Premium, and Enterprise. These plans offer bundled or packaged LMS pricing models and their charges differ based on the number of monthly active users and the core features included.

Besides, there are no hidden costs with SkyPrep LMS. The only cost you need to keep an eye on is the overage cost. Fortunately, the overage cost is completely manageable and should not be a concern, especially if you accurately anticipate the number of active users. With all the information, it should be easy to pick an affordable plan for your organization. Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for SkyPrep LMS free trial here.

If you want to examine more LMS solutions based on pricing, we highly recommend that you take a look at our list of 20 most affordable LMS software platforms. This way, it will find an affordable solution with the features you need to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

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