List of Successful CRM Companies in the USA for 2022

What is the most successful CRM company in the USA for 2022?
The most successful CRM company in the USA for 2022 is HubSpot. Founded in 2006, this Cambridge-based company has raised around $100.5 million in funding because of its all-in-one inbound marketing platform that helps other businesses generate more leads, close sales, and land better performance ratings.

Many successful companies in the US have been put up by immigrants. In fact, half of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. It is really a part of the American Dream that you can start from scratch and make it big. And that’s what founders of popular CRM companies in the USA have found out. Others are homegrown while some had their start outside American soil. 

Another factor to consider is how the company has performed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A top-notch CRM software firm should offer various modes of communication. These options seamlessly traverse any distance-related gap caused by remote work driven by the pandemic. As such, they will lead to more buy-ins.

In this article, we’ll feature the most successful CRM companies in America today that offer great solutions to other American companies. Many of their clients have made the Fortune 500 list too. Most probably, many of these clients have kept their ranking, partly by leveraging CRM key benefits that digital platforms provide. To wit, we’ll discuss the top CRM software features of our 20 successful CRM companies in the USA as well.

successful US CRM companies

A lot of companies have migrated to the digital frontier due to COVID-19. In this regard, communication is a foremost area of concern, be it for work, leisure, or buying goods. People mainly transact online thus spurring the need for CRM software globally. And recent CRM statistics back this assertion up.

The projected revenue growth of the global CRM market in 2021 is at a staggering 14.1%. This places the projected total revenue of the market at over $66 billion. And it is bound to reach over $108 billion by 2025. Renowned CRM companies are earmarked for even bigger success while less successful ones are primed to receive larger returns.

Moreover, the sea of opportunity has grown more expansive amid the pandemic. The cloud deployment of CRM tools increased to 87% in 2021, from a mere 12% in 2020. This indicates that there is a huge market for web-based CRM software. As such, companies that sell cloud-based CRM stand to gain success due to its significant demand.

Source: Statista 2021

It’s important to note that some of the best online CRM systems in the market are part of a software suite. Some are bundled together with project management solutions while others are modules of sales software. At the end of the day, the most successful software companies put a high premium on the value of their products, which is why most customers patronize them.

What Makes A CRM Company Successful?

Market Share

Obviously, market share is a major consideration in determining the success of a CRM company. Most CRM software vendors are ranked based on market share and revenue. In this aspect, HubSpot continues to dominate the US CRM software market, followed by Salesforce CRM. Their market shares, however, did not come on a silver platter. Developments in both the companies and their products have also contributed to their rankings. More innovations and features are bound to result in more sales for these companies as customers are seen to go for feature-rich CRM tools.

shape of the US CRM industry

Online Search Rankings/Product Reviews

And then there is also the matter of online popularity or Google search rankings. Some of the most popular CRM companies take time to come up with informative blogs, which aid them immensely in their Google rankings. The way things are going, content may very well define the success of a CRM vendor. This is further reinforced by user reviews generated by vendor websites and SaaS platforms. Reviews impact the popularity of a CRM tool, increasing customer satisfaction ratings and, therefore, marketability.

Customer Preference

The buyer side, which is also a major contributor to vendor performance, is also considered. Customers have been found to go for CRM apps that have new capabilities and features. This new breed of CRM platforms is often expected to replace legacy systems that have been in place for some time.  These and a bunch of other technology trends are shaping CRM in ways never before thought possible. This is why such customer preferences are seen to persist and even impact market share in the years to come. 

Although such things are undeniably important to any software vendor’s market position, market share still stands out as the best measure of how a CRM company is doing. Unlike Google search rankings and user reviews, market share provides us with the best proof there are–user stats and actual earnings. And this is precisely the reason why one should go for successful CRM companies as they are proven to offer quality solutions that are of great benefit to any enterprise.

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM Dashboard

First on our list of successful CRM software companies in the USA, leading application HubSpot CRM is a popular tool from app developer HubSpot. The platform’s popularity has been attributed to the fact that it comes absolutely for free. This highly flexible tool can be used as soon as the installation is finished, without requiring users to make alterations in their workflows.

It is highly-suitable both for small and large businesses who want to try using a CRM. The system is easy-to-use, offering all the needed basic functionalities, minus the complexities of most solutions.

And just like any other free CRM system, the solution gives you great value for money by offering powerful features at practically no cost to you at all.

HubSpot CRM

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out HubSpot CRM for free

And for other HubSpot CRM details, the software is capable of organizing customer details, allowing users to come up with both contact and company profiles. Deals are assigned and tracked by the system, while agent performance is kept under control. All team members, meanwhile, can track all activities through the solution. What’s great about the system is the fact that it has numerous integrations, which include Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Shopify and Zapier, among many others.

Pricing: Free

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Main Products: HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Sales

Detailed HubSpot CRM Review

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive Dashboard

CRM system Pipedrive is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize their leads so that they get to have an overview of their sales, allowing them to focus on deals that need to be prioritized. The solution is user-friendly, enabling sales teams to immediately use it right after setup.

Setting up the tool is quite easy, all you need is to register an account, and you’re good to go. But what’s interesting about the app is that it can manage a company’s sales pipeline. It can help teams negotiate deals or maintain lead relationships and can be customized to pmnnromote one’s brand.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Pipedrive free trial.



Try out Pipedrive with their free trial

If you choose to, entire modules can be turned on and off without service quality getting affected at all. It is mobile optimized to cater to more users and can seamlessly integrate with Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Apps, among many others. There a lot more Pipedrive features that are worth looking into.

Pricing: Pipedrive can be purchased in a variety of pricing models, starting at $15/user per month.

Headquarters: New York, New York, USA

Main Product: Pipedrive

Detailed Pipedrive Review

3. NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM dashboard

The popular NetSuite CRM is a product of the top cloud computing company, Oracle. However,  it was first founded by Even Goldberg in 1998 and was called NetLedger. And, it has always been considered as the first cloud computing software company, predating Salesforce by about a month.

NetSuite was seeded with start-up money from people at Oracle, and one of them was Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. They received an initial financial backing of around $125 million. What’s more is that the company, creating robust cloud computing software, was acquired by Oracle in 2016 for $9.3 billion. If that doesn’t spell out business success, we don’t know what is. Plus, the deal was paid for completely in cash.

Now, NetSuite CRM remains one of the most popular customer relationship management software solutions out there. It has modules for managing opportunities, campaigns, email marketing, customer service, analytics, and customer portals, among many others. What’s more, is that you can customize Android and iPhone apps for your business. For a better look at the program, you can sign up for a NetSuite CRM free trial.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM

Try out NetSuite CRM with their free trial

Other NetSuite CRM features include automation functions for your sales and marketing teams.

Moreover, it even has an incentive compensation module to boot. This is truly one of the best apps today. No wonder why the company is very successful.

Pricing: It is offered in personalized packages. Thus, the pricing is quote-based.

Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Main Product: NetSuite ERP

Detailed NetSuite CRM Review

4. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM dashboard

Another popular CRM solution is Salesforce CRM, which was developed as part of Salesforce’s sales and marketing systems. The software allows users to keep track of all client data and interactions from a single location, enabling them to follow more leads. It has all the apps you need to follow leads until such time that they are ripe for conversion.

Sales teams’ productivity gets that much-needed boost using the software, whether they are out in the field, in cyberspace, or the office. The system comes with Android and iOS apps, along with real-time data, custom reports, and a Feed First feature that enables one to view the most critical information.

The platform being provided for by Salesforce is very comprehensive, and the best way to get to know the software is by trying it out yourself. You can easily sign up for a Salesforce free trial.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

Try out Salesforce CRM with their free trial

More functions can be added to the platform via the AppExchange Apps. It integrates seamlessly with third-party applications that include TeamSupport,, FinancialForce ERP, Zuora, Ambassador, and Zendesk, among many others. This is but a brief Salesforce overview for an application as powerful as it is.

Pricing: Salesforce CRM can be purchased in different pricing models, starting at $25/user per month (billed annually).

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

Main Product: Salesforce CRM

Detailed Salesforce CRM Review

5. CRM dashboard

Leading collaboration and communication application CRM syncs all data in a central location, allowing team members and sales agents to make sound decisions.

The CRM is designed to easily track prospects and clients by managing the sales pipeline from lead to post-project. All relevant data and communication are stored in a single location, which can be accessed by relevant users. What’s even better is that the system accelerates the sales process, which can be readily viewed at all times. Account management can be streamlined, allowing users to work the way they want to.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for CRM free trial.

Try out with their free trial

Moreover, customer interactions can be managed with ease via the app’s easy-to-use and visual interface, while customer retention is improved through faster on-time communication. These are but some benefits as the app has more features than could be mentioned here.

Pricing: CRM can be purchased in different pricing plans, starting at $25/month (billed annually). For those who want to try it out first, a free trial is also available.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Main Product:

Detailed Review

6. CRM Creatio

CRM Creatio dashboard

Agile CRM platform Creatio is designed to cater to midsize and large business organizations, helping them boost marketing, sales, service, and operations. The system can help in aligning data, teams, and processes so that they can connect to digital native customers and adapt to them rapidly. The tools that come with the product can be sold in a bundle or deployed as standalone applications.

CRM Creatio can improve the customer journey and speed up revenue generation. The same goes for sales, which is likewise automated, ranging from lead management to repeat transactions.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Creatio CRM free trial.

CRM Creatio

CRM Creatio

Try out CRM Creatio with their free trial

It also comes with an intelligent service management tool that is designed to speed up service delivery, resulting in better customer satisfaction. If you want to know more about the product, more Creatio CRM details can be found here.

Pricing: CRM Creatio can be purchased in different pricing models starting at $25/user per month.

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Main Product: CRM Creatio

Detailed CRM Creatio Review

7. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM dashboard

A powerful product from the software company that brought us Freshsales, Freshworks CRM is an enhanced, next-generation customer engagement and relationship platform. It combines robust sales features and marketing automation tools into one solution. As a result, it helps businesses maintain stronger relationships with clients, which may eventually translate to increased and continued revenue.

Freshworks CRM is composed of three modules that address crucial business aspects, including leads management, communication, collaboration, marketing, and sales. Providing an intuitive interface, Freshworks CRM is designed to fulfill the goal of the team behind its development: to pack powerful features into an easy-to-use program that customers will love using.

Furthermore, Freshworks CRM serves as a dynamic analytic contributor that can offer valuable sales and marketing insights. Setup is a breeze as the system does not come with bulky and complicated procedures. You can see for yourself how this software’s features fit into your business. Just sign up for a free trial to know and experience what it can do.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM

Try out Freshworks CRM with their free trial

It’s worth noting that Freshworks CRM integrates with popular business apps as well. Meanwhile, all transactions are done in the cloud. Freshworks CRM features include contact and account management, direct calls, sales activity tracking, and analytics and reporting, among others.

Pricing: Freshworks CRM is available in a variety of pricing plans, starting at $19/user per month (billed annually). For those who need only its basic features, free plans for each of the three service modules are also in the offing.

Headquarters: San Bruno, California, United States

Main Product: Freshworks CRM

Detailed Freshworks CRM Review

8. Zoho CRM

zoho crm dashboard

Zoho is a popular software development company not only in the United States but also globally. Its business revolves around creating business software solutions from business operating systems, IT management software, and enterprise-grade IoT platform. One of Zoho’s most popular products is Zoho CRM. It is a free CRM software designed for SMBs and large enterprises and comes equipped with standard and advanced tools to enhance your sales and marketing processes.

Among Zoho CRM’s core features are sales force automation tools that help in lead generation and qualification, sales and probability analysis, real-time forecasting, and quota management. Zoho CRM also offers sales and opportunity tracking tools, productivity management, workflow management, account management, etc. Furthermore, you can also integrate Zoho CRM with more than 400 applications, such as Google G Suite, HubSpot, MailChimp, Microsoft 365, and other Zoho software solutions. And if you are interested in learning about the other products offered by the company, we have compiled a list of  Zoho’s popular services composed of cloud-based business solutions, including the award-winning Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Try out Zoho CRM with their free trial

Pricing: Zoho CRM is available for free and the paid packages start at $18/month for every user.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Main Product: Zoho CRM, Zoho People, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk

Detailed Zoho CRM Review

9. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk dashboard

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Zendesk enjoys a global presence spurred by its CRM, sales and support products.

As a SaaS vendor, it’s bannered by Zendesk Sell, a fully integrated sales and CRM platform for streamlining your daily sales workflows, increasing conversions and, generally, improving the team’s performance.

The CRM lends to your sales processes greater visibility of leads, conversions, customer interactions and account owners.

With automation, collaborative space and easy-access tools, any managers swamped with massive to-do lists and volumes of customer interactions can stay on top of their daily activities and steady the course to hitting their sales targets.

Likewise, its integrated tools help your sales reps gain full context of each customer account, thus allowing for a personalized engagement.

Its neat sales pipeline also puts your team and stakeholders in one place and helps you to spot bottlenecks and anticipate issues.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Try out Zendesk Sell with their free trial

Zendesk Sell integrates with a marketplace of apps for document management, customer service, analytics and task management, among other key business tools.

Pricing: Zendesk Sell pricing starts from $19 per user/month billed annually.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Main Product: Zendesk Sell

Detailed Zendesk Sell Review

10. vCita

vCita Dashboard

Total customer service and business management solution vCita is designed to cater to those in the service industries, including SMBs, accountants, lawyers, consultants, educators, photographers, fitness trainers, and coaches, among a host of others. Why? It helps them with organizing their processes and even in marketing.

Organizing your processes begins with putting your schedules and appointments in order, which the system does by using its online calendar and scheduling tool. Meanwhile, all CRM activities and marketing campaigns are likewise managed by the system, with leads handled and stored in a central location.

Moreover, marketing can get a boost as the app can create landing pages and dynamic widgets that can be placed on your websites. Effective email campaigns can also be produced using the email marketing tool that comes with the software. If you want to know more about the features, you can easily sign up for vCita free trial.



Try out vcita with their free trial

As for vCita features, the software is capable of handling CRM, booking, marketing, client communication, appointment and scheduling, and online payment, among many other processes. The software is highly-recommended for sole proprietors and small teams.

Pricing: vCita is available in three distinct pricing models, starting at $29/user per month.

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, United States

Main Product: vCita CRM

Detailed vcita Review

11. Salesmate

Salesmate dashboard

The IT services and consulting company based in Charlotte, NC has arguably one of the more recognizable CRM products in SaaS. The company has developed its CRM app to help small and midsize companies boost sales productivity, enrich customer engagement and, essentially, grow their revenues.

Salesmate aims to simplify sales processes centered on an intuitive UI that pulls all stakeholders towards the same page. The software is designed around sales automation, sales pipeline management, email tracking and contact management.

The sales pipeline enables sales reps to prioritize leads with the most conversion potential. Sales notifications, email performance tracking and personalized email addresses, meantime, reinforce sales reps’ ability to engage prospects fast, in context and in a personalized way.



Try out Salesmate with their free trial

Likewise, the app allows sales reps to store customer details in one easy-to-access location to help them stay up-to-date with prospects or customers. Such tools optimize the manner by which your sales team nurture leads towards conversions. Salesmate integrates with top applications such as AWeber, Google Apps, DocuSign, Harvest and MailChimp.

Pricing: Salesmate pricing starts $12 per user/month billed annually.

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Main Product: Salesmate

Detailed Salesmate Review

12. Pipeliner

Pipeliner Dashboard

Pipeliner is a product of a company called Pipelinersales Corporation with headquarters in Palisades, Los Angeles, California. Its flagship product, Pipeliner CRM has a simple non-tech admin interface and is very friendly to salespeople with technical IT skills. 

The company was founded in 2007 by Nikolaus Kimla, an entrepreneur who was also the founder of uptime ITechnologies in 1994. Being an avid evangelist of the views of the Austrian School of Economics, he believes that salespeople are internal entrepreneurs of an organization. So, he and his team designed a sales CRM software that echoes that ethos. 

Core product features include modules for offline CRM module, leads management, performance management, sales insights, pipeline view, a product catalog, dynamic sales target, and sales reports. You can try out this comprehensive feature set packed into an intuitive interface when you sign up for a free trial. 



Try out Pipeliner with their free trial

Other Pipeliner features include many customizations and automation options. The company also has other products like a sales AI called Pipeliner Voyager. However, it is its sales CRM software that most users enjoy best. 

Pricing: Pipeliner CRM’s most basic plan is the Starter plan that is at $25 per user per month. 

Headquarters: Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA

Main Product: Pipeliner CRM

Detailed Pipeliner Review

13. Zengine by Wizehive

zengine by wizehive dashboard

This organization was founded by Mike Carson and Michael Levinson in 2008. The latter still serves today as the chairman of the organization. The company is known for its highly-specialized product aimed at mission-based organizations. 

The company is headquartered in Philadelphia and received $2.4 million in seed funding in 2012. Today, experts estimate it to have an annual revenue of $4.6 million. 

Their main product helps mission-based organizations like schools, research institutions, and non-profits manage things like grants, fellowships, and scholarships. All of these are rooted in a CRM framework that is not much different from what top businesses do. You can check out their platform quite easily when you sign up for a free trial. 

Zengine by WizeHive

Zengine by WizeHive

Try out Zengine by WizeHive with their free trial

Core Zengine by Wizehive features include automated emails, awards management, fellowship management, grants management, accreditation management, customer management, and analytics. All of these able to function properly thanks to its native CRM module that makes it easy to communicate among parties and between team members. 

Pricing: There are three plans: Core, Premium, and Enterprise. 

Headquarters: Philadelphia

Main Product: Zengine by Wizehive

Detailed Zengine by WizeHive Review

14. vtenext

vtenext dashboard

vtenext is an Italy-based software company that offers open-source solutions for businesses of all sizes. Incorporated in 2008, the company has over 14 years of experience and a team of more than 25 experts serving companies worldwide. They pride themselves to offer the first open-source customer relationship management platform that comes with a natively integrated BPM engine. Through this, they are able to cater to the needs of businesses regardless of which industry they belong to.



Try out vtenext with their free trial

This end-to-end CRM and BPM platform is equipped with all the necessary tools to help users find better leads, improve customer experiences, and also optimize backend processes. It even comes with workflow automation tools and sales management options that can help with retention efforts. This way, you no longer have to rely on multiple tools for marketing, sales, and post-sales processes.

Other vtenext features include a customer service module, software development kit, a profiling system, and other marketing tools. The software also supports more than 100 plug-ins, making it a highly adaptable system.

Detailed vtenext Review

Pricing: vtenext has subscription plan that is only available by quote.

Headquarters: Milan, Italy

Main Product: vtenext

15. Daylite

Daylite for Mac dashboard

Daylite is one of the main products of Marketcircle, a company based in Toronto, Canada. As a small business themselves, Marketcircle aims to empower small businesses and provide peace of mind to business owners. To this end, Daylite is designed to streamline CRM, project management, and lead management processes for growing businesses.

According to Daylite reviews, the platform makes CRM easier by keeping contacts, interactions, and relevant documents such as contracts in one place. Follow-up notifications and reminders also help ensure that users stay on top of their to-dos for the day. These features help teams become more productive and focus on more important tasks.

Daylite for Mac

Daylite for Mac

Try out Daylite for Mac with their free trial

Aside from CRM and project management features, Daylite is also designed to provide offline access. The software also integrates with Apple apps such as Mail and Calendar and third-party apps like MailChimp, Slack, and Dropbox.

Pricing: Daylite is available at $29 per seat, per month. The price goes down to $24 per seat, per month for annual billing.

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Main Product: Daylite

Detailed Daylite for Mac Review

16. EngageBay

EngageBay dashboard

This software company from Tracy, California is making a splash in the US today, thanks to its easy-to-use, end-to-end platform. Popular EngageBay users include Webnovo digital Marketing, Cybersprout, and Needham Solutions.

EngageBay is really helpful for small and medium-sized organizations who need a solution that can streamline their customer-facing processes. The platform is capable of automating sales and marketing pipelines, organize and store contacts, run A/B tests on campaigns, as well as handle customer service channels.  Plus, it can also be used to perform social listening, which makes it great for companies looking to expand their social presence.

It can also integrate with a number of third-party systems. As such, it can easily adapt to your existing business software ecosystem. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can always sign up for a free trial with hidden charges and with no commitment to purchase.



Try out EngageBay with their free trial

Core EngageBay features include sales and marketing automation, contact management, ticketing management, social media engagement, email marketing, pipeline management, customer service tools, and appointment management. You can read all about it in our detailed review.

Pricing: EngageBay offers a free plan for those who need to handle only 1000 contacts a month. For those with more advanced requirements, the vendor offers three paid plans — Basic at $14.00/month, Growth at $49.99/month, and Pro at $79.99/month.

Headquarters: Tracy, California, United States

Main Product: EngageBay

Detailed EngageBay Review

Different Kinds and Levels of Business Success

There is not really one form of success when you take a look at our list above. Some are homegrown firms that were lucky enough to have been founded at a very ripe time for cloud computing. Think NetSuite and Salesforce. Others like and Pipeliner are companies from overseas that are finding much success in America. Some like Avochato are successful in their very own niche within the CRM software market.

Revenue and market share are indeed indicators of success. However, success really depends on what the business sets out to do in the first place. If a company, like Pipeliner, is looking to service a smaller niche than let’s say HubSpot or Salesforce, then Pipeliner would never likely grow as big as the two companies. But, it is a success, nevertheless.

A recent determinant is how it performs through sweeping changes that augment the global business landscape; in which case COVID-19. The huge demand for communications solutions will be taken advantage of by companies that have calcified an image of performance and reliability. The pandemic will surely open doors for smaller companies, but it’s the big-named ones that will bank on the increased demand.

Success is not being the biggest. Just like in the animal kingdom, species and agents big and small, find niches where they can thrive. Take a fish out of the water or put a wild boar in the middle of the sea, both won’t last long. They have to keep within a range of relationships with nature to keep themselves alive.

Companies are the same way. Organizations that found success didn’t necessarily set out to be in the Fortune 500 list or topple a big giant. Many successful companies in the US thrive in their own way, providing benefits for and reaping benefits from the very niches that they are in.

If you want to know more about the industry, you can check out CRM trends for 2021 here.

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