List of 20 Best Cybersecurity Software Companies in 2022

What is the best cybersecurity software company?
The best cybersecurity software company is Zoho Corporation. Zoho harnesses the knowledge acquired from its myriad business and productivity solutions to recognize how vulnerabilities could undo the power of other software solutions without proper security coverage. The result is a wide range of cybersecurity solutions that provide the tightest protection using the current understanding of modern digital threats along with the reasonable pricing and customer support that Zoho is known for.

If you are running a business with even a handful of applications connected to the internet, then there is no way your business can survive the first few minutes without the use of any antivirus program to ward off a host of malicious programs and myriad forms of threats meant to hijack or grind your business to a halt, with your system files, critical business documents and files corrupted or virtually gone from your storage. The reality of modern business is that cybersecurity is part and parcel of any business growth trajectory. As you weigh the cybersecurity solutions that offer the most protection for your business, consider the companies behind them. Aside from advertised features and benefits, the sheer longevity of the company and the trust record it has amassed throughout the years speak volumes about whether you should choose one particular vendor over another.

In this article, we feature the 20 best cybersecurity software companies as evaluated by our experts, to spare you the trouble of sorting through a jungle of choices and find that you have still fallen short of your target in the end. Many of these companies come from diverging backgrounds and approaches, from longtime mavericks to major brands better known for other types of solutions. Password and security protocols old and new driven by artificial intelligence and revolutionary heuristics and algorithms come into play, so take a good look at these items and add what you know about the companies to give you a solid footing when it’s time to make the final decision.

cybersecurity software

It’s a tit for tat that cybersecurity experts only know too well: as cybersecurity companies sharpen their tools to combat the hordes of malicious codes populating the internet, so has the entities behind these cyber threats.

In the latest salvo of this cyberwar that’s bound to take on multiple areas and possibilities in the future, online predators have found a new favorite target: powershell scripts. And the weapon of choice for destruction is so-called supply chain and living off the land attacks (LotL), a moniker that would certainly turn heads of virtual gamers thinking there’s a new hot game in town except that this one’s got a real dark intent and hunger.

Supply chain and Living off the Land (LotL) attacks are here and it is designed to stay: according to Symantec, LotL attacks ballooned by 78 percent in 2018. Further, living off the land techniques can be made to hide inside legitimate processes. To illustrate, the use of malicious PowerShell scripts increased by 1,000% last year.

With new technologies cometh new opportunities too—even for cybercriminals, and they appear to be having fun too. Under this development, seemingly nothing is spared from the cybercriminals access and imagination: your refrigerator, your oven, your speaker and even your lightbulbs are all fair game for attacks. While routers and connected cameras comprise 90 percent of favored devices, almost every IoT device is vulnerable. The world is getting interesting, indeed, for both sides of the moral persuasion.

1. Zoho Corp

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus dashboard example

The first cyber security software company that should be of interest to you is Zoho Corp., which counts Zoho ManageEngine among its major divisions. In the software business since 1996, Zoho Corp. is known for some of the leading brands in online applications for productivity and collaboration applications for businesses. At the last count, for example, its CRM, project management, social media, email marketing and other programs number to more than 30 total.

The vast experience of Zoho Corp. extends to the cybersecurity field through its ManageEngine division, which services Enterprise IT Management solutions for 3 out of every 5 Fortune 500 corporations. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus, ManageEngine Key Manager Plus, ManageEngine OpManager, ManageEngine Password Manager Pro are some of the applications that you should check out from this cybersecurity software company.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is your first line of defense against all kinds of network and online threats. The software analyzes and detects patterns that course through your bandwidth traffic, halting harmful codes at once or providing critical data for further analysis of other potential threats.

If this software sounds interesting to you, you can sign up for Firewall Analyzer free trial to test-drive the application firsthand.

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus meanwhile lets you manage password resets through Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Providing accessible interface for end users, this application makes life easier for helpdesk personnel to automatically allow customers to make changes to their personal details while providing the tough security necessary for password resets via enrollment and ID verification procedures.

As with ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus you can sign up for a ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus free trial to see how the software measures to your requirements.

2. SecureMix LLC

Glasswire dashboard example

From Texas, USA, and founded in 2010 is SecureMix LLC, the company behind GlassWire that scores high in our reviews of the leading cybersecurity solutions in the market.

GlassWire monitors your network and firewall to uncover any chunk of malware and other privacy threats that come and go through your network or your internet connection. It presents your network activities current or historical with visuals about application behavior, IP/hosts activities, or network traffic. Powerful analysis engine recognizes spyware or bandwidth hogs, which the software deals with effectively to protect your system.

3. Stellar Mailbox Exchange Recovery

Mailbox Exchange Recovery dashboard example

Established as a data care provider in 1993, Stellar continues to make a name by ensuring the integrity of your data even in what may appear as a worst-case-scenario. Specifically, it gives you a chance to retrieved information from lost, deleted files.

Its Mailbox Exchange Recovery software is your go-to application when you are faced with corrupt EDB files and accidentally deleted mailboxes with information that you need at any moment. A search tool allows you to search individual emails from those that you just recovered. You will appreciate that

4. Cloudflare

Cloudflare dashboard example

From San Francisco, California, is Cloudflare, in business since 2009 by providing security and web-optimized performance services to a long list of clients.

Its similarly named software, Cloudflare, leads the market with its Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that enables faster and safer websites, SaaS services and mobile connections while online. SaaS services and publishers, along with e-commerce establishments look to Cloudflare for reduced latency to pave the way for better visitor experiences with a view for increased conversions.

5. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes dashboard example

It’s been eleven years since Malwarebytes barged into the cybersecurity scene and yet it feels like it’s been there a long time. Company and software have built a solid name ridding the internet of all kinds of exploits, viruses, malware and ransomware of any persuasion and users are not sure how they got along before it. The Santa Clara, California-based company is the terror of cybercriminals.

Malwarebytes actively protects company information assets and keeps nefarious opportunists at bay, whether through your company network or the internet at large. Sheer performance record makes this vendor a partner that you can trust to keep your sensitive information and the rest of your system intact. Surfing the internet, the service goes ahead checking visited websites of threats and activates measures to steer you away from dangerous ones.

6. Spiceworks

Spiceworks Security dashboard example

Also from the US but this time from Texas, Spiceworks the company serves as the clearinghouse for IT professionals and service providers to pave the way for buyers and vendors to accomplish their works.

Spiceworks Security the software tracks network switches and servers, all sorts of IP devices in real time for suspicious behavior and poor performance, isolating these events and making them available for further analysis. Full automation means system administrators and network engineers are up to the task of maintaining the health of systems so businesses can proceed with normal operations.

7. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab dashboard example

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with 30 regional offices across the world including major markets like the US, Asia-Pacific and Europe, cybersecurity software vendor Kaspersky Lab has made itself a powerhouse in the industry, which earned it a place among the top 4 vendors of security solutions in the planet. Active since it was founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab has successfully negotiated a partnership with multiple security service providers everywhere, which ensures that you are most likely using the vendor’s technology under the hood even if you are not directly its customer.

Many enterprises and businesses of any size will probably need no introduction to the Kaspersky Lab security suite, a well-recognized cybersecurity solution that employs state-of-the-art threat intelligence, artificial intelligence that proactively identifies new threats as they come along, and human insight to combat any type of internet threat and attacks no matter the source.

Large financial services rely on Kaspersky Lab to keep enormous assets safe, while data centers and large industrial and health care providers, along with telecommunication providers depend on the strength of the application to ensure their operations are humming along smoothly.

8. Avast

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition dashboard example

In operation since 1988 and 400 million users later, Avast from the Czech Republic remains a trusted company when it comes to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to the world. The company keeps itself relevant in the business by constantly updating its products—including Avast Antivirus, AVG Antivirus and Avast SecureLine—and incorporating the latest technologies in them.

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition tracks, identifies and isolates trojans, viruses, malware, adware rootkits and ransomware so they don’t disrupt or even incapacitate your business. Where your files, emails and any form of data are concerned, the software stops threats dead on their tracks, no matter if these threats are found on your desktop, mobile devices or Mac systems.

9. Bitdefender

Bitdefender dashboard example

Another familiar security developer and this time from Bucharest, Romania, is the security software company Bitdefender, which is trusted by 500 million users from 150 countries to track and disable cyber threats that lurk everywhere in the internet. The 18-year security software veteran has been consistently delivering security technologies that never fail to get the attention of industry experts, business and consumers, resulting in numerous awards won throughout the years of its existence.

Robust R&D and technical alliances allow the company to keep its cybersecurity offering, Bitdefender, always ahead of cyber criminals no matter their choice of weapon, from zero-day-exploits, phishing, viruses, malware, worms, ransomware, spyware or trojans. Frauds and identity thefts do not love Bitdefender for a single reason: it’s proven to effectively deal with them and stop them from inflicting damages to their would-be victims. Additionally, the advanced security tool consistently makes users happy with its small memory footprint, allowing less capable devices to enjoy the same benefits that their more powerful counterparts reap.

10. Synopsis

Black Duck Hub dashboard example

Making it to tenth on our list of 20 cybersecurity software companies of 2022 is Synopsis, which in 2017 acquired Black Duck Hub, the company that makes its impact in the industry by securing and managing open source software globally. By doing so, it eliminates the pain associated with open source license compliance and security vulnerabilities for those who opt to go the open source path.

Black Duck Hub is no stranger to the business model, having plied its trade since 2002 and served some of the biggest business entities on the planet. Synopsis has been on the business much longer, going back to 1986, which makes it a trusted provider for your cybersecurity needs.

Open source cybersecurity software Black Duck Hub employs advanced technologies to audit and minimize risks associated with the use of open source codes in their applications. The multi-factor detection tool enables it to identify and isolate components that are derived from open source materials but are present only in the form of snippets, have been modified or outright not declared, any of which could be a thorny item for the business that is using them. Black Duck Hub is supported by a massive knowledge base of everything open source compiled by its experts from multiple sources.

11. Code42

Code42 dashboard example

Founded in 2001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Code42 makes a name providing data loss protection and recovery solutions. It’s trusted by more than 50,000 organization worldwide, including major brands in business and education.

The similarly named cybersecurity software, Code42, is capable of identifying threats old and new through an advanced algorithm, with real-time response to prevent these malicious codes from inflicting havoc on your software installations, including all your data, files, and emails. It’s easily deployed and configuration is a breeze so it does not get in the way of team collaboration.

12. Symantec Corporation

Norton Security dashboard example

In business since 1982, Symantec provides well-regarded solutions for systems management, security and storage to help businesses and end-users maintain fully functioning, healthy information installations.

Symantec solutions are offered to three segments: consumer security, enterprise security, and information management.

The consumer security segment is based on Norton Security, a cybersecurity software that provides multi-layer security against viruses, spyware, malware and other forms of online threats. Its identity protection tool protects individuals and small business against fraud and identity theft. The application works on both desktop and mobile operating systems.

The enterprise security segment offers email and web protection, data center security, authentication and secure socket layer certificates among others.

The information management segment provides solutions for backup and recovery, archiving and storage, along with more advanced solutions for mission-critical applications.

13. Trend Micro Incorporated

Trend Micro Mobile Security dashboard example

Established in 1988, Trend Micro Incorporated of Taiwan with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is a global defense and security company that serves consumers, small and medium businesses, as well as large corporations worldwide. Its virtualization security technology is behind the security services of Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, VMWare, Oracle and others for their own customers. Trend Micro is fully trusted by 45 of the top 50 Fortune® Global 500 companies, and 100% of the top 10 global banking, automotive, petroleum and telecommunications companies.

Among its offerings, Trend Micro Mobile Security stands out for providing full visibility and control for consumers of the modern digital age with its mobile applications and devices, and data from web-based consoles. Android and iOS users enjoy safe online activities as Trend Micro Mobile Security keeps away viruses, phishing scammers, data thieves, and outright frauds. While protecting users of these mobile platforms, the solution also boosts the performance of their devices.

14. Avira

Avira Antivirus Server dashboard example

Avira joins our illustrious brands that have been providing cutting-edge cybersecurity defense for ordinary consumers, all sizes of businesses and organizations all over the world. Based in Tettnang, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, and founded in 1986, Avira is an antivirus solution through and through, its Avira Antivirus brand serving Windows-based desktops, Linux, iOS and Mac for decades.

Currently, Avira Antivirus Server protects more than a hundred million users from viruses, worms, spyware, phishing and other malicious threats lurking on the internet. With these threats numbering to around 30 million at the last count, the software has done its fair share of heavy lifting against cybercriminals with deadly intent. Avira Antivirus Server monitors networks and servers for suspicious activities, killing them before they could do damage to their intended victims. Browsing the web is safer thanks to a powerful engine that analyzes both incoming and outgoing traffic and isolates threats as they come along. Businesses can proceed smoothly knowing that sensitive information both of the company and its customers are locked against prying eyes, no matter where they’re coming from.

15. Webroot

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection dashboard example

From Broomfield, Colorado, is Webroot, another longtime player in the cybersecurity software business, having been around since 1997. The company leverages its collection of threat intelligence solutions to defend desktop systems, tablets and smartphones against viruses, worms and other forms of malware spawned by the internet.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection employs a predictive machine learning platform to render cyber criminals dead on their track without the necessity to constantly update its virus definitions, leaving security administrators with one less source of headache and more time to attend to other important concerns. With its proven potency, Webroot technology is integrated into the world’s major brands like HP, Microsoft and Cisco among others.

16. Salesforce

Salesforce Identity dashboard example

One of the biggest name in SaaS, Salesforce enters our best 20 cybersecurity software companies through its Salesforce Identity service. Established in 1999, the San Francisco, California-based software giant hardly needs an introduction, with its CRM, business intelligence and other productivity tools making it to the top of most software solutions list.

In the security market, its Salesforce Identity harnesses the power of two-factor authentication, custom domains and single sign-on to provide customers with the best of security and convenience, allowing users to use a single credential across multiple Salesforce applications. Not only that, with Salesforce Identity, you also get to know your customers intimately, with information like demographics data available at your fingertips to truly customize and personalize communications for better engagement and happier clients.

17. LogMeIn

LogMeIn Central dashboard example

Established in 2003, LogMeIn provides businesses with innovative technologies for meaningful engagement and interaction, along with the privacy and security tools to make them possible. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, LogMeIn is popular among businesses that enjoy their webinar and teleconferencing solutions as well as the well-regarded remote access program, GoToMyPc.

LogMeIn Central is the advanced version of GoToMyPc, with provisions for remote control and more functionalities in the way of user management, hosts deployment, computer grouping, antivirus management and computer health monitoring. The built-in antivirus tool is capable of detecting powerful digital threats proliferating on the internet, while real-time alerts allow security teams to address issues before they have time to damage business software systems.

18. Keeper Security Inc.

Keeper dashboard example

From Chicago, US, is Keeper Security, Inc., a software company that has been providing password and digital vault solutions since 2011. The company partners with OEMs and mobile operators worldwide to have its software, Keeper, pre-loaded on their mobile devices.

Cybersecurity software Keeper redefines how individuals and businesses should think about securing and protecting their digital assets. With a SOC 2-certified system and advanced encryption, users are significantly less exposed to being victims to cyber theft. Its powerful password manager, along with 256-bit AES encryption with PBKDF2 compliance means breaches are almost impossible to come by for its users.

19. CA Technologies

CA Technologies Secure dashboard example

Founded in 1976—which easily makes it the oldest company in the list—CA Technologies designs, develops, markets and licenses IT management software products for across hardware platforms and operating systems. The New York, US-based vendor is known for software services that meet the requirements of mainframe and distributed environments, including IT governance and IT security.

CA Technologies Secure with its CA Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager tool allows businesses to evaluate risks and isolate suspicious activities so security teams could provide quick resolutions as necessary. The security suite provides the modules for crucial aspects of network security including access management, sign on technologies, identity management, payment security and more advanced authentication functionalities.

20. Intuitive Password

Intuitive Password is a password management solution created for freelancers, small businesses, and medium-sized companies. Offering military-grade security features, this platform is ideal for users who want to safeguard their social security data, social media accounts, confidential corporate systems, and bank information. It also comes with robust encryption technology, AES 256, and over 10,000 rounds of PBKDF2.

Other notable tools that this platform offers are SMS security alerts, password expiry notifications, password generation, one-click logins, and automatic data syncing and backup. What’s more is that this allows users to share their passwords in a secure place, making it great for teams with shared accounts. Lastly, as Intuitive Password is a zero knowledge provider, you can be sure that only you will have the ability to access your password information.

Which company makes it to your final list?

While Symantec, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Inc., or Bitdefender are old trusted names in cybersecurity software solutions, you might want to consider Zoho or Salesforce as tight contenders in this software space, as their modern business and especially ecommerce insider information could matter a lot in addressing cyber threats now and in the future.

This special background gives them the advantage over traditional internet security software vendors who view viruses and malware as distinct entities that only needed to be met head-on rather than as part of an ecosystem that thrives on vulnerabilities spawned by the very practices of businesses that  are less mindful of how cybercriminals make the most of the slightest opening given to them.

Before you decide on the company to provide your cybersecurity requirements, why not give their offered free trials a shot? It would most likely clear last-minute indecision and clinch the final provider for you.

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