Pros & Cons of Sevocity: Analysis of a Top EHR Software

What are the pros and cons of Sevocity?
The pros and cons of Sevocity in mind, you’ll find the system able to accommodate a wide range of specialists in one platform. The EHR software also features unlimited and deep customization based on your requirements. Some may notice its lack of quick integration, but its bi-directional interface with third-party systems ensures your database is always updated.

Can you imagine managing thousands of patients and hundreds of specialists using outdated EHR software? Or worse, a paper file system? Many EHR systems are available in the market, but a growing healthcare provider needs more than the usual record system. Documents and information can easily get lost in an unorganized system, which is critical, especially to patient care. Additionally, each medical specialist requires a unique record and patient management system, which many EHR systems cannot handle in a single platform.

Sevocity foregoes a cookie-cutter EHR system. Instead, it offers a customizable platform that can accommodate most specializations. If you want to take a closer look at its features and customizability functions, read ahead for a detailed review of the platform’s solutions.

In this article, we will discuss the result of our experts’ investigation of the pros and cons of Sevocity. We will be focusing on the strengths of the EHR software and its benefits. The article will also be identifying weak points, if any. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of how Sevocity can help run your health institution or improve your current processes.

In recent years, there is a significant transition to collaborative healthcare and support. These shifts in attitude towards health management are made possible by robust IT systems that allow for more efficient communication and workflows. While doctors and medical experts are still facing various challenges in using multiple platforms and processes, EHR platforms are the future of healthcare with continuous adoption across the globe.

Similarly, managing diverse workflows requires robust systems such as EHR platforms and EMR applications. These software solutions are used to manage various aspects of a health organization. Organizing a growing number of patient data is only the beginning of health IT-related issues handled by these series. 

Physicians and medical specialists are already making an effort to adopt various EHR platforms in their daily tasks. Furthermore, existing efforts are already on the way to improve EHR systems’ interoperability, which will allow patients to securely access their medical information using mobile devices.

Source: Stanford Medicine

On the other hand, innovations and improvements in current EHR systems are relatively slow. A 2018 survey by Stanford Medicine and Harris Poll gathered the opinion of doctors on EHR platforms. Nearly half of the primary care physicians only see EHR systems as nothing more than digital storage. That means the applications currently in use do not fulfill the needs of the medical practitioners.

What is Sevocity?

sevocity task list

Sevocity aims to provide modern EHR solutions by implementing the best practices of software development, records management, and process customization. It is a unique EHR tool that offers unlimited customization based on the specific requirements of medical practitioners and providers. Chief Complaints, Exams, and Patient History are just some of the modules that can be adjusted to fit your practice perfectly.

The EHR platform is perfect for practically any type of medical practice. Whether you have a private practice or are managing a large medical institution, Sevocity can be used to handle various aspects of healthcare. The built-in billing system and practice management modules allow you to operate various aspects of running a healthcare organization without installing any other third-party solutions.

You can easily sign up for Sevocity free demo here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

The company’s vision for the development of their EHR software is to create a platform that is easy to implement, practical, and affordable for any organization. The application is continuously evaluated by the company against industry trends. Sevocity also ensures the availability of 24-hour live support without any added costs. Moreover, the company provides training and a detailed knowledge base to allow efficient integration with existing processes. Because of these benefits, it is steadily rising to become one of the best EHR software in the industry.

The following are the key features of Sevocity:

  • Ongoing customization based on practice and specialty
  • Personalized web training
  • 24-hour, 365 days a year live support
  • Built-in Practice Management interface
  • Free bi-directional Practice Management and Billing platform interface
  • Automatic product and system updates
  • Tier IV redundant data storage
  • EHR software for various medical specialists
  • Personalized Practice Management solutions
  • Integration with third-party billing platforms
  • Provider-Patient Data Exchange under the national DIRECT program

Pros and Cons of Sevocity

EHR Software Made for Specialists

Sevocity will provide you with a customizable platform under its EHR Made Easy system. The company offers an EHR solution that is tailor-made for many specialties, notably Cardiology, Surgery, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Mental Health, Neurology, OB/Gyn, and more. They have also developed independent systems for Geriatrics and Aging, Pain Management, and Surgery that tie seamlessly with the primary Sevocity EHR software.

The developers work closely with medical experts to create various templates and custom workflows that are specific to each medical needs. You can request a customized system if your specialty is not yet offered by the company. However, this will take time for their developers to capture your unique needs fully. Consequently, you get a service that perfectly fits your practice’s requirements.

Easy Practice Management

It is also critical to determine your organization’s ideal medical practice management software. Sevocity offers robust personalized medical practice management software. It allows you to manage the daily business process of your health organization without requiring a separate system. You can contact the experts in the company to avail of Sevocity Premier, which includes a fully integrated Clearinghouse, ERAs, realtime AR reporting, statement processing, and effective scheduling dashboard.

On the other hand, if you are already using existing medical practice management software, Sevocity has partnerships with several platforms for seamless integration. The EHR application works well with AMS Software Inc., C&S Incorporated, Clinix, Comprehensive Medical Solutions, Inc., Medical Practice Software Inc., PracticeAdmin, and more. Additionally, if you are using a third-party system that is not currently partnered with Sevocity, you can avail of their custom bi-directional interface. While the service does not offer easy-click integrations, you can request a custom integration with their experts at no charge.

sevocity patient information dashboard

Accessing patient information in Sevocity dashboard

Custom Solution for Medical Institutions

Beyond a tailor-made EHR application for specialists, Sevocity can also customize the software according to the type of institution or organization that you run. Whether you have a large hospital, a clinic, or even a university or school, the application can accommodate various requirements and demands. 

It can adopt custom functionalities such as chief complaints, health exams, diagnoses, medications, orders, plans, and templates. It also includes patient history, which can be adjusted to allow patients to fill it up online. You can also enable features such as Health Maintenance Tracking and Alerts. The user interface may look outdated due to the design language; it ensures that any user is familiar with the graphical interface such as dropdowns, radio buttons, text fields, and similar elements. Furthermore, the platform is guaranteed to look consistent across different browsers as it does not implement any bleeding-edge design that may break in certain operating systems.

sevocity reporting

Custom report generation in Sevocity dashboard

Integration with Billing Platforms

On top of practice management integrations, billing platforms work seamlessly with the EHR application. Sevocity has partnered with various billing systems and platforms to develop efficient integration. It works well with healthcare providers such as AdvancedMD, AthenaHealth, eTHOMAS, EZ Claim, NueMD, and many more. 

Also, if you are using one of the best billing systems that are not currently partnered with Sevocity, you can avail of their services to build a bi-directional interface. Their expert developers will create two-way communications between the Sevocity EHR software and your preferred billing platform. It ensures that the data is consistent and updated in real-time.

Competitive Pricing

Sevocity offers one of the most competitive prices in the market. With the average pricing of cloud-based EHR solutions costing between $3000 to $4000 per month for up to 20 users, this puts the company’s offerings toward the higher end of the price range.

However,  it should be noted that the $369 per month per provider package already comes with unlimited customizations. Additionally, it also includes free practice management integration, patient portal, and automatic system upgrades. Most competitors at this price range only offer basic EHR functionalities with very limited customization options.

24/7 Year-Round Live Support

Aside from its features and customizability, Sevocity offers a generous 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, live support provided by EHR experts. This is valuable, especially during the onboarding process, as the health providers have access to professional help at any time of the day. Also, it is critical during the process of customization as users can provide immediate feedback to the developers. 

Additionally, the company includes a monthly online web training to keep its users up-to-date with any changes or new features of the platform. They even schedule personalized training for any healthcare provider at no additional cost.

Should You Consider Sevocity as Your EHR Software?

When you are managing a health organization or institution, you need to be on top of several things at once. Your patient record should be up-to-date and easily accessible. The doctors and experts in your hospital must be able to accomplish tasks without losing important medical details seamlessly. Also, you should be able to update the billing and insurance details of your patients in real-time.

The pros and cons of Sevocity in this article outline its unique approach to EHR software. It even allows you to evaluate the platform if it fits the needs of your patients, specialists, and organization. This customized system ensures that your patients’ data are handled carefully. Furthermore,  doctors can easily incorporate the system into their day-to-day tasks with its intuitive interface.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Sevocity free demo here.

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