Pros & Cons of Lucrativ: Analysis of a Leading Sales Software

What are the pros and cons of Lucrativ?

The pros and cons of Lucrativ are manifested in its design as a unified customer connectivity hub that uses multiple channels and tools to identify and accompany the best leads throughout the entire customer journey cycle. While this sales acceleration solution is designed to help boost lead conversion into actual sales, it doesn’t offer a free plan and has limited direct integration with popular third-party apps, which are a big factor for small businesses and startups that are often constrained by financial limitations. Still, Lucrative is definitely a sound technology investment if SMBs opt to deploy it in their operations.

Selling has become more challenging now than ever before, mainly due to technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences and the emergence of new market players. Today’s digital economy has transformed how consumers relate with and purchase from businesses. With a more informed consumer, businesses must be agile enough to always be a step ahead to better meet their changing, sophisticated demands Achieving agility in sales is not accomplished by working harder, but by working faster and smarter, which can only be done by using the correct sales technology that provides the speed and efficiency in getting things done, just like Lucrativ.

Is this platform the sales software for you? To find out, let’s review the pros and cons of Lucrativ, one of the popular platforms in this software category. We analyzed the key aspects of sales software solution like pipeline management, automation, insights and reporting, CRM and communication, among others. By reading this article, you will have a clear picture of how Lucrativ stands against these benchmark features.

lucrativ pros and cons

Succeeding in this environment takes more than having efficient selling skills. Your sales team must know not only what to do, but they should be able to do the right things more quickly to keep up with their customer’s pace and demands. One area that requires decisive agility is lead conversion because the attention of leads usually disappears in just a few minutes. Lead response time should be completed quickly to help increase lead conversion into actual sales. The right approach here is by adopting an agile approach to addressing customer concerns, which can only be done with a similarly agile technology. So here is where an active sales software like Lucrativ comes in.

Other challenges that sales teams face include creating competitive differentiation, earning appointments, adding value to conversations, and sustaining profitability. Choosing the right platform often addresses these common problems. The challenge now is—what is the right sales platform for you? There are plenty of factors to consider like pricing, features, and ease of use and, as a benefit of using SaaS apps, you can always test-drive the sales software tool if you intend to buy a new platform or upgrade your existing one. Lucrativ might be the sales solution that fits your specific requirements. But before you sign up for it, try to evaluate first these Lucrativ pros and cons so you have a more informed decision.

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Overview of Lucrativ

Sales software Lucrativ is a comprehensive sales acceleration solution designed to hasten lead conversion into actual sales. It also helps sales and account managers easily automate process workflows, simplify communication and customer engagement programs, and generate powerful insights to boost and sales growth. This agile sales platform is rich in functionalities to support the entire customer purchasing cycle, from lead generation to nurturing loyalty programs.

It also empowers sales teams with indispensable tools for developing fruitful connections with prospects. Sales teams can also tap into Lucrativ’s robust pipeline management tool to more efficiently identify the best prospect and determine workable means to transform such prospects into actual sales and ultimately convert him/her into loyal clients. Business users can easily generate reports to derive powerful insights, crucial when preparing appropriate action plans to address sales areas that require adjustments, and to support decision-making.

Overall, Lucrativ helps sales teams simplify the entire customer relationship management cycle and make them agile responding to every opportunity in converting good leads into sales. If you’re a sales manager, sales team member, and even from customer support, this robust and intuitive sales software platform has just the right combination of tools to help you become more flexible and adapt in ways that respond to the opportunity in real time.

Lucrativ - Features Sales Function Infographic

This sales solution is cloud-hosted with native apps for Android and iOS, and comes in quote-based plans that can suit your needs. Empowered by Lucrativ, you can have the assurance that your sales team will be adequately supported by a robust technology to help them become more agile and efficient in boosting sales revenues and expanding customer base.

Key Lucrativ Features

  1. Prospect management
  2. Pipeline health check
  3. Sales insights and tracking
  4. Sales and pipeline projections
  5. Intelligent forecasting
  6. Gamification
  7. Custom reports
  8. Mobile CRM
  9. Tasks and Reminders
  10. Lucy: AI Sales Assistant
  11. Workflow automation
  12. Live transfer
  13. Live call monitoring
  14. Email scheduling
  15. Personalized emailing
We’ve tested and analyzed this sales software and incorporated the reviews of actual users in order to write this collection of pros and cons of Lucrativ to make an unbiased discussion of its features, benefits, strengths, and a few weaknesses. Like its many current users, you can also first test Lucrativ’s features using its free trial before you make that purchasing decision. So with this Lucrativ pros and cons article, you’ll surely have enough information on whether this robust sales software is a match to your sales technology needs.

Lucrativ Pros & Cons

Overall Features & Pricing

In a nutshell, Lucrativ is a robust AI-powered customer engagement center. This flexible, multichannel client connectivity hub offers a host of robust sales-focused tools such as Mobile CRM, power dialer, workflow automation, pipeline management, messaging, an AI sales assistant, etc. It also has a gamification feature to help you better motivate your sales team to keep on elevating their performance levels and other healthy behaviors. It integrates with your favorite sales and business productivity apps, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Gmail, and Exchange.

Although Lucrativ offers a 14-day free trial, it doesn’t have a free plan. This could have been a good alternative for start-ups and SMBs that are typically operating on a tight budget. Still, this agile sales platform will surely be a good technology investment in case you decide to adopt it.

Pipeline Management

Lucrativ provides the needed tools to allow your sales team to build and manage your sales pipeline efficiently and drive better outcomes. Designed to target the best prospects, it helps sales teams to work smart and become agile. This application allows users to simplify prospects management, transfer them over pipelines, and then establish the best prospects with the highest possibility of becoming sales opportunities. As it enables robust pipeline analytics, it also allows sales managers to identify in real time who is on track to reach quota and who isn’t, including establishing pipeline bottlenecks, thus helping them make appropriate action plans.

In real life, most sales reps usually give up pursuing leads after making two calls. So the challenge does lie on the firm resolve of the sales management team to ensure their reps are properly motivated to continue following-up leads. In this regard, an additional feature like mentoring or coaching would be great if integrated into this sales software.

Lucrativ dashboard sample

Lucrativ dashboard showing Pipeline Management


This software solution helps sales teams achieve better efficiency and simplify complicated work processes by enabling them to automate their daily sales activities. Lucrativ provides built-in templates, a dozen of exclusive strategies to trigger workflows, create private and public workflows, and generate A/B split within automated work cycles. Its robust 5-step automated workflow builder is one of the best in the industry and supports an extensive array of work process ideas.

From our list of must-have features of a sales automation, one functionality that Lucrativ currently lacks is extensive integration with other popular sales, CRM tools, productivity, and business apps in general. This would have greatly expanded its automation capability and further empower sales teams toward greater efficiency. What it currently offers is integration with third-party apps using Zapier, which could be somewhat complicated for non-technical users. Of course, as a leading sales software vendor, Lucrativ is likely to feature direct integrations very soon.

Reports & Insights

This AI-powered solution offers intelligent forecasting and pipeline projections to provide businesses with robust, personalized reports and insights to help in making timely and correct decisions. Lucrativ’s smart dashboards allow users to be on control while creating reports based on their exact requirements—without the need for complicated spreadsheets. With a widget collection that provides an overview of reports and information that matter to them, this platform allows you to track each and every metric simultaneously so that you’ll have the agility to compare among various reports or see how your team members perform.

Even with reporting, Lucrativ is also designed for speed. It would be great if it can also provide prescriptive analysis in the near future as this is already being utilized by BI platforms to determine decisions to be made and steps to be undertaken to reach a set objective.

Lucrative Dashboard sample

Lucrativ’s Insights Tool at work.

Mobile CRM

This platform is programmed to enable your sales team to sustain their agility and efficiency in responding to sales opportunities anytime, anywhere they are. Its Lucrativ Mobile Apps, available for both iOS and Android, provides your salespeople real-time access to your company’s leads database and allows them to continuously monitor each potential lead even when they’re on the go. This smart mobile tool also enables your team to continue making and receiving calls at all times and receive important notifications to help prevent missing out on an opportunity to close deals. Enabled with Lucy, a smart AI sales assistant, you can seamlessly continue your work and make sound decisions in real time without the need to return to the office.

It’s not that Lucrativ’s mobile CRM is not robust enough, but perhaps an urgent enhancement to make more at par with the industry’s top innovators is by introducing (if not optimizing the use of) IoT and big data in its CRM, which should enable Lucrativ to provide a dynamic customer service that is not only predictive but also prescriptive and more proactive. With an IoT-enriched CRM, Lucrativ users could analyze data derived from connected devices, and, whenever issues emerge, be able to resolve them remotely.

Communication & Meetings

Lucrativ is packed with robust tools that can match any standalone communication software. These tools empower your sales teams to never miss anything in pursuing each sales opportunity. Its integrated Power Dialer enables your reps to easily keep in touch with clients with just a single click from the contact profile page. Lucrativ uses machine learning to recommend the best time to make a sales call, plus provides a smart list of customers that could be reached for follow-up calls. Another robust feature is its local presence capability, where your sales team can instantly have a caller ID number with a similar or adjacent area code of the client’s location, which enhances the conversion rate.

Its Email and Messaging features also support sales team agility and efficiency, optimizing the use of automation and machine learning to ensure better customer engagement, communication tracking, AI-identified best call/sending times, smart automatic response, bulk message sending, etc.

Lucrativ’s precision Meeting feature allows sales teams to arrange and monitor meetings more efficiently. Aside from preventing your reps from missing any appointment, its two-way integration with Google Calendar allows users to concurrently generate a calendar event for a meeting, log meetings into an account, and send notifications to invited clients.

A broader integration to popular third-party communication and productivity apps is highly suggested to further enhance Lucrativ’s capabilities, although more such integration is about to be unveiled very soon.

Lucrative Dashboard - Communication

Lucrativ dashboard showing its Power Dialer at work

The Best Way to Know if Lucrativ Fits Your Needs

In summary, the pros discussed in this post are but a few selected features of Lucrativ, which our in-house experts have selected as among the key strengths of this platform. It offers many other features that were not discussed in detail, such as gamification, mass texting, call back reminders, and email insights. The areas where it could use some improvement, like additional integration with widely-used productivity tools and the deployment of IoT, are actually being addressed by the vendor, with some already in the beta testing phase. In case you want to try this agile sales software now, you can sign up for Lucrativ free trial here.

Overall, Lucrativ is a top-tier sales software that businesses of all sizes look for with its fast, smart, robust, and reliable sales solution to help boost their sales, increase their conversion rates, and support their overall business growth. If you feel you want to know more about the other top solutions in this software niche, we recommended that you explore the features and capabilities of the other leading sales software solutions before you make that purchase decision.

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