Top 10 Alternatives to AdRoll: Review of Leading Social Media Monitoring Solutions

Social media monitoring software can be used by marketers to understand customers’ preferences and learn from their comments on social sites. How big is social media? To start, there are 3.03 billion social media users on the internet and around 91% of retail brands are active on social channels. Worldwide advertising expenditure on social media is predicted to reach $50 billion, account for 20% of the total online advertising in 2019, and surpass newspaper advertising by 2020.

Why is social media marketing important to businesses? Here are 7 good reasons:

  1. You can increase brand recognition
  2. Enhance brand loyalty
  3. Get more chances to convert
  4. Benefit from higher conversion rates
  5. Improve inbound traffic
  6. Reduce marketing expenses
  7. Get better search engine results

A quality social media monitoring software tool can help to greatly improve your marketing efforts on popular social networks. So you need to invest some time and effort to select a suitable solution for your specific needs. Begin your search with this article as we detail the main features and benefits of AdRoll and the top 10 alternatives to AdRoll.

What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is a digital marketing solution that is designed for retargeting to convert window shoppers on your website into buyers. This product utilizes advanced tools on multiple platforms such as web, social media, and mobile to provide results. The AdRoll team works with clients to learn what works best for them. This system is used by over 25,000 brands in 150 nations. It helps marketers to collect, evaluate, and act on customer information to implement effective campaigns. They can thus convert customer information into top performance marketing.

Benefits of AdRoll

  1. It provides a range of tools for effective retargeting.
  2. It offers flexible segmentation that engages high-intent prospects with relevant ads at the exact time.
  3. It utilizes connections across devices, enabling you to retarget high-intent desktop visitors on their mobile devices.
  4. In-app retargeting is available thanks to the vendor’s partnerships with leading mobile measurement and analytics providers.
  5. It presents dynamic and attractive ads that cater to your customers’ preferences.
  6. Its SendRoll feature brings your retargeting efforts to email.

If you think AdRoll is not a good fit for your needs, don’t go away. Stay on to read the rest of this article as we also give you the essential information on the key benefits provided by the top 10 alternatives to AdRoll. In essence, you get 3 good reasons to check out the alternative app instead of AdRoll and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to AdRoll

1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a sophisticated tool that marketers can utilize to integrate their efforts, grow traffic, and boost conversions. You can easily use the drag-and-drop features to create attractive websites without IT help. Plus, you can ensure all pages are responsive on all devices. With HubSpot Marketing, you can create personalized landing pages for your marketing campaigns and distribute both dynamic and static HTML messages to get the desired responses. In addition, you can design workflows as needed, prepare and organize content for publishing, and integrate data from other platforms without needing coding skills. After creating your website, you can prepare and optimize relevant content and distribute it to target audiences. You can sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here or compare it with these HubSpot Marketing alternatives the better to appreciate the features of this leading software.

Why opt for HubSpot Marketing over AdRoll?

  1. You can use its contact forms and A/B tests to build successful lead generation strategies.
  2. You can give all promising leads a personalized path to purchase and convert them into paying customers.
  3. The large, worldwide community of HubSpot users is a robust resource library for assistance of all kinds.

Why opt for AdRoll over HubSpot Marketing?

  1. You can engage your customers across any browser, app, or device.
  2. You can deliver personalized and precise marketing emails based on visitors’ browsing behavior on your website.
  3. It offers retargeting via Instagram and Prospecting.

2. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a marketing tool that you can easily integrate with social media. This enables you to follow your prospects and customers on social sites, and track their interests and behavior. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate third-party CRMs with this solution. SharpSpring offers a secure storage place for customer data. Its analytics tools provide relevant and accurate data and insights to help you make smart decisions and understand ROI. The application’s rules engine simplifies marketing automation and you can use the workflow to engage with prospects in all stages of the buying journey. To sum up, this platform allows you to smoothly automate your sales and marketing processes. For more good choices, peruse these SharpSpring alternatives here.

Why opt for SharpSpring over AdRoll?

  1. It is a behavior-based email marketing solution.
  2. You can avoid blast emails and send one-to-one personalized emails with relevant info at the right time.
  3. The vendor offers a free demo and excellent customer support.

Why opt for AdRoll over SharpSpring?

  1. It offers access to over 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  2. You can conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and improve your campaigns.
  3. You can seamlessly integrate the product with leading marketing programs.

3. Qwaya

Qwaya offers effective business tools for social media marketing purposes. This app stands out as it enables marketers to drive their campaigns by utilizing its Facebook ads tool. Small businesses can use this feature to drive traffic to their website and to advertise their fan pages. Qwaya also offers an efficient workflow for ad creation that saves effort and time, while delivering excellent results. Its Facebook ads tool offers superior features compared to Facebook’s own Ad Manager and Power Editor. The tool helps you with ad creation, organization, scheduling, and integration with Google Analytics for improved data overview. You can also consider these viable Qwaya alternatives here.

Why opt for Qwaya over AdRoll?

  1. You can segregate your audience into multiple segments based on any targeting criteria.
  2. You can try various combinations of text and images to find the best performing ads.
  3. You can also test all sorts of ad types and placements to find the best results.

Why opt for AdRoll over Qwaya?

  1. Use the BidIQ real-time bidding algorithm to make sure your ads get the right placement for the right price.
  2. The vendor provides the assistance of industry-specific experts who can offer strategic advice and information on best practices.
  3. AdRoll also offers high-quality creative services.

4. BuzzSumo

We have included BuzzSumo in this list of top alternatives to Adroll because it is a leading social media analytics tool that helps you to find and study the best performing content related to any niche. This application sweeps the internet to find the desired content and lists the content sources based on the number of shares and likes. Thus, you get plenty of time to analyze why the content is doing well on social media. You can use the insights to create your own relevant and effective content for your target audience. In addition, BuzzSumo offers flexible and affordable pricing packages as well as top notch customer support. Key features include: content creators’ details, advanced data filters, data exports, effective content curation, and customized alerts. If you are not impressed, take a look at these good BuzzSumo alternatives here.

Why opt for BuzzSumo over AdRoll?

  1. It offers a robust social media search engine.
  2. It helps content creators and content curators to develop relevant content for the needs of marketers.
  3. You can learn the sources and channels your competitors are using to reach the target market.

Why opt for AdRoll over BuzzSumo?

  1. It offers capable and flexible segmentation.
  2. It facilitates expert retargeting.
  3. It provides cross-device reach.

5. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a smart application that enables companies to improve their social media presence by engaging the right followers at the right time. It provides a single dashboard that you can utilize to track revenue from social media marketing campaigns, manage multiple social sites, monitor keywords, schedule posts, and collaborate with your team. Zoho Social is recommended for Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and you can seamlessly integrate it with Zoho CRM. It allows you to publish relevant content at the right time for your target audience. You can learn what your customers are talking about your product and brand, and engage them in real time. Finally, you can use ready-made as well custom reporting tools to get actionable insights to measure and enhance performance. You can also peruse these Zoho Social alternatives here.

Why opt for Zoho Social over AdRoll?

  1. Its robust media publishing tools help you to create engaging content and automate your publishing tasks.
  2. You can publish posts instantly or schedule them for different social sites using a single compose window.
  3. The window displays the percentage of key engagers likely to read the post at specified time.

Why opt for AdRoll over Zoho Social?

  1. It allows you to use dynamic personalized ads.
  2. It facilitates retargeting via email.
  3. It enables social targeting and in-app retargeting.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social promotes communication between companies and customers. You can use it to streamline communication with your enthusiasts, prospects, and customers. It offers three main tools (publishing, engagement, and analytics) for social communication. Sprout Social enables you to build a user community and monitor social conversations. You can provide quick responses to customer queries to build better relationships with them. Plus, the software offers a range of tools to help you optimize your social marketing plans. You can use this single app to easily manage your whole portfolio and enhance customers’ return on social media. If you think it is not a good fit, peruse these excellent Sprout Social alternatives here.

Why opt for Sprout Social over AdRoll?

  1. It provides tools for social media analytics, management, marketing, and customer service.
  2. You can get authentic feedback that helps you to improve your product.
  3. Identify and engage customers who can prove profitable for your business.

Why opt for AdRoll over Sprout Social?

  1. It offers a variety of tools for effective retargeting.
  2. It uses connections across devices, helping you to retarget high-intent desktop prospects on their mobile devices.
  3. It presents dynamic ads that can be personalized for your customers’ preferences.

7. Social Studio

Social Studio is a social marketing solution that is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite. It helps companies to tap the power of social media to boost their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. Social Studio empowers businesses to listen and engage with customers in a personalized manner. This helps to enhance overall interaction and provides better returns to the organization. Pricing is quoted based and you get a customized quote for your specific business needs. Top features include: track ROI, content calendar, analyze module, quick workflow management, and global collaboration. If you think this app is too basic, check out these good Social Studio alternatives here.

Why opt for Social Studio over AdRoll?

  1. It allows you to organize your team easily around campaigns on the right social networks.
  2. You can use it for flexible content creation, collaboration, and social publishing.
  3. Its Analyze module provides consumer intelligence.

Why opt for AdRoll over Social Studio?

  1. It provides flexible segmentation that engages high-intent leads with relevant ads at the right time.
  2. In-app retargeting is made possible thanks to the vendor’s partnerships with leading mobile analytics and measurement providers.
  3. Its SendRoll feature enables you to use email for your retargeting efforts.

8. Mention

Mention enables business monitoring activities on the internet. This app is used by more than 500,000 businesses around the world including leading ones such as Microsoft, Spotify, and Asos. It not only delivers info on social mentions, but also provides a segmented summary of sentiment, activities, and time usage. Mention engages not only customers, but also employees and gives them easy access to the reported info. This platform monitors billions of sources of conversations in more than 40 languages, giving you detailed information on the happening events in the business world. Its integrations allow you to export data easily. Finally, the pricing plans are affordable for businesses of any size. If you are not impressed, try out these excellent Mention alternatives instead.

Why opt for Mention over AdRoll?

  1. It allows you to focus on the conversations that are important for your business growth.
  2. It provides actionable data that you can utilize to make smart decisions.
  3. It offers analytics tools that provide insight on your company’s good and bad practices.

Why opt for AdRoll over Mention?

  1. You can engage your prospects across any app, device, or browser.
  2. It provides access to more than 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Facebook Twitter, Google, and Instagram.
  3. Utilize the BidIQ real-time bidding algorithm to ensure your ads get the right placement for the right price.

9. Sendible

Sendible facilitates efficient social media management. It can be used by businesses of all sizes in any industry to monitor and analyze audience engagement. You can use a single dashboard to measure ROI, manage social networks, and schedule messages. Sendible provides effective tools to help you with productive social media marketing to drive growth. Depending on the plan you choose, you can involve up to 20 team members and manage up to 360 services. The platform is fully integrated with top social networks and also offers open APIs for seamless integrations with leading business applications. Finally, the pricing packages are affordable and designed for the needs of startups, individuals, and growing companies as well as established enterprises. For more good options, browse these Sendible alternatives here.

Why opt over Sendible over AdRoll?

  1. It lets you drive leads and prospects through your sales funnel with its social CRM and marketing automation tools.
  2. It allows scheduled or simultaneous posting on multiple social sites.
  3. It offers detailed analytics that measure the effectiveness of your posts in engaging your followers.

Why opt for AdRoll over Sendible?

  1. You can send customized and precise marketing emails based on prospects’ browsing behavior on your site.
  2. You can easily place ads, track performance, and enhance your campaigns.
  3. You can avail the help of industry-specific experts who provide strategic suggestions and info on best practices.

10. Talkwalker

Rounding up our Top 10 alternatives to AdRoll, Talkwalker is a social media analytics tool that empowers you to optimize your brand. With this marketing app you can execute effective campaigns and enhance your brand reputation. It provides detailed insights on what people are talking about your company on popular social sites. Talkwalker is ideal for product research, customer service, and industrial research. Its real-time reporting and analytics tools indicate how your posts and brand are performing. You can use the relevant facts and detailed analysis to make smart decisions and improve your social media campaigns. For these reasons, numerous international brands are using this platform to optimize their social media presence and engagement. If you wish to scout for other solutions, browse these viable Talkwalker alternatives here.

Why opt for Talkwalker over AdRoll?

  1. It empowers you to take full advantage of social media trends.
  2. You can analyze text and images on a single system.
  3. It works on more than 10 popular social platforms enabling you to reach maximum number of customers.

Why opt for AdRoll over Talkwalker?

  1. It facilitates retargeting via Prospecting and Instagram.
  2. Easily integrate the app with popular marketing programs.
  3. The vendor also provides high-quality creative services.
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