Is Confluence The Best Tool For Teamwork Workspace On The Market?

What are the benefits of Confluence?
The benefits of Confluence from Atlassian make it an ideal online teamwork workspace for teams of all sizes. It facilitates effective collaboration for both co-located and remote teams. It is also highly customizable and comes as a cloud-based or self-managed solution. Confluence serves as an internal wiki, collaboration, communication, and file sharing tool in one.

When a company grows, more projects are added to its portfolio. More people also join the team to meet project demands. While these often signify progress and success, they can bring forth certain challenges as well.

For one, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding project-related tasks, topics, and issues. This is particularly challenging when more than one team contribute to the project, resulting in some information being siloed. 

Furthermore, when there are a lot of team members simultaneously working on a project, you run the risk of having a disorganized workspace. This may lead to difficulties in tracking task progress and maintaining an efficient team workflow in general.

Overcoming these challenges and more is the primary purpose of collaboration software. But as online collaboration trends drive further industry growth, more players enter the market. If you’re looking at these tools to help streamline and organize your team’s workflow, there is but one question to ask: which teamwork workspace is best for your team?

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at one of today’s most popular online collaboration tools on the market–Atlassian Confluence. By analyzing its features and benefits, we hope to help you answer that question that brings you here: Is Confluence the best tool for teamwork workspace?

confluence features for teamwork

Several studies have already been done to find out what motivates employees and which qualities they prioritize the most. Interestingly, top global employee workplace values include having a sense of community and exercising autonomy at work.

Autonomy, which is the ability to self-govern, does not only make workers feel satisfied and trusted at work; it was also found to fuel innovation. When organizations and managers let their people “own” their work, they are able to come up with more fresh ideas.

However, if your team is made up of highly autonomous individuals, how do you ensure that your team still works efficiently together to achieve a unified goal? This is where effective collaboration needs to come in. Even if you have creative, competent, and autonomous employees, if they cannot work harmoniously together, you might not be able to accomplish great things together.

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Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration

Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration
Chat or text: 51%

Chat or text

Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration
Online meetings: 50%

Online meetings

Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration
Corporate intranet: 41%

Corporate intranet

Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration
Document sharing platforms: 24%

Document sharing platforms

Top Technologies Businesses Use to Conduct Professional Collaboration
Project management platforms: 20%

Project management platforms


Source: Dimensional Research

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The next question is how can your team collaborate effectively, especially if you work remotely? For team members to be on the same page, they need to get all of the information they need for their tasks, work toward agreed-upon goals, and utilize a centralized workspace that can help them move forward. Furthermore, employees report that collaboration involves effective communication for the most part.

Online workspace tools such as Atlassian Confluence help centralize communication and project tracking so that teams can communicate and see in real-time what others are doing. As a result, these tools allow teams to overcome the challenges of enterprise collaboration by helping establish trust, visibility, and communication.

What Is Atlassian Confluence?

Atlassian Confluence dashboard

Atlassian Confluence is a collaboration and project management software that promotes efficient knowledge sharing across teams. This tool was designed to make it easier for teams to work collaboratively on various types of projects and tasks, such as setting up business plans and developing software. 

As one of the leading online collaboration tools for project managers, Atlassian Confluence offers fully customizable workspaces. It features more than 15 templates that managers can use to create a dashboard that matches their team’s needs and functions. Users can further customize their workspace’s pages by adding images and videos to make them more user-friendly and engaging. The pages are shareable, making them more conducive to effective collaboration. 

Detailed Atlassian Confluence Review

Confluence also helps improve project organization by allowing users to group related pages together. It supports structured page trees and categories. Additionally, it has an efficient search feature that ensures everyone finds the content and pages that they need quickly and easily. This tool also allows for page and inline comments, so users can leave feedback where they want to.

Furthermore, Confluence is offered in various pricing plans that are meant to meet the demands of different teams. Atlassian also offers enterprise-level solutions for this product, each providing more extensive support and services. 

As Confluence is an Atlassian product, it seamlessly connects with other solutions from the vendor. It also integrates with other business tools, such as Google Drive, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams.

Here are the key features of Atlassian Confluence:

  1. Fully customizable workspace
  2. Over 15 workspace and pages templates
  3. Supports addition and uploading of images, videos, and GIFs
  4. Page grouping and categorization
  5. Structured page trees
  6. Search function
  7. Page archiving
  1. Collaborative editing and feedback system
  2. @mention team members
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Advanced admin permissions
  5. Data backups
  6. Site governance capabilities
  7. Data encryption

Top 10 Reasons Why Confluence Could Be the Best Teamwork Workspace For You

For team managers looking for efficient tools to improve employee collaboration, one of the popular options to look at is Atlassian Confluence. Here are the reasons why it could be the team workspace tool to match your needs and expectations.

1. It Provides Teams with a Single Source of Truth

Confluence is ideal for putting all of your team and company’s internal knowledge and documents together in one easily accessible online platform. This solution offers “spaces” where you can group related pages together to make them easier to find for every member of your team or company. You can choose to create spaces that all employees can access, while also dedicating other spaces for team-specific information distribution.

With a single source of truth, everyone is aligned with your team and project goals. It also becomes easier to direct somebody to information that they are trying to find.

2. It Helps Teams Accomplish Cross-functional Projects More Smoothly

Bigger organizations often handle huge projects with parts that need to be accomplished by different teams or departments. In one way or another, there will be cross-functional tasks and milestones, and the overlapping of information is inevitable. 

With Atlassian Confluence, you can avoid confusion as it helps keep everyone on the same page. Team managers and members know at what stage others are in the process. They are made aware of the progress of each team’s share of tasks as they get a clear view of goals, assignments, schedules, and status. Assigning tasks and clarifying information are also easier as you can @ mention members and take advantage of collaborative document editing. All of these result in the project moving forward more smoothly.

confluence in-context feedback

Confluence supports in-context feedback and @ mentions that promote more efficient communication and collaboration.

3. Its Open Pages Design Helps Foster Transparency

Confluence pages are open to registered members. It functions like a website and as such, information is easy to discover. Atlassian Confluence’s robust search function makes looking for pages, documents, resources, and other materials and communication faster and easier.

Furthermore, aside from the employees being able to search for information on the platform as needed, they will also get vital update notifications. They can also ask questions and leave feedback on pages. In all, Confluence helps ensure that every important information is available and accessible to employees and that employees can freely express their questions and ideas in turn.

4. Its Integrations Support Workflow Streamlining

Both co-located and remote teams now rely on multiple business solutions, including communication apps, file sharing software, and time tracking tools, to name a few. Undoubtedly, these tools are helpful and in general, necessary to ensure the team’s efficiency. However, using different programs also means that you need to monitor them all. If you’re not careful, something might slip through the cracks. This could disrupt your team’s workflow.

Fortunately, Confluence supports integration with a number of business tools, such as Slack, Trello, and InVision. What’s more, if you already use Atlassian products such as Jira, integrating them with Confluence is a breeze.

confluence integration

Integrating Confluence with apps such as Slack makes for more streamlined collaboration and workflow.

5. It Offers a Social Intranet that Helps Combat Isolation

One of the challenges that the best collaboration tools for remote teams help solve is the feeling of isolation among employees. Confluence’s social intranet function can help your people feel connected with one another. It encourages back-and-forth discussions on pages and topics. Confluence also makes leaving feedback and reactions on pages and topics easier. 

Furthermore, the program also features Activity and Popular feeds that are constantly updated. These let the team know which announcements and topics are most discussed-about.

6. It Serves as a Centralized Platform for Documentation

A company-wide internal wiki often features several files and documents to support the information provided on every page. Furthermore, a lot of work goes into every project and everything is almost always recorded and submitted in the form of documents. Confluence serves as a place where you can centralize documentation, from company policies to assignment files. This way, team members need only go to one platform to upload, share, digest, edit, and approve files.

7. It Can be Used Company-wide

As previously mentioned, Confluence allows users to create spaces that can be set to be accessible to everyone in the company or to select teams. In the company-wide spaces, you can post all information relevant to everyone in the organization. Because of this capability, organizations no longer need to use a separate site or solution to distribute company-wide information and communication.

confluence spaces

Confluence supports the creation of “Spaces” that can be set to be accessible to the entire organization or select teams.

8. It is Secure

Your company documents, information, and communication are confidential and they need to stay that way. Atlassian is very much aware of that, so even if Confluence is an open platform, it is only open for the members of your organization. Confluence allows you to customize user permissions to give you full control of your spaces’ security.

9. It is Cloud-based

Confluence is offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. The web-based platform allows you to access it using any browser in any device. Atlassian hosts the cloud-based Confluence solutions, so you won’t have to install anything on your computer. This ensures that it will work as you expect it to and there are no additional costs to deploying and maintaining it.

10. It Comes with Self-managed Options

Lastly, you can also utilize Confluence through self-managed options. Bigger organizations with sufficient technical capabilities to host their own software will benefit from these deployment options the most. With self-managed Confluence solutions, you get more control over admin permissions, auditing, and troubleshooting.

Is Confluence the Right Teamwork Workspace For You?

Looking for the best among the most popular collaboration software today requires you to carefully assess your team’s needs and expectations. However, if you take a closer look and consider the advantages of Atlassian Confluence, it’s not difficult to deduce that it could be ideal for your organization. To help you make foolproof decisions, take advantage of the Confluence free trial. This will give you hands-on experience in using it. Better yet, have a few members of your team explore it with you and see what they have to say about its ease of use and overall functionality.

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