Top 20 Video Conferencing Software in 2022

What is the top video conferencing software?
The top video conferencing software is RingCentral MVP. With this solution, you can get messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls, all in one intuitive platform. It has a robust set of features that include screen sharing, live transcripts, team huddles, and more. These all enhance collaboration and provide flexibility to users in joining meetings all in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Video conferencing has long been used by distributed teams to coordinate their efforts in achieving company goals. But its popularity quickly rose as a replacement for face-to-face meetings at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, individuals and companies have various options in working, from fully remote to a hybrid of remote and on-site work. With these developments, video conferencing software vendors are also adjusting their products to suit new user demands brought about by the times.

In this article, learn about the top solutions for video conferencing that can empower leaders and team members to improve the way they collaborate online. You can learn about the similarities and differences of popular product offerings. In this way, you can weigh the pros and cons of a product and select a solution that fits your needs.

most popular video conferencing software

Video conferencing exploded in popularity during the pandemic as health restrictions forced employees out of meeting rooms and into home offices. So, by now, most people are aware of what video conferencing software is. In fact, a recent video conferencing report noted that video conferencing software usage was highest during March 2020. However, this gradually decreased in the middle of 2021. According to the said report, users scheduled an average of 12 meetings per person per month in March 2020. In contrast, there was an average of nine to 10 meetings per person in the middle of 2021.

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Webcam Exhaustion Survey

Responses to Statement that Being on a Webcam During Meetings Makes Respondents More Exhausted

Webcam Exhaustion Survey
Agree (7-10 score): 49%

Agree (7-10 score)

Webcam Exhaustion Survey
Medium (4-6 score): 26%

Medium (4-6 score)

Webcam Exhaustion Survey
Disagree (0-3 score): 25%

Disagree (0-3 score)


Source: Virtira, 2021

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While it has allowed users to meet with others despite their location, users have reported experiencing fatigue when attending video meetings with their cameras turned on. In a survey, respondents were asked how much they agreed with the statement that being on a webcam during meetings makes them more exhausted. 49% agreed with the statement giving a 7-10 score. On the other hand, 26% gave the statement a medium response, with a 4-6 score while 25% disagreed, giving it a score of 0-3. Recent video and web conferencing software statistics also indicate that among the barriers preventing end-users from adopting video are high cost, bandwidth constraints, and users being uncomfortable on video, to name a few. Thus, it is critical for teams to select video conferencing solutions that address these user challenges.

To get you started, take a look at the products that we’ve compiled below. We’ve detailed the core features of each one to help you determine if the product is the right fit for your company.

20 Most Popular Video Conferencing Software

1. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral dashboard

RingCentral MVP, previously RingCentral Office, is a cloud-based business communications solution that allows you to access all your communication tools in one place. With RingCentral MVP you can access team messaging, video conferencing, and your business phone system from one platform. As such, users can enjoy a simplified workflow and communicate with others seamlessly across multiple devices. This makes RingCentral MVP suitable for all types of business. It can be used in the retail, education, healthcare, and technology industries.

One of the components of RingCentral MVP is its video meeting capabilities. It allows users to schedule an unlimited number of video meetings with a 24-hour duration. The solution can be integrated with Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and more.

Price Range: RingCentral MVP offers Essential, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. Pricing plans range from $19.99 per user per month to $49.99 per user per month.

RingCentral Office

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What is unique about Ring Central MVP?

  1. Team Huddle. This industry-first feature lets users create an ongoing meeting where participants can come and go as they please. This mimics the spontaneous interactions in physical offices where employees can drop by their co-workers’ desks for a quick chat.
  2. Call in a click. RingCentral MVP lets you jump from a video meeting to messaging and back again all from within the app. This ensures that you don’t miss anything in the meeting even as you juggle different devices.
  3. Auto-follow. With this feature enabled, the camera will follow your every moment as you present. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust your camera and helps you focus on getting your message across.

Detailed RingCentral Office Review

2. BrainCert

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is a learning management system (LMS) that lets businesses of all sizes deliver courses and collaborate online. This solution puts together an elearning platform, enterprise LMS, virtual classrooms, and meeting rooms all in one place. With BrainCert, organizations can conduct custom training in minutes, test students’ knowledge, and motivate them to learn.

BrainCert’s virtual classroom feature gives lecturers the tools they need to provide students with an enriching online experience. For instance, live conferencing with whiteboard features mimics the face-to-face learning experience. With its SFU/MCU WebRTC engine, users can enjoy the best possible quality for video streaming across all devices. These features tie in with its elearning features, including themed interactive courses, activity streams, adaptive tests, and more.

Price Range: The BrainCert Enterprise LMS product is being offered in four plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Prices range from $119 per month to $469 per month. For the Virtual Classroom as a Service product, the vendor offers Micro, Small, Medium, and Large plans. Prices range from $70 per month to $569 per month.



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What is unique about BrainCert?

  1. Group screen sharing. BrainCert allows users to share their screens in HD. Sharing can be done on a tabbed whiteboard interface and users can annotate on top of shared screens.
  2. Interactive whiteboard. BrainCert has a responsive, interactive whiteboard, which makes it easy for users to write or draw. The whiteboard has a true 16:9 aspect ratio so your output shows consistently across all viewing devices.
  3. Enlarged video conference. With the enlarged video conference mode, the software can support up to 10 concurrent video streams. It also has automatic speaker detection and low CPU usage capabilities for better collaboration with attendees.

Detailed BrainCert Review

3. GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting dashboard

GoTo Meeting is a web conferencing and online meeting software that helps teams stay connected through its various messaging platforms. GoTo Meeting is a unified platform for hosting video conferencing, virtual events, virtual training, and more. Its wide range of communication and collaboration solutions can be used by different kinds of businesses and industries.

According to some basic video and web conferencing statistics, a majority of businesses use video conferencing in their day-to-day operations. GoTo Meeting equips users with the tools they need before, during, and after your meeting so you can make it productive. Starting a meeting takes just one click right from the GoTo business messaging app. Features like screen sharing, drawing tools, and presenter control help you communicate information effectively in real-time. Afterward, meeting records are kept for posterity through transcripts and cloud recordings. Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, G Suite, and similar business systems make team collaboration smoother and easier.

Price Range: GoTo Meeting has a Professional plan billed at $12 per organizer per month billed annually and a Business plan billed at $16 under the same payment terms. Both plans have add-ons that range from $5 to $20 per month. In addition, the vendor also offers a quote-based Enterprise plan.



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What is unique about GoTo Meeting?

  1. Smart Meeting Assistant. With its Smart Meeting Assistant, users can automatically get a searchable transcript of what transpired in the meeting. Transcripts are given side-by-side with presentation slides, which can be shared in PDF format.
  2. Commuter mode. Users can join a meeting minus the distracting noises on the road. With Commuter mode on, their mobile phone turns into a screen with color-coded audio or mute buttons.
  3. Diagnostic reports. After the meeting, you can view reports on various metrics so you can analyze what could be improved. These include participant join and leave times, network latency, packet loss, and more.

Detailed GoToMeeting Review

4. GoToWebinar

gotowebinar dashboard

GoToWebinar is an easy-to-use webinar platform that lets users create successful and engaging webinars. By hosting online events using GoToWebinar, companies can tap and expand their target audience and grow their revenue. The solution is commonly used by managers and coordinators to host marketing, training, and corporate communication events.

The solution has an array of features that helps hosts conduct modern online events. Flexible scheduling allows users to choose whether to have a webinar, live recording, or pre-recorded webinars. During the meeting, hosts can check how engaged users are and include polls and surveys to capture their attention. Integration with Stripe allows hosts to accept payments from around the world. GoToWebinar also works with Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, Microsoft, and Zendesk.

Price Range: GoToWebinar has four plans: Lite ($49), Standard ($99), Pro ($199), and Enterprise ($399). All pricing schemes are charged per organizer per month, billed annually. Users can add webcasting or event services to all four plans.



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What is unique about GoToWebinar?

  1. Engagement tools. GoToWebinar allows you to share your camera, create polls and surveys, host a Q&A session, or scribble right on the screen. These make participants more engaged and attentive.
  2. Event tracking. GoToWebinar gives you the data about the event and its attendees so you know what to improve on for future events. These include attendee reports, event analytics, and source tracking.
  3. Customization options. Users can create their own quizzes or registration forms to gather data about their audience. They can also apply their company branding to webinar materials.

Detailed GoToWebinar Review

5. Slack

Slack dashboard

Slack is a communications software that gives teams one platform where they can coordinate all their work efforts. It puts together messaging and voice and video calls in one tool so you and your team can avoid the constant back-and-forth emails. With Slack, teams can stay organized, ensure they are on the same page, and find what they need when they need it.

One of the key features of Slack is its messaging service, which lets you communicate one on one or with a team. You can organize your teams into channels or collaborate with other teams outside your company through Slack Connect. The tool also has video conferencing features that let you connect with others instantly right from the app.

Price Range: Slack has three paid plans. The Pro plan costs $6.67 per person per month, billed yearly or $8 per person per month, billed monthly. The Business+ plan costs $12.50 per person per month, billed yearly or $15 per person per month, billed monthly. It also has a quote-based Enterprise Grid plan.

Detailed Slack Review

What is unique about Slack?

  1. Start a call from a channel or DM. Slack’s one-click button allows you to go on a video call straight from the messaging app or from a team channel. You can go on a video call with a maximum of 15 participants for paid plans.
  2. Screen sharing. Slack lets the host show his screen to participants so he can communicate his points better. This feature is available on Slack huddles, clips, and calls.
  3. Join from any device. Users can join video calls from your computer or phone from your dedicated Slack app. You can also integrate Slack with your preferred video conferencing apps so you don’t have to exit Slack to join the video call.

6. Lifesize

Lifesize dashboard

Lifesize is a cloud-based video meeting and contact center solution that lets agents connect with customers and employees to better communicate with one another. Lifesize cloud center solutions help teams deliver an excellent customer experience. Meanwhile, its meeting solutions allow teams to seamlessly collaborate on the cloud. Lifesize solutions can be used by various businesses and those in the healthcare, financial services, professional service industries, as well as in the public sector.

With the Lifesize Video Meeting solution, users can enjoy meetings in stunning 4K video, which enhances content delivery and communication. On the other hand, its meeting room solutions allow teams to turn any video conferencing app into a virtual meeting room. Integrations with popular meeting apps let users join the meeting from any platform.

Price Range: Lifesize Meeting Solutions plans cost $14.95 per host per month for both the Plus and Enterprise packages. They also have the Organization plan, which is a quote-based customizable plan for large businesses.

Detailed Lifesize Review

What is unique about Lifesize?

  1. 4K video conferencing. Lifesize is capable of holding meetings with 4K video, which facilitates better communication. Data in presentations can be delivered in greater detail and participants can pick up on the non-verbal cues of presenters, promoting the value of clear communication in your organization.
  2. Multi-app room systems. Lifesize gives users multiple choices to connect to the meeting room. Lifesize can be integrated with Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more, which makes the meeting experience interoperable with other systems.
  3. Easy access to meetings. Users can join meetings via web browsers, eliminating the need to download software. Lifesize can also be integrated with Microsoft and Google Calendar for one-click access to meetings.

7. Skype

Skype dashboard

Skype is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that provides video telephony, video conferencing, and voice calls. Individuals use Skype to chat with other people and make calls to both local and international numbers. With Skype, users can call from anywhere, enjoy low-cost international calls, and save money on incoming calls. Its versatility allows Skype to be used on mobile gadgets, desktop devices, Alexa, or from an Xbox.

With Skype, you can host an audio or video conference for up to 100 participants. Joining a meeting is easy with one-click instant access via the web, no sign-in or download needed. It is also capable of high-definition audio and video calling, so users can see and hear each other clearly.

Price Range: Skype is free to use but has subscriptions and pay-as-you-go options. Subscriptions for international calls range from $3.59 to $9.59 per month.

Detailed Skype Review

What is unique about Skype?

  1. Live subtitles. Skype provides live subtitles for words uttered by a speaker. With this, callers can avoid miscommunication.
  2. Call recording. You can capture important moments by having the call recorded. This feature can also be helpful when there are important business decisions made on the call.
  3. Skype Phone. You can get up to 10 secondary phone numbers for answering incoming calls. This second number will be a local number for a country or region of your choice so you can save money on incoming calls.

8. RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video dashboard

RingCentral Video is a video conferencing software that offers free and unlimited video meetings and team messaging. With RingCentral Video, teams can harness the power of collaboration from just one tool. The solution can be used by startups, small businesses, and enterprises. It can also be deployed to meet the needs of users in various industries such as retail, education, government, and more.

Unlike most solutions in this space, the meeting duration for RingCentral Video for both Pro and Pro+ plans is 24 hours. Its robust feature set includes cloud recording, virtual backgrounds, closed captioning, instant join from a browser, and more. It can be integrated with Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 to extend the functionality of your existing apps.

Price Range: RingCentral Video Pro has two variants: the free Pro version and the Pro+ version, which costs $11.99 per user per month. Users can start with the free version and upgrade to Pro+ at any time.

Detailed RingCentral Video Review

What is unique about RingCentral Video?

  1. Cloud recording. Users can record their meetings for storing in the cloud and sharing with others. Pro plans can retain recordings for 7 days while Pro+ plans can store them for up to one year.
  2. Closed captioning. With this feature, users can see the text of what the speaker is saying on screen. This allows users to have better concentration and engagement with the video.
  3. Switch meetings. With a click or a tap, users can move their video call from the desktop to mobile or vice versa. This is especially useful for people on the go or those who have to attend calls while on the road or on fieldwork.

9. Zoom

Zoom dashboard

Zoom is an all-in-one communications platform that lets users hold HD video meetings and webinars, as well as host their contact center and phone system on the cloud. Zoom makes it easy for teams to meet and collaborate across various devices in support of a hybrid working environment. It also keeps meetings productive and distraction-free while ensuring data privacy. This versatile solution can be used in various industries such as education, finance, government, and healthcare.

One of the main features of Zoom webinars is its engagement tools. These include the raise-hand feature, in-session chat, and moderated Q&A sessions. Zoom can be integrated with apps from a wide range of categories, including Zoom for HubSpot, Zapier, Eventbrite, Marketo, and more.

Price Range: Zoom provides a free plan to those who want to use Zoom Meetings for personal use. Paid plans range from $149 per year per license for the Pro plan to $240 per year per license for the Enterprise plan.

Detailed Zoom Review

What is unique about Zoom?

  1. HD video for many participants. Zoom is capable of HD video and audio for crystal-clear online meetings. It can support up to 1,000 video participants and can show up to 49 videos on the screen.
  2. Video recording. Users can save their Zoom recordings in MP4, M4A, and txt formats. Recordings can be stored locally or on the cloud.
  3. Breakout rooms. Users can split participants into a maximum of 50 separate sessions automatically or manually. This feature is useful when you want to divide the meeting into smaller groups for discussions, then bring them back together again to continue with the large group meeting.

10. Cisco Webex

cisco webex dashboard

Cisco Webex is an enterprise solution that allows users to conduct video conferencing as well as host online meetings and webinars. Users get a one-stop-shop for calls, meetings, and messages that are accessible from the cloud. With Cisco Webex, companies can have a flexible, inclusive, and secure solution that equips them to collaborate in a hybrid working environment. The solution can be used for personal purposes or for teams of all sizes within small businesses or large enterprises.

Cisco Webex has a robust feature set that includes noise removal, gesture recognition, and automatic transcription. Meanwhile, the enterprise variation has immersive sharing, real-time translation, and AI-powered automation features. The solution can be integrated with leading apps such as Meta, Slack, Box, Salesforce, Smartsheet, and more.

Price Range: Cisco Webex offers quote-based pricing plans. Interested customers can fill up a form online to get a custom quote from a sales representative.

Detailed Cisco Webex Review

What is unique about Cisco Webex?

  1. Immersive share. With this feature, the presenter can add an overlay video of himself as he is sharing content to the audience. This makes the presentation more engaging as the audience can focus on both the presenter and the content.
  2. Gesture recognition. With gesture controls turned on, participants can react without having to click on the reactions on the Webex panel. Users can gesture with a thumbs up, thumbs down, and clapping hands and it will be instantly recognizable.
  3. Real-time translation. With this feature, what the speaker says will be instantly translated into captions that show above the meeting controls panel. Cisco Webex supports over 100 languages, and a maximum of five languages can be used at the same time.

11. Townscript Live

Townscript Live dashboard

Townscript Live is an all-in-one solution that caters to all the key aspects of managing virtual events. With TownScript Live, you can organize virtual conferences, panel discussions, webinars, virtual concerts, training sessions, and workshops in three easy steps. Users can also manage event registrations and process payments from one platform. With Townscript Live, you can ensure that your virtual events are engaging and profitable without switching to different apps.

One of the main features of Townscript Live is its audience engagement tools. These include one-on-one interaction, live polls and surveys, and virtual chat rooms. On the other hand, users can record and share webinars while performers can host ask-me-anything sessions during virtual concerts. Townscript Live can be integrated with other apps through APIs.

Price Range: Townscript Live has a free plan for hosting free events. For paid events, it costs $2 per ticket plus, a 1.99% Townscript fee. Payment gateway fees cost 2.9% per ticket for domestic cards and 3.9% per ticket for international cards.

Detailed Townscript Live Review

What is unique about Townscript Live?

  1. Comprehensive platform. Townscript Live is an end-to-end solution for all your event needs. From just one platform, you can create a database of attendees, monetize and market your event, and access reports about your event.
  2. Ticket sale widgets. Event organizers can embed a ticket sales widget for attendees to pay directly on their website. You can sell tickets in over 100 currencies.
  3. Speedy money clearance. Revenue from ticket sales is deposited to your bank account daily. This lets users have the cash flow to answer for various costs related to the event.

12. Google Meet

Google Meet Dashboard

Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts, is an enterprise-grade video conferencing tool for individuals and businesses. Google Meet allows users to conduct video conferences from any location and device within a secure environment. The app is easy to use and is versatile enough to fit the needs of various industries, such as education, healthcare, and life sciences.

With Google Meet, users can enjoy free high-quality video conferencing in three easy steps. It’s as simple as creating an online meeting, asking others to join, and starting the meeting. Integration with Google and Microsoft Office apps lets users join meetings straight from their Gmail or Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Google Meet can also be integrated with over 4,000 apps through Zapier.

Price Range: Google Meet has a free plan which includes basic features plus an unlimited number of meetings for a maximum of 100 participants. On the other hand, Google Workspace Individual costs $7.99 per month while Google Workspace Enterprise has quote-based pricing.

Detailed Google Hangouts Review

What is unique about Google Meet?

  1. Accessibility features. Live captions are shown while a person is speaking so meetings are accessible to the hearing impaired. Screen readers and magnifiers address the needs of blind and low-vision participants to better see the screen.
  2. AI enhancements. Google Meet adapts to the speed of your network by turning off some video feeds in the meantime. This ensures you won’t get cut off during the video conference while preserving the quality of the call.
  3. Security features. Google Meet has anti-abuse and anti-hijacking features such as meeting codes, meeting requests, and attendee removal options to keep meetings safe. Google users encryption and complies with security standards to protect the data about the meeting.

13. Ryver

ryver dashboard

Ryver is a team collaboration software that addresses your team’s communication and task management needs in a single app. With Ryver, team members can chat with others, take action on tasks, and connect via voice or video calls. Ryver helps teams organize their communications in one app and optimize their business processes. Whether you work in a small team or in an enterprise, Ryver has the solutions you need to boost employee productivity.

Ryver’s voice and video call features include screen sharing, which is useful for internal and team conference calls. You can also set up communication channels to have forums, teams, or one-on-one interactions. Ryver can be integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. Integrations with over 2,000 other apps is also possible via Zapier.

Price Range: Ryver offers the Starter, Standard, Medium Pack, and Enterprise plans. Plans range from $4.67 per user to $129 per month. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is quote-based.

Detailed Ryver Review

What is unique about Ryver?

  1. Customizable conversation channels. With Ryver, you have the option to make conversations one-to-one, private, or open to everyone. This lets you choose the channel that is most appropriate for the message you would like to send.
  2. Single Sign-On. Users can log on to Ryver with their current Active Directory or SAML-based Google G-Suite, Okta, and OnePassword credentials. SSO helps enforce your company’s password policies and reduce password reset requests.
  3. News streaming. Users can receive news articles, social media posts, and similar content via the RSS feed in Ryver. In this way, users can monitor competitors and keep abreast of industry trends.

14. HighFive

highfive dashboard

HighFive by Dialpad offers a suite of audio conferencing, web conferencing, and meeting room solutions for businesses of all sizes. With HighFive, teams in small- to medium-sized businesses can transform the way they hold meetings so they stay connected even in the most challenging times. Its intuitive cloud-based platform makes collaboration easier, enhances business communications, and helps deliver positive business outcomes.

Dialpad bills its video conferencing product as the easiest way to join meetings on the planet. Users can join straight from their browsers without the need for PINs or software downloads. Participants can enjoy brilliant HD video, crisp audio, and personalization options for conducting meetings. HighFive can be integrated with popular apps like Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Zendesk, and more. Custom integrations can also be done via API.

Price Range: The vendor offers a free plan with basic features and a maximum duration of 45 minutes per meeting for at most 10 participants. It also has a Business plan that starts at $15 per user per month.

Detailed HighFive Review

What is unique about HighFive?

  1. Agenda. Users can share the meeting agenda in team channels before the meeting starts. This way, participants know what to prioritize and use the meeting time effectively.
  2. Meeting countdown timer. A countdown timer can be enabled to remind participants of how much time is left allotted to the meeting. It can also show a negative timer where it shows the amount of time the meeting has exceeded in the allotted time.
  3. Action items. Users can create action items during the conference so they can keep track of tasks that need to be accomplished without interrupting the meeting. Action items can be shared with everyone or assigned to a certain participant.

15. Zoho Cliq

zoho cliq dashboard

Zoho Cliq is a complete collaboration platform that streamlines all your communication channels in one convenient platform. Zoho Cliq empowers teams to harness the power of collaboration. With the prevalence of remote work, it also helps them transition from working in an office to working from home or in a hybrid setup. Various kinds of teams can benefit from using Zoho Cliq, including those in IT, software, marketing, operations, and enterprise teams.

The video call features of Zoho Cliq make it easy to talk to team members in real-time. You can chat and share files without having to toggle from one app to another. Integration with Whereby allows users to quickly hop on a video call with just one short command.

Price Range: Zoho Cliq has a free plan with audio and video meetings for up to 100 participants for a maximum of 60 minutes. It also has an Unlimited plan for organizations that have more than 10,000 users. It costs $1 per user per month billed monthly and $0.09 per user per month billed annually. Add-on storage is also available, which ranges from $18 per year for 5GB to $120 per year for 200GB.

Detailed Zoho Cliq Review

What is unique about Zoho Cliq?

  1. Screen sharing. The screen share feature helps users to engage more meaningfully with participants. Users can choose between a full screen or a window screen or toggle between two modes.
  2. Video broadcasting. The video broadcasting feature makes it easier to organize meetings regardless of the size. Under Handshake Mode, you can do a video group chat with up to 100 participants while Assembly Mode can accommodate up to 10,000 participants.
  3. Call from chat. Dedicated buttons for video calls or screen share make it easy to initiate meetings with just one click. You can also switch between the team chat and video call in one window.

16. Workplace by Facebook

workplace dashboard

Workplace by Facebook (now Meta) is an online collaboration tool that keeps teams connected so they can work towards business goals. It merges live video, video chat, social feeds, and employee engagement tools in a familiar interface. With Workplace, teams can build a more equitable and inclusive workplace that fosters a sense of community.

Workplace features employee engagement tools such as video chat, live video, and in-person and virtual events. These allow employees to engage meaningfully with others and have a say in company decisions. Meanwhile, business communication features like groups, pinned posts, knowledge libraries, and news feeds ensure that employees always have updated information within reach. Workplace can be integrated with Zoom, Hubspot, Box, Google, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and more.

Price Range: The Core plan of Workplace costs $4 per person per month. Subscribers can then choose from optional add-ons that cost $2 per person per month.

Detailed Workplace by Facebook Review

What is unique about Workplace by Facebook?

  1. Live Producer. Live Producer gives you the tools to create professional-quality live events from your computer. This feature allows you to assign multiple hosts, conduct Q&As, and view your live streaming metrics. With this feature, you can help your video gain traction on Facebook, which outperforms other streaming platforms based on recent Facebook video statistics.
  2. Video Chapter. You can skip some parts of a live or pre-recorded video to get to the part that you want to watch. This feature is powered by machine learning and helps users find the part of the video that they are most interested in.
  3. Caption editing. This feature allows you to edit auto-generated captions in English or another language. In this way, you can ensure the accuracy of your captions and supplement information if needed.

17. LiveWebinar


LiveWebinar is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses successfully host various formats of webinars. With LiveWebinar, users can conduct meetings, training sessions, webinars, and sales presentations from an easy-to-use and customizable platform. Ideal users of LiveWebinar are individuals, small companies, and large enterprises. Entrepreneurs and business leaders from the travel, marketing, and education industries have used LiveWebinar to take their meetings to the next level. Recent video marketing statistics show that more than 50% of videos that businesses produce are webinars. In light of this, a solution like LiveWebinar is essential to your marketing tech stack.

The software’s one-click access to join a webinar makes it easy for users to meet in real-time. You can tap your target audience by broadcasting your webinar on social media and other external sources. Meanwhile, engagement tools such as polls and surveys help make your event memorable. LiveWebinar can be integrated with Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp, and more.

Price Range: LiveWebinar offers free plans and has paid plans that range from $17.99 to $143 per month. It also has a quote-based Enterprise plan.

Detailed LiveWebinar Review

What is unique about LiveWebinar ?

  1. Language interpretation. Users can add an interpreter and ask them to translate a certain language. In this way, language barriers will not be an issue during the webinar.
  2. Call to action. You can show dynamic ads or ask participants to take action during the webinar. This feature is typically used to offer discounted products or services, helping you to convert leads into sales.
  3. Auto-launch presentations. You can select which documents and presentations from your storage will be used for the webinar. The software will automatically launch the chosen files once you are in the webinar room.

18. Onstream Media

onstream dashboard

Onstream Media is an interactive webinar platform that lets businesses of all sizes plan virtual conferences that meet their objectives. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that include live streaming, webcasting, multi-media encoding, and video publishing. Ideal users of the software include trainers, marketers, sales managers, IT managers, AV producers, and public relations and investor relations professionals.

The Onstream Live product lets users conduct a live session and broadcast it on Facebook or Live or YouTube Live. On the other hand, their webcasting product promises to deliver a no-buffering experience. Meanwhile, their digital media services platforms let users monetize their content through pay-per-view services. Pay-per-view services can be integrated with credit card processing and the end-user licenses can be customized to suit the needs of your business.

Price Range: Onsteam Live starts at $49 per month. For the Onstream Pay Per View product, the vendor bills services according to the usage of the customer, with no minimum consumption required.

Detailed Onstream Media Review

What is unique about Onstream Media?

  1. Adaptive bitrate streaming. Onstream Media encodes your high-definition video at multiple bit rates. This offers a superior viewing quality for your audience that minimizes buffering and other interruptions.
  2. Pay-per-view streaming. Onstream Media’s pay-per-view licenses can be set to expire at a specific time or at a predetermined time after first using the license. You can also limit the number of plays for both live streaming and downloaded files.
  3. Security. All webinar sessions are secured through 128-bit end-to-end encryption. Users can enable password protection and unique participant links to boost the security of their webinar.

19. Sendbird Calls


Sendbird Calls, which has acquired Roundee, is a complete messaging and chat platform that helps people connect in the digital era. The solution is targeted at startups and large enterprises alike, empowering them to boost engagement and increase transactions. This versatile product has many use cases, which span various industries, from gaming to live streaming to on-demand services and digital health.

The vendor offers three main products: Sendbird Chat, Sendbird Calls, and Sendbird Desk. Sendbird Calls is a user-friendly video chat API that promises high-quality direct and group calls for more engaging voice and video interactions. With this, users can build a compelling video call experience with features like video control, video mirroring, camera switching, video frame capture, and more.

Price Range: Sendbird video calls are billed at $0.0014 for peer-to-peer connections and $0.0035 for server-relayed connections.

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What is unique about Sendbird Calls?

  1. Video recording notification. With this feature, users are notified that the call is being recorded. This is especially important in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance, as well as in compliance with national and international privacy laws that require user content prior to recording.
  2. Call quality scoring. For each call in the call log, users can get a reading of the perceived call quality. In this way, they can gauge whether the service is delivering up to their expectations.
  3. Video frame capture. With this feature, users can snap a picture of the image of their local or remote view during a call. They can then save it on their device for the sake of posterity.

20. Proficonf


Proficonf is a browser-based video conferencing platform that helps hosts and users enjoy a seamless, hassle-free online meeting experience. It helps companies veer away from costly on-site training sessions. With Proficonf, teams always have the information and skills needed to perform their best work. Aside from facilitating remote work and group meetings, this versatile solution can be used for online learning as well.

With ProfiConf, users can set up video conferences in an instant, enjoy an optimal viewing experience, and stay in control of the meeting. Setting up a meeting can be done in three easy steps: create a room, share the link, and hold the conference. All these can be done in a secure environment that uses TSL-protocol and WebRTC protocol to keep your data safe and protected.

Price Range: Proficonf offers a free plan, a Pro plan at $12 per month, and a Premium plan for $25 per month. It also has a pay-as-you go Business plan. Available add-ons include a live streaming option for $5 per month and a multistreaming option for $15 per month.

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What is unique about Proficonf?

  1. Auto-start recording. With one tap, users can automatically start recording and save every moment they have on video. That way,
  2. Non-stop conference recording. Users can record up to 24 hours in one file and can rewatch their videos in stunning HD quality. This feature is especially useful for business events that last the whole day.
  3. Meeting controls. Proficonf gives users meeting control tools to efficiently run conferences that can host up to 250 participants simultaneously. Conference hosts can block or unmute participants and approve requests to have participants’ microphones or cameras turned on.

Zero In on the Ideal Video Conferencing Tool for Your Business

The market for video conferencing software is a lively mix of dedicated video solutions to more comprehensive ones that combine video conferencing with other communication channels. An all-in-one solution like RingCentral MVP not only lets users harness the power of video but also integrates your chat and phone calls in one app for easy access. Having all these communication channels in a bundled plan saves you money in the long run as well since you don’t have to pay for these communication apps separately. However, those who need only video conferencing minus the other apps will be glad to know there are dedicated solutions as well with the option to have add-ons.

The latest video and web conferencing statistics indicate that much of the rise in video conferencing usage can be attributed to the availability of multiple devices from which users can participate in a meeting. With video conferencing software remaining an in-demand product today, consumers should expect the market and the product to rapidly evolve. Therefore, users can look forward to products with enhanced features and competitive prices every so often.

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