Top 3 Customer Experience Management Software Solutions: Comparison of Zendesk, Qualtrix CX and LiaCX

What is the best customer experience management software?

The best customer experience management software is Zendesk, a robust, flexible platform for customer engagement. This widely-used scalable solution helps businesses of any size provide an integrated, positive experience for all customer interactions. With this powerful customer experience platform, a company can boost customer engagement, enhance loyalty, and separate itself from its competition.

More people are making purchasing decisions based on customer experience. In most cases, many of us won’t hesitate to pay more as long as our demands are met. This is why customer experience management (CEM) is now a top priority for businesses.

It’s no wonder companies are trying to become customer-centric brands. However, this is easier said than done. Merely promoting your brand as customer-focused doesn’t cut it in this age of transparency and technology.

Fortunately, with reliable customer experience management software such as Zendesk, Qualtrix CX, and LiaCX, you can truly walk the talk. The top 3 customer experience management software solutions we’ll review here are based on the overall user rating calculated by our algorithm, as well as the analysis of our team of B2B review experts. Of the dozens of solutions in our database, we found that these three can help you provide the most seamless customer experience. We compared their core features and pricing, so after going through this comparison, it will be easier for you to choose the customer experience management software that suits your needs.

Top 3 CEM solutions

Top 3 Customer Experience Management Software

In more ways than one, the art of selling is no longer as straightforward as before. It wasn’t that long ago when a company that has a great product or service to offer can expect the cash register to fill up. Today, having an excellent product doesn’t guarantee success anymore. To win in today’s competition, a business must consistently provide excellent customer experience.

Businesses that seriously pursue customer experience don’t just make their customers happy; they also drive satisfied employees, which translates to higher productivity.

However, customer expectations change every day, and this expands the growing customer service gap. Obviously, this disconnect is significant. Whereas 80% of businesses think they’re delivering excellent customer experience, only 8% of their customers agree.

ROI of Delivering Amazing Experiences

Failing to meet customer expectations occurs in both traditional and digital channels. After ensuring that your employees are well-trained, it’s time to implement holistic digital platforms to help you deliver a seamless customer experience.

Across multiple channels, customers are usually drawn towards businesses that can provide more intuitive, personalized experiences. Offering awesome customer experience isn’t a simple process. But one thing’s certain—interesting, omnichannel, and personalized experiences tend to deliver the best customer experience.

If you’re planning to upgrade your customer experience management system, a key ingredient is having a platform that can deliver excellent customer experience. In this regard, you should examine Zendesk, Qualtrics CX, and LiaCX. As these are the top 3 customer experience management software in the market today, it’s a sound move to include them in your shortlist of CEM candidates.


Zendesk dashboardZendesk is a cloud-based customer experience management solution for monitoring, prioritizing, and resolving customer engagements. It offers a complete suite of customizable tools ranging from call center solutions to messaging and smart self-service.

What’s impressive is that it puts all your customer support interactions in a single place. Due to this, every interaction becomes efficient, personalized, and seamless. Thus, your customers get more engaged while your agents become more productive.

Another great reason why businesses choose Zendesk is that you can test-drive all its core features at no cost at all. To avail of this offer, you only need to sign up for Zendesk free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Zendesk with their free trial

Like the other apps in the Zendesk Suite, this CEM platform is designed to let you set up all your channels in just a matter of hours. This way, you can begin providing quality customer experience the fastest way possible.

In addition to the above features, Zendesk also offers top-of-the-line tools such as a customer-facing web interface and SSO with Google, Facebook, and Twitter. What’s more, these work in harmony to empower customer service reps to resolve cases more quickly.

Overall, Zendesk delivers the needed support to enable businesses to deliver seamless customer experience.

Key benefits of Zendesk

  • Zendesk facilitates a seamless omnichannel customer experience.
  • It’s one of the fastest and easiest solutions to configure and customize.
  • This CEM software provides ticket forms for gathering accurate customer data.
  • Finally, it enables a type of business-customer collaboration that works.

Qualtrix CX

Qualtrics CX dashboardQualtrics CX is a smart, end-to-end customer experience management solution. It helps businesses optimize every part of the entire customer journey using agile, sophisticated tools. Further, it enables companies to drive core business results, automate activities, and identify areas of opportunity.

Another popular CEM solution, Qualtrics CX, boasts of an established efficiency in the areas of customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. By streamlining how businesses track, react, and enhance every element of the entire customer journey, they can readily integrate and leverage customer feedback into their business strategy.

You can test how this platform works when you sign up for Qualtrics CX free trial here.

Qualtrics CX

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Qualtrics CX with their free trial

If you need real-time and actionable customer insights that everyone in your company can access, Qualtrics CX is the best choice. What’s more, this omnichannel platform centralizes all customer interactions. This means every customer-agent transaction from social media, chat, phone, web, and email is stored in a single location.

By streamlining customer service, businesses can assign customer requests to the most relevant agent available. Furthermore, managers and team leaders can stay on top of things, including identifying unresolved tickets that must be prioritized.

Key benefits of Qualtrics CX

  • It helps optimize customer acquisition.
  • Qualtrics CX enhances customer retention and loyalty.
  • This solution cuts the cost to serve.
  • It offers robust support analytics and reporting.


LiaCX dashboard

LiaCX is another popular cloud-based customer experience management platform. It is designed to help businesses drive customer satisfaction, improve brand reputation, and enhance overall performance.

This advanced CEM solution is mobile optimized and can handle big data with ease. LiaCX gathers and integrates customer data in real-time from a wide range of sources. These include call center transactions, social media, mystery shopping, mobile checklists, and surveys.

In case you want to learn more about how it works, you only need to sign up for LiaCX free demo.

Deploying a centralized system that automatically integrates valuable data from multiple channels, the solution lets businesses derive actionable insights in real-time. Additionally, it can quickly combine data from third-party systems like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

From NPS surveys and data imports to customer satisfaction and mystery shopping, LiacCX offers a wide range of robust tools for reporting and analytics. Moreover, its touchpoint management capability allows businesses to know and address underperforming KPIs in real-time.

Lastly, LiaCX is the only CEM software powered by Action Campaign technology. This innovative tool is designed to help businesses undertake quantifiable activities that result in more efficient outcomes.

Key benefits of LiaCX

  • Create targeted campaigns to improve specific areas of the customer journey and business metrics.
  • Easily collect meaningful customer feedback in real-time.
  • It has a robust multichannel capability.
  • It provides customer-facing tools like a self-service portal.

Comparison of Key Features


Zendesk Helpdesk ticket history

A Zendesk helpdesk showing the entire history of a ticket for a customer complaint regarding issues with a camera.

Zendesk is an acknowledged leader in help desk solutions. Its guided mode can be considered as a benchmark for businesses that seek to prioritize and line up support tickets for their agents. This capability enables agents to always follow a first-come, first-serve rule to prevent them from cherry-picking tickets.

What’s more, Zendesk helps simplify customer support with time-saving tools like automation and triggers. It’s easy to use and smart since it is designed with a focus on both customers and support agents.

Meanwhile, Qualtrics CX allows you to start conversations with your customers how and when they prefer — email, SMS, web, mobile apps, wearables, IoT devices, and more. Get a complete picture of your customer experience with powerful AI automatically reviewing all phone calls, social media, third-party review sites, and frontline employees.

Unlike the first two solutions, LiaCX doesn’t have a built-in helpdesk function. However, its extensive volume of integrations means users can easily use their existing or preferred helpdesk solution for managing their customer complaints.


Without much contest, Zendesk outshines its two competitors in these CEM features. It clearly has a considerable edge, mainly because its helpdesk is the center of its robust customer experience solution. What’s more, many businesses integrate Zendesk with their CRM solutions for better results.


Qualtrics CX mobile version

The Qualtrics mobile app allows you to easily build a branded customer feedback experience.

Because people continue to demand instant response, self-service has become a major aspect of customer experience. Fortunately, the top 3 customer experience management software all offer self-service features to support this growing trend.

Qualtrics CX offers best-in-class self-service capabilities that are seamless, user-friendly, and relevant to the end-user. This CEM platform was designed with the entire customer experience in mind. What’s more, its In-App Feedback tool allows businesses to gather feedback through their customers’ mobile gadgets.

Zendesk empowers businesses to create their own self-service customer portals using its community features and knowledge base. Additionally, the vendor offers an AI-based bot that can guide low-touch tickets and FAQs into the portal. Generally, Zendesk removes the repetitive tasks from agents to allow them to devote more time to mission-critical tasks.

Finally, LiaCX uses self-service features for collecting feedback and recommendations from customers. Same as Qualtrics CX, this platform allows customer self-service to enable real-time data gathering for enhancing the CX lifecycle.


When it comes to customer self-service, all three apps scored high. However, based on the level of sophistication and usage, Qualtrics CX slightly edges the two, mainly due to its widely-used self-administered surveys for improving customer experience. In fact, this is a good alternative in case you’re still not using stand-alone survey software.


Integrations in LiaCX

LiaCX offers hundreds of integrations that are easy to set-up and use straight out-of-the-box.

LiaCX is the leader of the pack when it comes to integrations. It offers hundreds of built-in connectors that smoothly integrate with popular business apps like marketing automation, ERP, and productivity suites.

In addition, its collaboration with Dell Boomi allows LiaCX to quickly integrate with third-party apps within days. Thus, it is easy for businesses to combine customer data sourced from any channel.

Meanwhile, Zendesk also offers integrations with 600+ third-party applications. Likewise, its Open API means that you can readily integrate it with popular business and productivity apps.

Lastly, Qualtrics CX also offers numerous out-of-the-box integrations with platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and others. Additionally, it also has an open API to support quick integration with external applications.


Once more, it’s quite hard to choose the best in integration between LiaCX and Zendesk. As seen in the above comparison, both LiaCX and Zendesk have almost the same number of built-in integrations. However, LiaCX appears to have the edge because of the expanded integration capabilities it offers as part of the robust Intouch suite of business apps.

Reports and analytics

Analytic tools in Zendesk Reporting

Zendesk offers robust analytics tools that work with numerous data sources.

Zendesk offers robust reporting and advanced analytics tools to help you stay on top of your operations. Generally, it focuses on the key metrics that matter most in helping your business to continually improve. In addition, it enables you to analyze data on customer satisfaction, channels, and tickets, as well as facilitate the performance appraisal of your agents.

What’s more, Zendesk reports and analytics are dynamic and easy to configure. With Zendesk’s smart filters, you can readily discover new trends from exploiting various customer data. As a result, these reports offer actionable insights to help you make better decisions.

Meanwhile, LiaCX allows you to collect meaningful customer feedback in real-time. This solution allows you to gather and correlate customer experience data from a wide range of sources. Such data sources include third-party apps, operational audits, mystery shopping, social media, and customer surveys.

On the other hand, Qualtrics CX helps businesses close the gap between customer expectations and the quality of experience provided. This is because it helps business users better monitor each customer interaction and analyze the data.


The three CEM platforms provide powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. But Zendesk clearly offers better options in terms of addressing the reporting requirements of businesses of any size. Its capabilities can be on par with the best data analytics software in the market today.


These top 3 customer experience management software offer free trials and demos to allow prospective users to test them without any cost. Yes, these free trial usage typically have their limitations, but they do let users know enough about their actual feature sets. And once you’ve decided which application best suits your situation, you can select from the various paid plans offered.

Zendesk offers five subscription plans starting at $5 per agent per month. This Essential plan is perfect for startups and small businesses as it already provides the necessary features for CEM. These include mobile SDK, email and social channels, and interaction history.

The other plans are Team ($19/agent per month), Professional ($49/agent per month), Enterprise ($99/agent per month), and Elite ($199/agent per month). These premium plans offer more advanced features and tools, such as 99.9% uptime SLA, 1-hour service level objective, and contextual workspaces.

Unlike Zendesk, both Qualtrics CX and LiaCX offer quote-based subscription plans. Qualtrics CX’s annual subscription plans include a wide range of CEM features such as role-based dashboards, Net Promoter Score, and machine learning.

Meanwhile, LiaCX’s quote-based plans provide business users with an extensive array of customer experience tools. Subscribers will appreciate the platform’s conversation-style history, dynamic mobile forms, and easily customizable fields.


If you’re a small business aiming to offer the best customer experience, Zendesk is the best choice. And since it’s highly scalable, you don’t have to change your CEM platform as you grow. For large businesses seeking enterprise-grade CEM solutions, LiaCX and Qualtrics CX are great options.

In summary, Zendesk prevailed in nearly all the categories, namely helpdesk, integrations, as well as reports and analytics. Even in the pricing wars, Zendesk dominated this comparative analysis, mainly because it is the most affordable yet highly efficient. What’s more, you don’t have to change this CEM software in case you need to adjust its use to your growing operations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Qualtrics CX and LiaCX are that far behind. These two CEM solutions can readily compete head-to-head with Zendesk in nearly all categories, and even winning in some instances.

In case you want to learn more about the full extent of its offerings, you only need to sign up for Zendesk free trial here.

How do you enhance customer experience management strategy?

Having in-depth knowledge about today’s top 3 CEM software is a great way to start an initiative to improve your CEM. However, we must accept that technology—even the best ones—is only a part of the broader customer experience strategy.

In this regard, here are some best practices that dynamic organizations employ in their customer experience approach:

  • Make a clear customer experience goal. Your first step should be to create a clear customer-focused vision that you can communicate with your organization.
  • Understand who your customers are. You must know the different types of customers your organization must deal with. Actually, you can’t serve them well if you don’t know them well enough.
  • Create an emotional bond with your customers. Every member of your team must forge an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Capture customer feedback in real-time. Use technology tools to gather important customer data and quickly respond to each pressing suggestion or request.
  • Use quality frameworks for your team’s development. Identify the training needs of every member of your customer support team.
  • Quickly respond to employee feedback. It’s good to conduct annual surveys to determine the overall feedback of your team. This must likewise include their level of engagement and the organization’s capability to provide great service.
  • Measure the ROI from delivering exceptional customer experience. Use relevant metrics to find out if all these investments in technology, processes, and your teams are doing well or not.

And in case you want to get further ahead in customer experience, our piece, 4 Tools You Need To Design A Stellar Customer Experience, should get you there.

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