Top 10 Alternatives to Smartsheet: Overview of Leading Project Management Tools

Are you looking for alternatives to Smartsheet? This article can assist your quest. Smartsheet is an online collaboration software for your project management, sales pipeline management, crowdsourcing, and team task management needs, and more. But if you wish to cast a wider net, we also provide you the lowdown on the top 10 alternatives to Smartsheet.

What are the top 10 alternatives to Smartsheet?

To start, let’s view some revealing stats on the importance of project management: poor project performance can cost you 9.9% of every dollar, 52% of projects are prone to uncontrolled changes in scope, and only 64% of projects are completed on time. This is why investing in technology to boost project success is important for many companies.

Source: Source: PMI Pulse of the Profession. 2018

Here are more startling stats on project management: For each $1 billion invested in the US, $122 million was wasted because of poor project performance. Project managers look for reliability, ease of use, and hassle-free integration while buying software. Only 56% of project managers are properly certified. 50% of Project Management Offices (PMOs) are closed within three years. Finally, 75% of IT and business executives expect their software projects to fail.

The above stats show the importance of investing in a quality project management software solution. We advise you start your search by checking our project management rankings or read our guide on the basics of project management software. Then, you can move on to this article which explains the many benefits of project management tools and includes examples. On our part, this article also helps you by providing info on the key features and benefits of Smartsheet as well as the top 10 alternatives to Smartsheet.

What is Smartsheet?

smartsheet dashboard example

Smartsheet is a popular enterprise collaboration platform that offers an innovative way for team members to work together on processes and projects. It combines the ease of use of spreadsheets with automated workflow capabilities, collaborative file sharing and discussions, and visual timeline management. Thus, it provides the advantage of the familiarity of a spreadsheet that is also robust and customizable. You can utilize this software to manage different types of work including core business operations, projects, and programs. Smartsheet integrates seamlessly with leading web services such as Salesforce, Box, and Google Apps.

Benefits of Smartsheet

  1. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to master.
  2. It streamlines, organizes, and structures workflows using rich context.
  3. It offers status reports, notifications, and automated reminders to ensure your team stays updated.
  4. It allows you to automate actions utilizing simple rules.
  5. You can automate key processes to save time and weed out productivity killers.
  6. It enables you to collect data easily on various platforms and devices.

If you wish to cast a wider net, we’ll still help you. Read on to learn the key tools and benefits offered by the top 10 alternatives to Smartsheet. You get 3 great reasons to go for the alternative app instead of Smartsheet and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to Smartsheet

1. Wrike

wrike dashboard example

Wrike offers information management and business collaboration features that can elevate your company to a higher level. It provides a single hub for all your work. Your team members are sure to love the user-friendly navigation. You can implement top-notch security and ensure only authorized employees access the info stored in your online repository. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Wrike free trial here.


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The vendor offers mobile apps to help your team be productive on the go. In addition, you can utilize @mention and activity stream features to engage your team. Likewise, Wrike’s 3-pane project view enables you to view vital data at a glance. With the task tool, you can track overall and individual progress.

Meanwhile, the folders and tags help you view and share project info. A major highlight is the excellent analytics feature that facilitates easy reporting. You can produce Global Reports that display the tasks from all your folders as well as audit reports.

In addition, Wrike offers helpful collaboration features for creative teams. Finally, the software works flawlessly with third-party apps such as Salesforce, Zapier, MS Project, Dropbox, JIRA, and more.  Still, if you think this software doesn’t match your need, you can browse these Wrike alternatives here.

Why opt for Wrike over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers a real-time newsfeed.
  2. It provides task and workload management features.
  3. You can generate customized reports for your needs.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Wrike?

  1. It offers a customizable dashboard and workspace.
  2. It provides version control.
  3. It presents content management and document management tools.

2. ProjectManager

projectmanager dashboard example

ProjectManager is a robust cloud-hosted project management platform that offers project planning, scheduling, and collaboration features for teams. It is utilized by over 10,000 organizations worldwide including the UN, Volvo, and NASA. You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a ProjectManager free trial here.

The software helps you easily manage and deliver small as well as large projects. It keeps team members based in diverse locations around the world on the same page which makes it simple for them to create and map plans.

Likewise, they can update their tasks from anywhere, anytime which makes collaboration seamless and fast. The dashboards display real-time updates that give you full visibility over project status, tasks, and more. Finally, you can effortlessly generate reports to get insights on team workload, budget, time, and other metrics. You can also check these ProjectManager alternatives if you want more options.

Why opt for ProjectManager over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers end-to-end tools for successful project delivery.
  2. You can effortlessly customize the solution to enhance the way you work.
  3. It integrates with more than 400 business software products.

Why opt for Smartsheet over ProjectManager?

  1. It can be used to manage team projects, tasks, lists, customer info, sales pipelines, event schedules, business processes, and more.
  2. You can improve your work processes without needing technical resources and experience.
  3. You can automate actions using straightforward rules.

3. Microsoft Project

microsoft project dashboard example

Microsoft Project is a flexible app for project portfolio management (PPM). It offers both on-premise and cloud options. You can utilize the software to organize and track your projects, including overall direction and daily tasks. Microsoft Project Professional offers enterprises a robust, visually improved method to manage their programs and projects.

The platform enables users to plan, collaborate, and manage teams and individuals. It consists of three modules: project management, resource management, and portfolio management. It offers inbuilt templates and regular scheduling features as well as pulldown menus and Gantt charts that simplify the planning stage. If you’re not impressed, take a look at these Microsoft Project alternatives.

Why opt for Microsoft Project over Smartsheet?

  1. It simplifies IT management.
  2. It provides you full visibility even on multiple projects.
  3. It’s very intuitive and offers a good balance between usability and complexity.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Microsoft Project?

  1. It empowers you to manage operations, track marketing initiatives, and plan events.
  2. It offers file sharing, Gantt charts, and work automation tools.
  3. It streamlines management of facilities and improves customer experiences.

4. Scoro

scoro dashboard example

Scoro is a cloud-based business management solution designed for small and medium-sized companies in consulting, IT, advertising, and other industries. Key features include dashboards, advanced reporting, quoting and billing, customer relationship management, project management, work scheduling and tracking, and collaboration. You can easily sign up for a Scoro free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

The platform has a user-friendly interface and removes the need to shift between programs and email clients. Scoro’s main feature is its control hub which displays calendar events, important performance data, account information, and tasks, among other business aspects. This makes working on the software a breeze even for novices.

The vendor also offers localized solutions and country-specific integrations for European companies. If you wish to look at other applications, browse these Scoro alternatives here.

Why opt for Scoro over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers a commission calculator.
  2. It facilitates invoice and expenses management.
  3. It presents late invoice reminders.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Scoro?

  1. Its form builder helps you to easily create customizable forms.
  2. The Smartsheet Forms ensure data is organized, consistent, and error-free.
  3. It provides real-time information via live reports and Smartsheet Sights.

5. Zoho Projects

zoho projects dashboard example

Zoho Projects is a widely used project management program that helps you make your projects more productive and complete them on schedule. It is loaded with functionalities that make project tracking effortless, enhance team collaboration, and boost output and productivity. You can utilize the system’s tasklists and milestones to plan your schedule in advance and complete work on time. If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a Zoho Projects free trial here.

The highlight of this software is it breaks down your large projects into smaller manageable units, and schedules repeating tasks, subtasks, and dependencies based on your deadlines. After completing the project, you can access detailed insights that are presented as understandable graphs and charts. This allows you to track opportunities, report on activities, and identify drawbacks for improvement. Finally, the pricing packages are flexible and there is even a free plan for up to 2 projects and 5 users. If you think it’s too basic, consider these Zoho Projects alternatives here.

Why opt for Zoho Projects over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers bug tracking software.
  2. It utilizes Gantt charts to display the progress of your projects.
  3. It enables code-free customization.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Zoho Projects?

  1. It offers document management and content management features.
  2. It provides tools to determine and remove hurdles that drag down cycle time.
  3. It accommodates unlimited free collaborators.

6. Hive

hive dashboard example

Hive is another cloud-hosted project management solution that offers useful features such as chat, task management automation, file sharing, and more. You can create and organize tasks for your team members and customize them to show labels and deadlines, and include attachments. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a Hive free trial here.

The system provides a Kanban-like status view that enables you to modify workloads, change deadlines, and track project progress. In addition, you can utilize the Gantt chart to schedule individual tasks. Hive integrates smoothly with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox allowing you to access your files from a single dashboard. You can attach files to actions or drag and drop them into messages, and share them with teammates.

The program’s analytics module presents three dashboards that give actionable insight on team productivity. If you wish to look at other solutions, consider these Hive alternatives.

Why opt for Hive over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers time tracking and resourcing tools.
  2. It presents predictive alerts.
  3. It provides action templates, cards, and list.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Hive?

  1. It presents a customizable workspace and dashboard.
  2. It provides live chat feature.
  3. It enhances data visibility and effortlessly adjusts to meet your customer needs.

7. Asana

asana dashboard example

Asana is a widely used project management software that eliminates the need to use third-party solutions and email for enterprise communication. You can effortlessly organize tasks, share notes, and upload attachments in multiple formats. When a task is assigned or a change is made, you get immediate notification in your inbox. You can then like, follow, check, or comment on the update.

Plus, you can notify a specific user by mentioning them in the task comments to keep them in the loop. This process applies to all project-related activities. Asana also offers advanced features such as change management, searching and following public tasks, and prioritizing completion. For other choices, browse these Asana alternatives here.

Why opt for Asana over Smartsheet?

  1. It provides Kanban support in the form of boards.
  2. It offers multiple workspaces.
  3. It enables you to create custom calendars and views.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Asana?

  1. It improves data visibility and easily adapts to meet your customer needs.
  2. It gathers consistent data, automates approval processes, and converts data into action.
  3. It offers tools to identify and eliminate obstacles that drag down cycle time.


monday dashboard example (formerly dapulse) stands out for its range of useful features especially the advanced scheduling tool which can be applied to both project and task management. It helps businesses eliminate paperwork and manual entry errors. A major highlight is the system’s responsiveness and speed.

In addition, Monday combines activity and project management with collaboration functionalities. You can store all pertinent discussions in a searchable database and assemble all team members on one board to easily alert and notify them on project developments.

Users can start with the affordably priced basic package and graduate to premium plans as their business grows. If you wish to look at more solutions, browse these alternatives.

Why opt for over Smartsheet?

  1. It’s a many-to-many communication tool.
  2. You can tag people and teams for easy communication.
  3. It offers public and personal boards.

Why opt for Smartsheet over

  1. It offers a live chat tool.
  2. It presents Gantt cards.
  3. It facilitates resource management.

9. Basecamp

basecamp dashboard example

Basecamp is a reliable service that involves easy setup and a short learning curve. You can utilize it to organize your team members, assign tasks, and track progress effortlessly. The software integrates smoothly with popular solutions including DashStack, Zapier, Cyfe, Daypack, enRoute, Numerics, Dashable, Feed, FreeAgent, Everest, Headquarters, and more.

Basecamp offers a range of resourceful features to empower companies to efficiently track their projects and complete them on budget and time. As the service is cloud-hosted, you need not to worry about updates and maintenance. The vendor includes IT support in your subscription package. If you think it is too basic, try these Basecamp alternatives.

Why opt for Basecamp over Smartsheet?

  1. It offers interactive Gantt charts.
  2. Tasks are organized in to-do lists, with due dates and ranges, and assigned employees to avoid confusion.
  3. You can easily add recurring tasks and set priorities.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Basecamp?

  1. It supports unlimited free collaborators.
  2. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited sheets and reports.
  3. It optimizes campaign implementation, accountability, and outcomes.

10. Podio

podio dashboard example

Podio is a collaboration tool that enables teams to organize tasks and communicate effectively. It accomplishes this by offering a system that places conversations, context, and content in a single place. This means you get all job-related info on page which makes collaboration and task completion easier as there is less confusion and more clarity. With this platform, you can closely track and organize communication.

Podio provides real-time updates on changes and comments which keeps your project on schedule. It offers useful tools such as integrated chat, meeting scheduling, calendar, automated workflows, file sharing, task management, and social collaboration for improved team productivity. You can also peruse these viable Podio alternatives here.

Why opt for Podio over Smartsheet?

  1. It provides unlimited storage.
  2. You can assign, automate, manage, and guide workflows for each team member.
  3. It presents visualized reports that offer a clear overview of your team’s task progress.

Why opt for Smartsheet over Podio?

  1. It presents version control.
  2. It provides Gantt cards.
  3. It automates approval processes, collects consistent data, and converts the data into action.
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