NetHunt CRM Pros & Cons: Analysis of a Leading CRM Software

What are the pros and cons of NetHunt CRM?
The pros and cons of NetHunt CRM are embodied in the fact that it is purposely-built into Gmail. This provides a familiar environment for a powerful CRM tool to simplify sales processes, personalize campaigns, improve customer service and strengthen relations. It still has ample room to grow by going beyond working only with G Suite apps.

Is your CRM software giving you headaches instead of peace of mind? Maybe you or your agents are finding it hard to move deals along the sales pipeline. Lead and client tracking seem to be a constant uphill battle. And lately, your team has been struggling to close deals and make conversions. They are dire situations sure to impact your company’s bottom line.

There is no doubt that CRM tools can help your business. These applications typically top the shopping lists of many businesses.  They do well as standalone software or you can pair them with any number of other solutions that you are already using in your organization. But if you’re encountering problematic situations like those we’ve mentioned at the start, maybe it’s time to replace your CRM.

One option you can consider if you’re looking for a new CRM software is NetHunt CRM. In this NetHunt CRM pros and cons guide, we’ll present to you its features and capabilities so you can evaluate if it can address pain points in your sales processes and determine if it’s the right solution for your business. No need to commit to DIY research on CRM statistics and studies—we’ll help you start here.

NetHunt CRM Pros and Cons

CRM—that combination of data, technology, processes, and best practices—is now considered the lynchpin for growing your business. Whatever business you are in you are sure to benefit from the right CRM solution. This is why the CRM software industry is growing fast, accelerating at double-digit rates with global revenues of $120 billion. CRM is poised to overtake the data management market and become the biggest software market by 2020.

The CRM software market is being driven by several factors including the proliferation of online CRM solutions. In fact, this year 68% of all CRM solutions will be cloud-based. There’s also the increasing adoption of mobile CRM. It has been reported that nearly a fourth of sales reps hit their yearly sales quota by having mobile access to their CRM. Companies are now realizing the need to create mobile CRM strategy.

The aforementioned data and many others boil down to the number one CRM software growth driver of all – the benefits. What business doesn’t want to achieve any or all of the outcomes of CRM usage?

Is NetHunt CRM up to the task? With so many CRM software providers, how does this particular solution stack up? You’ll be able to find out as you go through this NetHunt CRM pros and cons article. Let’s start by knowing what NetHunt CRM is.

What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM is a CRM software solution designed to work and reside within your Gmail. It is tied not only to your Gmail but also with other G Suite applications you use. It is like supercharging these familiar tools to help you automate CRM processes, smoothen data flow, and enable anytime and anywhere access to your important information. Having an integrated command center within your G Suite facilitates easy and efficient management of your campaigns and customer support activities without being burdened by a lot of disparate tools.

With NetHunt CRM integrated and interfaced with Gmail, you get to upgrade the mailbox you use with intelligent CRM functions. Your sales team will be able to create leads directly from emails, chat messages, and social profiles in just a single click. Your marketing unit can launch targeted email campaigns with CRM data automatically updated from the results of those campaigns. Meanwhile, your customer support people are aided by automatic creation and assignment of support inquiries, allowing them to immediately prioritize requests. These are but some of the capabilities of NetHunt CRM.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for NetHunt CRM free trial here.

Aside from G Suite apps, the software also works with external platforms and services including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and MS Outlook. It offers many more app connections through Zapier. It has a feature-rich free plan that supports up to 2,500 CRM records and good for up to two users. There are two premium plans – the Professional Edition goes for $30/month for up to 25,000 CRM records and the Enterprise Plan for 250,000 records. You get lower monthly prices for annual subscriptions. Both paid plans are good for an unlimited number of users.

NetHunt CRM’s key features include:

  1. Contact management
  2. Deal management
  3. Opportunities management
  4. Multi-pipeline support
  5. Data import & export
  6. Call logging
  7. Meeting note-taking
  8. Custom folders & filter options
  9. Email open tracking
  1. Email link tracking
  2. Follow-up automation
  3. Bulk email messaging & updating
  4. Native mobile applications
  5. Personalized email campaigns
  6. Campaign analytics
  7. Permission settings
  8. Custom user roles
  9. Gmail Chrome extension

NetHunt CRM Pros & Cons

Unified CRM in Gmail

Gmail corners nearly 30% of the email client market, ranking number one among the 10 most widely-used email apps. What you get with NetHunt is a CRM tool that unifies all your CRM data and activities right within the highly-popular email app that you and everyone else are using. And since it’s blended even with Gmail’s UI, you can stay in context with any conversation without having to switch between Gmail and CRM tabs.

You’ll be able to view all information on your prospects right alongside your emails, ongoing information, chat messages, and calendared events. The system automatically links your email’s client records and deals, allowing you to stay on top of your sales process. This makes it easy for you to spot opportunities, manage leads, and retain customers. It also gives your sales, marketing, and customer support teams who are all using Gmail to have one set of contact information and customer data. In other words, all your three customer-facing teams get to have “one source of truth” for more coordinated activities and closer collaboration.

NetHunt CRM dashboard sample

All your CRM activities manage through your mailbox.

Native G Suite integration

NetHunt CRM’s built-in integration with Google apps means you get one intuitive CRM system that directly works with your email, calendared events, online storage, and chat messages. You can add NetHunt not only to Gmail but also to Google Calendar so you can see all vital client details next to events on your calendar and be fully aware of your schedule. You’ll also be reminded by NetHunt about any meetings with your team or appointment with your prospects in a dedicated profile field.

With NetHunt CRM in Google Drive, you can attach essential files and documents to your client profile and automatically upload them to your Drive account. This keeps your documents organized, secured, and easily accessible in a cloud location. Meanwhile, with Hangouts you can connect your customer chats to their customer profiles in NetHunt. It keeps you on top of negotiations and able to track all essential details during your conversation with a prospect or customer.

Is a standalone NetHunt CRM in the offing? While native integration with G Suite has numerous advantages, businesses and professionals who prefer a standalone CRM solution would have to settle for other vendors in the meantime while NetHunt has yet to come out hinting of any plans to go in that direction.

Simplified sales process

With NetHunt CRM in your Gmail, you’ll be able to streamline sales tasks and processes. In just one click, the system enables you to create leads from chat messages, social profiles and emails; view important customer details from each email; and generate reports from sales metrics. You may sometimes miss some leads that fall through gaps in the sales pipeline. This is prevented by NetHunt CRM that lets you set up a lead database that is continuously updated with information on prospects gathered from emails, chats, and conversations on Gmail.

In addition to the hassle-free method of viewing and organizing key contact and customer details, you’ll also get to manage your sales team more easily and effectively. You can add individual team members as NetHunt users and grant them access permissions. It lets you configure visibility settings as well as assign different roles to team members in order to control access to the app and safeguard your data.

Get full visibility over your sales pipeline.

Personalized campaigns

Studies have shown that targeted and personalized marketing campaigns result in more successful conversions. Since NetHunt CRM gives you the ability to harvest valuable information through your email and chat interactions with prospects, you are able to understand the preferences and interests of your targeted audience. You will then be able to identify strong lead groups and craft personalized emails to different demographics, increasing your chances of conversion.

NetHunt CRM will even help you track and report on your campaigns and update CRM data according to campaign results, allowing you to determine the performance and effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The software has a nifty tool that prevents email messages from being classified as spam or promotions which ensure that your emails get high open rates.

Enhanced team collaboration

Sales teams or any team for that matter, including your customer support and marketing team, are able to perform better when all members are on the same page with activities well coordinated and processes are in sync. NetHunt CRM offers a collaboration platform where team members are able to share files, exchange notes, view common information, synchronize calendars and schedules, and communicate closely using the tools and capabilities of Google apps. It also provides an intelligent notification system that alerts team members when there are updates or changes in CRM information.

Manage your sales team and set up permission with netHunt CRM.

Quick deployment and set up

You have three ways to deploy NetHunt CRM: as an extension on your Chrome browser, as an addition to your Gmail (or G Suite apps), and as a mobile CRM app for Gmail for iOS and Android devices. While it is not a standalone application, NetHunt gives you full CRM functionality built within Gmail that is extensively used by businesses. Whatever your deployment preference and whether you utilize it for light CRM activities or high-volume campaigns, NetHunt CRM guarantees straightforward setup and ease of use. After all, you’re working on familiar territory – the clear and modern design as well as the responsive interface of G Suite apps which are all cloud-based and don’t require complicated installation and steep learning curve.

Be Well-Informed When Choosing CRM Software

Several capable web-based CRM software solutions are available in the market that you would be hard put to pick the right one for your company’s requirements. We’re here to help you with our pros and cons articles as well as other reference guides such as on choosing the right CRM especially if you’re a small business. Is NetHunt CRM right for you? You alone can determine that after we’ve presented you the essential details about the product. The important thing is you are well-informed in your CRM choice and buying decision. With NetHunt, you can place your CRM on the right footing, more so if your company is using Google’s popular business apps.

And as we mentioned, the vendor offers a free trial period where you can test-drive the application no cost. Again, you can sign up for NetHunt CRM free trial here.

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