5 Types of Best Software Reviews for SaaS & B2B That Can Make Your Business More Competitive

As marketing guru Ken Rutsky once said, if you take a new approach, you can get to a brave new world. B2B’s proactive custom developers seem to hold on to the brutal truth of customers being the core of success; and keep bringing up creative solutions that turn competitiveness in something different than pure numbers. And so it seems, that 2022 is the right time for them to prosper.

The question simply imposes itself: Where exactly do you stand in this colorful B2B market? Better yet, are you taking advantage of what that colorfulness has to offer? Be it that you’re developing software or marking up useful tools to boost prosperity, you better keep an eye on what is going on there.

In the last few years, we witnessed the mass development of unique B2B utility products by prominent vendors, startup developers, and even end users. The SaaS bent of mind was and still is the driving engine of this trend, present even in those operations and matters where we never imagined a system different than a locally installed one. For the first time in the history of digitized business, a company was able to craft a personalized system, and have somebody host it and maintain it on its behalf.

Reasons to shift your ‘business desk’ in cloud won’t lack, given that cloud will likely become the only hosting to work with in future.  According to Anadolasoft statistics, the global purchase of cloud hosted solutions is about the reach incredible $191 billion in 2020, compared to the average $72 billion measured in 2014.

But before you get all wrapped up in the net of fancy apps and one-of-a-kind systems, our experts recommend you to pinpoint tools that work both for your team and your customers. According to them, you should be looking at best software reviews for systems that:

  1. Work around customer behavior, and automate engagement and communication against minimal interference
  2. Don’t compromise the accomplishment of tasks and access to data via mobile devices
  3. Help keep assets and resources under control
  4. Automate data discovery and provide operable intelligence
  5. Optimize the potential of human capital as your main asset

To shorten this process, we’ve listed the 5 types of useful systems you should consider in 2022, with several best software reviews samples of leading systems that could suit your needs.

Social Media Management Software

Nowadays, when business relies on successful targeting and customer engagement, a company simply can’t afford the luxury of misadministrating social accounts. On the positive side, developers are working daily on delivering top networking functionality, and automate a large part of what is deemed to be a successful online media presence.

Customer service, marketing & consumption departments have access to a variety of monitoring systems equipped with social intelligence, including such that optimize published content or target and engage end customers. Most of these systems act in the role of observers and listeners, and bring up a list of powerful influencers that could help your brand impose itself among followers. The collateral benefit of this process is building an active user community that spreads the voice of your quality service, and promotes you at a fraction of the investment in traditional marketing solutions.

Social media management solutions will also maximize the search engine optimization of your posts, increase inbound traffic and target wider audiences, reconfirm customer satisfaction, and lead to higher customer conversion rates. To make matters even better, active social media users get to apply most of these systems at no cost.

Software reviews of social media management leaders

  1. The Facebook Pages Manager App: It provides businesses a free platform that lets them interact with their audience, gather actionable insights, and keep up with multiple page activities to name a few tasks. From a unified mobile interface, Facebook Pages Manager allows users to easily post updates, images, videos, and other information and share them with their members. Add more life to your page by responding to comments and messages.
  2. TweetDeck: Currently being developed by Twitter, TweetDeck is widely used by individuals, organizations, and even large corporations to manage and organize unlimited number of Twitter accounts and monitor hundreds of Twitter lists, Twitter searches, hashtags and more. The app provides users customizable social media dashboards that allow them to send and receive tweets aside from managing and monitoring Twitter profiles. According to Twitter, TweetDeck is the most popular Twitter application to date.
  3. Hootsuite: is a social relationship software platform that empowers businesses to execute amazing social media strategies and activities across their organizations. Its vision is to revolutionize today’s communications. Its mission is to empower its customers to transform their messages into meaningful relationships

eDiscovery Software & Data Processing

eDiscovery systems and artificial intelligence achievements have a big share in how our IT future is going to look like, right because of their applicability and dramatic impact on business productivity. eDiscovery refers to electronic connection and identification of data, in response to a specific request triggered by the user. Technically, this means that eDiscovery tools can both produce and process online available data, and can thus be an invaluable asset in your relationship management strategy.

Depending on the tool you wish to acquire, eDiscovery systems vary between simple listings and metadata-empowered electronic holders. Their role is to gain access to potentially relevant documents, organize those with all information and file properties, and protect them from all sorts of unprivileged modification and redaction. All data will then be hosted in an external and secure database, neatly indexed in line with your business requirements, and fully exportable in a variety of formats. In legal and paralegal environments, for instance, eDiscovery tools are used to collect core and defensible evidence for litigation.

Software reviews of eDiscovery leaders

  1. Logikcull: makes litigations and investigations faster and cheaper by being cloud native and very simple to use. It is a cloud-based discovery tool that empowers companies as well as forward-thinking law firms to bring their eDiscovery needs into the modern world. Its mission is to provide help to legal teams of various sizes and technical capabilities to effectively organize, search, and then collaborate on various document collections for their discovery and investigation needs, from anywhere.
  2. BarracudaAs an advanced IT management system, Barracuda Cloud offers a variety of monitoring and operational features, including electronic signing, file sharing, web security, intrusion protection, application control, and secure remote access. It can boast with impeccable network performance regardless of the numerous content security functions, and it offers automated updating and maintenance to ease at least some of your IT team’s daily tasks.
  3. Automated Digital Discovery: An eDiscovery tool that provides users with an advanced data discovery solution that effectively eliminates the usual constraints that hamper data discovery process, significantly streamlining data workflows in eDiscovery. Capable of streaming and putting data into review at 5GB per hour per engine, Automated Digital Discover helps you make data-driven decisions quickly and free your organization from hardware and IT expenditures.

CMMS, MSP, Remote Monitoring & Management Software

Another takeaway from doing business in the past is that there is no compromise to as whether a service is available or not, and whether it can be delivered instantly. The last thing a business needs on a dynamic market is falling short in the eyes of a customer, as customers are, by nature, impatient to get what they need, and competitors are very likely already working on delivering it. This is why full awareness of your asset standpoint is more important than ever before.

CMMSs, or computerized maintenance management systems are designed to support the efficiency of managerial and maintenance teams by tracking and monitoring their assets, and controlling their inventory. They also assume the role of production control engines that collate equipment information in a single hub, and help detect and understand technical issues. A company can either deploy a system like this for the specific needs of its maintenance team, or hire a third-party managed service provider (MSP) to manage its assets and technologies.

RMM (remote monitoring & management) systems, on the other hand, help control the quality of readily-made products and services once they have been delivered to the end customer. Thus, they are devoted mostly to IT service and support teams that use them to monitor customer endpoints, and proactively solve eventual issues from the comfort of their offices. CMMS, MSP, and RMM systems are usually delivered as all-in-one independent software packages, but can also be found as leading modules in larger productivity suites.

Software reviews of CMMS leaders

  1. Hippo CMMS: makes it easy schedule maintenance of assets and equipment in a way which gives the user real-time control and various mechanisms for breakdown prevention. Consequently, the company records lower labor costs and equipment downtime, and avoids unplanned replacement expenses and meter reading mistakes.
  2. Corrigo: With next generation tools and features, Corrigo’s Work Order Network is set to revolutionize the realms of facility management. Businesses need to stay quite on the budget all the time; little do they spend time and money on maintaining their assets and facilities. This Work Order Network empowers the managers and workforce to perform periodic inspection checks on the assets so that their performance, history, and depreciation can be gauged at the right time.
  3. eMaint: is a flexible and easy-to-use computerized maintenance and management service (CMMS) that allows users to take control of all facets of maintenance and facilities management. This web-based management application helps users to be on top of essential management processes including work orders and requests, preventive maintenance, inventory control, purchase tracking, and reporting. eMaint can be accessed using any mobile device, tablet, desktop, and laptop.

Recruitment Apps & Freelance Platforms

Another strategy companies will have to rethink in 2022 is hiring and retaining talented professionals, all in the service of cutting selection costs and the time needed to scan volumes of qualified applicants. Luckily for them, establishing contact with experienced and available individuals has now become incredibly easy, and usually comes down to creating an account on a shared platform, and making an offer.

While there is little of the human interference factor to remove safely from the recruiting process, we can’t possibly deny the great achievements of HR technology. Recruiting systems boost both the productivity of staffing agencies and the quality of their methods, as they help them post jobs on all relevant boards, track applicants and schedule meetings, maintain historical records, automatically match skills and positions, and more.

Another huge trend that has been evolving in the past few years are freelance platforms, a unique concept of virtual job markets where employers and job seekers are connected automatically. Making an account on such platforms is most of the time free, and both sides are charged on a predetermined basis once their collaboration is successfully terminated.

Software reviews of recruitment & freelance platforms leaders

BambooHR: Its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can administer all aspects of the employee’s life cycle, and provide the necessary personnel visibility using strategic indicators such as retention and turnover. Inside, you will find all relevant HR functions, personnel data modules, tracking capabilities, advanced reporting opportunities, and adept benefits management.

Zoho RecruitWhat satisfied users like the most about Zoho Recruit is how it meets their transparency needs, and how it saves time. With it, they are provided 360-degree view of their candidates, requisitions, but also clients and contacts. Each step of the recruitment procedure is tracked and recorded, while the system ensures you will be given all visual indications to know how well the process is going. it is a freelance and crowdsourcing marketplace used by over 25 million users. The platform is also utilized by talents from all over the world, giving businesses and entrepreneurs a global pool of competitive freelancers. With, employers can find the talent they need to do various jobs such as social media marketing, data entry, website design, and more. The marketplace is vast so they can rest assured they will find the right person for their project.

Gamification Software

While there is little gaming context to attach to businesses’ core operations, developers found a way to integrate this rewarding concept even in their most technical productions. Each day, we are being presented with a new masterpiece of engagement that helps foremost employees become more competitive. Gamification apps and systems are commonly used in eLearning, customer loyalty & experience apps, engagement and performance management, and HR tools, but this list in not an exclusive one.

Implementing a touch of gamification in their daily routine helps businesses build a connected and competitive team, and motivate members to outdo each other. Depending on the nature of their operations, they can choose between interactive quizzes, certificates, badges, and points to reward their top performers, and provide incentives for the bettering of those falling behind. As expected, gamification systems also make teamwork more pleasant, and help employees learn something new and become more active. This is why gamification techniques are adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies, and represent, according to some of them, the moving force of their productivity.

Software reviews of gamification leaders

  1. GetBadges: is a simple and straightforward gamification system that helps developers become more productive by empowering them to reach their potential while having fun and competing against other developers. The system enables users to create competitive yet fun games that are integrated with the widely used project management and developer applications. While coding and software development is never an easy task, GetBadges effectively brings in the fun and competition to the equation.
  2. Hoopla: is an award-winning SaaS platform that injects fun to into any work environment by using data analytics with game mechanics. This gamification platform is structured on motivational psychology and helps managers improve employee engagement, enhance productivity, and drive positive business results. Hoopla motivates employees with rewards as well as custom features to keep employees focused and aligned with company goals.
  3. Badgeville: employs the science of game mechanics to drive employee collaboration, improve the performance of sales , create better learning experiences, provide better customer support and more. Badgeville delivers a gamification tool that is not hard to implement, has an immediate and positive impact on ROI, and is very versatile.

Emerging Trends & Out-of-The-Box Systems for creative business people

The list of tools you will need in 2022 is not (and can’t be) rolled down to 5 specific categories, given the massive gaps and inconsistencies in the needs of different businesses. Therefore, we invite you to look at other remarkable market performers, including form-and-function masterpieces and customers’ favorites.

In this chapter, you will get acquainted with our promising Rising Star awardees, customizable & trending business assets, and systems that gained traction and popularity in recent years. Give them a look, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

  1. Reliable donor management solution that provides users with versatile API and a slew of simple plug-ins to facilitate and speed up the processing of charitable donations. It will integrate seamlessly with your current Stripe account and lets you promote any cause marketing campaigns without having to deal with the tax, legal, or engineering implications.
  2. Sherlayer: a cloud-based document management software that enables you and your team to remain on the same page with regards to your building projects, giving you a viable platform for better and more streamlined communication and collaboration.
  3. Gusto: All-in-one HR & payroll management suite that will adopt your workforce rules and policies, and operate entirely in cloud. It owns one of the best-adjusted benefit management kits in the industry, and it will allow you to set up and manage 401(k) plans with unparalleled ease.
  4. Testuff: a flexible and comprehensive software test management application. It enables users to work in the testing methodology established in their workplace, making the solution easily adaptable to their workflow.
  5. CoConstruct: Leading construction management application that streamlines bidding and proposals with single-entry estimates. With three well-formulated functionality modules, CoConstruct helps builders and remodelers face common challenges related to their projects, be that budgeting, client communication, scheduling, or activity planning.
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