AIMS360 Pricing Plans: What’s Included in The Plans?

How much does AIMS360 cost?

AIMS360 costs are on a by-quote basis across four plans that scale to your business needs. A one-year free offer is available for qualified startups ($500,000 annual revenue). Key features include inventory management, accounting, and ecommerce integration.

An entire load of customer orders gone missing is the stuff that nightmares are made of for those dealing in retail, the fashion industry included. In most cases,  it is the result of workflow gaps between warehouse, office, ecommerce, and other siloed business units.

That is why getting ERP software, which consolidates all your business processes in one place, is the right step towards growing the business. Better yet, getting a vertical apparel management software like AIMS360 gives you a lot of flexibility not just feature-wise, but in terms of pricing, too. That means you get the right feature at the right time and the right price. 

In this article, we will focus on the last item to help you gauge if AIMS360 fits the budget. Below, you will find a breakdown of the features by plan. 

aims360 pricing plans

“There is an app for that” is a truism not just in consumer tech but in the B2B space as well. From accounting software to warehouse management tools, a company can cherry-pick a SaaS solution to a business process. But with this wide-ranging landscape worth $60.36 billion by 2023 comes the rollout of cookie-cutter systems or so-called horizontal SaaS. A one-for-all solution is good–it lowers down the cost–but it cannot address industry-specific issues.

And so the recent demand for vertical SaaS, software designed for a specific industry, is not surprising as companies look for solutions that are cut out for them. Today, we have club management software for fitness centers, construction management software catering to this industry and even SaaS for the cannabis sector. The fashion industry is not far behind.

top saas trends

Vertical solutions like AIMS360 shape the way of things to come in fashion management software. They consolidate into one place processes such as warehouse management, inventory management, accounting, order fulfillment and so much more. They also integrate with popular ecommerce solutions and other key business systems, resulting in better ROI than getting disparate apps for various aspects of your business.

Overview of AIMS360

aims360 dashboard

AIMS360 is a cloud apparel management software that integrates order and production, accounting, shipping, inventory, and other key processing management for fashion manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and distributors. It suits startup requirements and can scale to large enterprises with multiple warehouses.

With one system to manage the different aspects of your business, you get better control over inventory. AIMS360 gives you that stock visibility to avoid shortages, meet seasonal demands, and fulfill custom packs or kits to the tee. Featuring built-in business intelligence, the software can generate reports that help you manage order processing with accuracy and in a timely fashion. Likewise, the software has a commission tool to help you manage sales rep’s earnings by account. 


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Its accounting-related tools include labor costing, style costing (account expenses by material, for example), accounts receivable, price sheets, tax support (U.S. and Canada) and bill of materials. Meanwhile, AIMS360 supports B2B and B2C ecommerce and allows for UPC barcoding.

Other essential features of AIMS360 include an EDI, factor approval, production management, integration with a number of shipping systems, and task management.

With these features in mind, you will find AIMS360 priced appropriately to match a variety of business requirements, from the startup to a large enterprise.

Detailed AIMS360 Review

Pricing Plans of AIMS360

AIMS360 offers four by-quote plans with pricing based mainly on, among others, the number of users, warehouses, and ecommerce integration. You will also find the core features scale significantly in the premium plan, namely, business intelligence, PLM integration, and reporting. Here’s a breakdown of what you get from the plans:

Standard Features in All Plans

All four plans are cloud-based and include standard features such as automatic updates, industry-grade security, uptime guarantee, credit card processing, and custom fields and tags. Furthermore, the following are consistent across the plans:

  • Reporting
  • Distribution
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Factor integration
  • UPS Worldship, FEDEX Ship Manager
  • Shipment processing
  • Unlimited divisions
  • Sales reps and commissions
  • Style, color, and size matrix

Visionary Plan – Free (1st Year)

This plan is offered to startups with $500,000 annual revenue who are aiming to grow their business in the coming years. The plan is subject to approval by the vendor, which will evaluate your qualifications.

If you qualify, you get full access to the basic features, including Shopify integration for free for one year. Although the vendor does not indicate the fees on its website, thereafter, expect to be funneled to a paid plan past the free deal. Not to worry, you can clarify the terms and fees with the vendor during the evaluation process.

Aside from the core features specified below, you get access to a training site, support, and knowledge base.

Getting this plan set up involves a few steps: submit the form and contract on the vendor site (click the button above), schedule a meeting with a rep for the training, then start using AIMS360.

This plan is a good deal to grow the business. At no cost for an entire year, it frees up your cash flow for other important overheads. 

Here’s what you get from the AIMS360 Visionary Plan:

  • Minimum of 2 users
  • Maximum of 3 warehouses
  • Basic support
  • Basic accounting
  • Shopify integration
  • Basic allocation and fulfillment
  • 1 G file attachment

Emerging Plan – By Quote

This plan works well with companies that have outgrown Excel and QuickBooks. They are now ready to migrate to a cloud system designed to consolidate their accounting with shipping, inventory, fulfillment, analytics, and other key business processes. 

The plan includes all standard features with one notable difference from the basic plan: support is faster.

aims360 profile

Business intelligence features of AIMS360.

Designer Plan – By Quote

Mid-sized companies are ideal for this plan, which bumps up the features to match the growing complexities of managing a larger, more bureaucratic organization. As with the previous plans, Designer Plan includes the standard features and those found in the Visionary and Emerging plans.

The following features are enhanced in this plan:

  • Minimum of 3 users
  • Maximum of 10 warehouses
  • Basic and integrated accounting
  • Faster support
  • All ecommerce integrations (on top of Shopify)
  • 3 G file attachment

Meantime, these are the features added to the Designer Plan:

  • POS
  • EDI
  • B2B ecommerce integrations
  • iPad mobile (unlimited users)
  • Customer portal (unlimited users)
  • Web sales portal (unlimited users)
  • UPS/FEDEX API rates and labels
  • Forecasting report
  • Scanning capabilities
  • API

Luxury Plan – By Quote

This is the premium plan that packs in the most complete feature set of AIMS360. If you are a mid-sized or large enterprise with a healthy cash flow, this plan suits you best. Subscribing to this plan allows you to optimze AIMS360 to the hilt and realize a better ROI, given that you use all the features.

So, aside from the standard features, the Luxury Plan bumps up the features found in other plans, such as:

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Unlimited no. of warehouses
  • Fastest support
  • Advanced business intelligence
  • Advanced allocation and fulfillment
  • 10 G file attachment

Here are the add-ons to this plan:

  • Database access
  • PLM integration

The Next Step: Free Demo

The pricing breakdown above should give you a clear picture of which plan suits you best. To sum up, if you are a startup, go for the Visionary Plan, which gives you a good deal: free use for one year. 

On the other hand, if you think Excel or QuickBooks does not cut it anymore, consider the Emerging Plan. It allows you to start consolidating business processes in one system, a step towards gaining more efficiency and leveraging insights culled from your increasing volumes of data.

For a mid-sized company, the Designer Plan allows you to manage a larger organization with more complex processes and facilities. Lastly, if you have the budget and you want to fully optimize AIMS360, the Luxury Plan suits the need. 

The only grey area here is choosing between Visionary and Emerging and between Designer and Luxury. For that, we recommend you schedule a demo with the vendor to discuss the finer details. At this stage, consider discussing the following factors to manage your expectations: terms and applicable fees per plan, system and hardware requirements, unique requirements (if you have), downtime incidents, scaling to another plan, and, equally important, an exit strategy. 

In the final analysis, you should find AIMS360 as one of the best solutions for the apparel industry in the market today both in pricing and functionality.

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By Shaun Baker

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