What is Club Management Software? Analysis of Features, Types, Benefits and Pricing

What is club management software?

Club management software is a tool that helps clubs and associations manage their businesses and boost customer service. Such businesses may include gyms, health clubs, fitness and wellness centers, and the like.

Now that you know the definition of club management software, you should likewise learn about the similarities that it shares with appointment management tools. However, it goes further than just facilitating reservations and scheduling by bringing with it features for membership/records management, marketing and promotion, reporting, and billing and payment, among others. A club is a business, therefore efficiency and productivity is the name of the game, and club owners need a system to streamline tasks, automate processes, and provide quality service to clients. What is club management software but a solution to address niche-specific needs of this type of business.

Fitness centers have mushroomed all over the world in recent years, reflecting the continuing trend and importance people place on their health and well-being. The fitness and exercise industry is big business and reportedly worth over $100 billion. There are more than 180,000 fitness clubs around the globe which raked in $84 billion from 145 million members. More than a third of the global fitness club member population is in the United States where there are 34,000 fitness centers.

While the outlook is rosy for the fitness industry which has registered continued yearly growth in market and revenues, a dire fact has been uncovered – the gym drop-out rate is about 80% within the first eight weeks of joining a gym. This makes it all the more crucial for club owners to utilize club management software to retain their members, extend the best service, and attract more clients.

In this article, we’ll examine the definition of the many aspects of club management software, including the following:

  1. What does club management software do?
  2. How does club management software work?
  3. What are the benefits of club management software?
  4. What are the advantages of club management software?
  5. What are the features of club management software?
  6. What is the cost of club management software?
  7. What are examples of club management software?
  8. Is club management software for you?

What Does Club Management Software Do?

What does club management software do? Club management software is also known as association management or membership software. As such, it is designed to handle membership records and details. Having such information facilitates the delivery of quality service to members such as reservations, appointments, and scheduling. It also enables club owners to offer discounts, promos and rewards to loyal, active and long-time members.

The client-centric or customer focus approach works for all businesses, more so for club management since it’s a service-oriented activity. Club owners must ensure that members are taken care of, and club management software takes care of that. It makes it easy for members to do self-service, booking or scheduling themselves through the platform. It also removes hassles in billing and payment since club management platforms can handle and process secure means of payment whether online via payment gateways or through credit/debit cards.

For the owner or business, aside from having prompt and safe payment, club management software enables automation of marketing campaigns, smooth scheduling, and efficient handling of customer/client data. It also allows for the creation of training lessons or workout plans to manage the health goals and chart the progress and improvement of clients.

All in all, club management software helps you the club owner to deliver best customer service experience. That alone has many favorable results – it reinforces the loyalty of clients and retains them, and encourages word of mouth about your brand and establishment which can lead to additional new clients. That can positively impact your bottom line which is the goal of every business.

10to8: Booking system and online scheduling tool.

How Does Club Management Software Work?

How does club management software work? Today’s club management software is largely a cloud hosted solution that leverages Internet technology and the convenience of connectivity. No confusing installation and no more location limitation as with on-premise deployment. Everything is done and managed online with your own web portal. Whether you have a single establishment or a multi-location business, and regardless in you have a dozen clients or hundreds of them, club management software has scalable features and capabilities to handle every kind of club management operations.

At its most basic level, club management software works this way.

  1. Client books and schedules appointment at your website or social media page
  2. Client fills up form for information details at your site or page
  3. System confirms schedule and notifies you and the client.
  4. If there are schedule changes or no-shows, the system reschedules client for available dates.
  5. System again notifies you and client and confirms new appointment.
  6. Client pays fee or whatever cost online and system processes payment.
  7. Client appears on scheduled date and staff or trainer gets information on his/her tablet about client’s workout plan.
  8. If there is a series of schedules/appointments, the system organizes and calendars dates, notifying you and client, and arranges multi-visit pass or check-ins.

The above are just the activities on the surface. Club management software can manage staff payroll, company resources, client profiling, client attendance, financial reporting, point of sale, marketing and promotion, automated reminders, auto spot refilling, referral tracking, progress tracking, centralized data/information storage and management, software integration and mobile compatibility, community portal, multi-visit passes, multi-language member emails, check-in system, and a host of other operational or administrative tasks and processes.

What is club management software? As you can see, it’s your all-in-one, multi-tasking tool to manage your club operations from end-to-end.

What are the Benefits of Club Management Software?

There are several benefits that you can gain from implementing club management system. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Automates processes – Productivity tools like club management software tap the power of automation to streamline and speed up routine tasks such as data entry to save time and effort for your employees, and at the same time minimizing errors.
  2. Enhanced data security – Club management software, especially online platforms, provide secure cloud storage for information, records and transactions such as personal and credit card details of members. Advanced security features are offered to ensure that only authorized persons get access to confidential information.
  3. Integration with other business systems – Today’s club management platforms have powerful integration capabilities that work with third-party business systems, services and apps you use such as CRM, payment gateways, social media, accounting, and chat and communications software, and many others.
  4. Improved customer experience – Club members can use portals and online forums created by the software to share their experiences with other users. Online communities provide a sense of camaraderie that improves member satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  5. Drives revenues – Most club management software have marketing, promotional and branding features to help you reach out to potential members as well as to encourage existing members to use your facilities and services more extensively.

What Are the Advantages of Club Management Software?

Why use club management software? Simply put, it makes things easier for you, the manager. The advantages of club management software can be grouped into three:

  1. Business Efficiency & Productivity. A more productive staff and more efficient operation are expected outcomes of streamlined and automated tasks and processes. No more mess in overlapping schedules and appointments. Everything fits right in your calendar with members properly booked, scheduled, and their workout and other needs planned beforehand. Business performance is analyzed, monitored and tracked. Finance and accounting are optimized through accurate statements and reports. Employee/staff activities, attendance and assignment are managed and synchronized vis-à-vis with members and clients. You don’t need to worry about micro-managing every detail and chore of daily operations as club management software can take care of those for you.
  2. Customer Ease & Convenience. From joining your club, to on-boarding, to checking-in to your establishment, to planning and scheduling a workout regimen with your club trainers, and to payment for your services, everything on the member or customer side is facilitated by customer management software. In addition, the software can help you generate promos and rewards for active and loyal clients, and offer discounts to new members. The convenience that you extend to clients will redound to a positive impact on your customers that will go a long way.
  3. Safety & Security. Online club management software affords you some of the most stringent measures to safeguard vital customer and business data. You are provided security protocols, encryption and authentication measures to deter breaches and hacks, and ensure the integrity of sensitive information relating to your customers and transactions.

Mindbody: Business management app for health and wellness companies.

What Are the Features of Club Management Software?

The following are some key features of club management software:

  1. Membership management. With a centralized members’ database, you can edit and save member records; easily search for member’s information; and upgrade or downgrade memberships.
  2. Reservations management. You can quickly make member reservations or create a waiting list to deal with cancelled appointments.
  3. Scheduling. This enables you or your staff to book and reschedule sessions and appointments, inform clients of their appointments via email, or share their schedules privately on social media.
  4. Staff timekeeping. Manages and organizes the timesheets, assignments, and work schedules of employees, support staff, trainers, and coaches.
  5. Payment processing. Some club management software have built-in payment processing features while others integrate with payment processors and gateways to accept membership payments via credit cards, cash, direct debit, wire transfer, or online form.
  6. Promotions and marketing. This allows you to award benefits, gift cards, and discounts to members through loyalty programs. You can also send social media notifications, automated emails, and text messages to all members regarding offers and promos they can avail.
  7. Reporting. You can generate useful reports on member details, monthly sales, inventory, business trends, financial figures, or performance analysis to give you a view of all aspects of your operation.
  8. Member access. Club management software can connect with specialized devices and gadgets, or even with member’s smartphone to enable biometric or barcode scanning for their check ins and check outs.
  9. Member forums. Your club members can use online communities or groups to have discussions and share files with other users.

Virtuagym: One-stop solution for trainers, fitness clubs, and coaches.

What is the Cost of Club Management Software?

As mentioned earlier, club management software is scalable and can be used as a personal tool by professional trainers and coaches for individualized service, or by gyms and wellness centers that offer full-range fitness and health services. Since features can be scaled to user or business requirements, so too with the cost of club management software.

Current online club management software costs are relatively affordable with prices ranging from double-digit to lower end triple-digit figures for monthly subscriptions. You can get features for basic, personalized coaching to more advanced features for full-fledged fitness clubs. Study the offerings by vendors as most likely there are plans that can suitably match your requirements.

What are Examples of Club Management Software?

Take a look at these top examples of club management software to get a better idea of what’s available out there:

  1. 10to8. A leading online booking system and appointment scheduling tool that helps businesses communicate with clients more efficiently to reduce no-shows and prevents schedule conflicts. It can handle volume appointments and has features such as two-way calendar-integrated chat; integrations with online calendars; automated smart SMS and email alerts; rota management to easily coordinate staff availability and assignments; auditing functions; dashboard and reporting; and many more.
  2. Mindbody. A business management software for health and wellness companies with features that automate business tasks, including payment collection, confirmations, rescheduling, and payroll processing. It also has marketing tools that allow organizations to stay in touch with customers and integrate promotions at the point of sale. Among its many capabilities are automatic notifications, confirmations and reminders, cloud appointment through the website or mobile apps, reporting and business performance tracking, and direct linking to social media page with real-time updates.
  3. Zen Planner. A popular business management and scheduling tool designed for fitness businesses. The cloud platform simplifies business operations and membership management functions through tools and features that track member’s attendance and progress, allow online scheduling, enable automated billing and integrated payment processing, provide customized reporting and analytics, and offer client self-service through mobile apps and member portal.
  4. Virtuagym. A one-stop solution for trainers, fitness clubs, and coaches to manage the daily operations of their clubs through an online management platform. It is built to enable fitness professionals to focus on effective fitness coaching, while running a successful business. It brings custom branded apps and an online community to promote a club’s or a trainer’s brand and boost client engagement. It has flexible membership options, hardware integrations, online payment modes, membership management function, and automated check-in system.
  5. Trainerize. A fitness software solution for gyms and fitness centers that can manage all day to day business operations. The software helps trainers manage individual clients, build personalized training plans, track their performance. Trainerize provides a vast library of videos from where trainers can learn and teach clients different exercises. In addition to exercise routines, trainers can use their smartphone to monitor client’s nutrition intake or send prescribed meal plans to clients in the form of PDF files. The software likewise has built in automated messaging and notifications, and includes an app messaging module to allow conducting sessions through Skype.
  6. Coacha. Built for sports clubs, Coacha is a feature-complete solution for enticing athletes and managers, monitoring of athletic performance, attendance tracking, handling of membership fees, and others. With this software, you are able to create athlete profiles and neatly organize them by categorizing based on athletic capability, gender, and others. For frictionless communication, the software allows users to send bulk emails or use SMS broadcast to tap a large number of athletic groups or coaches.

Is Club Management Software For You?

If you’re a gym or fitness club owner, imagine the benefits and advantages we’ve itemized in the preceding sections that you’ll be missing out. The manual way of doing business today will leave you in the dust trails of your competitor. Staying ahead of the pack means harnessing current technology to drive your business forward. Remember, people today are heath-conscious as ever, and they will search online for fitness establishments that provide first-rate service. You would want to be on customers’ radar to retain them and attract more of them to your business. The purpose of club management software is to help you gain customer traction and allow you to streamline your operation to provide quality service and optimize club management tasks and processes. What is club management software? It is your tool to help your business grow while letting your customers get the best service experience they deserve.

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