20 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2022

What is the best payment gateway provider?

The best payment gateway provider is Melio, which lets you make and receive payments with ease. Melio supports small businesses in the US, allowing them to pay bills and payments to other businesses via bank transfer or credit card. The vendor goes as far as mailing paper checks to vendors on your behalf, besides also helping you accept payments online.

The digital payment industry has grown exponentially over the past years but its growth has been made even more apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic. With consumers around the world transitioning to cashless transactions, there are still B2B payments processed with paper checks and invoices. While the majority of B2B companies have adopted electronic payment methods since the onset of the pandemic, the rest are still on the fence, skeptical about the security and operational resiliency of digital payments.

With so many powerful and popular payment gateways in the market today, how does one know he’s chosen the right one? The decision on whom to entrust your sensitive payment information is always a tough one. And this is why we invite you to check our comparison of the 20 best payment gateway providers for 2022.

Best Payment Gateway

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted payment processing to digital-first. And as both businesses and consumers experience the convenience offered by payment gateways, there seems to be no turning back. Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the volume of electronic payments skyrocketed. According to Visa, tap-to-pay transactions increased by 150% just in the month of March. Meanwhile, new mobile banking registrations ballooned by 200% in April last year, which also prompted the mobile banking traffic to increase by 85%.

But as payment gateways continue to initiate significant transformations in how financial transactions are done, skepticism still hangs in the air, particularly in the B2B sector. A webcast conducted by Ernst & Young examines how the pandemic has played a significant role in pushing payment providers to innovate. But while the innovation leaves a positive impact on both businesses and consumers, it also highlights the biggest fears of consumers—68.5% of webcast participants cited digital security as their biggest concern.

Despite the doubts, consumers are very much aware of the positive results of using payment gateways. According to 60% of webcast participants, adopting electronic payment methods has been “the most meaningful change” in the B2B operations. Moreover, 38.8% agree that using alternative payment options, such as digital payments, is the best positive outcome of the pandemic.

COVID-19 impact on payment industry

Overall, these statistics and trends indicate the rapid transformation that payment gateway platforms bring. Thus, it’s crucial for businesses to keep an eye on these developments to stay ahead of the curve. It’s likewise important to know more about what payment gateways are. Meanwhile, here are this year’s 20 top payment gateway providers for your consideration:

1. Melio

Melio dashboard

First on our list is Melio, an easy account payable and receivable software for small businesses in the US. This is a reliable digital bill payment solution that lets you pay all your suppliers, distributors, vendors, and any other businesses requesting payments for products or services. Moreover, when you have bills to pay including utilities, rent, insurance, and advertising Melio lets you do it with simplicity and convenience. It also enables you to set recurring payments for bills like the internet and phone

Besides, with Melio it’s free to accept digital payments online if customers pay via bank transfer. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create a pay-link, send it to your clients, and they’ll pay without signing up or needing your bank details. In doing so, it helps ease out payment hiccups and delays that epitomize the check payment process. Most importantly, Melio allows you to track each payment so you can know when the money is credited to your bank account.



Try out Melio with their free trial

What is unique about Melio?

  • Easy to make payments. With Melio you can pay vendors, suppliers, and distributors using credit cards or bank transfer. And that is irrespective of the payment method the vendors accept. For example, if a supplier accepts paper checks only and you pay via credit card, Melio will mail the supplier a paper check on your behalf. Put simply, you make a payment your way and the vendor receives the amount his way.
  • Timely notifications. In addition, Melio keeps both you and the vendor on top of every payment. On one hand, it sends you an email notification every time you schedule a payment and when the payment is processed from your credit card or bank account. On the other hand, if you’ve entered the receiver’s contact details, they’ll also be informed when the payment is processed.
  • The recipients don’t need a Melio account. Here is the kicker. With Melio, you don’t have to notify the vendor or ask them to sign up to the solution to receive the payments. The vendors don’t need a Melio account, because whether you pay via a bank transfer or credit card, they’ll receive the payment as usual.
  • Add invoices and bills outside Melio. For meticulously organized recording keeping, Melio allows you to manually add invoices and bills paid outside of the platform. These bills and invoices will be displayed beside the Melio-paid bills for accurate tracking.
  • Sync seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. Most importantly, Melio works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, one of the best account solutions. When you make a payment, the details are automatically saved to your account. The vendor’s directory can be synced with QuickBooks Online to simplify accounting, eliminate double henry, and save time.

Detailed Melio Review

2. Fondy

Fondy is an intuitive payment gateway system created for entrepreneurs to perform online business transactions in Europe. From credit cards and e-wallets to direct payouts, this platform can simplify payment processing without compromising security. It supports an extensive selection of currencies including USD, EUR, and GBP, and can handle both one-time and recurring payments. It also allows you to automate refunds and perform online invoicing to further streamline transactions.

In addition to the abovementioned functionalities, this platform can support email and SMS payments. With this, all you’ll have to do is create customizable payment buttons and embed them in your message. This not only simplifies payments for clients but also allows you to collect payments faster. Last but not least, Fondy is also built to integrate across various devices, making cross-platform transactions easy. All you’ll have to do is choose from their templates or create one through their API so you can easily collect payments from your online store, mobile application, Unity 3D, or subscription platform.

What is unique about Fondy?

  • Expedited Payment Processing. Whether you are processing one-time or recurring payments, this platform can handle it as fast as possible. It accepts payments via credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard as well as mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Plus, it supports direct payouts in all EU countries and Eastern European nations. With this, all payments can be sent to your business’ account.
  • Easy Email and SMS Payments. Fondy can process payments via email correspondence and SMS, allowing businesses to reach their clients on more communication channels. Moreover, using this software’s custom payment buttons and pages, customers can easily pay their outstanding balance without exiting the email or SMS.
  • Multi-Currency Support The platform can process payments in over 100 different local currencies from USD and EUR to GBP and CZK. As such, businesses can easily transact with clients and businesses from other regions across the globe. This makes it ideal for businesses that deal with international clients.
  • Seamless Cross-Platform Transactions. With the help of APIs, the platform allows users to accept payments from customers regardless of what channel your customer uses for transactions. Be it your online shop, mobile application, or subscription platform, this will make payments more convenient for both you and your clients.
  • Out-of-the-Box Integrations. Fondy can readily connect with popular content management systems and shopping cart software such as WordPress PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Drupal. As such, it is easy to process payments from your websites and online stores as well as prepare invoicing data for accounting and bookkeeping purposes.

Detailed Fondy Review

3. BlueSnap

BlueSnap dashboard

Next on our list is BlueSnap, which enables payments for ecommerce, mobile and website development. It comes with a dedicated payment processor for merchants and retailers. This means that you can integrate it with all leading marketplaces and shopping cart platforms and enable direct payments. Likewise, you make use of it to build unique desktop and mobile applications for SaaS, gaming, and more. Such a combination of the retailer and developer-friendly tools is unique in this industry.

How does BlueSnap work? The platform helps you expand your ecommerce business by supporting 110 payment types, in 100 currencies and 29 different languages. It is fully operable and active in 180 countries and connects automatically to a global network of acquiring banks (All-in-one Payment Platform™) to ensure the best conversion rates for each user. It is also well-known for its Subscription Billing Engine, thanks to which, users can customize their recurring billing models, reach out to more people worldwide, and let them pay without the trouble of entering credit card data.

What is unique about BlueSnap?

  • A robust payment management suite. BlueSnap incorporates a payment processor, gateway, and merchant account into a compact, unified platform. This particular setup helps businesses take credit card payments via online gateways, provide a mobile payment system to their customers, and reconcile and pull comprehensive reports in no time.
  • Multiple payment options. The system integrates with PayPal, ApplePay, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and many more, giving shoppers tons of payment choices and enabling businesses to accept more payments from domestic and international customers, significantly increasing their income.
  • A built-in virtual terminal in every console. BlueSnap comes with a built-in virtual terminal in every console, enabling users to accept payments over the phone. On top of that, users can opt to deliver specialized emails to their clients detailing the products and services they intend to buy. They can place their payment details on their own, and complete the transaction on any device.
  • International ecommerce-friendly system. The platform was designed to cater to cross-border ecommerce, thus, the integrations with acquiring banks around the globe. This means users are able to enjoy automatic transaction routing to the acquiring bank that is is just right for your shopper, plus fail-overs and subscription retries to ensure maximum success rate.
  • Powerful analytic components. Analytics is an essential component of any business and BlueSnap delivers a string of payment analytics tools for greater transparency and insight. With BlueSnap, users are able to generate real-time sales, affiliates, and revenue reports, study all facets of conversion performance, compare and optimize order pages, and many more.

Detailed BlueSnap Review

4. 2CheckOut

2checkout dashboard

2CheckOut. This global payment platform is trusted by over 50,000 merchants for its easy-to-use interface and extensive capabilities. For one, it accepts online and mobile payments from anywhere across the globe. Moreover, it localizes transactions by supporting different currencies and languages to simplify payment processing for buyers and sellers alike.

Additionally, 2CheckOut processes a wide variety of debit and credit cards to help you expand the payment methods you can support. Moreover, it can even integrate with online shopping carts and invoicing systems to streamline your payment processing.

If you would like to learn more about this payment gateway and its various offerings, you can easily leverage 2CheckOut free trial.

Meanwhile, this platform sets itself apart from its competitors by providing options to create subscription plans. What’s more, it allows users to set up recurring billing and provides different checkout options.

To top it all off, 2CheckOut comes with a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This way, you can ensure that all of your transactions are safe from online threats.

What is unique about 2CheckOut?

  • Localized Transactions. 2CheckOut localizes its transactions to ensure that customers can make their payments without hassle. Currently, the platform supports 15 languages and 87 currencies.
  • Extensive Payment Options. 2CheckOut can process debit cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and JCB. It also processes payments through PayPal as well as over 200 online marketplaces.
  • Secure Transactions. Payment transactions involve confidential information such as bank details, credit card details, etc. As such, 2CheckOut is equipped with a level 1 PCI data security standard.
  • Powerful integrations. Lastly, 2CheckOut is designed to play well with other systems so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. In fact, the platform can integrate with over 100 shopping carts and invoicing systems.

Detailed 2Checkout Review

5. Vapulus

Vapulus dashboard

Vapulus is a reliable payment gateway software that’s primarily built to simplify mobile payments. The platform enables ecommerce businesses and local store owners to accept payments without a struggle. It brings all sales from your website, mobile app, and POS system in a single, easy-to-analyze interface. This way, the solution allows users to sell goods and services anywhere in the world and receive payment in one place. 

Additionally, Vapulus supports more than 135 currencies worldwide. In doing so, the platform enables you to establish footprints across the globe and charge clients in their local currency and receive payments in your currency. Should you want to learn more about the product capabilities, you can do so at no cost thanks to the Vapulus free trial. 

Small business owners that are getting started with ecommerce trading will marvel at Vapulus absolute zero-fee mantra. What this means is that Vapulus allows you to sell service globally and process all payments without incurring any charge. In other words, the vendor charges a 0% payment processing fee.  

Even better, Vapulus allows you to build long-standing customer relationships and cultivate loyalty. It enables you to offer multiple perks to your customers, send gifts and discounts, and leverage the cashback option. What’s intriguing is that with Vapulus you’ll no longer send offers to customers blindly. It provides analytics that empowers you to send personalized offers at the right time. 

Detailed Vapulus Review

What is unique about Vapulus?

  • It’s free. Vapulus takes an absolute zero-fee policy. By abolishing the payment processing fee, the vendor enables small and medium-sized businesses to establish a firm foothold in the ecommerce landscape. 
  • Receive payment in one place. Most importantly, Vapulus allows you to receive payments from anywhere in the world in one place. 
  • Analytics. First, the platform gives you a complete picture of your sales. Second, it provides comprehensive analytics to help you understand your customers and send them personalized offers. You can also pinpoint areas of your businesses that are delivering desired results and those that are lagging. 
  • Multicurrency. Even better, the platform supports over 135 currencies across the globe. As a result, with Vapulus you can sell your service worldwide, charge customers in their currency, and receive all payments in your local currency.   
  • Enhance customer loyalty. Returning customers spend more than new customers. Vapulus understand this principle to the core and has tools to help you enhance customer loyalty. It allows you to send personalized offers, gifts, and discounts to customers to entice them back to your store.

6. Stripe

Stripe dashboard

Stripe is an online payment platform that was created by industry experts who have established partnerships with the wider payments industry. These include expected partners like local banks and major card networks as well the unexpected ones such as the W3C and industry associations.

This developer-centric solution allows users to rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools, from React components to real-time webhooks. Moreover, using Stripe’s developer platform means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

Likewise, it processes charges and displays prices in a customer’s preferred currency to improve sales and help customers avoid conversion costs. These are among the reasons why it’s chosen as one of today’s popular payment gateway tools.

Detailed Stripe Review

What is unique about Stripe?

  • Customized checkout experience. Its UI toolkit for front-end, design, and analytics helps users build and customize their own payment forms. They can easily embed checkout on their sites using only a single line of JavaScript.
  • Multiple payment options. Stripe offers a variety of options to support the payment gateway preferred by your customer. Easily go global by processing payments for all major credit and debit cards in every country, including digital wallets.
  • Secure payment processing. When it comes to revenue optimization, Stripe optimizes routing paths through direct integrations with card networks like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This pre-processing layer reduces transaction latency, improves success rates, and adds an additional layer of authentication versus risks.
  • Optimized reports and insights. Financial reporting, consolidated reports, and automated accounting support accelerate and streamline reconciliation of transactions. This gives you charge, fee, transfer, and refund information in real-time through Stripe’s API and Dashboard.

7. PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro dashboard

PayPal Payments Pro is the online payment giant’s successful attempt to introduce a payment processing service for ecommerce users without a PayPal account. Backed by today’s undisputed top payment gateway, the platform is designed to streamline business transactions. These features make it a reasonable choice when deciding whom to entrust your money transfers.

Its end-to-end platform supports credit cards as well as PayPal and PayPal Credit payments. It relies on an open API infrastructure to relate easily to any shopping cart/marketplace solution. Moreover, it allows phone-based credit card payments and gives users a handy invoicing kit to charge consumers right away.

What’s more, PayPal Payments Pro adheres to all leading encryption standards to keep payment credentials guarded. And currently, it is the most extensive international payment gateway as it accepts 26 leading currencies and can be used in over 200 markets.

Detailed PayPal Payments Pro Review

What is unique about PayPal Payments Pro?

  • A PayPal solution that doesn’t require payers to have a PayPal account. PayPal Payments Pro was developed to primarily support ecommerce users. It allows them to accept credit card and debit card payments and rewards from users without a PayPal account.
  • Custom checkout. As an enterprise-grade platform, PayPal Payments Pro empowers the user to customize the checkout process to create a positive customer checkout experience. This means that you can control all the layout and colors that match your company’s theme and brand.
  • Access to your money within minutes. Once a payment is sent and processed, PayPal Payments Pro takes only a few minutes to make it available. And customarily, you are offered the option to keep money on your PayPal account or transfer them to your credit card.
  • Truly integrated payment gateway. PayPal Payments Pro works seamlessly with all leading ecommerce solutions, CRM and sales management tools. It also functions well with accounting systems.

8. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments dashboard

Amazon also offers a secure and streamlined payment service to its clients. The service is available to both merchants and shoppers to facilitate their online purchases. Basically, it works by using a user’s Amazon account information, to complete check-ins and checkouts.

With a single login, the customer is immediately identified and enabled to complete a transaction, a possibility that is also available on mobile devices. Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee makes these transactions 100% secure and charges no additional fees to do so. As with most payment gateways, clients are only charged a fixed percentage of the amount they are transferring.

Within their Amazon Payments package, merchants will also find a fully-featured ecommerce suite that will help them promote, sell, and manage products and orders. In such a manner, Amazon Payments optimizes its marketplace activities and converts them into reliable vendors with great reputations.

Detailed Amazon Payments Review

What is unique about Amazon Payments?

  • Streamlined purchasing process. Amazon Payments enables users to easily access their information from the merchant’s site. Thus, streamlining the purchasing process as they no longer have to enter their personal or business information.
  • Retail-first. It is designed specifically for online retailers who want to provide a smooth shopping experience for their buyers. The package is loaded with tools and features that are built to attract new customers and turn them into repeat shoppers, among other benefits.
  • Improved conversion rates. This payment platform helps merchants streamline their customers’ checkout experience. As a result, there is lesser cart abandonment, and more visitors become loyal shoppers.
  • Transaction-based fees. With Amazon Payments, there are no monthly subscriptions and licenses to worry about. This is because all fees are transaction-based and have a processing and authorization component.

9. Braintree

Braintree dashboard

Braintree is an all-in-one payment processing partner for businesses of all sizes and types. It allows clients to accept, send, process, and split payments to maximize their business opportunities and increase their revenue. All of its functions are backed by Braintree’s loyal partnership with PayPal. What Braintree is best known for is the seamless checkout experience it provides, creating an overall feeling of safety and confidence that inspires customers to return. At the same time, Braintree equips you with sophisticated anti-fraud tools that can help you manage risk and fight current and next-gen fraudsters.

To ensure that all businesses will find what they need, Braintree offers four separate modules. The first module is for merchants and donation collectors. The second is for businesses looking to process payments more efficiently and to improve order management. The third is for providers looking to connect with merchants and act on their behalf. The fourth is for businesses looking to build partnerships and create revenue opportunities.

Detailed Braintree Review

What is unique about Braintree?

  • Global market reach. With Braintree’s integrations, users have access to a global market with over 40 countries covered and more than 130 currencies supported. Likewise, you’ll be enjoying other benefits such as settlement and fraud protection. Best of all, there won’t be any foreign exchange or cross-border fees involved.
  • Friendly drop-in UI. Using Braintree’s drop-in UI, users get to start accepting payments almost as quickly as that next great idea comes up. This UI is a sleek, ready-made payment one for accepting cards or even PayPal in the app or website. Once completed, the client code obtains a payment method once for use on your server.
  • Customizable checkout flows. With Braintree, users get to tailor their checkout flows any way they like while remaining compliant with PCI SAQ A through Braintree’s easy-to-use payment APIs for app or web, which provides unrestricted potential and an adaptive and more secure system that complies with the standards.
  • Braintree Vault. Through Braintree Vault, they can keep sensitive data stored on a secure system the platform provides so the business can stay PCI-compliant. It also offers the benefit of reducing the hassle of re-entering payment information of their customers each time they want to make a purchase.

10. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net dashboard

Authorize.Net is most needed in retail and service environments looking for a flexible solution that works in tune with their order management practices. It was developed to help merchants sell more in both local and online stores. It covers for the work of full-time staff, stores and organizes data, and helps you fight fraud without making constant checks and reviews.

Being one of the pioneer performers in this industry, Authorize.Net earned the trust of small and medium businesses by providing them with an affordable and secure payment solution, delivered as a package that includes a free mobile POS app for Android/iOS, a free website payment seal, and a free kit of fraud prevention tools. What you will also appreciate about this platform is the 24/7 free support provided by knowledgeable professionals who will also assist you when building custom connections. On their website, you will also find an array of tutorials and training materials, so that you can optimize the potential of the platform.

Detailed Authorize.Net Review

What is unique about Authorize.Net??

  • Robust online payment system. Authorize.Net’s online payment system accepts credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account, saving time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • VPOS. In a retail setting, you can use Authorize.Net as a personalized virtual point of sale system (VPOS). In case you already have a good POS in place, this platform will be easy to integrate with it.
  • A virtual terminal for manual transactions. Authorize.Net also has a virtual terminal that allows users who take mail and phone orders from their customers to submit transactions manually. Mobile transactions are also accepted via its free mobile app or a third-party solution that would accept credit card payments securely over a mobile device.
  • Customer integration manager (CIM). The platform’s Customer Information Manager (CIM) enables users to tokenize and store their customers’ sensitive payment information on Authorize.Net’s secure servers, simplifying the PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions.

11. WePay

WePay dashboard

WePay is an integrated payment gateway made especially to support the distinct omnichannel, POS and web-based requirements of software platforms. Designed to allow for quick, seamless, and secure onboarding and processing, this payment solution provides software businesses the needed flexibility to optimize their operations based on their objectives. For instance, it enables businesses to personalize their online platform using your brand and pricing structure to allow for native processing and promote your business model.

WePay’s direct referral functionality offers your clients the capability to get paid without any difficulty through Chase merchant accounts. It likewise provides users complete control over facilitating payment. It has extensive support for multiple payment schemes that include ACH, debit, and credit payments, while letting your clients choose either monthly, weekly, or daily payouts.

Detailed WePay Review

What is unique about WePay?

  • Instant onboarding. By providing just an email address to sign-up, your merchants can immediately begin accepting payments. To enhance and secure the underwriting and sign-up procedure, you can schedule later on when to collect the supplementary Know Your Customer (KYC) data from your clients.
  • Fast and simple integrated payments. With WePay, you can offer merchants an integrated payment solution using its API-based technology. For both online and in-person transactions, all payments, as well as refunds, are done using a customizable checkout flow that provides you with complete control of the way the processes will go.
  • Top-tier partner support. WePay empowers your support team to handle any customer inquiries easily. This vendor provides comprehensive partner assistance, from training to escalation support, to guarantee that your merchants use a single contact point that features a vigorous knowledge base.
  • Complete payment risk coverage. WePay provides 100% coverage to your exposure to risks like chargebacks and losses due to scams. By protecting customer data and required payment, it also provides assistance to help your business gain OFAC, KYC, and PCI compliance.
  • POS solution to boost sales. Use its mobile card readers and SDKs to develop your POS business quickly. WePay’s tablet and smartphone tools can help your merchants increase in-person payments in their sales operations.

12. SecurionPay

SecurionPay dashboard

SecurionPay is a highly recommended system for those who are looking to improve their conversions and cross-sales. Basically, SecurionPay is one of the most reliable payment solutions on the market, as it is designed to boost conversions by offering a fast, simple and straightforward way for making transactions. Its highly flexible API also allows businesses to tailor-suit the system for their specific needs.

With its intuitive and straightforward payment flow, businesses can benefit from improved sales and conversions while keeping clients satisfied. It allows for fast transactions with one-click payments, “remember me” option for recurring customers and saving of card information for subsequent transactions. Further, this solution also limits clicks and forms to the bare essentials, thus, significantly reducing cart abandonment rate so you can enjoy enhanced conversions. SecurionPay has been tried and tested to improve cross-sales through customizable checkout pop-ups and after checkout promotions.

Detailed SecurionPay Review

What is unique about SecurionPay?

  • Fast checkout flow. Simple payment forms alongside an option to remember the user and his/her card details allow for quick payment processes.
  • High customizability. Tailor-fit a user experience that best fits your website’s aesthetics and payment process. It allows you to fully customize the payment form, choose whether to use one-click payments or multi-checkout pages and configure your integrations based on your setup, to name a few.
  • Highly secure payments. It comes equipped with various security features to safeguard users from hackers and other online exploits.
  • Easy testing. Easily simulate changes to your payment processes by changing between the test and live phases.
  • Improved cross-sales. By offering promotions right after customers make a successful transaction and displaying beautifully-designed checkout pop-ups, you can further generate more sales from clients.

13. Skrill

Skrill dashboard

Skrill is a relatively new, yet very successful UK-based payment service designed both for businesses and individuals. With the service, you can make international transactions and pay for products and services wherever you are in the world, and from the comfort of your mobile device with a dedicated application. Within Europe, active users can submit a request for a prepaid Mastercard, and use it to withdraw funds/purchase goods wherever they may be.

Creating an account on Skrill is free, and users are only charged a fixed percentage of what they’re sending/receiving. On the sender’s side, this fee can come for as low as 1% of the transaction’s value, which makes Skrill a preferable option to many more expensive platforms and gateways in the world. Skrill is also easy to link to any bank account worldwide and takes excellent care of the security of your payment information.

Detailed Skrill Review

What is unique about Skrill?

  • Multiple transaction methods. Skrill enables several payment transaction options such as credit cards, cash and email- transactions. All you need to do is sign up on the web and avail of the services.
  • Targeting buyers worldwide. At the moment, Skrill supports over 30 different currencies and makes it possible to target buyers for your products and services all around the globe.
  • Ultimate safety and transparency. With Skrill, you get the ultimate security that safely transfers high-value money to your account. Your passwords and critical information are kept confidential to make sure there are no chances of any mishaps. With anti-fraud screening features, each and every transaction to and from your account is monitored, which ensures high security.
  • Mobile accounts and ATM service. Your account works on mobile devices too which lets you make transactions and payments from almost anywhere. A great possibility enabled by this service is to get a MasterCard, and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.
  • POS addition. Skrill is quite a handy tool for POS businesses and online stores. You can pay for stuff online with your account. This is a valuable addition because many customers abandon the purchase because of the inability to pay instantly. With Skrill being as easy as it is, customers will enjoy their shopping experience.

14. PayU

PayU dashboard

PayU is the product of an Indian payment processing corporation, and one of the simplest payment solutions that were designed to fill in the gaps left by complex service providers. The expert community is also fond of PayU because of its best conversion rates (acclaimed 12%), acceptance for over 45 payment methods (Net-Banking, 8+ bank EMI’s, 6 Wallets, Amex, Rupay, International Cards), and the PayuBiz’ API’s & SDKs which help connect this platform to any website, application, or related third-party system.

Recently, PayU became one of the very few providers of this kind that allow for OneTap payments and made a major technological breakthrough by enabling second-time users to skip entering their CVV again. The platform also reads and submits OTP on behalf of the user, and complies with the highest PCI and DSS standards to protect payment data. It also stores all credit vault data, so that neither you nor your customers would have to enter it repeatedly.

Detailed PayU Review

What is unique about PayU?

  • A single integrated solution for all local payments. PayU offers a single integration solution that lets users start receiving local payments in all locations where it operates. International merchants can use it as their payment service provider and start receiving payments in all 16 markets, reaching a potential of over 2.2 billion consumers.
  • A large number of payment methods. PayU offers more than 250 local payment methods and multiple currency options, allowing its users to reach all customers, even those without credit cards. They are also able to manage the complexities of local markets whilst benefiting from them.
  • Direct connection to local acquirers. PayU also provides a direct connection to local acquirers, so its clients’ approval rates tend to be higher than the rest, while an in-house anti-fraud system has years of data providing an effective fraud management program, taking care of matters relating to site security so that users will not have to worry about it. Security is further enhanced with tokenization.
  • Extendable functionality. PayU can be customized and expanded even without coding knowledge, thanks to its APIs, payments encryption, and software development kits.
  • Quote-based payment. PayU’s pricing quotes depend on the size of the transaction, and users’ particular needs and demands. For more details, contact the company’s sales team.

15. Zoho Checkout

Zoho Checkout dashboard

Zoho Checkout is Zoho’s flagship one-time and recurring payment processing system, and one of the world’s leaders when it comes to processing innovations. It won’t only help you streamline the purchasing experience of your customers, but also transform payment pages into personalized terminals customers know and trust. Coding is not necessary to build a checkout page with Zoho. Hosting is also handled on behalf of the provider, all you have to do is to choose between one-time and recurring payments (or both) and configure the intervals, dates, and duration for each of them. Zoho Checkout will even allow you to choose a collection amount (or let the customer handle that) and offer a variety of professional and ready-to-use templates to save you the trouble of creating a new page.

You can customize almost everything on them, including tailor labels, colors, fonts, and background images, and make sure that your message is clearly conveyed. The payment page can then be shared on your website, social media account, or sent by email, and then be automatically connected to the customer’s preferred gateway for easier money collection. The platform can process credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex, and resolve failed recurring transactions from cards that were declined.

Detailed Zoho Checkout Review

What is unique about Zoho Checkout?

  • Building your own payment page. With Zoho Checkout, you can build your own personalized and secure payment pages, and start accepting money since day one. The system is cloud-hosted and very intuitive and requires no coding experience to adapt to your needs. Nevertheless, an array of ready-to-use templates will be there to shorten the process.
  • Handles both one-time and recurring payments. Zoho Checkout lets you choose between one-time and recurring payments, and configure all intervals, dates, and duration for each of them. You can either enter the collection amount independently or let your customers decide about it.
  • Customization. There is nothing you can’t customize with Zoho Checkout – the platform lets you use custom fonts, colors, and background images, work around marketing and brand awareness, tailor labels and fields based on your industry, and see all changes in a live preview before anybody else does.
  • Easy collection of payments. Zoho Checkout lets you share your payment page on your website, in an email, or on your social media accounts. This way, customers can connect with a payment gateway easily, and you can receive your payments right away. The platform processes credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. 
  • Resolving failed transactions. Zoho Checkout is also unique because of its capacity to resolve failed recurring transactions by automatically retrying declined cards.

16. BitPay

BitPay dashboard

We may be pro/against bitcoin payments, but we can’t disagree with the fact that they are the future of secure payments and transactions. BitPay owns a unique, leading position among gateways that enable such payments, being the founder and supporter of a whole new payment processing method. If you belong to the ever-growing poll of businesses accepting bitcoin payments, you should definitely give it a look.

In short, BitPay lets you accept and send bitcoins, store and spend your bitcoin funds in a secure manner, or turn them into dollars using your unique BitPay card. To make sure you can do this wherever you’re located in the world, BitPay adopted a mobile-first logic, and will now offer all the retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools you need to operate internationally. You can even resolve bitcoin disputes and receive settlements in your own currency, with the peace of mind that there will be no risk or price volatility while doing so. The BitPay Card even lets you load dollars using any bitcoin wallet and spend them around, without any fees at all.

Detailed BitPay Review

What is unique about BitPay?

  • Designed for sellers and e-merchants. With BitPay, online sellers and merchants can sell anything and everything and accept bitcoin as payment. BitPay speeds up transactions as it comes with a fast and easy setup designed for online payments.
  • The lowest processing fee per transaction. While most credit card-enabled transaction processing systems impose rates and fees between 2 and 3 %, BitPay takes this rate down to a fixed 1% for all users.
  • Streamlined integrations. Integrating BitPay to any existing system is easy via the software’s cryptographically secure API. On top of that, users enjoy massive customization options for their security and confirmation speed.
  • Support for 40 languages. BitPay enables invoicing in 40 languages, which means your business can go global and cater to international customers. At the same time, it accepts payments in 8 different currencies, including bitcoins and mixed structures.  
  • Anti-fraud risk and identity management. As BitPay is built on bitcoin, users and customers are shielded from chargeback fraud and identity theft. Bitcoin transactions do not require parties to divulge sensitive business and personal information, making every bitcoin transaction safe and secure.

17. Payoneer

Payoneer dashboard

Payoneer is an intuitive international payment gateway that allows small businesses and freelancers to become active participants of the worldwide marketplace. Through its innovative mass payout platform, Payoneer helps businesses pay their contractors or remote workers easily, from any place they operate.

Using this platform, you can be sure of world-class payment services that are inexpensive, secure, client-friendly, and fast. Through this kind of service that Payoneer provides, SMBs and freelancers can easily send and receive payments while at the same time sustain better markup earnings. Aside from supporting a wide range of currencies, users can avail of free transactions for some selected currencies as well as full support provided in more than 35 languages.

Detailed Payoneer Review

What is unique about Payoneer?

  • Trusted by top business organizations. Payoneer is the payment gateway of choice by some of the largest job marketplaces like UpWork and Envato. It also provides large-scale payout services to some of the leading companies in the world, such as Google, Amazon, and Airbnb.
  • Multilingual Support. As a global payment platform, Payoneer offers local language or familiar language support to most of its service areas. Its support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance in a language the customer prefers to use.
  • Global Payment Service. Payoneer is among the most widely used payment platforms ever, accepting 150 diverse currencies in over 200 countries worldwide. It allows users to receive and make payments similar to that of a bank account—which means lower payment fees and higher earnings for small businesses and freelancers.
  • Integrated Partners. Payoneer seeks to streamline the online process of sending and receiving funds which is why this vendor collaborates with numerous organizations to address this goal. Through this cooperative effort, funds sent by these partner organizations are instantly credited to their Payoneer account, which can be sent to their bank accounts or quickly withdrawn via ATMs. 
  • A multi-awarded platform. From 2010 until the present, Payoneer has been the recipient of numerous awards and other industry recognition for its quality service and operational excellence. With such a consistent outstanding reputation, users are assured that their financial transactions are handled by one of the best in the industry.

18. CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce dashboard

CardinalCommerce is a consumer authentication, mobile commerce, and payment processing platform that is unique in many ways. To start with, its rules-based payment authentication technology helps prevent chargebacks, reduce fraud, and give customers the possibility to use a variety of leading alternative payment brands. Cardinal will also be a faithful partner while building a successful selling strategy, as its experts help you choose the best online marketplaces, enable mobile payment technology, and secure setups.

Expert advice and entrepreneurial support are offered in particular to newcomers that have little to no experience in handling startup pitfalls, social marketing, blogging, websites, growth, or shipping. Upon need, Cardinal experts can also help you choose the best banking services for your business.

Detailed CardinalCommerce Review

What is unique about CardinalCommerce?

  • Cardinal Consumer Authentication. With CardinalCommerce, merchants and financial institutions have total control over their authentication strategy through its Cardinal Consumer Authentication. Its authentication feature offers increased sales and margins and helps enhance consumer experience overall. the merchant can control which transactions are authenticated via its rules engine.
  • Adhering to your own rules. With CardinalCommerce, users can set up their own rules based on factors such as the amount of transaction, IP or device used, or shipping address, among many others.
  • Universal Wallet. CardinalCommerce is best known for its Universal Wallet, a feature that provides access to multiple digital wallets with a single integration, such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, MasterCard MasterPass, and Visa CheckOut. This is beneficial to consumers who can now pay safely and securely with just a few keystrokes or clicks.
  • 3D Security Technology. CardinalCommerce also offers innovative technologies such as 3-D Secure, which helps users get into the complex authentication landscape in an easy set-up process and prevent online fraud without months of development and integration. 
  • Mobile Marketing. CardinalCommerce is fully equipped for mobile marketing, meaning users can easily produce and send customized mobile messages about new product releases, special offers, or other promotions.

19. Payza

Payza dashboard

Payza is one of the world’s fastest and simplest online money transfer solutions designed for private and professional use. You can use it to send and receive payments worldwide, enable secure money transfers from mobile devices, and get robust protection for the payment data of your customers. You can receive transfers from credit cards, bank accounts, and BitCoin accounts, process payments directly on your ecommerce websites, and shop online with the finances stored in your Payza wallet. To further facilitate this process, Payza offers a dedicated card you can use to withdraw money or pay on spot.

Payza now includes a wide range of Bitcoin and Altcoin services. This means that members can exchange, add, withdraw, and send bitcoins to or from fiat currency. But owners of Payza Cards can use funds added by Altcoin to load the prepaid cards, and turn Altcoins into US Dollars that can be spent online, in-stores, or withdrawn from most ATMs. Soon, users will also be able to purchase Altcoins from their Payza account.

At the moment, Payza supports 25 currencies, and it enables hassle-free and fast exchanges. You can also use your Payza credit to pay bills online, send remittances or make orders, and to calculate conversion rates before you’ve opt for exchange in your local one. As a user, you will also be entitled to the dedicated Dispute Resolution Center, and have all issues raised with another Payza user solved by experts and professionals.

Detailed Payza Review

What is unique about Payza?

  • Suitable for freelancers. Payza is a very convenient and safe solution for businesses and professionals to send and accept money from any location in the world. Accounts are available for those who want to use Payza for personal use as well as business accounts for bigger and complex requirements.
  • All-in-one payment processing platform. Payza can help you complete all sorts of payment-related transactions, as it enables you to accept payments via ACH transfers, bank wires, cashier’s checks, bitcoin money orders, or credit and debit cards.
  • International service. Payza management also guarantees to keep the platform as simple, international, versatile, and secure as possible. The service now caters to over 15 million users worldwide and this figure keeps on growing.
  • 21+ currencies. Available in 21 different currencies, Payza provides users flexibility when it comes to accepting payments. Users also enjoy tons of options when withdrawing their funds –  bank wire, bank transfer, Payza Card, Bitcoin, or Altcoin (coming soon).  
  • Open connectivity options. With its open API infrastructure, Payza allows experienced developers to build all custom connections to third-party software they need. For this purpose, they will get detailed instructions and support from the Payza Developers’ Community.


ECOMMPAY dashboard

ECOMMPAY is an online payment service provider catering to businesses of all sizes globally. It is trusted by companies in online retail, education, hospitality, gaming, and other industries for facilitating reliable and secure transactions. The scalable and user-friendly platform is equipped with robust transaction management and supports different payment channels plus over a hundred alternative payment methods. What is more, it has a payment routing system that leverages artificial intelligence to ensure the success rate of all transactions.

Aside from the abovementioned functionalities, ECOMMPAY is also built to reduce financial risks through its bespoke risk control management system. By using machine learning, they can detect and block fraud patterns as well as examine suspicious transactions. This module also allows you to control chargeback thresholds to ensure that clients don’t exceed them.

What is unique about ECOMMPAY?

  • Intelligent payment routing. ECOMMPAY has the capability to determine which route for incoming and outgoing payments have a higher success rate. All you have to do is fill out certain parameters like location, card type, currency, device, issuer, and the like, and it will do the computations for you. This way, users can ensure that all transactions are processed swiftly and successfully.
  • A reliable payment service. You access ECOMMPAY’s interface all the time to make transfers, thanks to its 99.99% uptime capability. This ensures you can accept and send payments 24/7, so your business never stops growing.
  • Business intelligence solutions. The platform comes with analytics and reporting features to help merchants learn more about their business operations, customers’ payments, and cash flow. With this, users can see all the data they need on an intuitive dashboard and make better business decisions in the long run.
  • Complete fintech ecosystem. The platform has a complete range of fintech services to help reinforce your payment processes. For instance, it can support over 100 alternative payment methods, provide consulting services, as well as give you information on the latest industry trends.
  • Built-in risk control system. One of the unique aspects of ECOMMPAY is that it has a bespoke risk control management system with a 97% detection rate. It leverages machine learning alongside manual transaction monitoring to assure each user that all transactions are legitimate.

Detailed ECOMMPAY Review

How to choose the right payment gateway

Selecting from these top 20 payment gateway providers already gives you an assurance of quality. However, it doesn’t guarantee it’ll work perfectly with your online business. In fact, knowing today’s best vendors is but one of the many necessary steps before making a vendor selection. And for good measure, it also pays to be on top of the current online payment statistics.

Here are some questions to address to help you make that sound decision:

  • Do you need an integrated or hosted payment gateway?
  • Does it offer convenience to your customers?
  • Is it accepted in the countries where your customers reside?
  • Does it offer robust security?
  • What are the pricing structures?
  • Who owns your customers’ data?
  • Does the vendor offer efficient customer support?
  • Finally, does it prepare your business for the future?

Use the answers to these questions once you have your own vendors’ shortlist. Once you’ve identified a few providers that passed your standards, then you can make the final selection. It’s also helpful to know some of the best practices in implementing payment gateway services.

However, if you’re still undecided, we recommend trying Melio first. The platform packs a set of powerful features to help pay your bills, one-time or recurring, on time. It’s also easy to use to request payments from your customer, plus processing digital payment online is absolutely free. Sign up for Melio free trial today to get a first-hand look at how it works.

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I wish payment processing could be OPEN source.

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