10 Sales Techniques Your Teams Can Enhance With A CRM System

What are the CRM sales techniques to increase revenues? You can start with these 10 techniques your sales teams can enhance with a CRM system as a foundation, each one discussed in detail below.

  1. Know everything about your prospect
  2. Track your customer’s journey
  3. Manage your deals visually
  4. Track, manage your emails in one place
  5. Understand your sales performance
  6. Create workflow automation
  7. Bring your CRM anywhere
  8. Synergize data from others tools
  9. Make calls within your CRM
  10. Have everything in one place, without the clutter

Your sales team is most likely following some set of proven techniques to generate leads, track prospects, conduct cold calling, segment target audiences, gather customer information, and maximize email, among other similar sales tasks. Maybe you’re hitting sales targets, maybe not. The sales journey is not peppered with sure shots. There will be hits and misses. It is a process of continually building up your prospect toward conversion and sale.

In the sales process, you will best be guided and assisted by the procedures, practices, and tools offered by tools that score high in CRM software rankings. You’ll be achieving more hits than missed sales when you can further optimize current techniques through the features and capabilities offered by a sales CRM solution.

CRM is the primary tool of your sales teams. Its effectivity and benefits are backed by statistics. Using CRM techniques and applications have been proven to increase sales by 29%, and sales productivity by up to 34%. But do you know that many sales personnel are still bogged down with challenges and issues regarding their CRM?

While a big majority of companies with 10 or more employees use a CRM system, the reality is that among salespeople 22% don’t know what a CRM is. In addition, as shown in the chart below most sales reps spend their time on non-selling tasks (admin, manual data entry, etc.) which could have been handled by a CRM solution.


Of course, those of you who know your CRM are aware that it has automation and smart capabilities that eliminate time-consuming manual data entry as well as traditional spreadsheets to store lead and customer data. Those are but the tip of what this software can do, there are much more benefits that you can reap from using CRM.

In this CRM guide, we’ll look into some of the known CRM techniques that can be optimized by your sales teams using as benchmark the common features of CRM software. This way your sales force can maximize workflows, processes, and activities based on the out-of-the-box capabilities of a quality CRM application.

10 CRM Hacks for your Sales Team

1. Know everything about your prospect

Your individual sales team members would definitely have an idea about their target market and audience. What they struggle with is getting information. And having enough information plays an important role in closing the sale quickly. The first st ep in the selling process is prospecting. That initial step is big challenge to sales reps as they do not easily get the required information on a prospect.

Researching a prospect is best facilitated with the help of lead management. And effective lead management starts with knowing your leads. Here technology is a big help. A good sales CRM software tells you everything you need to know about your prospect, all from a single screen.

You get to have complete details of your lead from their conversations and touchpoints with your company, their interaction with your product and your website, the appointments and follow-ups with them, and the deals with them which can be open, won, or lost.

Freshsales CRM gives you a full view of your prospect.

The thing is that getting a 360-degree view of your prospect provides sales reps and managers the chance to act and respond quickly, which is vital. It has been found out that faster response time equals better conversion rates. In fact, one study pegged the ideal response time at 5.5 minutes, which means responding within that time you’re 4X more likely to convert a sales lead than a 10-minute response time. You can’t do this without sufficient information on your prospect.

A good CRM software will also provide you tools to score your lead and instantly identify sales-ready leads as well as auto profile leads and contacts based on publicly available information and information from interactions with your company. Never will sales teams struggle with finding, consolidating, and using information as this can be done efficiently by a CRM system to give a full picture of your prospect.

How is this technique helpful? Take for instance a case where data shows a visitor has been regularly going through your website, looking at products, commenting positively on your social media page, and even called your company a couple of times. If you didn’t have a CRM that collected and recorded all interaction of this particular visitor with your company, you would never have known of the person’s interest and would have missed an opportunity to follow through with a potential customer.

Technology is a Must

If you haven’t yet you should get yourself a good CRM to start dissecting more insights off your customer database. Among the top solutions that we have reviewed, we found that Freshsales is one of the easiest to learn and set up, plus it has powerful lead management; thus, a recommended platform for both new users and fast-growing businesses to gain that 360-degree customer view. You can easily sign up for a Freshsales free trial here to get to know more of its features firsthand.


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Try out Freshsales with their free trial

2. Track your customer’s journey

Information is everything. It is likewise what helps your sales team close deals. To be able to do that, they need in-depth insights from customer interactions and engagement from specific channels like your emails, website, calls, and appointments. These should be tracked, monitored, and extracted for information, all within the scope of knowing everything about your prospect.

CRM specializes in this through its event tracking feature which your sales team could do well to harness in full. Your team will be able to get a chronological timeline view of a contact’s engagement in various channels, allowing you to segment your contact’s behavior by activity type and determine their preferences so you can craft your response accordingly.

A CRM solution like Freshsales will not only track engagements of your leads but also rank them by behavior with its advanced lead scoring tool, practically transforming your CRM into a leads report card. As an illustration, when someone stays in your website longer than usual, you can score that person based on pages that were viewed, offers that were clicked on, or whatever other activity and interaction that was made. It lets you assess is the person is a hot lead who needs to be followed up.

3. Manage your deals visually

Managing your deals across multiple stages can be a big headache for you and your team. And having no idea where deals are in the sales process, how many there are, and how much they’re worth can lead to lost opportunities and affect your bottom line.

A CRM system will give you deal management capabilities primarily through a visual sales pipeline. This is a standard feature in Freshsales and, in fact, in most of the top CRM software solutions. This will show you the health of your deals as they move through the different stages. Smooth movement is ideal, but if the sales pipeline is clogged then something is wrong, often the result of stagnant deals that haven’t been taken cared of in a particular stage.

Your sales team will greatly benefit from a healthy sales pipeline because they get complete visibility and quickly see how many deals are in each stage, classify them by their expected close date, and make smart decisions to move deals up the sales ladder.

You’ll be able to optimize deal management and accelerate revenue generation by having a funnel view into your sales pipeline, identify deals you can close faster and work on them, and get an idea of how much sales you’ll be able to close in the coming month.

A good way to enhance of this technique is to define rules or rank your deals in the sales funnel. Rules can be any parameters you set such as location, industry, job title. So for example in the sales funnel, a deal or prospect is the head or executive of a startup, you set a higher rank or score on the person and give priority – assigning your best sales rep and allocating best efforts and resources to that person. This way you are always on the tail of hot leads instead of dead ends.

Freshsales lets you keep tab of your deals across multiple stages.

4. Track, manage your emails in one place

Email is widely considered an effective channel in terms of revenue generation and is among the foremost sources of information for B2B audiences. But everyone agrees, including marketing and sales teams, that managing emails can be quite a mess. You need tools to put order into your mailbox chaos.

Good thing, CRM brings with it email integration so you can send, track and manage your email from your sales CRM. Again, using the capabilities of Freshsales as yardstick, you’ll get to track and know who opened your latest emails, when they opened the emails, and who clicked on your links. It’s smart email management at its best.

Your email sales campaigns will be streamlined and accelerated, letting you reach out to your mailing list in a jiffy and conveniently send customized bulk mails. With dozens of pre-built templates, your sales team can create and send well-crafted personalized emails and deliver them quickly.

Your team also gain insightful email metrics, allowing them to measure the results of the email campaign and knowing open and click rates as well as which templates are performing well and getting the best response.

Freshsales also offers a sales-first inbox that keeps track of every email thread in your sales. This is immensely useful especially in situations where you’re handling multiple prospects. It helps you prioritize your responses, without worrying over emails slipping through the cracks.

You and your team also get to have a team inbox for more visibility, better collaboration, shorter response times, all of which ensures that no deal gets lost. You’ll also have features to schedule emails, sync them with your calendar, automatically link emails to an appropriate lead or contact’s record, and get real-time alerts on email opens, links clicks, and new emails.

5. Understand your sales performance

One of the most important functions of sales CRM is its ability to analyze your sales performance and forecast your sales. You have to know what’s going on, how your sales teams are doing, and understand your sales results. To make it even easier, your CRM can help you build a sales forecast.

The sales team can take advantage of CRM software’s capability to visualize sales reports through graphical tables and charts, without complex coding or setups. This lets you monitor your sales visually and better understand sales results and performance.

The CRM system can also pull out revenue data and perform analytics to classify them by sources, sales rep, location, or other attributes to let you spot top performers, campaigns that work, leading sales territories, and so forth. You’ll also be able to forecast the value of your deals and the number of deals you can expect to close.

You and your sales team can use key performance metrics on conversion rates, revenue, sales cycle, velocity reports, and the like to fine tune sales team techniques and guide you in your immediate next moves and further along in your mid or long-term strategies.

In a use case scenario, let’s say you’re a sales manager and need to know how long it takes for a deal to travel through the pipeline, where your reps are stuck in a particular stage, and which stage sees deals through quicker than others. A CRM can create reports that tell you the average time taken by each rep to close a deal and even drill down into each rep’s average to identify a deal’s duration by its individual stages.

Understand your sales performance with Freshsales’ reporting feature.

6. Create workflow automations

One of the optimization tips to get the most out of your CRM is to automate basic tasks. Automation drives productivity and efficiency, helping your sales team streamline processes and get more work done. Any repetitive task such as following up on leads, sending emails, generating invoices, and many other daily activities can be automated by a fully capable CRM solution.

For example, Freshsales, with its intelligent workflow feature, can do all the repetitive work for you with a simple point-and-click interface that enables you to set up, automate and run virtually any business sales process. Indeed the benefits of sales process automation outweigh the investments they entail.

You can automate even the most complex business processes in an instant by creating simple “if-then” like rules. Once rules have been created, these can scan for triggers you define, such as a new lead being created, or a change in deal status as “Closed/Won”.

Once a trigger has been detected, an action of your choice is performed such as sending an email, updating a record, or using webhooks to send instant notifications to connected apps. Workflow automations dramatically saves time and effort of your sales teams, enabling them to close deals faster.

A real-case scenario for this is when you have to type a welcome email every time you get a new lead which can be every day or several times a week. Once you’ve created an email template with custom placeholders and personalized message, you can set up an automated workflow sequence and define both the trigger and the response to the trigger.  With this specific workflow, each time a new lead enters the CRM, which is the trigger, it will automatically send your personalized welcome email, which is the response.

7. Bring your CRM anywhere

More often than not, your sales people are also you field people. It would be to their great advantage to be able to close deals from anywhere. Mobile apps are now almost standard feature of CRM software, giving your salesforce the means to use the CRM and access data on prospects/customers while on the go. This is why creating a mobile CRM strategy is always a welcome proposition.

Now, being away from your desk doesn’t mean you won’t be able to close a sale. You’ll be able to keep your sales going from your mobile device without missing out on anything such as getting a full view of leads, contacts, accounts, and deals from your smartphone; receiving notifications when a new lead, deal, or task is assigned to you; and being reminded of upcoming appointments, among others.

Your sales team can plan their day from their smartphone; add notes, tasks and appointments; and log all calls and map them to their leads/contacts/accounts/deals. And in the case of Freshsales, you can even book an Uber right from the CRM mobile app if, for instance, you need to make an immediate meeting with your prospect. Having your CRM with you wherever you are allows for anytime, anywhere selling.

8. Synergize data from all the tools your use

The full potential of a CRM system is realized through its integration capabilities. For instance, Freshsales gives you the advantage of having the Freshworks Ecosystem within your CRM since it can work and connect with other same family of solutions.

Among its sibling apps are Freshdesk help desk solution, the Freshchat communication platform, and the Freshsales for Segment to help you collect customer data from multiple touchpoints and bring them into your sales CRM.

Of course, there are several other third-party integration including office apps, marketing automation software, accounting services, document management, online calendar, and social media platforms. What integration gives your sales team is the ability to extend and make the most of the CRM software.

A good example for this technique is when you have to streamline the sending of bulk emails. You simply have to integrate the CRM with an email marketing automation software like Mailchimp and go about the task within the system without having to open another email app, transfer data and email massages, import your contact list, and set up delivery sequence and schedule. Time and resources are optimized with integration.

Integrate your Freshsales CRM with third-party apps like email marketing solution.

9. Make calls within your CRM

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make quick, quality calls right from your CRM? Some feature-rich CRM solutions and sales software let you do. A built-in phone capability allows you to make and receive call minus the data entry. Now you don’t have to switch between a phone software and CRM to call your prospects or customers.

You save on time and cost since there’s no need for additional software, hardware installation, setup charges, or dialing phone numbers. You just click on the phone number to place call directly from the CRM app. You can assign numbers to your sales reps and have the CRM automatically log and capture all incoming and outgoing calls.

You can view the entire conversation history in one place, make your next sales call, or schedule an appointment right from the CRM. You can get phone activity reports and find out how many outgoing calls have been made by each sales rep across a specific time period. You can then quickly generate charts and tables that you can share with your team.

Having a phone within the CRM system simplifies communication. Again, in the case of Freshsales, you can even transfer calls. For instance, you call your prospect using the CRM phone and the prospect asks something you feel would best be answered by your sales manager. You can easily transfer the call to your manager or any other sales rep for that matter. Efficiency and convenience is afforded to both ends and users of the communication channel.

10. Have everything in one place, without the clutter

A full-featured CRM system brings everything you need together under one roof, so that you won’t have to work on different standalone tools and solutions which will cost you time, money, and management issues. Being able to see your prospects and customers clearly and completely, monitor and track the customer journey, streamline and automate sales processes, and perform multiple actions in one place are some of the most beneficial features of a CRM system.

Your sales team will be properly guided in their responsibility and be able to discharge peak performance when they see information, tasks, and assignments that are properly organized and presented clearly in a clean UI and easy to navigate dashboard of a CRM solution, without the clutter and complication. Finding something – menus, features, options, tools, and other apps – is highly facilitated within a neatly laid out dashboard where every item is just a click away.


There are many reliable sales CRM solutions out there like Freshsales. The important thing is that you are able to harness the full capabilities of the CRM software to your advantage, helping you further enhance the techniques and practices you already implement. CRM is a proven tool that can assist your team in generating leads, converting prospects, and closing sales. It is a must have in your lineup of business solutions that you can configure to support your sales processes and goals.

If you want to investigate CRM features closely and how they can help your sales team, you can easily do so when you sign up for a Freshsales free trial here.

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