RingCentral Video Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Free Account and Paid Plans?

What’s included in the RingCentral Video free account?
Included in the RingCentral Video free plan are 40-minute group meetings that can accommodate up to 100 participants. It also offers unlimited 1-on-1 meetings, desktop and app sharing, team messaging, local recording, simultaneous screen share, annotation, and more.

Since the explosion of the global workforce, many communication tools have been developed to combat the challenges the development brings. Some examples of these are text messaging, live chat, and video conferencing software. We’ll be discussing the one that belongs to the last category: RingCentral Video.

RingCentral Video is a part of the RingCentral suite that empowers teams and companies to communicate through online conferences. It offers a series of handy features, such as HD video and audio quality, collaboration tools, phone integration, and more. However, someone who plans to invest in this software needs to see if the pricing is within the allotted budget and reasonable.

To help you with that, we created this guide that discusses the different RingCentral Video pricing packages. At the end of the article, you’ll have enough information to gauge whether this is a proper fit for your business and which plan will give you the most bang for your buck.

ringcentral video pricing packages

In many remote work scenarios, communication is one of the biggest problems. Be it conversing with clients, co-workers, and other stakeholders. As such, one of the most effective tools in bridging this gap is video conferencing software. And because of VoIP trends, such as 5G going mainstream, this market has been flourishing more than ever.

The empowerment of the digital workforce and an increase in communication reliability are just a few of the benefits of using video conferencing systems. It also helps curb travel expenses, promote company culture, connect teams, and more.

There are different criteria that people stick to when choosing which video conferencing software to avail. Some look for something easier to set up or a tool that will provide a better experience for a remote workforce. Likewise, 51% of executives find video quality as the most important feature of video conferencing software, as shown in the chart below.


However, one more factor that should be thoroughly considered when acquiring this kind of tool is how cost-efficient one is. Some software charge based on the number of participants, while some offer scalable solutions. Nevertheless, your needs stacked against the application’s pricing will determine whether you’re getting value for your purchase or not. Let’s see where in this spectrum, RingCentral Video belongs.

Overview of RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video dashboard

RingCentral Video is a web conferencing solution for businesses of any size. It offers high-definition video conferencing, screen sharing, and team messaging functionalities. The platform also allows users to hold meetings anytime, anywhere, using any computer, smartphone, tablet, or the RingCentral Rooms video conferencing system.

With this solution, you can hold unlimited HD video conference calls from wherever you are, organize online meetings, and host an online training or webinar. To help you with the latter, the platform even offers customizable registrations, polls, emails, and Q&A. Your audience or colleagues can participate or join a meeting using any web browser, which means they do not need to download the applications. You can record the meetings for sharing and future references.

Its screen sharing functionality allows teams to collaborate and communicate seamlessly and conduct professional presentations even if they are miles apart. There are annotation tools that both host and attendees can use to highlight, mark, or add comments on shared content. Additionally, the platform allows hosts to grant permission for attendees to control the keyboard and mouse remotely, which promotes better collaboration.

Ring’s functionality can even be exCentral Meetingtended. Some of the integrations it supports are RingCentral Products, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

Detailed RingCentral Video Review

RingCentral Video key features:

  • Company and user-level permissions
  • HD video and voice conferencing
  • Active speaker and full-screen view
  • Meetings settings
  • Host controls
  • User management
  • Custom personal meeting ID
  • Join by telephone dial-in
  • Remote control support
  • Safe driving mode

1. Free Plan for Agile Teams

Teams without demanding video conferencing needs will find this plan sufficient enough. This can be a permanent setup, so long as they don’t need to hold online meetings on a grand scale.

What’s included in the free plan?

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 meetings
  • 40-minute group meetings with up to 100 participants
  • Simultaneous screen share
  • Secure meetings
  • Local recording
  • Outlook integration
  • Whiteboarding
  • Annotation
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Team collaboration and messaging

RingCentral Video free package is a generous solution for small businesses with teams that don’t exceed a hundred members. The 1-on-1 meeting is on par with the premium plans, and 40 minutes is plenty enough for discussing most agenda. Also, support of 100 participants for a group meeting is a very likely scenario in many types of industries, especially since 58% of businesses use video conferencing platforms for their day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, although you’ll be spending $0, the platform still guarantees the security and privacy of your discussions. It won’t simply throw you into just any server and, instead, will give you secure web access with SSL encryption.

The extra but useful features you can access in the meeting are not too shabby either. Multiple participants can share their screens at the same time, which is perfect for comparing numbers and such. There are also tools for whiteboarding and annotation. Moreover, you can integrate the system with Outlook, allowing you to schedule meetings with just a click.

RingCentral Meetings screen sharing

RingCentral Video support 1:1 meeting with screen-sharing.

Additionally, the RingCentral Video free plan supports messaging and collaboration between teams. Members can share files and create posts in and out of online meetings. There’s no limit to how many posts can be made and how many gigabytes of files can be stored.

Another noteworthy feature that the RingCentral Video free plan offers is the recording of the meeting. This can be done by either the host or the participant. The record feature allows you to have a digital copy of everything that transpired in the online conference. Later, you can listen to the video or audio version of the meeting if you need to.

2. Essentials Plan for Growing Business

The Essentials package, which starts at $14.99 per user/month, is ideal for medium-sized and growing businesses. It’s a significant upgrade from the free plan as it not only offers the essential tools but also some advanced functionalities.

What’s included in the essentials plan?

  • All features of the free plan
  • Unlimited duration group calls with up to 100 participants
  • Phone support
  • Basic reporting
  • Schedule meetings for me
  • Single-sign on
  • Call out/Call me
  • 1,000 Call Me minutes per license outbound PSTN
  • Advanced team collaboration and messaging

The Essentials package comes with everything that the free plan offers and then some. The group call, while still imposing a 100-participant limit, is now unlimited in duration. This means more time to discuss your business and even include some watercooler stuff, such as corporate social networking. This is particularly useful for hosting webinars and online training sessions that could easily last for a few hours.

Another upgraded feature is the team messaging and collaboration module. Aside from unlimited storage, posts, and integrations, the plan also provides user invite options, file controls, compliance exports, and data retention policies. There’s also a Single-sign on (SSO) support, which is an efficient method of managing your credentials.

You’ll have access to RingCentral Video phone support. Between the live chat and phone support, the latter has a better chance of your issue getting solved faster. Plus, the basic reporting tool lets you track useful information like the daily number of users, participants, and consumed minutes per month.

With this pricing plan, you can also access a nifty feature called Schedule Meetings for Me. This allows authorized users to schedule a meeting on behalf of other users. This frees a lot of admin tasks for many team members and makes the scheduling process more streamlined.

Better Phone Integration

The Essentials plan also improves upon your meeting experience in various ways. For instance, the Call Out feature allows a participant to invite a user by calling his/her phone. Call Me, on the other hand, lets users switch the meeting audio to their phones without dialing the Meeting ID.

Both these features can be used for inviting and joining the participants in RingCentral Video for mobile and desktop. Call Me and Call Out features are metered against the meeting host’s available minutes. For this particular plan, each license is given 1,000 minutes.

RingCentral Meetings Call Dialer

RingCentral Video premium plans allow you to make a call directly to someone’s phone.

3. Advanced Plan for Large Enterprise

The top tier plan, Advanced, is made for large enterprises with more demanding online meetings and collaboration needs. Its pricing starts at $19.99 per user/month.

What’s included in the advanced plan?

  • All the features included in the Essentials plan
  • 2,500 Call Me minutes per license outbound PSTN
  • Real-time reporting from dashboards
  • Available SLA

The advanced plan is built on the foundation of the Essentials, which is why it features everything that’s in the mid-tier package. It also improves upon the duration of outbound PSTN for Meetings Call Me by bumping it up to 2,500 minutes per license. That’s more than 40 hours’ worth of calls.

Aside from that, you’ll also have access to the RingCentral Video dashboard. This is an interface that provides a series of useful metrics like overall meetings, rooms, and port connector usage. You’ll also see there the information regarding the past and live webinars. And for better overall service experience, the Advanced plan offers an SLA.

Choose the Ideal RingCentral Video Plan For You

Looking at the offerings of each pricing plan, getting the free one first seems to be the more logical choice. It lets you experience the power, albeit limited, of RingCentral Video without risking anything. Upgrading is easy and doable any time after all.

By availing of the free plan, you can check its audio and video quality with its unlimited 1-on-1 meetings. For group conference, you’ll have the same amount of participant limit as the premium packages with considerably less duration. While you miss out on the advanced features like dashboard, reporting, Call Me/Call Out, and phone support, you will still get a solid feel on what RingCentral Video has in store for you.

With that said, learning more about the software category where RingCentral Video belongs is also an excellent way to reinforce your research. You can start with our guide that provides an analysis of video conferencing software. This will help with your purchase decision even more.

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