Top 20 Cheap Accounting Software for 2022

What is the best cheap accounting software for 2022?

The best cheap accounting software for 2022 is FreshBooks because it hosts more customizable schemes in terms of invoicing. It is also deemed as the right tool for optimizing processes in client invoicing and time monitoring.

For a small business owner, the best accounting software is the one that is worry-free to install, syncs easily with the necessary third-party tools, and delivers a bevy of accounting functionalities. But depending on your business needs, one software may be a better one or possesses a better value. It is also pivotal to find cheap accounting software that will not break your budget.

The most effective yet cheapest accounting software in the market today are sorted out in this article. We present their best features, pricing plans, and benefits so that you will know which one best suits your preferences.

cheap accounting software

In every business, tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable, being able to fully grasp one’s profitability, and getting ready for tax season are of utmost importance. However, gone are the days of spending too much time on data entry. An accounting software can link your business bank accounts and credit cards with your chosen software. Afterward, transactions will go through the software and be classified into different accounts.

Many accounting solutions are also integrated with third-party apps. In service-centered businesses, a time-monitoring app could be synced with the accounting app to put on labor to an invoice. These and other factors are driving accounting software to grow by $416.23 million by 2024, according to Fortune.

Cheap Accounting Software

While most accounting software can be easily used, a major grasp of accounting concepts is key to generating accurate financial reports. Griffith University researchers discovered that 82% of specialists agree that financial literacy, which includes mastery of accounting software, is a decisive factor to any business.

Previously, businesses had to resort to manual handling of their finances. One of these methods is putting receipts in shoeboxes. Today, accounting software are continuously being improved to help businesses achieve growth and success. You don’t have to spend heavily too. Many accounting software solutions come in the cheap, as this list shows.

1. FreshBooks

Freshbooks dashboard

Way back in 2003, FreshBooks began by being solely an invoicing software in Toronto, Canada. Compared to other accounting software, FreshBooks provides more personalized approaches when it comes to invoicing. Its main task is sending, receiving, printing, and paying invoices.

This software is known for optimizing client invoicing and time-monitoring processes. You can also easily request deposits, gather client retainers, budget out projects, and receive payments by using it. The best thing about it is you can bill in any currency, set up recurring invoices, let customers pay through their credit cards, and even bill their credit cards.

FreshBooks can be integrated with PayPal, Gusto, Zendesk, MailChimp, Basecamp, and WordPress, among others. Until today, it remains to be one of the most outstanding cloud solutions for small businesses.


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Try out FreshBooks with their free trial

Price Range: FreshBooks offers four pricing plans. It also offers a 10% discount to businesses that will opt to pay annually instead of monthly. Simultaneously, it offers a 60% discount every month for six months. The plans include Lite at $15 monthly, Plus for $25 monthly, and Premium at $50 monthly.

Why Choose FreshBooks?

  1. User-friendly. This software guarantees that you remain connected and continue handling your business wherever you may be. Make and send invoices, take a photo of receipts, handle finances, get updated, talk to your clients, and sync all your data through iOs and Android devices.
  2. A wide variety of apps are available for third-party app integration. Shopify, Gusto, Stripe, G Suite, and more are available for third-party app integrations.
  3. Affordable. FreshBooks was established with small businesses in mind; hence it offers flexible pricing plans that will not ruin the budget of small business owners.
  4. An overall polished look. FreshBook’s invoices can be stylized and customized for a look that best suits your preferences.

Detailed FreshBooks Review

2. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online dashboard

QuickBooks Online is the accounting software for startups, small businesses, freelancers, and independent accounting ventures. Created by Intuit, this solution delivers robust materials for expense monitoring, tax computation, invoicing, and sales tracking. Generally, it simplifies the accounting and financial management of small businesses.

QuickBooks Online makes bookkeeping transactions convenient and efficient by keeping all accounting settings on one key dashboard. It can even conduct real-time finance tracking and produce reports based on chosen data visualizations. As a result, you will be able to figure out your sales performance, expenditures, and other vital financial information.

QuickBooks Online can be used on a web browser or mobile app. In fact, it is used by the majority of small businesses, and there are various online training materials and conventions to resort to when necessary.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Try out QuickBooks Online with their free trial

Price Range: The Simple Start plan starts at $25 monthly, Essentials is at $40 monthly, Plus is at $70 monthly, and Advanced is at $150 monthly. A huge discount is offered for the first months, plus, some accountants can offer wholesale costs to small businesses, too.

Why Choose QuickBooks Online?

  1. Automates the data collection process for you. QuickBooks Online makes multiple payment methods and delivery options easier for businesses and their customers to process. It also assures that your financial data are always updated.
  2. Saves time. QuickBooks Online helps you lessen the time you spend on difficult accounting jobs and concentrate on more pressing matters of your services.
  3. Reasonably priced plans. Packages offered by QuickBooks Online are sure to help you make the most out of your investment. This cheap accounting software can cater to different accounting needs and includes regular software updates.
  4. Improved financial information protection. With QuickBooks Online, your financial information is safe from suspicious individuals and transactions.

Detailed QuickBooks Online Review

3. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting dashboard

Formerly Sage One, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a convenient cloud-hosted accounting software. This one is an additional service that enables the linking of Sage 50cloud with the cloud, leading to cloud storage and accessibility of a business’ accounting data. Its affordability does not compromise its quality as it offers invoicing, supplier purchases, and reporting and expense monitoring

Another good news is that Sage Business Cloud Accounting has now a more well-equipped dashboard and pleasing interface. Its customer service team also carries out a stellar performance.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is principally an all-around accounting tool for small businesses, especially those that sell inventory and choose financial partnership over independent bookkeeping. It is also a highly recommended software for the self-employed and/or freelancers who are seeking guidance on managing the difficulties of their own finances.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Try out Sage Business Cloud Accounting with their free trial

Price Range: It has a free trial period. Other plans include Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start at $10 monthly, Sage Business Cloud Accounting at $25 monthly, and Sage Business Cloud Accounting Plus at £30 monthly.

Why Choose Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

  1. Caters best to small businesses. Sage Business Cloud Accounting helps small businesses in their accounting, finance management, project accounting, and compliance handling processes.
  2. Serves as a tax management system. This software can compute the right amount of taxes in compliance with available transaction information.
  3. Simple features. Its interface is understandably labeled, and the features can be easily navigated. Summary tabs with personalization options are also displayed.
  4. Ability to facilitate a huge range of financial data. By running more financial data, you can figure out what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are.

Detailed Sage Business Cloud Accounting Review

4. A2X

A2X dashboard

A2X came about together with some of the noteworthy accounting companies in Asia, North America, and Europe. This software is known for providing clear visibility into a business’s cash flow by classifying each transaction and summarizing expenses and sales. It considers all payouts and their corresponding expenses. You can also easily adjust the payouts indicated on your sales platform and create the needed changes to your ledger.

Such accuracy is extended to the stock room. You can monitor the prices of products sold and the gross margins of moving items. In the same manner, the inventory accounting functionality can be used to adjust the number of stocks after placing orders. At the end of the month, reports can be made to see the stock you have.

A2X customizes services for Shopify and Amazon. Various pricing packages are available to users of these channels, as well as multichannel users. Huge businesses also have their own plans. Among other platforms that integrate well with A2X are PayPal, point-of-sale software, inventory tools, and tax calculator. Not to mention, it can manage multiple currencies.



Try out A2X with their free trial

Price Range: A2X offers a free trial plan. Its Mini plan is at $19 monthly, Starter is at $49 monthly, Standard is at $69 monthly, and Premium is at $139 monthly.

Why choose A2X?

  1. Thorough monthly reports. A2X generates thorough monthly reports that you can use to verify the number of stocks available, their value, and where they are stored in your office.
  2. Precise tax deductions. No matter where your customers are located, A2X monitors your tax deductions and accounts for their preciseness. This tool is also linked with tax computing systems.
  3. Connects you with other A2X experts. To address the difficulties of working with Amazon and Shopify financials, A2X connects you with ecommerce accounting firms globally that are also adept with A2X.

Detailed A2X Review

5. Payment Rails

Payment Rails dashboard

As an accounts payable software, Payment Rails (now Trolley) is a flawless tool for medium to large volume accounts payables. This software offers full-length services for AP processes. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can pay anyone in more than 200 countries.

Payment Rails also delivers cross-border payments well, allowing you to conveniently facilitate global transactions. It can enable you to make extensive payouts to customers without all the hassles of creating complicated banking relationships and subsidiaries. It can also let you automate payment collection, mass payout disbursement, and banking details validation.

To top it off, Payment Rails can let you handle various currencies and local payment methods, as well as keep liquidity in your accounts. This guarantees you on-time payment deliveries, satisfied vendors and contractors, and releases working capital. It also provides you with access to over 135 currencies and localized and worldwide banking networks in more than 60 countries.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails

Try out Payment Rails with their free trial

Price Range: Payment Rail’s plan starts at $49 monthly, Platform is at $199 monthly, and Enterprise is by quote.

Why Choose Payment Rail?

  1. White-label recipient onboarding. Payment Rail offers numerous schemes for white-label recipient onboarding. Its web or mobile application can be embedded with an onboarding Widget. Otherwise, it can be easily put up with a Portal with your own branding, in which you can send recipients to gather payments and tax information.
  2. White-label email confirmation. This software lets you instantly email your recipients every time you pay them.
  3. Bank-level security. Payment Rail uses AWS and 256-bit bank-level security, which secures all your data and banking details in a single location. It also has built-in tokenization to augment security for confidential information.
  4. Compliant with standard regulations. Payment Rail supports AI and corresponding logic to solve counter-terrorism funding and anti-money laundering problems. It features a compliance tool that assesses recipients against all the major international watchlists.

Detailed Payment Rails Review

6. Zoho Books

Zoho Books dashboard

Zoho Books can be basically identified as a built-in accounting software made for small businesses to help manage their finances. This simple software can help make sophisticated, data-centered decisions. It is the founding accounting solution of an esteemed software maker, diminishing all concerns associated with security, uptime, and support.

Sending customer invoices and receiving online payments in one platform are now possible with Zoho Books. It is fast, powerful, and comfortable to use.

Zoho Books runs on desktop and mobile devices. This cheap accounting software caters best to small to medium businesses.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Try out Zoho Books with their free trial

Price Range: Zoho Books offers a free plan and free trial. Its other plans include the Standard plan at $20 per organization per month, the Professional plan at $50 per organization per month, and the Premium plan at $70 per organization per month.

Why Choose Zoho Books?

  1. End-to-end accounting solutions. Zoho Books speeds up the processes of crucial accounting tasks and organizes them on a single platform. Hence, you can keep updated on your company invoices, manage your expenses, and free yourself from worrying about compliances.
  2. User-friendly interface. Your clients will get to easily pay, regardless of time and location.
  3. Powerful mobile app. It can handle the finances of individual projects, allowing you to book assignments and activities and monitor them through your smartphone.

Detailed Zoho Books Review

7. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense dashboard

Zoho Expense makes the tedious tasks of expense monitoring and reporting straightforward. This tool automates multiple expense management-associated functionalities and guides you in documenting your transactions fast. Additionally, receipts can be automatically transformed into expenses and gathered collectively for you to produce reports whenever necessary.

Zoho Expense also instantly records credit card transactions and transforms them into expenses. No matter what type of device you have, it can both document and send reports. Plus, it can manage issues and misinterpretations about spending limits and permitted expenditure for the business.

What customers like most about Zoho Expense is that it hastens the documenting and approval process without all the unnecessary paperwork. This tool is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even huge corporations.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense

Try out Zoho Expense with their free trial

Price Range: Zoho Expense has a free trial period, a free plan, and the Standard Plan, which comes for $15 per organization monthly.

Why Choose Zoho Expense?

  1. Real-time expense recording. Zoho Expense lets you easily document company expenses in real-time; thus documenting does not need to consume too much of your time.
  2. Review and approve expense reports with just a click. Approving or declining expense reports will never be as fast as this app does.
  3. Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice partnership. Zoho’s productivity suite users can also apply Zoho Expense with Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice.

Detailed Zoho Expense Review

8. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks dashboard

ProfitBooks is an accounting tool that serves startups, growing businesses, and small and midsize businesses. Its features let you make invoices, handle inventory, and track expenses. It can assist you in taking over the finances of your business even if your accounting knowledge is not that broad.

ProfitBooks lets you document expenses, income, journal entries, and taxes suitably. It also allows you to share your transaction information with your bookkeeper. What’s more, it can optimize your inventory management as it can monitor your whole inventory scheme.

Whether you are in selling, distribution, servicing, or manufacturing, Profitbooks can perfectly manage your business operations. Its mobile app can be downloaded by Android and iOS users.



Try out ProfitBooks with their free trial

Price Range: ProfitBooks has a free plan for startups. SMBs, however, can subscribe to its $15/month plan.

Why choose ProfitBooks?

  1. Full invoicing service. With a few clicks, you can easily make professional invoices and monitor and follow up on pending payments. You can also accept plenty of payment methods with it. You do not have to make the invoice all by yourself due to the availability of a wide range of customizable invoice templates.
  2. Online inventory. By using ProfitBooks, you can keep track of all your inventory purchases and purchase orders by storing them in a single place. Purchase handling can then become easier because every PO can be transformed into a purchase with one click. The inventory system links with accounts payable and cash management; therefore risky double entries are no longer needed. Lastly, you can make partial orders, and it will make invoices only for those that are delivered.
  3. Filterable financial records. This tool provides easy access to crucial reports, like low stocks and pending orders. Each report can be filtered down, saving you from pulling together information from different sources when necessary.

Detailed ProfitBooks Review

9. Xero

Xero dashboard

In 2006, Xero was established in New Zealand. With proven worldwide financial solutions in the industry, Xero has been the go-to accounting software of many small to medium businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. It has a polished interface and can be completely used with third-party apps.

Presently, it has over 2.7 million users all over the world. It is in demand in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. In 2020, it was hailed as a Leader in the Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Small Business Finance and Accounting Applicants by the vendor assessment of IDC MarketScape.

Detailed Xero Review

Price Range: The Early plan starts at $11 monthly, Growing is at $32 monthly, and Established is at $62 monthly. Xero also offers a one-month free trial and a 50% off for two months.

Why Choose Xero?

  1. Express Setup feature. Xero’s Express Setup feature lets you have the software up and running fast and smoothly.
  2. Gusto integration. Xero offers its complete service payroll option via Gusto.
  3. Streamlined transactions. Coming with easily customizable transaction forms, all you have to do is open a template, then check or uncheck as many fields as needed to personalize the documents.
  4. Secure transactions. Xero has various approval systems and two-factor authentication. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of transactions for your reference.

10. FreeAgent

FreeAgent dashboard

FreeAgent is specially built for freelancers and small businesses. It presents a selection of tools that helps you manage all your business’s financial aspects. It can help you send and monitor invoices that are made by the tool itself. It can also easily track expenses; just take a photo of your receipt and upload it.

FreeAgent hosts a stopwatch and timesheets that can maintain time records. Cashflows can be tracked conveniently as the dashboard makes them easily viewable, together with due tax bills. Besides, this software can be connected to bank accounts, making transactions automatically imported into the software. You will also be informed how much tax you owe and file for your own VAT, RTI, and Self Assessment returns.

Detailed FreeAgent Review

Price Range: FreeAgent has a free trial and the Universal Plan for $10/month for six months.

Why Choose FreeAgent?

  1. Invoicing/contact handling. FreeAgent can make and send invoices easily, with a fast estimate to invoice conversion and a total of eight invoice templates. It can be designed to aid in the handling of vendors and contacts.
  2. Direct payment. FreeAgent lets payments be sent directly into its system and connected to all worldwide payment tools in the invoicing templates. Clients can pay through PayPal, Stripe, or GoCardless. This software accepts payments from all major credit card providers, as well as accumulates bank transfers from more than 80 countries internationally.
  3. Progressive expense handling. Surprisingly, FreeAgent facilitates expenses more impressively than any other small-biz software. Expenses can be classified by currency, connected to certain projects and activities, monitored, and recorded once the invoice is paid. Then, bank statements are needed to be uploaded directly on the platform, so that the system would recognize them while reporting. You do not have to do it, though, if you enable your bank feed.
  4. Tax handling. It lets you use reference schedule C to get ready for taxes since all categories in it correspond with the IRS ones.

11. Reckon One

Reckon One dashboard

Reckon One can showcase your entire cash flow in one dashboard. In this manner, you can get a full picture of the net business and net position. You can even monitor and manage payments, receipts, and GST. It also encompasses bank transaction reconciliation, predicting, and book sharing services.

Reckon One enables you to bring in bank statements manually or automatically, and unlimitedly classify transactions. You can also make scenarios with it that enhance forecasting capability. It is generated by a user role setting that authorizes workers to retrieve the necessary data only.

Detailed Reckon One Review

Price Range: Reckon One offers a free trial period. Its other subscription plans are The Basics at $10 monthly, Essentials at $25 monthly, Pro at $35 monthly, and Premium at $49 monthly.

Why Choose Reckon One?

  1. Versatile and mobile finance handling. Reckon One can be accessed from any device. It carries out process optimization for speedy and structured payment processes.
  2. Automatic updates. As a cloud-based solution, Reckon One’s features and updates do not need to be downloaded as it can update itself automatically.
  3. Flexible pricing. This software’s flexible pricing permits you to select and pay only the necessary features. It is also billed on a monthly basis and does not hold you by a contract.
  4. Safe from physical hardware mishaps. Reckon One is designated with a plethora of encryption layers.

12. MYOB Business

MYOB Business dashboard

For small and growing enterprises that take on core accounting and payroll processes, MYOB Business is the best software to use. It has billing and invoicing, expense handling, and financial documentation features. However, it is only available to businesses in New Zealand and Australia.

MYOB Business permits online invoicing and receipt retrieval. Through AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, and BPAY, you can accept payments straight out of your invoices.

Detailed MYOB Business Review

Price Range: MYOB Business offers the following plans: Payroll Only at $10 monthly, Business Lite at $12 monthly, Pro at $25 monthly, AccountRight Plus at $60 monthly, and AccountRight Premier at $75 monthly.

Why Choose MYOB Business?

  1. Easy-to-use data entry. MYOB Business is a Single Touch Payroll-powered tool. It also instantly calculates taxes and superannuation.
  2. Organized and timely invoicing. MYOB Business allows you to make invoices and send them via any device. Setting automated invoices and tracking whether your customers have viewed them are possible with this software, too.
  3. Data-driven. Since it is data-driven, it can provide you with insights based on your business’s financial situation. You can view your payment reports and summaries on YTD cashflow, bad debt, liabilities, and deductions. Then, you can personalize them based on date range for setting side by side against your budget.

13. Wave

Wave dashboard

Wave was built in 2010 and is located in Toronto. This free software has all the basic accounting features that many small businesses look for—limitless income monitoring, expense monitoring, financial documentation, invoicing, receipt scanning, and even free guest collaborators. It allows for linking a limitless number of bank and credit card accounts to your books.

Wave is perfect for small businesses (not more than 10 employees) and self-employed individuals. It is user-friendly, can be easily navigated, and accessible online or on the mobile app.

Detailed Wave Review

Price Range: The charge for every credit card payment is 2.9% + $0.30 and 1% (with a minimum of $1) for every ACH payment. Paying for payroll should be done via Wave as well. Wherever your location is, the monthly base fee is $35 or $20, together with $4 per employee and contractor on the payroll.

Why Choose Wave?

  1. Free and proficiently integrated accounting software. It integrates invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning into a single package.
  2. Hassle-free. Wave ensures that making invoices, estimates, and receipts will be a hassle-free experience for everyone. You can track your invoice and payment status straight from the software.
  3. Convenient income and expense monitoring. Monitor your income and expenses easily with Wave. This software also provides receipt scanning materials and bank connections.
  4. Pay anywhere. Whether via online pay stubs or direct deposits, Wave will enable you to pay your team from anywhere.

14. KashFlow

KashFlow dashboard

Since 2005, KashFlow has been providing small business owners with top-of-the-line business solutions. It is deemed as the most prominent yet cheapest accounting software in the UK.

This easy-to-use cloud-based software is particularly built to guide small businesses in making sense of their finances. Without any jargon and being used even by non-accountants, KashFlow strives to eradicate the stress that comes with accounting and bookkeeping.

Detailed KashFlow Review

Price Range: The KashFlow Starter plan is at $9 monthly, KashFlow Business Plan is at $18 monthly, and KashFlow Business & Payroll is at $25 monthly.

Why Choose KashFlow?

  1. Customizable invoices. Invoices in KashFlow can be easily edited and customized. Quotes or estimates can be also done quickly to boost productivity.
  2. Automates returning purchases. With KashFlow, you can automate recurring purchases and inform suppliers that you have already paid them via email.
  3. Manage payments as many as possible. Manage as many employee and company payments as you can using KashFlow. It can also go well with your online accounting tool.
  4. MailChimp integration. Provide your customers with professional-looking emails for free, thanks to KashFlow’s MailChimp integration.

15. ZipBooks

ZipBooks dashboard

ZipBooks boasts reports, bank syncing, billing, expense management, and invoicing in one free account. Offering online payments to invoiced customers through ZipBooks must be done through Square or PayPal.

ZipBook provides a coherent payroll add-on feature with Gusto. The rate for Gusto begins at $39 each month, with $6 for each person each month. Moreover, you can have the Core plan at a limited offer—a marked-down base price of $19 every month for the first six months. Gusto offers a new feature to contractor-only employers too, who just pay $6 each employee rate and without the base price.

Detailed ZipBooks Review

Price Range: ZipBooks offers the Smarter plan at $15 monthly, Sophisticated is at $35 monthly, and Accountants at a negotiable rate. It also has a free trial period.

Why Choose ZipBooks?

  1. Free accounting software. Payment for any ZipBooks subscription is not needed. Asides from that, this software is packaged with a comprehensive feature set.
  2. Know where your money is being used. ZipBooks offers bank reconciliation settings, where you can classify your finances and look at them easily in one account.
  3. Connect ZipBooks with your bank account. By doing this, you can synchronize your bank accounts to update all your financial information and put them in one location.

16. 1&1 Online Accounting

1&1 dashboard

1&1 Online Accounting aims to help freelancers and small and medium business owners lessen tons of paperwork, speed up accounting tasks, and enhance productivity.

In just a few clicks, you can easily make customizable quotes and invoices with this app. Through mobile document scanning, smart text recognition, and document matching, you can make accounting and bookkeeping tasks simpler. On the other hand, its inventory management lets you book stock entries, make and send delivery notes, review customer and supplier prices, and learn new stock inventory overviews easily.

Detailed 1&1 Online Accounting Review

Price Range: 1&1 Online Accounting has the Invoice plan starting at $4.99 for the first month, Accounting is at $9.99 for the first two months, and the Inventory Manager starts at $19.99 for the first three months.

Why Choose 1&1 Online Accounting?

  1. Smart designs of financial documents. 1&1 Online Accounting makes the generation of invoices and quotations undemanding. More than just automating customer details entry, it improves your business with the smart designs of its financial documents.
  2. Scan and text recognition feature. You can scan invoices and other financial documents with the drag and drop function, and upload them online. Its text recognition lets you show fields on uploaded documents and have customers fill them in.
  3. Warehouse handling. Plan and manage your inventory movements carefully. The stock level overview displays all articles that can be filtered with one click. You can also easily print inventory lists.

17. Hurdlr

Hurdlr dashboard

Small business owners, self-employed, independent contractors, and freelancers can all depend on Hurdlr when it comes to advanced accounting solutions. It is hailed for its real-time tracking of expenses, income, and tax deductions.

Hurdlr has a mileage monitoring setting that lets you automatically capture the miles you have taken during business travels. This makes it easy for you to claim tax deductions or remuneration for business trips. Other types of expenses that Hurdlr can monitor are commissions, office supplies, advertisement expenses, and maintenance.

Detailed Hurdlr Review

Price Range: Hurdlr has a free trial, a free plan, a Premium plan at $8 monthly, and a Pro plan, which comes for $10 monthly. For the Enterprise plan, contact the vendor for more details.

Why Choose Hurdlr?

  1. Real-time expense monitoring. You can capture and monitor several types of tax-deductible or reimbursable expenses in real-time. Hurdlr can instantly tag all your out-of-pocket expenses so you can identify which of your expenses are business-related.
  2. Stress-free tax monitoring and handling. Remote workers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors can now track and manage taxes with ease.

18. Aplos

Aplos dashboard

Aplos was designed to serve small- and medium-sized nonprofits and churches. As a part of Aplos’ unified suite or as a lone project, it is inclusive of online donation, donation handling, and a church management tool.

Aplos can deliver accounting data, monitor cash flows, produce extensive income reports, and more. As a whole, it helps churches and nonprofits manage their finances through the use of financial forecasting.

Detailed Aplos Review

Price Range: The Aplos plans are the Starter Plan at $25 monthly, Standard Plan at $40 monthly, and Advanced Plan at $120 monthly. It also has a free trial period.

Why Choose Aplos?

  1. Customizable chart of accounts. Aplos lets businesses create various types of accounts, including asset, liability, expenses, income, and equity.
  2. Budget management feature. Make expected values or amounts for each of your expenses and income accounts.
  3. Specific monitoring of transactions. Monitor your transactions, which are used to produce income reports.

19. ClearBooks Accounting

ClearBooks dashboard

Multi-awarded ClearBooks Accounting is designed to make accounting and other tasks easier. Since its launch in 2008, it has been providing many small business owners with the most important functionalities for their operations.

ClearBooks Accounting also offers a highly tailored dashboard. More essentially, it does not put unfamiliar accounting terminologies into its system so that beginners can understand the basics of their business at their own pace.

Detailed ClearBooks Accounting Review

Price Range: ClearBooks Accounting has a free trial, a Together plan at £9/month, and a Together+ plan at £20/month.

Why Choose ClearBooks Accounting?

  1. Highly tailored, professional invoices in a few clicks. With this advantage, customers can pay you in a matter of minutes.
  2. A vast array of financial reports. Choose from its vast array of financial reports, from the basic to the more sophisticated ones like audit logs and trial balance reports.

20. HighCastle

HighCastle dashboard

As a state-of-the-art software, HighCastle digitizes the processes of many businesses in the field. In one platform, fundraising campaigns, private equity and debt securities, deal workflows, and shareholder communications are all allowed to be productively handled.

Through HighCastle, private equity firms and investors can easily search and communicate with enterprises they can invest in. Moreover, they can look into shareholder registers and portfolio analytics as they happen and purchase and sell securities online.

HighCastle concurrently optimizes and improves the way portfolio businesses and issuers connect with prospective investors, grow the funds they need, and manage debt and equity holdings. With its reporting potential and configurable workflow, you can automate funding rounds, security issuances, and more. And this all means that you can take over all communications with investors confidently.

Detailed HighCastle Review

Price Range: HighCastle has a free trial period and the free Starter plan. Meanwhile, it also has the Growth plan at £40/month, and the by-quote Instant Funding and Private Placement plans.

Why Choose HighCastle?

  1. Engagement with private equity firms, investors, and shareholders. Highcastle lets you engage with them so that you can garner funds for improving and growing your operations. These engagements are guaranteed to be convenient, fast, and cheap.
  2. Valuable business relationships. HighCastle promises valuable business relationships with different companies and experts to let you serve your customers better.

The Accounting Software Industry During COVID-19

COVID-19 has negatively affected many businesses, as well as work-from-home employees, in 2020. It continues to do so as many of them have just started getting back on track recently. In light of this ongoing predicament, many accounting software providers have offered great deals to help these businesses regain what they have lost due to the pandemic.

If you are still unsure of what accounting software to use, we recommend FreshBooks. Besides invoicing, it is highly regarded by many small business owners as an essential tool for requesting deposits, collecting client retainers, and receiving payments, among others.

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